"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of

Issue: 21
Friday, March 6th
In This Issue
"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of
- Albert Einstein
Academic Rigor
Character and Leadership
Community Strength and
Important Dates and
Academic Rigor
class will be
and hatching
chickens! If
any Aspen
families would
like to take
them home
and hatch
farm fresh
eggs, please contact Kathleen Harper. We hope to incubate the
eggs right after Spring Break, so the chicks should be ready for their
new homes the first week of May!
Dads and Dudes Game Night
TONIGHT, March 6th
5:30-8:30 pm
at Aspen Academy
This is our annual Father/Son event!
Mark your calendars for this fun night
with the guys and be sure to turn in
your RSVP card to the box in the front
Girls Basketball Tournament
Saturday, March 7th
at Sky View Academy
Cheer on our Girl's Basketball A Team
as they play their final tournament at
Sky View Academy! Go Bears!
How Did We Get To Be So Afraid
For Our Kids?
Monday, March 9th
at Graland Country Day School
Character & Leadership
Leaders in Attendance!
Congratulations to our 4th grade students for having the highest
attendance for the month of February!
% Attendance
All Aspen parents are invited to attend
this event, where Lenore Skenazy,
author and humorist, will discuss how
to maintain confidence in
parenting. Click here for additional
Marijuana Use and the Adolescent
Tuesday, March 10th
6:30 pm at St. Elizabeth's School
For additional information, check out our community board in the
Community Strength & Service
Thank you to
those of you
who attended
our PUMP'd
Session last
Safety. Smart
Colorado is a
organization dedicated to protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of Colorado youth as marijuana becomes increasingly
available and commercialized."
If you weren't able to attend, below are several topics that were
 Marijuana products versus regular food items
 Regulation of edibles
 Children health and safety
 Use of marijuana in our youth
 Potential harms of marijuana use among adolescents
Click here to learn about marijuana use among teens, harmful
effects of marijuana, and more. Click here to learn about common
St. Elizabeth's School and Centus
School Counseling will be hosting a
parent seminar regarding the effects of
marijuana use on the adolescent
brain.Click here for more information!
Please RSVP to Kirsten Barnard
at 303.322.4209.
PUMP'd with Kerry Stutzman MSW,
Friday, March 13th
in the Cafeteria
She will continue our Love and Logic
Tune Up Series with the final
presentation. Crafting consequences
for Kids. How can parents turn kids'
mistakes into "opportunities to learn"?
You will learn how to create smart,
effective consequences for kids. This
dynamic workshop will be informative
and interactive. Come and learn how
to guide your children to solve their
own problems.
Please RSVP
to: [email protected]
Leader In Me Parent Night
Tuesday, March 17th
5:30-6:30 pm
at Montview Elementary
Montview Elementary is hosting a
collaboration night for the parents at
Leader in Me schools. This is a
chance for parents to get together,
share ideas, and learn ways to help
their children and their school. RSVP
to Mia Robinson
at 303.364.8549 [email protected]
Friday, March 20th
Effort and Excellence
Act #1/Act #2
Spring Break
March 23rd-March 27th
concerns regarding edibles.
No school!
Aspen's 10th Anniversary!
Aspen Academy is
celebrating its 10 year
Anniversary this year! In
honor of this celebration we
are collecting Aspen
Academy memorabilia from
the past 10 years. Please
contact Angela
Aukamp or Melissa
Engelmannif you have any
items you can donate to be displayed at the school.
Fitness Tips from Coach Koral!
As the Spring approaches and
Winter powers on, Aspen's Fitness
Instructor, Mike Koral, will be
providing some tips each week on
how to stay fit!
Fitness Tip #1: Do some exercises
that you do not normally do such as
spin class, swimming, or boot camp.
 This will allow you to
strengthen muscles that
are not normally used and
will help you be more
prepared for the outdoor
Thanks coach!
PUMP'd: Brain Development, Early
Years Ages 4-7
Friday, April 3rd
8:30-9:30 am
in the Bear's Cafe
This parent university led by
Leadership and Cognitive Coach
Allison Bukowski, will focus on how the
brain works and develops in young
children. You will learn about the
whole-brain perspective and how you
can be more intentional in giving your
child experiences that develop the
whole brain. This information can be
applied to everyday parenting to
integrate your child's brain and foster
vital growth.
PUMP'd: Higher Level Thinking
Skills, Thinking Maps, Grades 2nd8th
Friday, April 3rd
8:30-9:30 am
in the Cafeteria
Join Instructional Coach Scott
McFarland as he discusses how
Aspen Academy uses and
incorporates the use of Thinking Maps
in our classrooms school wide. Bridge
your knowledge and begin using this
logical structure of thinking and
learning in your home as well!
Mentor/Mentee Easter Egg Hunt
Friday, April 3rd
8:30-9:00 am
This is an annual event sponsored by
our Student Civic Organization. Our
students will be going on an Easter
Egg Hunt with their mentor or mentee
during mentor/mentee time!
Girls Lacrosse Away Game
Tuesday, April 7th
4:15-6:00 pm
Cheer on our girls lacrosse team as
they play at McAuliffe International!
Friday, April 10th
Auction Items
Help sponsor the
biggest fundraising
event of the year!
opportunities start at
$50 and offer the
opportunity to
promote your unique
For additional
information, click on
this link and fill out
the flyer!
Please note:
Disco attire is
optional at the event!
Social Responsibility
Act #1/Act #2
Promote Gala- Staff
Parenting Safe Children
Saturday, April 11th
at St. Mary's Academy
St. Mary's Academy is pleased
to announce that the Academy
Parents will host a Parenting Safe
Children Workshop for parents
by Feather Berkower on Saturday April
11, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 2:00
PM. Click here to learn more about
this workshop.
To register, proceed to this specific
registration page on Feather's
There Is No Bad Weather, JUST BAD CLOTHING
Do your children have cabin fever? Let's get out into the fresh
Colorado air!
Here's what we know:
 Outdoor play is an essential component to academic
learning, not just an important activity in its own right.
 Colorado weather is unpredictable; make sure your student is
ready for anything. We will go outside each day, barring
dangerous weather.
 All children learn better when they get outside, breathe the
fresh air and run around.
 Exercise and play make kids smarter, less depressed and
less anxious. It allows students to come back to class more
ready to learn and be less fidgety.
 One way to reduce the spread of infection is through lots and
lots of fresh air.
 Children need to have downtime between complex cognitive
challenges to optimize learning.
 Recess gives some children a chance to break away from
classmates, collect their thoughts and be alone for a while.
Others if gives them an opportunity to socially connect.
 Vigorous exercise helps the heart pump fresh oxygen into the
blood to nourish sluggish brains.
 Teachers are your Love and Logic partners. The younger
children will be reminded to wear their coats, boots, mittens
and hats so they can develop in their own personal
judgment. The older children will be trusted that they know
their bodies (if they aren't cold in shorts, then they aren't
cold in shorts).
 Silly but functional detail: Label your gear with names, if
something is lost, it will probably find its way back to you.
Health and Safety
Parking Lot
Please remember the speed in the
parking lot should not exceed 10
mph, and please do not park in the
handicap parking spots unless you
are authorized to do so.
Student Check Out
If you need to take your child out of
school, you MUST sign them out on
the check-in computer and take the
slip to the classroom. Once the
teacher has the slip the student is
allowed to leave. This needs to be
followed at all times.
Key Card Access
Key cards need to be used to enter the building throughout the
school day. If you have misplaced your card, or need a new one
please come visit me and I will be happy to give you an order form
and create a new card.
Volunteer Opportunities
 Gala Volunteer for Quilting Art Project Needed- Click here for
more information!
 Lunchroom Volunteers- Click here to sign up!
 Faculty Appreciation Week Volunteers- Click here to view our
 Aspen Adventure Week- Contact Aspen Instructor, Chris
Lazartic for more details!
 Furniture Sales Coordinator- Click here for additional
 Aspen Day Without Shoes Volunteers- Click here to sign up!
Travel Abroad!
Global journeys is
offering Aspen families
the opportunity to host
a foreign exchange
student, live with
Spanish families in
Spain and more! Below
is more information on
these opportunities.
 American
Summer: Students from 13-20 years old come to stay with a host
family for one month in the summer. This year's dates are:June
24th-July 22nd.
 Spanish Summer: Students from the states go to Spain for one
month during the summer. It is a culturally enriching experience
and is for those students learning Spanish and also for those that
would just like to explore. Dates: June 24th-July 22nd.
Dream BIG Day Camp: Performing Arts Camp
Let your imagination run wild and help to create a unique theater
performance. This week-long performing arts camp will allow participants to
develop characters and story lines while assisting in writing a play to be
performed for friends and family members at the end of the week!
Campers will develop theatrical skills including character creation,
ensemble, improvisation and performance. Campers will develop life skills
including following directions, team work, confidence and risk taking.
Campers will learn literacy skills including reading, writing, script writing,
body language, gestures and facial and vocal expression.
What: Dream BIG Day Camp Performing Arts Camp
When: Aug. 3-7th, 9:00-3:00 pm
Where: Aspen Academy
Who: Kids ages 7-12
Cost: $525/week
For additional information, visit http://www.dreambigdaycamp.com/aspen/
**Additional camp groups have been added for 4-5 year olds!**
Another Novel From Jayme
Aspen Instructor Jayme Mansfield's
book, Chasing The Butterfly continues to
get 5 star reviews! If you haven't read
it, click here to learn more about this
phenomenal story!
Jayme will also be releasing a new book,
RUSH, next year! Read the teaser below
to learn more about it:
"Mary Louisa Johnston won the race of a
lifetime- or so she thought. Based on a
true family story, Rush provides a
tension-filled, yet compassionate tale of
a pioneer woman's determination to
survive. In competition with desperate
homesteaders, ruthless land seekers,
and a sheriff determined to see her fail, Mary rides out on a horse to strike
her claim in the Oklahoma Land of Rush of 1893. When she finally thrusts
her flag in to the dirt, 160 acres becomes her own. But with that claim, she
loses more than she ever imagines. A naive school teacher and young
mother, Mary is faced with embracing perseverance and trusting God, or
submitting to a life of bitterness and defeat.
Novelist Jayme H Mansfield weaves historical fact, high impact fiction, and
vivid imagery in a story that pays tribute to those whose pioneer spirit
helped shape America."
Congratulations, Jayme!
Aspen Academy
5859 S. University Blvd.
Greenwood Village, CO 80121