TOC15 competition brief – 345kb, PDF

Train Operator Competition 2015 - TOC’15
The Prize
The FutureRailway programme is giving access to £6m to help co-fund strategic portfolios of innovation
projects for UK train operator companies (TOCs).
The Purpose
The competition is intended to increase train operators’ awareness and ability to design an innovation
strategy and to put the mechanisms in place to enable its delivery. The scope of this delivery includes
innovative services, processes, designs and technology from proof of concept, to working operational
prototype, and beyond.
The innovation strategy should address the current and future challenges of the railway industry contained
in the Rail Technical Strategy, which can be summarised by the 4C’s: Customer experience, expanded
Capacity, reduced Costs, and reduced Carbon.
The Concept
Sponsored by a TOC (or its owning group), the competition is the first stage for applications to access to
the fund. This access is gained by presenting a strategic portfolio of innovation projects that aim to
address the business challenges of TOCs using innovative processes, services or technologies.
The second stage will be for worked-up projects to be approved by the Innovation Board appointed to
oversee the Innovation in Franchising Funding Scheme (IiF-FS).
Why portfolios? Collectively, portfolios can increase the effectiveness of investment in innovation,
through either increasing the potential returns due to complementary projects, or reducing overall risk, due
to decreased reliance of any single project.
TOC Owners and partners
(inc. supply chain & SMEs)
(if sponsored by a TOC)
The Process
A two stage approach has been adopted for applicants seeking funding.
 Stage 1 - Fund Access: applicants submit an innovation strategy and an outline of indicative
innovation projects, set in a strategic context. Strong entries will be invited to present their strategy and
successful applicants will gain access to the fund and go through to the next stage. It is anticipated
there will be no more than three short-listed applicants for Stage 2.
 Stage 2 – Project(s) Approval & Award: short-listed applicants from Stage 1 will be required to further
develop agreed innovation projects within their portfolio, for evaluation by the IiF-FS Innovation Board.
Upon approval by the Innovation Board, project delivery will be contracted and funds awarded.
FutureRailway c/o RSSB, Block 2, Angel Square, 1 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NY
• Owning Groups
• Train operating companies (TOCs)
• (sponsoring / collaborating) with supply chain / SME’s
Open &
Launch Event
Review &
• Portfolio of proposed
innovation project(s), each set
in a strategic context
• Indicative Implementation Plan
Competition brief
ITT, evaluation criteria and T&Cs
Application Form
Facilitate collaboration
Initial review of high-level (3 pager)
portfolio / specific project(s) and
Implementation Plan, by IBA for
consideration by IB
Those projects accepted to be
developed into full business
case, by shortlisted applicant
Stage 1
£2m - £3m (2 to 3 shortlisted
companies gain access to fund)
Detailed project(s) to be
considered by IB for funding
& Award
Stage 2
The Timing
Stage 1 Activities: Access to Funding
Stage 1 Competition opens and launch / briefing event
Tue 17th March
Separate partnering event (if required)
(to be advised)
Deadline for clarification questions
Thu 30th April
Stage 1 closes – final date for submission of responses
Fri 15th May
Presentation of selected entries to the Innovation Board
(to be advised)
Shortlisted entrants notified and gain the right to access the fund
Stage 2 opens – submission of detailed proposals
Innovation Board approval and subsequent delivery by TOC
By the end of June 2015
End of June 2015
August 2015
Who will win this prize? FutureRailway are interested in strategically coherent propositions with
compelling Scope, market-making Scale and demonstrable ability to deliver significant Impact.
Further Information
Potential applicants must register their interest with FutureRailway by emailing [email protected]
Following registration, applicants will be provided with all the supporting information needed to respond,
including: Invitation to Tender; Application Guide; and, Application Form.
FutureRailway c/o RSSB, Block 2, Angel Square, 1 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NY