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School News
Number: 14
Congratulations to Mr.
Adsett’s Class who, on
Wednesday, took us back
in time to revisit some of
the amazing topic work
they have been doing throughout the year. They
have clearly been very busy and it was great seeing
some of their work on Dinosaurs, Grace Darling,
Titanic and the Georgians to name but a few
Our next Class assembly will be Mrs. Bayntun’s
Class on Wednesday, 18th March. Please do join us
if you can and for tea/coffee afterwards.
Y6 Cake Sale: Well done to
Paige, Tegan & Charlie in Y6
who raised an amazing
£228.54 for CLIC Sargent.
The cake sale was their idea
and they did all the work in
organising it and then
running the sale. Thank you to everyone in Y6 who
donated cakes and to everyone who supported the
Comic Relief: Today we have been busy painting
faces and there are pictures of us all on the
website. Thank you to everyone who donated – we
raised £344 for Comic Relief.
Egg Decorating
This year, as part
celebrations, we
holding an egg
decorating competition. This is open to all children
and there will be prizes (one per year group) for
the most original design. Eggs – complete with any
accessories (eggcesories?) – should be brought
into school from Monday, 23rd March and judging
will take place on Thursday 26th March. Eggs should
be either hard boiled or blown and can be
decorated with anything!! Eggs will be displayed in
Friday 13th March 2015
the LRC and I’m looking forward to there being an
‘eggstremely eggcellent’ collection!
Parent Support Advisor: A reminder that Mrs.
Brown is available to meet with parents on
Wednesday and Friday afternoons. She is available
to support families in a number of areas including
attendance, health and wellbeing, emotions, sleep,
routines, parenting, family breakdown and
bereavement either by offering direct support or by
putting you in contact with organisations that can
provide more specialist assistance. More details
and links can be found on the school’s website All discussions are entirely
confidential and, if you would like an appointment,
please contact the office or email Mrs. Brown
[email protected]
Mrs. Brown will also be available during next week’s
Parents' Evenings.
Photographic Competition: Thank you to all of
the children who brought in photos for the
competition we ran in conjunction with Cheltenham
Photography Club. All of the photos have now been
passed on to the main competition but today we
asked Nick Williams, who was in to talk to the
children about his photography, to pick three
school winners. It was a difficult choice but
congratulations to the following who all receive a
Hobby Craft Voucher:
Phase 1 – Esmèe Bacon-Rawlings
Phase 2 – Sam Vallender-Jones
Phase 3 – Jacob Brooks
The three winning photos are available to view on
the website.
Gold Book: This term we again be using the Gold
Book to celebrate the achievements of children
across the school whose behaviour and attitude are
consistently above and beyond that expected.
These will be awarded in a special assembly on
Thursday, 26th March at 2.30pm and we will be
sending out invites next week.
Birthdays: Happy Birthday
to the following children who
are all celebrating their
birthdays in March: Lucy
Waring, Emmah Rockamore
Emma Wells, Rupert Daniel,
Charlie West, Natalia Czyz, William Francis, Ashton
Jones, Hatty Moxey, Georgia Caffell, Olivia
Cresswell, Bela Mansing, Eesa Kavla, Toby Perks,
Tegan Betteridge, Dylan Pearce, Rosie Wood,
Mikey Brotheridge, Felicity Conibere, Hari Patel,
Emily Hallas, Casey Lamb, Keeley Leaton-Smith,
Niamh Mulligan, Amber Prins, Kaci Kelly, Lily Pirso,
Christos Shaouna, Dylan
Martin, Lily-Maye Kerr, Charlie Simmons, Nathaniel
Herbert, Natalia Kwapisz, Eliot Pearce-Jones, Freya
Harman, Caleb Green, Aiden Hambling, Adam
Indawala, Imogen Tomkins, James Banyard, Guy
Stanford, Jed Skilling, Joshua McIlveen, Erin
Winter, Victoria Emery, Sofia Fountain, Isla
Stevenson, Kiki Anning, Kelsie Dix and Alex
The next newsletter will be on Friday, 27th
March. In the meantime, please visit our website
for up-to-date information and news.
FOSVPS: We are pleased to announce that our movie night last week raised over £350, huge thanks to
those who helped on the day.
During the day on Thursday 26th March we will be holding our Cake and Bake day combined with an Easter
Egg Hunt and other fun events. It is always a hugely successful fundraising day and lots of fun! We would
like to invite children to bring in some fairy cakes to school, homemade or shop bought, on Thursday 26th
March. It will help if homemade cakes are sent in a suitable container that does not need to be returned.
We welcome donations of larger cakes which will be sold for an appropriate amount at the end of the day,
however we will not be doing a cake competition this year. Prices (to give you some idea of how much to
send your child with):
Most cakes will be 10p to 20p
Name the Bunny competition 20p
Treasure Hunt 20p
As always, we will need volunteers to help during the day to make this event a success – collecting cakes
from classrooms and then sorting and selling cakes or helping with a game. We would especially like to
encourage new Reception parents as it is a great way to meet other parents involved with the school. If
you are able to help on the day, please leave your name and contact details with the school office or email
[email protected]
We have recently received our first donation cheque from Easy Fundraising. This app is an easy way to
raise additional funds for the school. All you have to do is download the app, choose Friends of Swindon
Village Primary School as your nominated charity and then, when you do shopping online, you go to the
retailer’s site through the app and we receive a % donation from the retailer.
Our next meeting will be at 7:30pm on Tuesday 17th March. If you have any questions about what we do
as 'the friends' or have any suggestions as to new ways to raise money, please come along to our meeting
or get in touch via email. New faces and suggestions are always welcome!
Mandy and Charlotte
Chairs, Friends of Swindon Village Primary School
Dates for your Diary
Monday 16th March
Tuesday 17th March
Wednesday 18th March
Thursday 19th March
Tuesday 24th March
Wednesday 25th March
Friday 27th March
Parents’ Evening (2.30pm – 5.30pm)
FOSVPS’ Meeting (7.30pm)
5KB’s Class Assembly (2.30pm)
Parents’ Evening (4.30pm – 7.30pm)
Easter Concert (6.30pm)
4DS’ Class Assembly (2.30pm)
End of Term 4 (1.30pm)
Monday 13th April
Start of Term 5