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In trails few
have stepped on.
We dare you to
23 of May 2015
The creation of this event, Estrela Grande Trail, appeared from the synergy of a close group of friends, all of
them connected to the world of trail and the spirit of the mountains, where our most valuable player is the
ultra-athlete Armando Teixeira
After the organization of several TrailCamps (workshops about several
trail themes), the creation of a pioneer course in Portugal, the Vertical
Kilometer (KV) and hundreds of kilometers covered at Serra da
Estrela, where we discovered wonders after wonders, we decided to
share it with all of you who love this sport, with an event that would let
us all enjoy the very best this mountain has to offer.
The Trail Camps and the KV allowed us to rehearse multiple scenarios
and understand the dynamic of involving a lot of entities in such
events, with GNR, Firefighters, Red Cross, Scouts, Mountaineering
clubs, Juntas Freguesia, Câmaras, Local associations, athletes and
even our own staff.
It was on the basis of this enormous will that emerge the Estrela
Armando Teixeira
Grande Trail, that we will present you and, from this moment forward We want to show Serra da Estrela,
consider yourself challenged to participate.
to involve the populations, to have
satisfied athletes, but above all of
that to make such an event,
where everyone can have fun and
feel safe.
The event Estrela Grande Trail, will
be composed by two race courses
and one walking track.
In this Ultra challenge you will be able to race
The race courses are held in middle mountain
even paradisiacal places like Vale do Rossim
climate and were tought for atheletes with
or Covão da Ametade. Also all the best-sellers
previous experience in Ultra distances (Ultra
are there, Trilho do Major, connectign the tower
EGT) and for those athletes that are now trying
to Nave de St. António, Trilho Vermelho,
this sport, or that for whatever reason just
connecting Vale do Rossim to the tower and
want to have some fun for some hours we
even the Trilhos dos Poios Brancos that runs
present you the Trail EGT. Last but not the
throughout all the mountain. This are just some
least we have the walking track that we
of the most beautiful tracks you will step on. seriously recommend to all of you trekking and
And the big challenges ? The ones that we
Nature lovers that for some reason don’t want
always want to end soon and look endless but
to compete or participate on the race courses.
when we finally get over it they fill our soul, yes
Ultra EGT
they will also be there.
in a lot of diferent places and sides of the
mountain, where we detach the Maciço
Central, Vale Glaciar de Loriga e do Zêzere,
Right at the beginning you will take the Rota
A challenging race!
During the conception of this race we tried to
keep one goal in mind, to offer you the best
challenge possible. All the ingridients are there
and we just had this mindset to put them
together in the exact proportions, to be served
and tasted gradually during all of the 85KMs
with 11000 of accumulated elevation. Great
tracks, constant challenges, a lot of running
trails and the ability to see some of the most
intimate sceneries Serra da Estrela has to offer,
this is what we propose to all the athletes that
are well prepared and have an high level of
resilience and overcoming spirit.
A fantastic course, made
and thought for well
prepared athletes, with
high autonomy and ability
to run long distances in
the most diversified
climate conditions.
do Carvão that will take you from Manteigas to
Vale do Rossim (5kms with 770 elevation gain)
at the 35kms we present you THE WALL (5kms
with 1200+) but there is a surprise at the top,
the highest point of Portugal mainland. And
when you think that nothing will stop you from
getting that finisher prize and already missing
everything you left behind we offer two more
small ramps (a total of 6,5kms with 1200+)
where you can admire from way high all the
splendor of Manteigas and the Vale Glaciar do
24kms with 1500+ from Rota do Carvão will
get you truly in love for this mountain.
A “gourmet” route where it will put your
climbing and downhill abilities to proof, from
technical trails to high demanding climbs we
will present you some of the most emblematic
places of Serra da Estrela. The single-track that will take you from Vale
das Éguas to Vale do Rossim, also the Trilho
Vermelhor that will take you to some parts of
the Maciço Central...some kms you will never
And the sights from Curral do Martins ?
And the slit from Nave da Mestra ?
Yes, they will also be there in
this magnificent route.
No rushes, no runs. The
purpose of this is to enjoy while
doing some exercise and at the
same time trail some paths that
will take you along history and
tradition of the agriculture and
cattle breeding that features
Two trails from Green Tracks,
Rota das Quartelas and Rota
da Vila, together they will
make you discover little
pieces of this great
enchanted valley.
Will be 6kms, where the first
2kms will get you to sweat! So, in the
previous weeks don’t forget to do some walks
to prepare the body,
We hope you enjoy and let this be the turning
point for new challenges.