The Brief Week 7 Term 1 - Floraville Public School

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The Brief
Week 7
12/3 – PSSA Boys Cricket11.30am
12/3 – PSSA Boys Softball 12.30pm
13/3 – Hunter PSSA Basketball Trials
13/3 – World’s Greatest Shave
(Out of Uniform Day-Gold coin donation)
Week 8
17/3 – Whole School Assembly 2.20pm
17/3 – Cross Country Carnival 11.45am
19/3 – PSSA Zone Netball Trials
19/3 - Infants Assembly 2.15pm
20/3 – Hunter PSSA Rugby League Trials
20/3 – Primary Assembly 12.20pm
Week 9
23/3 – Whole School Assembly 2.00pm
23/3 – Harmony Day
25/3 – Crazy Hair Day & Easter Egg Donation
25/3 – NSW PSSA Swimming Carnival
25/3 – Eastlakes PSSA T-ball Gala Day 9.00am
26/3 – NSW PSSA Diving
26/3 – NSW PSSA Swimming Carnival
2015 School Band Fees now due
Aerobics fees
Aboriginal Art fees
Dear Parents and Carers,
Cross Country
Next Tuesday’s primary cross country carnival should be another enjoyable
event. We are looking forward to some great performances from some of
our runners.
Please note that a separate permission note has not been issued for the
carnival as permission for this event is covered in the general sporting
permission contained in the Student and Family Information Form that was
sent home earlier in the term. Therefore every student who has returned
this form has permission to attend and participate in the carnival. However
if you have not yet returned this information form your child does not have
permission to participate and will not be able to attend the carnival.
Students have been advised today if we have not yet received their
information forms. Copies of the forms are available from the school
website if needed.
P&C Meeting
Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s P&C meeting and AGM. A
special thank you also goes to the parents who put their hand up to take on
additional roles within the P&C. Our school benefits enormously from the
support of our P&C and this could not happen without the dedication of the
volunteers who regularly step in to get involved in P&C initiatives, activities
and events.
At the next meeting (Tuesday 12th May) P&C will be discussing plans for
allocation of their funds to support the school, so if you have some good
ideas or would like to have input into where the P&C’s money goes please
come along. Everyone is welcome.
P&C will be holding a barbeque on the morning of the NSW election this
month (28th March). Please consider volunteering to spend some time
helping out on the day, or if you aren’t available for that make sure you
vote in the morning and enjoy a delicious bacon and egg roll from the
barbeque on the way!
Telephone: (02) 49 454845
(02) 49 458588
Fax: (02) 49 477669
Email: [email protected]
World’s Greatest Shave
A reminder that this Friday (13th March) we will be participating in the
World’s Greatest Shave, with several staff and community members taking
the plunge! Students are invited to come to school out of uniform on that
day for a gold coin donation with all of the funds being donated to the
Leukaemia Foundation.
Any families or community members who would like to sponsor our team
can do so through the Leukaemia Foundation shave website: You can search for our team (the
Blue Bam Pow team) or sponsor us as individuals. Thank you.
Parent-Teacher Interviews
Parent-teacher interviews are being held over the next three weeks and we
are again using the online booking system for the interviews. Interviews are
being held from Monday 16th March to Thursday 2nd April and the website is
open now to allow you to book a time. The booking website closes on
Sunday 15th March.
To book an interview, visit and reserve a
time. You will need to enter our event code, which is: HJ9FG.
Public Speaking
Does your child suffer glossophobia? Fear of public speaking is common.
Try creating opportunities for your child to present speeches to the family,
without putting pressure on them to perform. Here are some tried and true
tips to make your child’s next speech a success. out more:
Science Starters
Did humans live with dinosaurs? Does the moon disappear in the day?
Children love to know the answers to life's mysteries but there are a few
facts they often get wrong in the name of science.
Find out more:
Thank you.
D. Robson
Thought for the Week
Attitude is a reflection of character and character is a reflection of habit.
~Tom Ziglar
This week’s virtue is HONESTY
Honesty is being truthful and sincere. It is important because it builds trust.
When people are honest, they can be relied on not to lie, cheat or steal.
Being honest means that you accept yourself as you are. When you are
open and trustworthy, others can believe in you.
Assembly Class of the Week – 6B
Regional Swimming Carnival Results
Congratulations to the Floraville students who competed at the Regional
PSSA Swimming Carnival in Maitland last Thursday: Ashby Allen, Wil
Botham, Blake Gribble and Darby Jones. We are very excited to report that
Ashby Allen has qualified for the State PSSA Swimming Carnival in the 100m
freestyle, 50m freestyle, 200 Individual Medley, 50m backstroke and 50m
butterfly! What an amazing achievement! State Swimming will be held at
Sydney Olympic Park on the 25th and 26th March. Good luck Ashby! We are
very proud of you and hope you enjoy the experience.
PSSA Team Trials
Good luck to the following students who are attending Zone trials today
(Wednesday). Alex Dugomanov and Kyle Pasovski are attending Zone PSSA
Boys’ Soccer trials and Riley Gardner and Anisah Jeffery are attending Zone
PSSA Girls’ Soccer trials. Wil Botham, Reegan Glover, Nathan Roberts and
Cooper Sullivan are attending Zone Rugby League trials. Charlie Lentfer and
Joey Summers are off to Maitland for Hunter PSSA Basketball trials this
Friday. Good luck!
Cross Country: 1 week to go!
Our school Cross Country Carnival is next Tuesday!
Year 2 students: A permission note was also sent home to all students in
Year 2. The cost is 50c and Year 2 students must return their permission
note to me this week.
Years 3-6 students: An information note was sent home last Wednesday to
students in Years 3-6. The cost is 50c and students must return “Student
and Family Information” form to attend.
Schedule: The carnival is at Marks Oval and will start after the students
arrive around 11:45am. Race 1: 8/9yrs girls; Race 2: 8/9yrs boys; Race 3:
10yrs girls; Race 4: 10yrs boys; Race 5: 11yrs girls; Race 6: 11yrs boys; Race
7: 12/13yrs girls; Race 8: 12/13yrs boys. 8-10yrs run 2km and 11-13yrs run
3km. More details were provided on the notes that were sent home.
Sports Team Trials
Trials have been held for various sporting teams and continue to be held
this week. Please be aware that we can only enter one PSSA team in each
sport so it is very competitive. Most PSSA team positions go to Year 5 & 6
students unless there is a stand out student in Stage 2. Macquarie Cup
soccer and netball teams are also selected based on their skills and abilities
as it is a competition, not a gala day. Preference is not given to Year 6
students when selecting the senior teams or Year 4 students for the junior
Hunter Sports High – Sports Program Trials
We have received information regarding trials for the Hunter Sports High
School Talented Sports Program for Year 7 of 2016. Notes were sent home
to all students in Year 6 today. Further details and forms are available on
the Hunter Sports High website ( or you can
contact Hunter Sports High directly if you have any further questions on
4943 5755. Applications close on 1st May 2015.
I think it timely to remind everyone that our school prides itself on offering
a wide range of sporting opportunities. Our staff give up many hours before
school and during break times to hold trials for our school teams. We
always have a minimum of two teachers present at trials and we make
decisions based on what we see at trials. Please remember that all of these
sporting teams are optional and we offer them for the benefit of the
students. We are fortunate to have a very dedicated staff who are willing to
coach these teams and we hope you will support our staff so that the
students continue to enjoy the variety of opportunities we provide.
Carly Erich - Sports Co-ordinator
Harmony Day Monday 23rd March 2015
Traditionally, we have celebrated Harmony Day with a ‘sea of orange’
coloured outfits. This year should see Floraville looking like a rainbow of
colour. All students are invited to dress in something reflecting their
cultural heritage OR from a culture that they are interested in. There is no
cost for the day. There will be an assembly at 9:15 in the hall where each
class will be invited to informally parade their outfits to the National
Anthems and flags of all cultures represented in our school during 2015. All
parents are welcome to attend the assembly.
Lunch orders for the canteen need to go in ASAP and will be served at 2nd
break on Harmony Day.
Eat It To Beat It Workshop
Over the years we have offered free informative Fruit and Veg Sense
Workshops to our community. These free workshops are run by the Cancer
Council and offer wonderful ways of increasing your family intake of these
much needed foods. This year Belmont North PS is hosting a session on
Thursday 12th March at 9.30-11.00am. Please see the office for further
details. Mrs Sattler
Aboriginal Garden
A BIG thank you to the 3 fabulous families that were able to make our
Aboriginal Garden working bee on Saturday at such short notice!
The Simon, Rickards and Hibberd families all had family members here last
Saturday lending a hand. We moved rocks, dug holes and concreted poles
into the ground... it was very busy.
We will be here again this Saturday doing more work and are really looking
for some strong dads to help so if you are able to help please let Mrs
Hadden know through the office. Thanks!
Literacy Pro
To complete Literacy Pro quizzes, please use this link and type it directly
into the address bar.
If there are any problems, please contact Mrs Southward by email
[email protected] or in person.
Book Fair
We will be holding our first Book Fair of the year during Week 9; Tuesday
24th March and Wednesday 25th March.
Premier’s Reading Challenge
The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure
in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a
competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more and to
read more widely.
The Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) is available for all students in
Kindergarten to Year 6.
If you would like to lodge reading records electronically, either ‘Google’
NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge or use the following link.
You’ll also find more information about the Challenge on this site. Entries
need to be completed by the end of August.
Thank you to all that attended the P&C meeting last night, it was nice to see
some new faces.
The P&C would like to thank Robyn Armstrong (A grandmother of one of
our children), Deb Shaw and Narelle Masson who volunteered to help sell
raffle tickets last week at the Belmont 16 Foot Sailing Club. We especially
thank Narelle who was able to help on both Thursday and Friday when we
had no other volunteers who were able to.
It was decided at the meeting that we would hold a Breakfast BBQ on
election day, Saturday 28th March. We are hoping that our Kindergarten
parents may be able to help out with cooking on this day. If you are a
Kindergarten parent please let your child's teacher know if you are able to
help. Remember on election day to visit our polling booths by 10:30 and
purchase a yummy egg and bacon roll for breakfast.
Bookclub is due by 17th March.
Easter raffle tickets are due by 1st April.
Don’t forget our special Harmony day lunch orders including money are due
back to the canteen by Wednesday 18th March.
Please also remember that our normal canteen menu will not be available
for 1st break!
If anyone is free to help assist in the canteen on this busy day please see
Margaret prior to the day or just come along on the day from 9am!
Thursday 12/3 – Narelle Masson, Lee-Anne Lentfer, Sandy Green, Sally
Friday 13/3 – Simone Pasovski, Chris Rapp, Toni Roberts, Kim Toll (am)
Monday 16/3 – Kellie Christian, Jo Fletcher, Sally Face
Tuesday 17/3 – Katrina Halls, Meredith Wright, Neridah Jackson, Lisa
Wednesday 18/3 – Sharon Robertson, Louise Grozdanovski, Renee
McCormick, Peta-Maree McCormick
The uniform shop is open Wednesday 2.30-3.15pm
Banking Champions - KG
School Banking is every Thursday.
**Helpers are required urgently**