Principal Every Week - St Benedict`s Catholic Primary School

Term 1: March 11, 2015
St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School: Phone 3481 4600 Fax 3481 4699 Absentee 3481 4688 Email [email protected]
Mark Creevey
Dear Parents,
As we are coming towards the close of this term our teachers will be offering
parents an interview opportunity where you can discuss the progress of your
child. I would invite all parents to accept this teacher invitation as the best
scholastic results are achieved when home and school work in close partnership.
At present we are working towards having an online booking system for when
interviews are available (Parent Teacher Online PTO). Please be alert for this
information coming home soon. Interviews for the whole school community will
occur in the final two weeks of term with some scheduled in the first two weeks of
the next term. It is a great opportunity to hear how your child is progressing, set
some goals for the future and find out how best you can assist in the learning
On the weekend, one of our staff members, Mrs Amanda Bradford had her baby.
It was a boy! Lachlan entered the world on Friday evening. All are doing well.
Congratulations to the Bradford family! We are in the process of filling the vacant
positions created by the maternity leave situations and Mrs Chrissie Mitchell’s
move to Bardon. The CST position has closed and interviews are being conducted
this week and the Support Teacher position closes on Sunday night with interviews
being scheduled next week.
Our Prep interviews for next year commence next week for our existing families.
If you anticipate that your child will be starting in Prep next year and haven’t
submitted the application can you please give this matter your urgent attention.
We have over 100 applications already and this number continues to grow daily.
Our interviews for new families will commence in Week 2 of Term 2, after the
Easter vacation.
Last year we had approximately 180 Prep applications and we could only accept
84. This is a devastating situation for many families seeking a Catholic Primary
School education in the area. BCE were hopeful of building a new school in the
Griffin area to assist with these large numbers but this has not been possible. I
have been asked to examine the possibility of having a fourth stream of Prep
students at St Benedict’s to assist more families to enjoy a catholic education.
More information to follow when available.
Every Week
Sometimes not first or last
week of Term.
8.30am Wednesdays
Uniform Shop
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm
Fridays 8.00am-9.30am
Wednesdays & Fridays
School Banking
Mini Singers (Prep-2)
7.45am Tuesdays (Library)
Senior Band Practice
7.30am Wednesdays
(Hall-Stage Area)
Junior Choir (Yr 2-3)
7.45am Wednesdays
(Music Room)
BP Choir (Yr 4-6)
7.45am Thursdays
(Music Room)
Yr6 Choir (New)
Wednesdays & Fridays
(1st Break in Music Room)
8.30am Tuesdays (OSHC)
Piano/Keyboard Music
Tuesdays & Thursdays
(OSHC Bldg)
Guitar Lessons
Wednesdays (full)
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Mark Creevey
PB Whole Class
PR Whole Class
PW Whole Class
1B Hannah Davis
1R Francesca Druce
1W Austin Barnes
2R Jeremy Hales
2B Chloe Barnes
2W Lucas ProencaFaulkner
4B Kailen Klaas
4R Samuel Hocking
4W Addison Richardson
5B Kali Oliver
5R Lana Tancred
5W Millie Tagney
6B Jacob Davies
6R Cameron Scott
Mrs Scott-Pegum has organised a survey to gain an interest level for an addition
to our school uniform for the winter months. The proposal is to offer a full sleeve
jumper as an option. Details of cost, etc, have been included with the survey. It
would be exactly the same colour as the vest which is already available. If we have
enough interest we could provide a one-off order opportunity each year for the
jumper. The survey will be available via the Skoolbag app as well as a hard copy
available at the assembly today and a copy to come home with each family. I will
be guided by your interest levels in this possible addition to our uniform.
Next Friday our school swimming team will be participating in the annual Zone 6
Catholic Schools Swimming Carnival. We wish all of our representative team the
very best of luck. The carnival will be held at the Albany Creek pool. Students will
be transported to and from the venue via chartered bus. Our nominated swim
team were given information after assembly this morning. Best wishes!
Anzac Day
It has been 100 years since the landing at
Gallipoli. This year St Benedict's would like to
commemorate this special event with the help of our
whole school community. If you are willing and able
could you please help out with one or more of the
1. Any current serving military families to touch
base with Mrs O'Hanlon (one of our Yr 3 teachers) as soon as possible, in
person or via email [email protected] .
2. Anyone who has immediate family that are ex serving members; a student’s
mother, father, step parents or older sibling. If these families could email two
or three photos from their service time, along with details of the dates they
served and any deployments.
3. Anyone who has grandparents who served in the military, past or
present. Please forward a single photo (uniformed or not) with their name
and the students’ name whom they belong too.
4. Anyone who has extended family (uncles, aunties, cousins) Please forward
their name only.
All information is to be emailed to [email protected] Thank you so much for your support in
organising this special occasion.
Thought for the week: “Love is magical. It’s a language the deaf can hear, a song
the infirmed can dance to and a sunset the blind can see.”
Have a great week!
Yr 6 Camp
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Jo Scott-Pegum
Dear Parents,
School Jumpers
We are currently surveying parents about school jumpers. The paper survey has gone to several classes, and was
available at assembly today. An electronic version is available via surveymonkey and the link has been sent
through the Skoolbag app. If there is interest in having a school jumper we will add it to the uniform, but rather
than stock in the uniform shop it will become available by order.
Year 6 Leadership
Our Year 6 leaders will be honoured and commissioned at a badge ceremony next Wednesday at assembly. For
this occasion they will be able to wear the new leadership shirts that were handed out today. Students will also
be able to wear their leadership shirts on Friday’s each week.
Parent Teacher Interviews - Look out for this logo!
Parent Teacher interviews will be occurring in the last two weeks of Term 1 and the initial 2 weeks of
Term 2. Interviews form part of the suite of reporting processes that keep communication strong and
open between the classroom and home settings regarding student learning, engagement and
progress. We thank the teachers for their preparation and planning for these important meetings, and for
catering for different needs of parents with regard to availability of times for interviews. I trust you will find the
interview a positive experience in helping your child to continue productively in their learning journey. To make
booking interview times easier for parents and teachers, we are rolling out the Parent Teacher Online (PTO)
process this term, and most class teachers will be using this as the formal booking method for parent teacher
interviews. You will shortly receive an instruction flyer and your username and password.
Meet Our Staff
I have asked the new staff to prepare a short bio to introduce themselves to the school community and each
week we will enjoy reading a small snippet about our new staff members. This week we introduce Mrs Liz
Kucharski who is part of our Prep Teaching Team.
Life is a big adventure and we are riding its wave! Hello, I'm Liz and I'm new to St
Benedict's this year however I'm not new to teaching. I began my teaching
adventure studying at the Queensland University of Technology. After graduating I
left my family and friends and headed off on my first major teaching adventure to a
remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory where I officially began the
first three years of my teaching career. It was a dream of mine to work with
Indigenous people and it was one of the most rewarding and challenging
experiences of my career. I learnt so much during my time there as a teacher and
early years co-ordinator. I was also fortunate to receive a scholarship to visit
schools in China with other Australian teachers. It was another experience that I
learnt much from. Although most importantly of all, I learnt about the strong culture
and spirituality of Indigenous Australians during those years.
I might have stayed longer in this community had I not had a yearning to explore the
world and experience the delights of London. So I set off again on another adventure
to travel and teach in a new setting. Again I gained a wealth of information and some great skills teaching fulltime in a very dynamic city. It was great to experience so many different cultures and to learn so many great
ideas/practices for teaching during my time there.
My next adventure was returning to Australia after some great years in London! I began work with Brisbane
Catholic Education at St Flannan's Catholic School. My repertoire of skills and experience grew once again during
my time there. Now I have come to St Benedict's to commence a new chapter in my teaching career. I am excited
and energised about teaching and learning here. I hope to share my skills and gain new ones from this wonderful
This new adventure is just beginning! Thanks, Liz
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Jo Scott-Pegum
Brain Rule 7: REPEAT TO REMEMBER. ‘Brain Rules’ Dr John Medina
The brain has many types of memory SYSTEMS. Declarative memory follow four stages of processing:
encoding, storing, retrieving, and forgetting.
Information coming into your brain is immediately fragmented and sent to different regions of the cortex.
The more elaborately we encode a memory during its initial moments, the stronger it will be.
You can improve your chances of remembering something if you reproduce the environment in which you
first put it into your brain.
Working memory is a collection of busy work spaces that allows us to temporarily retain newly acquired
information. If we don’t repeat the information, it disappears.
Long-term memories are formed in a two-way conversation between the hippocampus and the cortex,
until the hippocampus breaks the connection and the memory is fixed in the cortex – which can take years!
Our brains give us only an approximate view of reality, because they mix new knowledge with past
memories and store them together as one.
The way to make long-term memory more reliable is to incorporate new information gradually and repeat
in timed intervals.
Now that is food for thought!
Kind regards for a happy week.
School Office
[email protected]
2016 Prep Enrolments
Prep Enrolments for 2016 are currently being accepted. Interviews for current families will occur prior to Easter
holidays and for new families immediately after Easter. You will not be able to schedule an interview until your
enrolment paperwork has been handed in. If you have a child due to commence Prep in 2016, please be sure to
submit your enrolment application NOW to ensure a place for your child.
Sick Kids? Going On Holiday?
If you know your children will be away from school for longer periods of time please let your teacher know in
person, via note or email. Please remember to call the St Benedict’s absentee line 3481 4688 to report absent
or sick children to the school.
Lost Property?
With a school consisting of over 600 students, property is bound to get mixed up or
lost sometimes. If you label your child's property clearly, it is quickly returned to
students when it is found.
Office Hours
St Benedict’s Primary office hours are from 8am to 3.30pm.
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Brett Kitchener
Dear Parents,
Our Parish
Holy Cross Parish
3293 0800
9.30am Sunday
Mass here at St
Benedict's, Mango Hill
St Benedict’s along with thousands of schools across the country have registered
for the National day against Bullying and Violence, which falls on March 20 this
We are very proud of our well established proactive strategies which aim to
promote children’s social and emotional well being. Anyone who has spent time in
our school community would have witnessed our strong WALK and You Can Do It
language and culture in classrooms and in the wider school community.
Commitment to a day such as this is yet another proactive strategy aimed at
ensuring that the education and well being of our students remains our core
business. Further information about our simple plans for recognising this day will
be included in next week’s newsletter. The dedicated website has a parents
section which contains videos and information you may wish to consider and
share at home.
Project Compassion
Mrs Hickey has a message worth reading in this week’s newsletter in regards to
the Project Compassion campaign. Can I remind you all that the children are
focusing on raising money for seedling trays for communities in Fiji. Five dollars
will provide a tray of seedlings which can serve as an enduring source of food for
families and in some instances an opportunity for marketing and small sales.
Please encourage your children to continue to work at home in order to earn the
money which they will bring along to support our campaign.
Sacramental Program
Holy Cross Catholic Parish
will be offering Baptism for
those children who would
like to journey through the
2015 Sacramental Program
but have not yet been
There will be a Compulsory
Baptism Instruction Session
held on Tuesday 24 June,
5pm at Holy Cross Church,
Kippa Ring. The Sacrament
of Baptism will then be
celebrated at the 5pm
Youth Mass held on Sunday
5 July at Holy Cross Church.
If your child has not been
baptised prior to the
commencement of the
2015 Sacramental Program
you will be asked to delay
until the 2016 Program.
Please contact the Parish
Office now on 3293 0800
for further information.
Community Mass
This Friday at 9am in our hall we will celebrate Eucharist and all parents, friends and parishioners are welcome to
attend. Our Year 5 classes will be in attendance at this Mass and will assist in the Mass. Please consider your
availability for this important occasion which will give you a lift in positivity to take in to the weekend which
Religious Education Curriculum
This week the teachers have been working with a representative from Brisbane Catholic Educations’ Religious
Education Team and I on developing the school’s Religious Education Program. We are ensuring high quality
teaching programs where both religious literacy and culture are successfully integrated.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your week ahead.
Peace be with you,
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Laurel Creese
Rugby League
Congratulations to Brandon Reid and Kane Penny who were selected in the Pine Rivers District Rugby
League Team yesterday. Great effort!
Netball Trials
This week Jessica Biddle, Deandrah Ziolek, Molly Lloyd and Katie Meurant are doing District Netball
trials. We look forward to hearing how they went. A big thanks to Mrs McPhee and Mrs Kennedy who
ran the Netball trials last week and organised the students in their break.
Soccer Trials
This week Mr Parker and Miss Bugden are doing Soccer trials. They had one yesterday and the final trial is on
Friday at break time. We have quite a lot of students trialling which is great. Good luck and thanks to our
dedicated teachers!!!
Touch Trials
Next week. Students who were interested in trialling received a note on Monday.
LAP Running Club
Come join our LAP Running Club on Monday and Friday Mornings for Year 3-6
7.45 -8.15a.m. This Friday we also invite Year 2 students to come along to the Club.
Come and try and see if you like it!
Cross Country Program and Team Colours
Less than 2 weeks to go until our school Cross Country on
Monday 23rd March. A more detailed invitation and
timetable will be sent out to families this week however
we have included approximate times so you can plan your
day. We also want as much colour on the day as we can
get. Please organise for your child and yourself to wear
your team colour to support!
On the following Wednesday’s assembly (after Cross
Country) we will have the presentation of Age Champion
medallions and the Inter-house Shield. We hope you can
Race 1 - Students born 2003(12yrs)
Race 2 - Students born 2004(11yrs)
Race 3 - Students born 2005(10yrs)
Race 4 - Students born 2006(9yrs)
Race 5 - Students born 2007(8yrs)
Race 6 - Year 2 Class Races( also any
students born in 2007 who prefer to
race with Yr 2)
Race 7 - Year 1 Class Races
Race 8 - Prep Class Races
Catholic Zone Swimming
Today the Swimming Team for the Catholic Zones, for next Friday 20th March, was announced and students who
were selected were given an information note. The Permission and Code of Conduct is due to the office no later
than this Friday 13th March. I have included a Criteria which assisted us to select the team and give each student
at least 2 swims each.
Zone Swimming Criteria for Selection:
Look at the Number of events they would qualify for based on times from the School Swimming Carnival.
If they only qualified for 1 event, we then gave preference to students who swam in 50m events or
students who participated in more events and their times were of a reasonable standard.
If the above was not successful in helping to decide we looked at times overall and selected the students
who did better times overall
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Pastoral Coordinator
Helen Hickey
Food for Life is the theme inspiring our Caritas Lenten
outreach throughout all of our Archdiocesan Catholic
Schools and Parishes. Our generosity and kindness will
allow communities in Fiji to buy seedlings that will
produce healthy plants and crops, enabling families and
communities to eat and further develop their market
skills, bringing hope for tomorrow.
Christina Feldman, in her book ‘Compassion: Listening to
the Cries of the World’, captures beautifully the gift of
compassion and just how it links our hearts with the
hearts of others.
Compassion is the most precious of all gifts. In times of
sorrow and bewilderment, it is what restores us and offers
refuge. It is the force of empathy in your heart that allows
you to reach out and touch the broken heart of another.
It is rooted in the heartfelt acknowledgement that others,
like ourselves, yearn to be free from suffering and harm,
and to be safe and happy.
It is compassion that rescues us from despair and
helplessness that provides a refuge of peace and understanding inwardly and outwardly. Compassion does not
claim to be a quick-fix for the age old causes of suffering, nor is it a magic wand that will sweep away sorrow. But
it is our commitment to compassion and our willingness to nurture it in every moment that gives meaning to life.
Our generosity of heart and spirit will a make a real difference to a community in
Fiji this Lent, allowing families to find a way forward and hope to fill their hearts.
Compassion is one of our Benedictine charisms. It is in this community and our
circle of life that we are all called to lead with compassion. In the weeks ahead let
us commit to a compassionate attitude in all we do, acting in ways that nurture this
charism in our lives.
Morning tea every Wednesday after assembly in the Hall with
Helen. All are welcome!
Uniform Shop
[email protected]
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm and Fridays 8.00am-9.30am or available by appointment.
Oops, that’s not my hat?
You may have accidently taken home someone else's school gear. Please check your
gear at home and return any ‘lost property’ to the school office. Thank You! Parents are welcome to check
through our orange ‘lost property’ baskets in the office any time.
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Resource Centre & Curriculum
Ellen Ramsay
Library News
We have a variety of new series in the library that
will prove to be very popular with the students.
The Hey Jack series by Sally Rippin is a wonderful
series for early readers with carefully balanced text and
illustrations. This series will particularly appeal to boys
with down-to-earth, humorous, real-life stories.
Adam Blade, author of the popular Beast Quest series has
written the new Sea Quest series where readers can delve
into new worlds, beasts and adventures. These books will
appeal to students from Year 2 onwards.
The Secret Kingdom series by Rosie Banks will appeal to girls
from Year 2 onwards. Readers can enter a magical world of
friendship and fun as the characters embark on adventures
through the Secret Kingdom.
St Benedict’s has a whole
school subscription to
WorldBook Online. Our
school subscription allows
us to access the three
areas within the site –
Early World of Learning,
Kids and Students. They
now have available a
mobile version of the
website, too!
Our School User Name
In the Library we also have a number of books
from the publisher Barrington Stoke to suit
struggling or reluctant readers. These books are
commissioned, edited and designed to break
down the barriers that can stop reading happening, from dyslexia
and visual stress to simple reluctance. These books have a green
smiley face on them, so that students with dyslexia and struggling
readers can easily identify the books that may suit them. These
books are shelved in the Fiction section of the library amongst all
our other titles, and are available for anyone to read.
The Glenn Maxwell junior fiction series, written by Patrick Loughlin, is about an up
and coming cricketer who is mentored by Australian cricket star Glenn Maxwell.
The series includes cricket tips and advice from Glenn himself. We were lucky
enough to have Glenn sign the inside cover of one of our books.
Curriculum News
Next Thursday and Friday the Years 1 to 4 students will participate in the
Commonwealth Bank Start Smart Program. An Education Officer from the
Commonwealth Bank will facilitate sessions with each class in the ICT Hub, topics
covered will include; Australian currency, keeping money safe, credit cards and key
cards, spending habits and maximizing savings. The program aims to teach these
financial literacy skills in a way that students can understand and enjoy. This
program aligns with the Numeracy General Capability and the learning area of
Mathematics in the Australian Curriculum.
You must have your
library bag to borrow.
1B, 2W, 3B, 3W, 5R, 5W,
6B, 6W
PB, PR, PW, 2B, 2R, 6R
1R, 1W, 3R, 4B, 4R, 4W,
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Teaching & Learning
Ruth Sharman, Christina Mitchell & Pam Sweeney
(Guidance & Counselling [email protected])
At St. Benedict’s we provide a range of small group and whole school programs to help children with their
social and emotional learning and well-being. If you feel your child would benefit from any of these programs
please speak with your child’s teacher or contact me at St. Benedict’s on Monday or Thursday.
You Can Do It! – Program Achieve by Michael Bernard
This is a whole school program and as such is taught in all classes from Prep to Year 6.
Michael Bernard has identified the social and emotional capabilities that all young
people need to acquire to be successful in school, experience wellbeing, and have
positive relationships. This program teaches children about the five keys to success –
confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along and emotional resilience.
During these lessons students will learn ways to develop their confidence at home,
school and in social situations. They learn how to persist at learning even when it gets
hard or if they are not really interested in the topic. They learn how to be organised and how this helps them to
learn and be successful at school and in life. They learn skills about how to get along with others including how to
share, join in games and to consider other’s opinions. They also learn skills to help them to be resilient and
bounce back when things do not go as they expect them to.
Exploring Feelings Program by Dr Tony Attwood
Exploring Feelings is designed to help children in Years 2 – 6 to understand their feelings and to deal with anxiety
or other strong feelings constructively. Children learn how to develop an emotional toolbox of strategies to help
them cope when they are feeling anxious. They work with a small group of peers.
Socially Speaking by Alison Schroder
This program teaches children how to develop positive social skills and how to transfer these skills to everyday
life. Children in Years 2 – 4 learn skills such as, how to communicate, how to make friends and how to be a good
friend. They work with a school officer and a small group of peers and have many opportunities to practise the
skills they are learning.
The Seasons Program
Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. Grief can result from all kinds of change and loss including family
breakdown, friendship changes, the death of a relative or friend, unemployment, abuse, serious illness, injury or
disability. The Seasons Program helps children to understand that their feelings are very normal and teachers
them strategies of how to cope with these changes in their lives. This program is available for students in Yrs 2 - 6.
Drumbeat Program
The Drumbeat Program uses music to engage children in learning, to teach social skills and build self-esteem.
Children are engaged in experiential learning where they cooperate together to make music as a group and work
towards developing healthy social interactions and connections.
Fun Friends by Paula Barrett
This program has been developed for the treatment and prevention of childhood anxiety in 4-7 year olds. FUN
FRIENDS is a play-based program that teaches children essential resilience skills including; how to regulate
emotions; how to be brave and try new things; how to build a strong sense of self and self-esteem and how to
change negative "red thoughts" into positive "green thoughts". These resilience skills are taught in a way that
children in this age group can easily grasp and adopt.
Finance & Fees
[email protected]
Term 1, 2015 School Fees
Term 1 school fees were due March 2nd unless Direct Debit arrangements were
already in place. If you did not receive your account statement (via email) or would
like an up-to-date statement emailed to you, please contact Nerrida on 3481 4600.
Term 1: March 11, 2015
[email protected]
Our St Benedict’s Primary School Café is open Wednesdays & Fridays.
Flexischools Orders
Please check that you have correctly updated your student's class on Flexischools.
If you have any problems please email [email protected]
Please contact Fiona
(our Café Convenor)
or the school office if you
are able to offer
assistance in any way.
0429 647 268 or
[email protected]
[email protected]
Next P&F Meeting
Our P&F Meeting will be held in April, in the St Benedict’s Primary School staffroom.
All are welcome!
P&F Electronic Mail
If you would like to receive all P&F correspondence directly into your Inbox, please join our mailing list. No more
digging through school bags for P&F notes! Join our mailing list.
Mango Hill Markets
Stay up to date:
St Benedict’s College
[email protected]
Instrumental Music
In 2015 our Instrumental Music Program if off to a great start, with a number of
students enrolled for voice, piano, guitar, drum-kit, bass and concert band
(brass - including trumpet and trombone, woodwind – including flute, clarinet and
saxophone, and percussion. Our professional tutors provide 30 minute lessons during
the school day.
Learn more about all that is offered to students at St Benedict’s College, including Extension and Excellence
Programs, Robotics, Athlete Development Program, Music, Drama, Senior Pathways and much more, at our
upcoming Visitors Day on Friday 27 March, 9.00am-12.00pm.
To register for this event, or to obtain enrolment information, please contact College Secretary, Lea Rubio via
email to [email protected] or via phone to 3385 8888.
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Here at St Benedict’s, Centacare run the Outside School Hours Care facility as well as the Kindergarten Services.
Please contact the Centacare coordinators directly regarding these services.
Kindergarten Services
Michelle Kramer - Kindergarten Teacher
3204 8452 or 0498 393 334 or [email protected]
OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)
Nikki Sawatzki - Coordinator
3293 4507 or [email protected]
Bookings for Easter Vacation Care are open now! Please peruse the attached program and return the booking
form via the red message bag, in person or email by the 20th March 2015. As always we’ve got loads of fun stuff
happening so get in quick as places are limited! Phone Nikki on 3293 4507 for more information.
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Art Classes are held at the St. Benedict's Art Room
every Tuesday, Thursday (3:15-4:15pm) and Friday
Please contact us at [email protected]
You can also find us at
Tennis News
Wayne Hampson Tennis Coaching 0438 195 723
[email protected]
Held at St Benedicts on Saturdays from 10.30am to
11.30am. All ages are welcome. Please phone Daisy or
Damian on 3886 0967 or 0438 860 967. Sign up for
two months and receive a free uniform. All classes are
supervised by an instructor with a Blue Card.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter: A weekend
away for married couples in peaceful, picturesque
surroundings – away from the distractions of
everyday living. Take time out of your busy
schedule, to invest in your most precious asset . . .
your Marriage! This is a unique opportunity to
recharge your relationship batteries, refocus on
each other and fall in love all over again!
Weekend date: 15th – 17th May 2015
Venue: Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Ormiston
QLD (on Brisbane’s bayside)
For bookings/details contact: Maria and David
Murphy, ph (07) 3342 1456,
[email protected]
Information website:
Please call:
Pine Rivers Koala & Wildlife
0401 350 799 if you see wildlife in
need in your area.
Term 1: March 11, 2015
MBRC Road Safety Strategic Plan 2015-2020
Have your say and go in the prize draw to
win a bike!
MBRC is currently reviewing and updating the
‘Road Safety Strategic Plan’. Let us know what
you think the big road safety issues are in the
Moreton Bay Region by 06/03/2015. Use the link
below to take part in the short survey and be
involved in shaping Council’s business on what
can potentially save lives on our roads.
Pine Rivers PUMAS Rugby Union Club
Under 9 and Under 10
If you want to try out something new, fun and exciting,
then Pumas Rugby is the place for you!
Our clubhouse is located at Les Hughes Sports Complex,
Bray Park.
Call 0488 020 292 or Email [email protected]
Do your kids like:
Riding off road. Searching for targets.
Interpreting a map.
Saturday, 28th March, 2015. Narangba.
900 acres of fire trails, horse tracks, open land. Fast
single tracks. Scenic location.
Foot event and camping an option.
Social or competitive. 11 courses. 1:30 to
6:30pm. 30mins to 3 hours.
More Info:
Phone Deb 0439 979 260
camping, sailing, hiking, caving, abseiling or rock
orienteering, construction or
knot tying?
learning first aid skills or
open fire cooking, kayaking or
learning about conservation?
learning survival skills,
astronomy or learning bush
learning about aircraft or
tackling obstacle courses?
making new friends and
experiencing new challenges?
earning badges to wear on their uniform?
Contact: Deception Bay Scout Troop Group Leader
Adam Black on [email protected] or
0423 626 706
Term 1: March 11, 2015
Redcliffe Leagues Hockey Club
Have you thought about hockey for your child?
Contact: Lynne Somerville
0417 758 107 for more information.
4 – 11 April and
11 – 18 April
on Mondays &
Riding Camps are for children 6yrs – teens and all
riding abilities are catered for.
For more information please contact us…
Phone: 5486 6166
Email: [email protected]