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About us:
T3 Technologies, LLC is a communications
equipment and service provider located in the
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Our specialties
include Avaya communications systems,
structured cabling installation, CCTV, and all
associated equipment to meet your company’s
needs. The owners are Alan (AJ) Wiesner,
Sean Wiesner, and Mark Schlosser, all of whom
bring their own individual talents. We have over
40 years of combined experience in the
communications field with extensive training
and experience on
products, formerly
Lucent and AT&T. We are a leading provider in
the field, offering new phone systems, repairs,
upgrades, and top notch technical support. Our
programming expertise will allow you to take
full advantage of the powerful features your
telephone System offers.
Phone Systems:
T3 Technologies is an
Business Partner,
allowing us to install and
maintain the
line with unsurpassed
support. Our primary
focus is the
IP Office
communications system. IP Office is a versatile
communications system that grows with your
company as needed and cost-effectively. Built
from the ground up, specifically for small and
midsize businesses, IP Office offers technical
flexibility and is feature rich with options such as
voicemail-to-email and mobile twinning. It supports
digital, analog, IP, and legacy telephone sets, or any
combination of these. In addition, we continue to
maintain vintage systems such as
Merlin Legend/Magix, and the Nortel
Product Line. So if you are not yet ready to upgrade,
T3 Technologies is able to support your current
communications system.
Maintenance Agreements:
T3 Technologies offers maintenance agreements
on your
Phone System. As a maintenance
customer, rest assured that your equipment is
covered from the unexpected. A maintenance
agreement ensures you take precedence in order to
get your system operational quickly and efficiently.
Structured Cabling Installation:
T3 Technologies installs
all types of low voltage
cabling for your voice and
data network. We have the
knowledge and experience
to assist you in all phases of
planning, implementation,
installation, testing, and
certification. We Install:
• Category 6/6A unshielded twisted pair –
Because of its improved transmission
performance and superior immunity from
external noise, systems operating over category
6 cabling will have fewer errors versus category
5e for current applications. From a future
proofing perspective it is always better to install
the best cabling available. This is because it is so
difficult to replace cabling inside walls, in ducts,
under floors and other places difficult to access.
Installing category 6 cabling guarantees any
future equipment will be able to use the network
connection to its full potential.
• Loudspeaker Paging – T3 Technologies
proudly installs Bogen paging amplifiers and
speakers. Whether you have a small office or
a large warehouse, T3 Technologies has just what
you’re looking for to provide you with
an overhead paging solution.
• CCTV Cable – T3 Technologies provides
the necessary cabling and equipment to support
your video surveillance or CATV needs.
• Audio/Video – We install an array of
audio/video cabling including HDMI, DVI,
VGA, Component, Composite, and just
about anything else for your conference
room presentation.
Video Survelliance:
T3 Technologies provides video surveillance
systems from Speco and Everfocus. Both allow for
maximum flexibility, range, and remote access
while offering help in protecting your business.
Learning the system is easy with its user friendly
interface, and with free iPhone and Android apps
you are able to view your business from just about
• CATEGORY 5e unshielded twisted pair –
Suitable for virtually all data applications in
today’s industry. Although we recommend
Category 6 cable, we continue to install Category
5e at the customer’s request.
• Fiber Optics – For when the distance exceeds
the 330 foot maximum limitations of copper
cable, we install 50µ MM or SM fiber optic cable
(or 62.5µ if your current infrastructure requires
us to do so). We certify our installation to confirm
the terminations are clean and have minimal loss.
T3 Technologies offers outstanding service,
competitive rates, and a wide range of abilities.
We look forward to the opportunity of serving
you, our customer. Give us a call today to
discuss any of your companies’ needs.