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Vision Statement for Older People’s Action Group
This Vision Statement Making Aberdeen An Age Friendly City for
Older People has been produced through a community development approach
and partnership working with the Older People’s Advisory Group members and older people.
The Older People’s Advisory Group adopted a
community development approach to involve older
people and support their participation to identify
issues and interests. Thus older people are
empowered to work with service providers to help
shape services to better meet their needs, broad
interests and build an age friendly city.
This is a partnership approach which may require
joint agreements around identifying priorities and
timescales that will result in actions and timescales
for the members of the group.
In keeping with the community development
approach, the following four dimensions will be
clearly evidenced in translating the Older People’s
Advisory Group’s Vision Statement into action:
•Personal empowerment (developing older
people’s skills, knowledge and experience to
take action on things that matter to them)
•Positive action (actions which bring older
people together to tackle inequality and exclusion)
•Community organisation (actions which
support and strengthen the range and quality of
older people’s organisations in communities)
•Participation and influence (ways in which
the empowered community interacts with the
outside world to achieve change at a local level)
The Older People’s Advisory Group with its partners
recognize and value the contribution older people
make in our communities and to our city. Older
people offer a lifetime of experience, making them
highly skilled and knowledgeable and an asset to
us all.
Planning For The Future
Aberdeen City Council signed up
to the Scottish Government’s
Single Outcome Agreement in July
2009. The themes that Aberdeen
City Council and its partners in the
Community Planning Partnership
are working on are:
• Wealthier & Fairer • Smarter
• Healthier
• Safer & Stronger
• Greener
These themes have informed the Vision Statement.
“More Involved” is an additional theme to
encourage more older people to get more involved
in their communities.
This community development approach aims to
empower older people to create the changes they
want to see in their communities.
Aberdeen City Council’s Single
Equalities Scheme
Any actions which are developed from this Older
People’s Advisory Group’s Vision Statement, will
be included in Aberdeen City Council’s Single
Equality Scheme (SES) at its annual review in
November 2011. Subsequent monitoring and
evaluation will take place through the SES.
We want to keep older people informed of these
developments, monitor progress and celebrate
How We Got Here
An Older People's Working Group was set up in
2003 to support the implementation and
development of Aberdeen's Plan for Older People.
The name changed to the Older People's Advisory
Group in September 2010, following a review of its
remit. It is a partnership group that has members
from the voluntary and public services sectors and
has representatives from organisations that
represent older people on a variety of issues.
A cross party group of five Councillors from Aberdeen
City Council are also members.
‘Making Aberdeen an Age Friendly
City for Older People’ - is about improving
opportunities and services for older people in
Aberdeen, removing discrimination and challenging
ageist attitudes about older people.
Table 1 which follows overleaf, outlines Aberdeen
City Council and the Scottish Government’s strategic
objectives as agreed in their Single Outcome
Agreement of 2009 and the key priorities of the
Older People’s Advisory Group.
Table 2 identifies agreed actions for members of
the Older People’s Advisory Group. Some good
practice examples as contributed by the Group’s
members follow.
Making Aberdeen an Age Friendly City for Older People:
Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Government strategic objectives and key priorities (Table 1)
and Fairer
Help maximise Support more
older people’s older people to
become more
computer literate.
and services for
older people by
and challenging
ageist attitudes.
Support more
active 60 plus
to get into and
stay in
Help older people
sustain and
improve their
Safer and
Enhance older
perceptions of
living in safe and
Encourage better
understanding of
climate change
and effects of
green house
More Involved
Seek more
involvement of
older people in
design and
delivery of
Seek more
Provide better Encourage
Work to remove Encouraging older Enable and
access to
partners to
the fear of
people to make encourage more
deliver services isolation and
better use of the older people to be
services and
efficiently and loneliness in older built and natural more involved
organisations. effectively to
with volunteering.
meet needs of
older people
Support a range Enable and
of life long
support Older
accessibility for
the 60 plus to
experiences and Consulting and
green space.
Table 2
and Fairer
Develop more
Build on
partnerships to
increase number
of older people
taking part in
Increase levels Build on
of effective
partnership with
Aberdeen (VSA)
to further
develop Sign
Posters Project.
Actions for
members of
Older People’s
Group Increase levels
of effective
working for 60
plus through
Increase learning
opportunities for
60 plus through
development of
Safer and
More Involved
for older people
to get more
involved in their
Continue to work
in partnership to
development of
Use the Older
People’s Festival
to include
activities and
events for the 60
plus age group.
Work with partners
to develop better
between older
people and
organisations in
Use the Older
People’s Vision
Statement to
make a positive
difference in older
people’s lives.
Support the
annual community
safety event by
promoting the
event to older
people’s groups in
the city.
Increase sport
and leisure
opportunities for
the 60 plus in
Organise an
annual event to
address issues
raised by older
people. Monitor
and inform
Progress will be reported regularly at group meetings
and monitoring and evaluation done through the Council’s Single Equality Scheme.
Wealthier, Fairer & Smarter
The Older People’s Sign
Posters Project
The Older People’s Sign Posters Project has been
set up as a partnership project and is about using
local connections and situations to give older people
information about accessing services which could
help improve their quality of life. Information ranges
from help with benefits to advice on financial
The Project was launched in April 2010, to provide
an information and referral service for older people
in community settings on a range of services, to
encourage them to take up benefits and help them
access services that can improve their health and
wellbeing. This is done through putting them in
touch with our referral agency - the Cash in your
Pocket Partnership.
We have 13 volunteer Sign Posters through out the
city who have all had awareness training with
service providers, such as Save Cash and Reduce
Fuel (SCARF), Care & Repair, Citizens Advice Bureau
(CAB), Community Food Initiates North East (CEFINE),
Credit Unions and the Pension, Disability & Carers
Service. The project has been well received and is
very successful as it provides a link through our
volunteer activists in the communities with other
older people who live there. We have attended
more than 15 information and fun days and given
presentations to various groups throughout the city
in 2010.
We would like to encourage an increase in the
number of older people who volunteer as Sign
Posters in their community so they can share their
experience and knowledge, which benefits all age
groups. The project is funded by Aberdeen City
Council and Age Scotland, hosted by Volunteer
Services Aberdeen and based at their offices at
38 Castle Street, Aberdeen.
For more information on becoming a ‘Sign
Poster’ please contact: Dennis Moore on
01224 358636 or email: [email protected]
The Silver City Surfers
The Silver City Surfers is a community project, fully
managed and staffed mainly by volunteers,
committed to meeting the needs of older people.
The project provides the opportunity to learn about
basic computing including the use of email and the
We offer a friendly and supportive service where
older people can learn to use computers in a one
to one situation with experienced volunteer tutors.
Out-reach sessions are also offered in Torry and
Seaton which are fully funded by the Fairer Scotland
In the past year, from September 2009 to August
2010, the Silver City Surfers have had 216 registered
learners who have clocked up 2562 attendances.
The learners are aged 55 plus to 90 plus.
We are a registered charity with 20 volunteers
aged from 18 to 80 plus who manage, tutor and
provide hospitality at weekly sessions.
We provide one to one tuition and only teach what
learners want to know. Sessions are provided
weekly in Torry, Seaton and also twice weekly at
the Citadel in the Castlegate.
Our aim is to ensure that older people are not
discriminated against because they are unable to
access and use email and the Internet.
If you are interested in volunteering or learning
computing please contact Christine Dunhill,
The Silver City Surfers Volunteer Co-ordinator
on 07799 371 329.
Aberdeen Partnership Agreement
for Reshaping Care for Older
People 2010 to 2013.
The Aberdeen Partnership for Reshaping Care for
Older People between Aberdeen City Community
Health Partnership and Aberdeen City Council Social
Care and Wellbeing aims to improve the health,
wellbeing, social inclusion and independence of
older people of Aberdeen. Like elsewhere in Scotland
and Western Europe the demographic picture will
change significantly in Aberdeen over the next 20
years. For example there will be 57% more people
aged over 65 than currently.
Older people in Aberdeen will continue to be seen
as an asset and not a burden. However the current
pattern of care provision in the city is not sustainable.
The recent Reshaping Care for Older People changes
in Aberdeen are in line with Scottish Government
strategy and seek to optimise older people’s
independence. The first staff in contact with an
older person are responsible for accessing expertise
and resources for the older person.
The changes prioritise anticipatory care and
promotion of wellbeing (providing care at an early
stage which prevents or delays the need for more
intensive care) and propose integration of services
(where appropriate e.g. Occupational Therapy).
Some examples of what has been achieved so far are:
• A clear and shared vision for delivering
Joint Services between Aberdeen City
Council and NHS Grampian Community
Health Partnership
• Development of the Aberdeen Partnership
Agreement for Reshaping Care for older
people 2010 to 2013
• Integrated Health & Social Care Staff Teams
• Shifting the Balance of Care Programme
• Elimination of Delayed Discharges
• Rosewell House – expansion of
Rehabilitation service
• A Performance Management Framework
for Aberdeen which reflects Community
Care Outcomes, Single Outcome Agreement
Indicators and Health Improvement,
Efficiency, Access and Treatment (HEAT)
The Older People’s Consultation
and Monitoring Group
The Older People’s Consultation and Monitoring
Group was established to ensure that social care
and wellbeing services, relevant to older people,
are given due attention.
The group has an independent chair, and has direct
access to both the Strategic and the Operational
Integrated Management Teams in Health and
Social Care and Wellbeing.
The Group has continued to be the main channel
through which older people are involved in the
planning of social care and wellbeing services in
Aberdeen. They have contributed to a wide range
of work including Aberdeen City Council’s Corporate
Business Plan, NHS Grampian’s Key Priorities, the
key Balance of Care agenda and the national
Reshaping Care for Older People agenda.
The main beneficiaries of this group include
members of the Group, Health and Social Care
services in Aberdeen and the general population
of older people in the City who the Group represent.
For more information about the group and its
monthly meetings contact: Gordon Edgar,
Development Officer (Service User and Carer
Involvement) on (01224) 522782 or email
[email protected]
The 50+ Directory
Older people want the opportunity to have access
to sports and leisure activities to promote better
health and fitness levels as well as having a point
for meeting other people socially. The 50+ Directory
lists a number of activities held across the city
giving older people the opportunity to try out new
sport, outdoor and other activities.
Copies of the 50+ Directory are available from
Marischal College Customer Service Centre
oronline at
More Involved
Intergenerational Practice
Making Aberdeen an Age Friendly City supports
intergenerational activity. Local networks across
Scotland link to the Scottish Centre for
Intergenerational Practice (SCIP) to share good practice
and develop new opportunities for intergenerational
work. The Centre was set up by the Scottish
Government as a commitment from the All Our
Futures strategy.
In September 2010 the Scottish Centre for
Intergenerational Practice, ran a National Network
event at King's College, Aberdeen, attended by
over ninety individuals from across Scotland.
This presented an opportunity to learn about good
practice in intergenerational activity including a
site visit to Sunnybank Park and Powis Allotments.
Social Care and Wellbeing are currently organising
awareness sessions for staff and hope to embed
intergenerational practices throughout.
Older People’s Advisory Group - Current Members
Aberdeen City Community Health Partnership (CHP)
Aberdeen Safer Community Trust
Aberdeen Trades Council
Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations (ACVO)
Alzheimer Scotland
Carers Centre
Cash in Your Pocket Partnership (CIYPP)
Grampian Police
Grampian Senior Citizens Forum
Aberdeen Care and Repair Project
Older People’s Consultation and Monitoring Group
Older People’s Sign Posters Project
Pensions Service - Pension, Disability and Carers Service
Regeneration Matters
Voluntary Service Aberdeen (VSA)
University of the Third Age (U3A)
Workers Education Association (WEA)
Key Contacts
Access to Leisure
(A2L) Card
Cash in Your Pocket
If you are over 60 and live in
Aberdeen you can qualify for
discounts under the A2L scheme,
including free swimming at a
variety of leisure and sports
facilities. Applications are
available form the Marischal
College Customer Service
Centre, Broad Street, Aberdeen.
Works with organisations that
encourage the take up of benefits
and services that can improve
health and wellbeing for people
over 60.
Tel 01224 200221 or email
[email protected] They aim to
make it easier for people to get the
help they need.
Grampian CareData
Information Service
C/o Alis, Meldrum Meg Way,
Oldmeldrum, AB51 0GN
Mon to Fri 10am - 4pm
Helpline 01651 872727
CareData provides information
about services across Grampian
offering advice, care and support.
Age Concern
and Advice Service
This service offers a counselling
service for older people, their
relatives and friends and is free
of charge and impartial.
Tel 01224 556463
Tues and Fri 9.30 - 11.30am
Wed 1.30 - 3.30pm
(24 hour answering service in
The Scottish Helpline
for Older People
(Age Scotland)
Tel 0845 125 9732
10am - 4pm
Mon to Fri
(local call rates apply)
Tel 01224 522506
For further information please telepho
ne 01224 522506