20 - Rotary Club of Dublin, Georgia

(by length of service)
Billy Adams ** PDG, MPH,
WW, R85
Billy Brown, Jr.** MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Ben Hall** PH, WW, HT,
Jim Nelson, Jr.** PH, WW,
Preston Johnson** PDG,
Allen Thomas** MPH, WW,
George Durden MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Bob Walker** MPH, PHB,
WW, R85
Steve Moore MPH, PHB,
WW, HT, R85
Jimmy Allgood ** PH, WW,
HT, R85
Josh Durden** MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Joe Yanken PH, R85
Pieter Vedder* PH, R85
Louie Curry, Jr.** MPH,
PHB, WW, HT, R85
Carl Bedingfield** MPH,
WW, R85
Francis Lewis, WW, PH,
Mike Cummings MPH, WW,
Roger Smith MPH, R85
McGrath Keen, Jr.**MPH,
PHB, WW, R85
Wallace Miller** MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Bill Edgar PH, R85
Griffin Lovett MPH
Greg Crabb PH, WW, R85
Dubose Porter MPH
Frank Seaton** MPH, WW,
Charlie Garbutt** PH, WW,
Joe Hooks PH, WW, HT,
Mike Cauley** MPH, PHB,
WW, HT, R85
J.M. Warren, Jr. MPH, WW,
Dee Cullen MPH, WW, R85
Roger Folsom** MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Bo Claxton, III PH, WW,
Eddie Herrin, Jr. PH, WW
Dominic Ingrando PH, WW,
Ricky Lord PH, WW
Farrell Nichols** MPH, PHB,
WW, HT, R85
Ben Cochran MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Donny Gillis PH, WW
Gerald Smith** MPH, WW,
HT, R85
Emmett Black** MPH, WW,
Bob Dixon PH, WW, R85
Alan Barfoot** MPH, WW
Don Christian PH,WW,HTR,
Phil Thacker** MPH, PHB,
HT, KWF, R85
Phil Best PH, WW
Richard Jones, PH, R85
J.C. Pitts, Jr. MPH, WW,
Jerry Pitts MPH, WW
Jeff Cannon** MPH, WW
Minton Hester WW, PH
George Roussel** PH, WW
Karen Core MPH, WW, R85
Willie Paulk MPH, WW
Michael Maffett WW, PH
Bubba East PH, WW, HT
Ray Daidone, PH
Lawton Davis** MPH, WW,
Tim Veal** MPH, MWW, HT
Marcia Dixon **PH, WW
Matt Hatchett, WW, PH
Gary Ford MPH, WW
Johnny Warren MPH, WW,
Jep Craig** PH, WW
Gibbs Flanders**MPH, WW
Danny Jones, PH, WW
Mickey Schuber, WW, PH
Helen Harper**PH, WW
Randy Jackson, PH
Fain Powel PH, R85
June Moore MPH, WW
Lanny Allgood PH, WW
Clift Crews PH, WW
Randy Green PH, WW
Charles Johnson **PH, WW
Bryan Rogers PH
Roscoe Brower PH, R85
Dan King, Jr. PH, WW
Rick Clardy MPH, WW,HT
Rob Miller PH
Susan Brandon PH, WW
Wayne Peebles PH
Tom Hall MPH, WW
Marcus Clements WW, PH
Ted Short WW, PH
Peter Makaya PH
Brett Bowden PH
Jay Studstill** PH, WW
Beth Crumpton WW, PH
Jeff Davis, IV **PH, WW
Anne Reaves PH, WW
Bob Shuman PH, WW
Emily Kight PH
Ashlee Torpy PH, WW
Yvonne Robertson PH
Lock Wilford PH
Don Avery PH, WW
Phil Patel PH, WW
Tim Lake PH
Bill Brown, III WW, PH
Donna Trickey PH
Charles Ledbetter PH
Bryant Barrows PH
Josh Christian PH
Marcy Chambless PH
Kris Bjorkman PH
Candace Christian PH
Cameron Curry
Jack Walker
Bob Thigpen PH, WW, R85
J. Charlie Garbutt, PH
Russ Falk
Linc Jones
Penny Mackey
Kelly Herrington
Mechell Culpepper
Phil Best, Jr.
Thad Haygood
Rob Johnson
Trey Taylor
Frederick C. Williams
Sam Williams
Bill Ballard
Will Curry
Lisa McMichael
David Kincaid
Robert Couey
Brad Lofton
Tiffany Lofton
Eugenia Powell
Club Service - Bill Brown, III., Director
Attendance - Trey Taylor
Club Bulletin - Anne Reaves
Programs - Willie Paulk
Club Directory - J. Charlie Garbutt
Fellowship Events - Emily Kight
Family of Rotary - Yvonne Robertson
Invocation - Bill Ballard.
Publicity - Griffin Lovett
Scrapbook - Mechell Culpepper
Web Page - Ray Daidone
Auction - Will Curry
CART Fund - Danny Jones
Dublin, Georgia
Community Service - Lock Wilford, Director
Festival of Trees - Emily Kight
Joint Civic Luncheon - Beth Crumpton
Community Development - Bryan Rogers
Rotary Wheel Plaza - Cilft Crews
District 6920
Club 4195
Chartered 1938
International Service - Lock Wilford, Director
GRSP - Susan Brandon
Rotary Foundation - Jep Craig
World Community Service - Alan Barfoot
Matching Funds/Grants - Alan Barfoot
Group Study Exchange - Candace Christian
Will Watt - Jeff Cannon
Member Service - Rick Clardy, Director
Classification - Tim Veal
District Display - Brett Bowden
District Awards - Bo J Claxton
District Conference - Phil Best, Jr.
Recruitment/ Development - Jeff Cannon
Dublin Rotary Foundation - Bubba East
History - Allen Thomas
By-laws - Gibbs Flanders
Football Prognostication - Rob Miller
New Member Orientation - Marcia Dixon
Vocational Service - Cameron Curry, Director
Career Awareness - Wayne Peebles
Med. Assistance Project - Wallace Miller
Adult Literacy - Trey Taylor
GOAL - Bill Ballard
Ferst Foundation - Ashlee Torpy
Youth Services – Ted Short, Director
Partners In Service - Preston Johnson
Laurens Youth Leadership - Minton Hester
RYLA - Chuck Ledbetter
Speech Contest - Donna Trickey
Youth Recognition & Scholarships Randy Jackson
Of the things we think, say or do…
** Past President, Dublin Rotary Club
* Past President, Other Clubs
PDG - Past District Governor
PH - Paul Harris Fellow
PHB - Paul Harris Benefactor
WW - Will Watt Fellow
HT Hue Thomas Fellow
KWF - Kendall Weisiger Fellow
M - Multiple Designations
R85 - Service Plus Age Benefit
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Rotary International ...................................... www.rotary.org
District 6920 ................................ www.rotarydistrict6920.net
On-line Make-up ................................ www.rotaryeclubone.org
Dublin Club........................................ www.dublinrotary.com
Gary C. K. Huang................. President, Rotary Intl
Ted Thompson. ......................... District Governor
Frank W. Seaton, Jr. .................... District Trainer
Helen Harper ........................ Assistant Governor
Robert (Bubba) L. East, Jr. .................... President
Edward (Bo J) B. Claxton, III. ........... Vice President
June Moore ...................................... Secretary
Eddie Herrin .....................................Treasurer
Trey Taylor ............................ Sergeant-at-Arms
Thomas Mogelberg ......................... GRSP Student
Meets Friday at Dublin Country Club
Lunch at 12:00, Program at 12:30
March 13, 2015
Rob Miller
Susan Brandon
March 20 Joint Civic Luncheon
March 27 OFTC Rotaract Club Installation
April 3 No Meeting—Good Friday
Lisa McMichael
General Chairman
Dublin Laurens County St. Patrick’s Festival
Dr. Christopher R.L. Blake
President of Middle Georgia State College
Dr. Christopher R.L. Blake became the first permanent
president of Middle Georgia State College on January 1,
2014. He came to Middle Georgia from Mount Mercy University in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he was president and professor of education for seven years. As president, he developed a strategic plan that
obtained university status designation, launched graduate programs,
expanded off-site campuses and instituted a historic capital campaign.
His earlier professional experience includes serving as provost and
professor of education at Mount St. Mary’s University, Maryland,
where he developed new academic programs and oversaw strategic
Dr. Blake’s other career highlights include serving as associate dean of
the College of Graduate Education and Research and associate professor of secondary education at Towson University, Maryland; senior
lecturer in education at Brunel University, London; senior lecturer in
education at West London; senior lecturer in education at West London Institute, London; and teacher of religious studies at Henry Box
School, Oxford.
The 2013-2014 fiscal year was a good one for Rotary, putting
us in a strong position to continue Doing Good in the World.
Contributions to the Annual Fund set a new record of $116.6
million. Donors also gave a record $23.7 million to the Endowment Fund.
During calendar year 2014, with tremendous support of Rotarians and friends of Rotary, we received the $70 million 2-to-1
match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by meeting our
obligation to commit $35 million from the PolioPlus Fund toward the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
Rotary’s new grant model finished its first year of global support for projects in our six areas of focus, with district and
global grant awards totaling $70.8 million.
Rotary sponsors the Annual Joint Civic Luncheon held in conjunction with the
Dublin-Laurens St. Patrick’s Festival. The luncheon will be Friday, March 20,
2015 at Oconee Fall Line Technical College. Doors will open and lunch will start
being served at 11:30 am.
March 15
March 16
March 19
March 24
March 24
March 25
March 26
March 27
March 28
March 30
March 31
Dr. Blake holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Theology from the
University of Oxford, Keble College, a Post-Graduate Certificate in
Education from Westminster College, Oxford, and a Ph.D. degree in
Education from the University of London, King’s College.
Dr. Blake has a long record of professional and community service.
Since arriving in Middle Georgia, he has joined several civic groups,
serves on the Macon Pops board of directors and is volunteering with a
mentor’s program. He is a member of Kappa Delta Pi International
Honors Society in Education.
Among his hobbies are reading history and historical fiction, following
global news and professional soccer, exercising daily, watching movies and traveling. Originally from Wimbledon, England, Dr. Blake’s
family includes two sons, attending colleges in Massachusetts and
Colorado, and a father and siblings living in England.
Jeff Cannon
Chuck Ledbetter
Rob Miller
Bill Ballard
Allen Thomas
Jay Studstill
Phil Thacker
Randy Jackson
Peter Makaya
Lock Wilford
Billy Adams
Lanny Allgood
Bryant Barrows
Phil Best
Phil Best, Jr.
Kris Bjorkman
Josh Christian
Rick Clardy
Marcus Clements*
Cameron Curry
Jeff Davis IV
Lawton Davis
Russ Falk
Tom Hall
Thad Haygood
Kelly Herrington
Randy Jackson
Charles Johnson
Rob Johnson
Linc Jones
Emily Kight
David Kincaid
Dan King
Tiffany Lofton
Griffin Lovett
Penny Mackey
Rob Miller
Phil Patel
Wayne Peebles
Jerry Pitts
DuBose Porter
Yvonne Robertson
George Roussel
Mickey Schuber
Ashlee Torpy
Donna Trickey
Jack Walker
Fred Williams
* = makeup