March 2015
Christine Poelma, Newsletter Editor
Send all news to [email protected] or 7316 Glen Arbor Road, Louisville KY 40222
Vice Chair:
Rweena Samara & Christine Poelma – as
You can volunteer – check with Terri to see
what is needed:
 History of women in the 99s and aviation
Louise Bornwasser
 Airplane displays - Erin Bliss Thompson
& airplane, Beth King, Amy Bogardus
 Women airline pilots - What's in your
flight bag? Terri Donner
 Aviation careers –AWAM members
 Military pilots – Civil Air Patrol female
 Air Traffic Controller –Jennifer Brown
 Aircraft Mechanic –AWAM members
 Flight instructing & requirements to get
your private license & aviation careers –
Tori Williams and Hayley Haning
This Aerospace day is the major fundraiser
for the chapter so your help is greatly
appreciated and significant.
99 Members Participate!!
Maggie Hettinger
Erin Bliss Thompson
Sue Glisson
Betty Church
Christine Poelma
Please Join Us
Saturday, March 21, 2015
8:00-11:45 am
Junior Aerospace Girl Scout Day
Bowman Field
Louisville Executive Aviation
2700 Gast Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40205
Contact: [email protected]
(502) 419-7938.
The 11th Junior Girl Scout Aviation Day will
take place on Saturday, March 21 at
Louisville Executive FBO. We need chapter
members to show up and be group leaders if
not presenters. Members need to arrive by
08:00 for the briefing.
There will only be a morning session 8:30
am - 11:45 am with a Bearno’s pizza lunch.
Please call Terri Donner, (502) 419-7938
or Maggie Hettinger, 502-303-3844. Look
at your calendars and if you do not have a
prior event that you must attend, please
commit to helping out at this chapter event.
Tell us if you can help or not so we will
know how much pizza to order.
Girl scouts will rotate between 8 sessions
every 20 minutes.
Group Leader volunteers include Sherri
LeMaster, Sue Glisson, Diane Stafford,
Kaye Combs Moore, Lila Sheehan,
It’s not too late to participate in the fifth
annual ‘Women of Aviation Worldwide
Week’, March 2-8, 2015. The main emphasis
is on taking females (of any age) for their
first flights and encouraging them to consider
aviation by taking lessons or looking upon it
as a career. To learn more about this
program, go to
February Chapter Meeting
Many members met before our chapter meeting at 10
am, for a sneak peak at Hangar 7, National Air &
Space Education Institute.
“the National Air and Space Education Institute
through its 25 high school Air and Space Academies
in Kentucky has worked tirelessly to improve
aerospace STEM education in the areas of
flight/aeronautics, aerospace engineering, aircraft
maintenance/manufacturing, space
science/astrophysics, unmanned aerial systems, and
other courses of study related to air/space.”
Tim Smith led many of our 99 group through the
Bowman Field Hangar 7 facility. The program
sports many education inspiring aircraft that are in
the process of becoming air-worthy. He shared the
institute’s dream for the future and its verified
successes including that of our very own Tori
Williams (Frankfort, KY location). He strives to
have an all female maintenance team bring one of
the aircraft to airworthiness requirements, have it
painted pink or a color of their choice, and also
flown by the young women.
Members met at Louisville Executive for a synopsis
and tour of Junior Aerospace Girl Scout Day’s
station locations and requirements. Terri Donner
effectively and efficiently led this session. Attending
included: Terri Donner, Erin Bliss Thompson
with Nadine Davis, Tori Williams, Haley Haning,
Christine Poelma, Sue Glisson, Kaye Combs
Moore, Betty Church, Sherri LeMaster, Lila
Sheehan, Beth King, Doreen Yost, Shelia
Barbour, Irwina Samara, Robin Blevens, and
Amy Bogardus. Members then went to Bearno’s
for lunch and the rest of the business meeting led by
Erin Bliss Thompson.
From Left to Right: Sue Glisson, Betty Church, Lila Sheehan,
Nadine Davis and Beth King
From Left to Right: Doreen Yost, Sue Glisson, Erin Bliss
Thompson, Betty Church and Terri Donner
Traveling Flying Award passed from Irwina Samara to Hayley
Congratulations Winner of the
Chapter Traveling Flying Award:
Hayley Haning!!
At Louisville Executive FBO, Terri Donner leads with a description
of what will be needed for the Girl Scout Day followed by a tour of
the facilities available.
March 2015
Christine Poelma, Newsletter Editor
Send all news to [email protected] or 7316 Glen Arbor Road, Louisville KY 40222
To become a ninety-nine:
You must first join internationally,
Then, to join locally
Send a $20 check made out to the Kentucky
Bluegrass Chapter to:
Betty Church
2509 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40205
Books that you can purchase via
written by our dear member Sheila Barbour:
Inspiration from My Heart
Diversity's Voice: Now and then - by Professor
S.D. Barbour
An Innocent Man's Death: The story of Vincent
Cornell Hudson - by Professor S.D. Barbour
Sheila writes:
The second book, I'm the co-author on and I receive
no royalties. The first book is an education book.
Unfortunately, it hasn't sold but 3 or 4 books. I pray
that "Inspiration from my heart" will sell. I put it out
there, it's in God's hands now. He gave me the
wherewithal to write it
Visit on the internet – our own website!!!
The 99s Amelia Earhart Memorial
Scholarship Fund Fall 2013 FLY NOW
Award Application
Applicant-to-Chapter Submission Deadline:
This FLY NOW Award replaces the former New
Pilot Award and is a progressive award, totaling up
to $3000, towards initial flight training for Associate
Members who need financial assistance to become
licensed pilots. It will be paid in increments after the
student reaches up to four milestones completing any
initial pilot certificate.
March Aviation Quiz
One in-flight condition necessary for structural icing
to form is
A. stratiform clouds.
B. small temperature/dewpoint spread.
C. visible moisture.
Sign up on the link below for the 99 Forums that
interest you. They send out messages several days a
week on topics of interest to women pilots. One is of
general interest to all, one is about training, and one
is for professional pilots. You just delete the ones
that don’t interest you and read the ones that do. This
is how you can find out about many great activities.
AC 00-6 Aviation Weather
Answer to February Aviation Quiz
What action should a pilot take when operating
under VFR in a Military Operations Area (MOA)?
Exercise extreme caution when military
activity is being conducted. Answer (A) is correct.
(AIM Para 3-4-5) ( ? ) Military operations areas
consist of airspace established for separating military
training activities from IFR traffic. VFR traffic
should exercise extreme caution when flying within
an MOA. Information regarding MOA activity can
be obtained from flight service stations (FSSs)
within 100 mi. of the MOA.
Betty Church submits: the price for a hardcopy of
the Waypoint (section newsletter) has gone up to
$10, for those who want it sent.
The Waypoint at
AIM Paragraph 3-4-5
Christine Poelma, CFI, CFII, MEI is available for
flight instruction. Reach her on her cell at
Calendar of Events
If you have interest in winning a scholarship for
flight training, see the new requirements at:
The deadline is in September to submit paperwork
to your Chapter AE Scholarship Chairman; Terri
Donner for Fly Now scholarships
Betty Church wants to remind us: we have a $500
scholarship opportunity for a worthy Kentucky or
Southern Indiana female pilot.
March 21 - 8:00-11:45 Junior Aerospace Badge
Day at Bowman Field KLOU, Louisville Executive
Aviation – Help the Junior Scouts earn their
Aviation Badge! We need as many volunteers as
possible for this event to work. We also need
airplanes. Contact Terri Donner: (502)419-7938 or
[email protected]
April 11 – at Clark County Airport (KJVY) Joint
meeting with Linda Guthrie, Indiana Chapter 99s –
to coordinate the support of the Air Race Classic
stop @ KJVY – details TBD
➢ The purpose of this scholarship is to help
defray the cost of obtaining rating(s) in the
field of aviation and promotion of women in
aviation in the Kentucky and the southern
Indiana area.
➢ The applicant must be a female who has soloed
and passed her FAA written examination and
lives within our chapter area.
➢ The recipient must attend all/or most meetings
of the chapter, help in promoting activities for
members, fund raising activities, post chapter
notices and run for an office.
➢ Must either work on a committee or be in an
official position for at least one (1) year. Must
attend at least one (1) sectional meeting.
➢ Award money must be used during the 12
months immediately following the presentation
in November.
➢ Progress updates will be required by applicant
at Chapter meetings.
➢ Applications must be postmarked by August 15
➢ Letter(s) of recommendation must accompany
each application.
➢ The scholarship committee will make the final
recipient selection. If there are no qualified
applicants, the scholarship committee reserves
the right to withhold the scholarship.
➢ The recipient must agree to remain an active
member of the chapter for 5 years after
winning the scholarship
➢ If for some reason the scholarship money is not
used, it must be returned to the Chapter.
May 9 – KBRY Samuels Field, Bardstown, KY
hosted by Maggie Hettinger – details TBD
July 11 – Fly to Purdue – details TBD
June 13 –11 am, Chapter Meeting @ Tri-State Aero,
Evansville (EVV) – Sue Glisson will host.
June 22-25 –Air Race Classic
June 25-28 –Evansville’s Freedom Festival
Shrinersfest 2015 – Blue Angels, etc..
September 19 Chapter Meeting –Georgetown Air
Show – Kaye Combs Moore will host.
Sept. 25-27, Biplane Flights for Scholarships at
Bardstown KBRY
December 5 Holiday gathering will be hosted by
Louise & Louis Bornwasser at their home.
Future Conferences
April 17-19, 2015 - NCS Spring Section Meeting
"Heart of Aviation Africa" Columbus, Ohio,
Embassy Suites Dublin & Columbus Zoo (Scioto
Valley Chapter):
July 5 - 10, 2015 – International Meeting in New
Munich, Germany, Ref:
Volunteer to host a meeting in your area