Thompson Times March 9th

The Thompson Times
Week of March 9th
Spelling Words
This week we will read Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly a Plane, a realistic
fiction story by Cynthia Rylant. We will talk about plot and sequencing
story events. We will have a comprehension test on Friday. The
vocabulary words for this story are cranes, directions, promise, twitch,
and worry.
Our spelling words this week contain open syllable vowel patterns. We
will review plural nouns and editing marks.
We are finishing up Chapter 7 and will start Chapter 8 on money. The
biggest problems students have with money is identifying coins,
especially with the newer coins. A great way to practice is to pull coins
out of your purse/pocket each night to practice identifying and counting
the change.
Science/Social Studies:
1. later
2. lazy
3. title
4. silent
5. tidy
6. giant
7. music
8. secret
9. student
11. poem
12. total
13. equal
14. broken
15. grocery
16. museum
17. future
18. favor
19. fever
20. zebra
Important Dates...
Fri., Mar. 13: End of Quarter
Fri., Mar. 20: Report Cards
Mar. 30-Apr. 3: Spring Break!
This week we will learn about the Pony Express and talk about weather.
• Students have been given copies of all 3 Blizzard Bags. They should
have already been turned in. If students need another copy of the
Blizzard Bag assignments, you can print them out from the district
• The Children’s Theater is trying to reschedule us for their final show in
April. If they cannot fit us in, we will be scheduling a different field trip
instead. We will send home information as soon as we have it available.
Homework (Due Thursday):
Reading: The First Teddy Bear
Math: Chapter 8, Lesson 1 Homework
Spelling: Pick 2 ways to practice your spelling words. You can pick
something from the new Spring menu or anything from the previous
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513-625-1211 ext. 440