The Week Ahead - Friday 13 March 2015

The week ahead
Friday 13 March 2015
CRICKET – Mr Lincoln Doull
Friday 13 March
Mufti Day-come dressed as
your favourite sportsman*
Saturday 14 March – Exeat
until 7.30pm on Sunday 15 March
1.00 Discovery Day at Hwth
Monday 16 March
3.00 Parent/Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 18 March
5.15 Choir reports to Chapel
6.00 Choir Installation Chapel
Thursday 19 March
5.30amChristchurch Trip departs
from Hereworth
6.40 Teams depart from Napier
10.45 Cricket & tennis matches v
Cathedral Grammar School
Fri 13
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Sat 14
Hwth Kasper
1st XI
2nd XI
3rd XI
Hwth Tremain
Hwth Munro
Hwth Hilton
Stags A
Stags B
Stags C
Hwth Small
Hwth Pearce
Hwth Heinrich
St Mary’s Vettori
Napier Int 1st XI
HL Nth Int 2nd XI
Taradale Int 3rd XI
St Josephs Int
St Marys Int
No game this week
Arthur Miller
Te Mata Red Caps
Clive Primary A
CHB Cricket Club
Clive School Kiwi C
HL Nth Pacers
St Marys School 1
Nelson Park 2
HL Nth Int Sch 1
Frimley Park 2
Hereworth 2
Hereworth 6
Hereworth 1
Hereworth 4
Hereworth 3
Waipawa Primary
Hwth 7-Ritchie
Hwth 8-Ritchie
TENNIS – Mrs Kate Field
Sat 14
Only boys NOT playing at a
local tennis club on Fri/Sat
Hereworth Courts
Friday 20 March
9.30 Cricket & tennis v Medbury
SOFTBALL – Mrs Tracey Kinloch-Jones & Mr Matt Webb
Sunday 22 March
9.00 Cricket & Tennis v Waihi
7.15 Boys arrive Napier Airport
Sat 14
Sat 14
Hwth 1 (TKJ)
Hwth 2 (Webb)
Akina 9
Akina 9
Boys are to report to Cricket and Softball grounds ½ hour before the
listed game time.
Monday 23 March
3.00 Parent Interviews
Tuesday 24 March
Grandparents’ Morning
Wednesday 25 March
5.30 Wellesley School arrives
6.00 HB Schools Swim Champs
Warm up 5.30* see notice
Thursday 26 March
Wellesley matches at Hwth
Friday 27 March
2.00 School in Action Afternoon
& Sleepover Experience
Friday 28 March
Boarding in Weekend
11.00 HPA Tennis Tournament*
Thursday 2 April
3.00 End Term 1
Headmasters Farewell*
Monday 20 April
8.10 Term 2 Classes start
Cricket Coaches
1st XI
Mr Ian Scott
2nd XI
Mr Neil McCorkell
3rd XI
Mr Carl Scrimgeour
Hwth Tremain
Mrs Angela Tremain
Hwth Munro
Miss Molly Munro
Hwth Hilton
Mr Will Hilton
Stags A
Mr Scott Jensen
Stags B
Mr Cameron Burns
Stags C
Mr Lincoln Doull
Hwth Small
Mrs Megs Small
Hwth Pearce
Mr Connor Pearce
Hwth Heinrich
Miss Cecile Heinrich
Hwth Kasper
Mrs Paula Kasper
Report Times
Boys to report to the designated field 30 minutes before listed game time.
Uniform Reminder
Boys report to Sports Ground in Hereworth Uniform (cricket or tennis whites,
softball kit or sorts uniform. All boys must have a hat and ideally water bottle
and sun-screen.
Choir Installation - Wednesday 18 March 6.00pm
in the Hereworth Chapel - All choristers must
attend. All Families welcome. All boys will be formally
admitted to the St James’ Chapel Choir. As boys need to
be at school for robing by 5.30pm, it would be easier for
them to remain at school after sport for an early dinner at
4.50pm. They will receive a main meal and a dessert
with the cost of $8.00 to be charged to your monthly
account. Please inform the office if you son will NOT be
present for dinner.
Hereworth Orchestra
This begins Friday morning at 8.15am. Boys who have
expressed an interest in joining must attend with their
instruments. Mrs Laura O'Grady is our orchestra tutor
this year. Orchestra sessions will be Thursday lunchtimes directly after eating lunch and Friday mornings
8.15am. The subsidised cost to participate in the
orchestra is $25.00 a term.
Hereworth Rock Band
Boys wishing to audition for the rock band will do so
Tuesday 17 March (lunchtime). Boys must prepare a
suitable item and register their interest with Mrs.
Stevens. Rock band practices are Tuesday lunchtimes.
The subsidised cost is $25.00 a term. A formal letter will
be sent home to parents advising further details.
Junior School Noticeboard
 Don’t forget mufti day tomorrow! 
 Have you booked your parent/teacher interview?
 Mrs Cameron would like little boxes and tubes
 Blog
Emailed School Accounts
You should have received by email yesterday (Wednesday
11) or today (Thursday 12) your monthly account. As with
new systems, there can be teething problems. Please
contact the school if you have NOT received this account.
Hawke’s Bay Schools Swimming Championships
Wednesday 25 March at Flaxmere Waterworld starting
6.00pm. Boys eligible to attend will be notified by Lincoln
[email protected]
There are still 10 minute interview spots available with your
son’s classroom teacher on Monday 16 & Monday 23 March
from 3.00pm. Please make an appointment as follows: Enter
the website address; School
Event Code (blue box on screen) 36YY6 then hit GO button.
Follow the instructions on screen to book your interview.
Uniform Shop News
Boot Sale – all football & rugby boots $10 and under!
Juniors – there are good stocks; size 4-6 winter grey shorts
Wanted-a person travelling to Hamilton to kindly take a box
of clothing which is being donated to Fiji. Thank you 
Rugby Registration
Have boys from years 5-8 intending to play rugby this year
registered on-line? If you have not been contacted, go to, click on winter sports
then on the Rugby Registration Form tab. If you have any
queries, please email ; [email protected]
Headmaster’s Farewell Afternoon Tea – Thursday 2
April at 3.00pm in the School Hall - Please RSVP by 27
March to the email sent out to the school last week.
Art Room Requests – I would like to collect any CanTeen
bandannas for a project with the students which may then
be entered into a competition. The must be CanTeen
branded bandannas. You can deliver to me or send along
with your boy to drop off to me at any time. Also, we still
need some more shirts (mens business styled are great) to
be used as Art/work shirts. Thank you from Miss Munro
MISSING a brand new adults black puffer jacket was left on
the field near grounds mans shed under the trees on
Saturday 28 February. Please contact the school office.
Parent “Get-Togethers” – the last two are tonight.
Please bring $$ tonight if you have not already given.
Yr 1 - 4 – Thurs 12 March 7pm at Vidal Estate Winery
Yr 5 & 6 - Thurs 12 March 7.30pm at No 5 Café & Larder
The Old Boys 4WD Trek …….. WAS AMAZING!!! The
biggest thank you to all those who supported this event and
contributed their time and energy.
School in Action Afternoon – Friday 27 March from
2.00pm to 4.00pm – We are holding an open afternoon for
prospective families and would love you to spread the word
and invite any families who may be interested in Hereworth.
A reminder that all boys Years 1-8 will be expected to
remain at school until 4.00pm on this day – there will be NO
school buses running. Dress Greys unless boys advised.
HPA Tennis Tournament – Saturday 28 March 11am.
A great day of fun tennis – mens, ladies and mixed doubles
played on the private courts of parents and friend of the
school. An email is attached to this memo. OR if you do not
want to play but can help with some picnic basket
preparation, please contact Sharon Ritchie 06 856-8279 or
027 272 9129 or email; [email protected]
Mufti Day-Friday 13 March – Your Fav Sports Person
We will put a $1.00 per boy donation for our annual
sponsorship of World Vision recipient, David Toga on your
disbursement account unless you advise otherwise.
Parent/Teacher beginning of year testing feedback
Movie Night Fundraiser for the International Children’s
Games – Thursday 2 April at 8.45pm, Reading Cinema,
Napier. Contact Halyley Taylor 027
Te Mata Rd Havelock North 4157 Hawke’s Bay Ph +64 6 877 8138 [email protected]
Harry Hunt
Sam Wixon
Oscar Field Hugo
Daniel O’Boyle
A superb display of sportsmanship, perseverance and pitching over 150 balls during two days.
Three direct outs pitched and caught!
Wonderful skills shown in all games as shortstop. Reading the game, talking to the team and
showing fabulous Hereworth behaviour.
Wonderful application in First XI game v Southwell. Batted for the team showing
determination to stay in and both making their highest scores at this level. In the team for
their bowling but showed the batsmen how to do it.
Outstanding fielder in the 1st XI who has listened and applied what he has been taught.
Always willing to put his body on the line and has already secured at least 5 run outs in 4
games. Brilliant.
Tom Murphy
James Porima
A positive and reliable boy who can be depended on to give of his best.
For his considered interpretation of the 21st Century Hereworth Boy- James effectively
presented his understandings using Popplet.
Jordon Campbell
Jacobie Absolom
A young man that has taken on advice, within the classroom, and is going extremely well. He
has also produced some well-presented, quality writing samples.
A young man who is getting stuck into his work. He also has a massive smile, combined with
an appropriate sense of humour, which is appreciated by the class.
Z’Arne Payne
Tom Druzianic
For always giving of his best during our Maths class - determined, focussed and diligent.
Great effort with his maths group - willing to take risks to problem solve and discover
solutions to unfamiliar problems.
Riley Lambess
Josh ProffitKameta
Aspiring to be a role model in class with his improving work ethic.
Enjoying everything related to Year 6 camp
Tyrone Chrystal
Beau Sherwood
Both of these young men relished the challenges of year 6 camp, they modelled positivity and
confidence at all times.
James Strong
James displays great consideration for his peers. An example; he found his classmates cricket
gear on the floor in the locker room. He quietly collected it up and put it in the boy’s locker
and went on with his day. Well done James.
Cameron Strong
Great story writing and editing about having a penguin for a pet.
Archie Absolom
Fabulous thinking being displayed when comparing and contrasting similarities of two
Archie challenged himself to use a Double Bubble Map to assist his thinking in creative
writing and consequently was able to produce a well thought out story.
Charlie Kilduff
Positive attitude towards his Maths in class.
Rory O’Sullivan,
Jesse Renall
Positive and focused students in the Food Technology room. Role modelling how to do things
correctly, safely and hygienically.
Archie Knight,
Tom McFetridge
Great focus with their art work. I love the reflection of their interests and how they
incorporated it into their profile.
Jono Kilsby
Oscar Train
Thorough commitment and enthusiasm demonstrating emotions through role play.
Impressive leadership when demonstrating a task in 7KF.
Lovepreet Padda,
Jack Smith
Clear understanding of the logo design task and sustained concentration to complete their
written explanation. Very good time management.
Te Mata Rd Havelock North 4157 Hawke’s Bay Ph +64 6 877 8138 [email protected]