The South Mitcham Locality of Children`s Centres

The South Mitcham Locality of
Children’s Centres
Health Services, Courses and Activities
February – March 2015
Welcome to the South Mitcham Locality!
Strive to Thrive – Empowering families in our community
The South Mitcham Locality brings together children’s centre services
delivered in the Acacia and Ivy Gardens centres and a number of community
Children’s centres offer information, advice and support for families with young
children living in Merton on a range of issues, including:
Access to health services (page 2)
Support with parenting (page 3 and 4)
Free early education and childcare for 2, 3 and 4 year olds (page 5)
Getting ready for school (page4)
Children’s Speech and language
Training and employment (page 10)
Benefits, finances and housing
Support with relationships
Mental Health
Drug and alcohol abuse
Domestic Violence
Access to health services for mums-to-be
and children aged 0-5 years.
The South Mitcham Locality offers access to health services from your first
antenatal appointments through to your young child’s health checks. Access to
good quality health care during pregnancy and throughout your child’s early
years has huge benefits for families. Parents and parents-to-be can find help
and support from their Midwifery and Health Visiting team. You can also find out
some of the other ways that children’s centres can support you as a parent.
Child health clinic
A drop-in clinic to see a Health Visitor with your child (aged 0-5 years). The
Health Visitor can weigh your baby, advise you about weaning, toilet training,
parenting and other issues and help you with any concerns you may have.
6-12 month check
By appointment only; contact your Health Visitor for an appointment if you
would like a 6-12 month check for your child. It is a full review, checking on
areas such as language and learning, safety, diet and behaviour.
2 year review
By appointment only; contact your Health Visitor for an appointment if you
would like a review for your 2-year-old child. The check will cover general
development, growth, behaviour, teeth brushing, sleeping habits, safety and
vaccinations. This review is a chance for you and your partner to ask
questions and get ready for the next stage of your child's development.
Please bring your red book and a clean nappy to all the above health services.
Child health clinic
Child Health
(6-12mths & 2
Weaning Drop-in
9.30am – 3.30pm
Ivy Gardens
Wednesdays and
Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Fridays
9.30am – 3.30pm
Third Wednesday of
the month
9.30am – 11.00am
Ivy Gardens
by appointment
call 020 8254 8317
Support with parenting
Parenting is often described as the hardest job in the world. Whether it is
getting your child into a routine, problems sleeping, worries about their
development and their behaviour or not always seeing eye-to-eye with your
partner about the ways you both want to parent, there can be a huge amount
to deal with.
All our courses are free to parents and carers in Merton, and many provide a
crèche where your children can stay and play while you can get advice and
information from our trained course leaders. You will also be able to share
worries, successes and tips and ideas with other parents in the same situation
as you. In this booklet we use the word parent to include any adult taking care
of a child so this could include a step-parent, a grandparent or other family
member, all are welcome!
These courses are usually by invitation only, however if you feel you and your
family could benefit from any of these courses please contact us.
The Incredible Years – courses to help parents with children from birth
to 6 understand the different stages of children’s development and how
to communicate and manage day to day situations
Baby course
This course is for parents with babies aged between 0-9
months and is 9 sessions long. This course will show
you the ways your baby communicates with you and
how you can respond to encourage their social
and emotional wellbeing.
Toddlers and young children
12 week course for parents with children aged 1
to 6 years. This course includes information on how
children develop and gives practical examples of how
parent’s involvement can increase children’s problem
solving and emotional skills and help children be
confident and ready for learning.
Toddle and Talk
Toddle and Talk is for parents with children aged 21 months to 3 years. If you
are concerned about your child’s speech and language development then
these targeted play sessions could help.
Chitter Chatter
Parents with children aged 2½ – 3 years. If your child is struggling with
communicating and developing their language or you are concerned about
their speech and language then this course can help. Often, a professional
working with you will suggest this course to support your child’s language
Communication drop-in session
These are 1-to-1 appointments with our Early Language Consultant. You can
get specific advice for your child and make referrals to the Speech and
Language Therapy service if it is felt you could benefit from this.
Parenting courses and support services are usually by invitation only, however
if you feel you and your family could benefit from any of these courses please
contact us.
Getting Ready for School
Come along and meet other families. Discuss planning and preparing your
child for starting nursery, including potty training, play, social skills and
language development.
It will be an opportunity for children to play and meet
new friends while parents and carers can discuss
their issues and concerns.
Getting ready for school sessions are usually by
invitation only, however if you feel you and your
family could benefit support and advice around any
of the above, please contact us.
Free Early Education and Childcare
In Merton, all 3 and 4-year-old children (and a number of 2-year-old children),
are entitled to free part-time early education.
What is available?
Up to 15 hours of early education and childcare a week for 38 weeks of the
year. Your child would be able to take up their place from the school term after
they turn 3 years old (or 2 in some cases). Places are usually offered as 3
hours every day for five days or 5 hours a day over three days each week
(other options might be available).
How will this help my child?
Enjoying good quality early education at the age of two, three and four has
been found to give children a good start in life, making them more likely to
enjoy and do well at school.
Children who enjoy good quality early education can:
Become more confident
Play, join in with other children and have fun
Develop their language skills
Learn new things
Find out more:
Visit to find out more about early
education and childcare places, and if your child is two, to see if they are
eligible for a place. You can also speak to staff at your local children’s centre.
Activities and groups
Joining in with good quality activities and groups with your young child can
help them improve their social skills and help your child’s early language skills.
Meeting other parents and carers can also be good for you too! Activities are
for children aged 0-5 years unless specified. Places are limited.
Stay and play sessions
These drop-in groups are for Merton parents or carers and their children. They
usually include a short story and song time. Places are limited and to ensure
as many families as possible have access to sessions, we ask that families
attend only one Stay & Play session per week.
Messy Play
Drop-in sessions for families to experiment with different textures using
cornflour, soap flakes, foam and more to stimulate the senses and help
develop their child's hand-eye coordination skills.
Singing and Stories/Boogie Time
Sessions where you and your child can join in, make music, move and sing
songs and nursery rhymes.
Baby Stay and Play
(0 – 9months)
12.00pm – 1.30pm
10.00am – 11.30am Acacia
9.30am – 11.00am
10.00am – 11.30am Acacia
Stay and Play
(0 – 5 years)
9.30am – 11.00am
Messy Play
(term time only)
1.00pm – 2.30pm
Pollards Hill Baptist
Church Playgroup
Singing and Stories
10.00am – 10.45am Pollards Hill Library
Stay and Play
(6months – 2years)
(0 - 18 months)
Boogie Time
3.00pm – 3.45pm
(18 months upwards)
3.45pm – 4.30pm
Ivy Gardens
Childminder Drop-in
Childminder drop-in groups are places where registered childminders can
attend with their minded children. Children are able to join in with the activities
and childminders can mix with their colleagues to discuss any childminding
related issues or concerns. Parents looking for childcare may be able to make
an appointment to meet childminders at the drop-in centres.
Childminder Drop-in
(term time only)
9.00am – 11.00am
Ivy Gardens
9.30am – 11.30am
Looking for childcare?
Visit Merton’s online Family Services Directory (FSD)
to find Ofsted registered childcare in Merton. The FSD has information about
childminders, day nurseries, preschools, independent schools and out of
school care.
You can also find information on services
and activities for children, young people,
parents and carers across Merton.
The FSD has a section about where to
find advice on choosing childcare and
childcare costs. Simply search the FSD
for ‘choosing childcare’.
Many of Merton’s children’s centres now
have preschools attached and some have
full daycare available. Contact your local
centre to find out more.
Live Well appointments
Live Well is a free health improvement service funded by NHS South West
London for anyone over the age of 18 who lives and/or works in Sutton or
Merton. Live Well can offer you a free consultation with a Health Advisor, who
will help you to set and achieve your personal, health
goals. Call the Live Well team on 020 8251
0606 or email [email protected]
Baby Yoga (Drop-in)
Classes are light hearted, playful and social. For
babies, there are rhythmical movements, massage,
passive stretching, singing and watching. For adults,
the aim is to improve strength and posture. Time for relaxation is incorporated
into each class. £3 per session.
Baby Massage
Would you like to improve your bond and relationship with your baby? Baby
Massage techniques help soothe, settle and support bonding with your baby.
Contact the centre for information on new courses in 2015.
Bowen Technique
A qualified, volunteer practitioner uses thumbs or fingers to make a series of
precise, rolling type movements over muscles to treat pain from injury, illness,
stress or fatigue. Booking is essential. £2 per session.
Counselling Services
Sessions are available for local parents of children under 5 with Relate and
EACH counselling services. Please contact the centre if you would like more
Live well appointments
9.00am – 1.00pm
Baby Yoga
12.15pm – 1.15pm
Bowen Technique
(appointment only)
4.40pm – 8.00pm
12.15pm – 4.15pm
Community Events and Activities
Zumba Gold
Lower impact exercise class with a great party atmosphere specifically for the
over 50’s and people with disabilities or additional needs. £5. Please book.
Chair-based Zumba
Over 50’s, for anyone who wants the support of a chair during the class. £2.
Dance Exercise
Fun exercise class to music. Children under 8 years not permitted. £2.
All around the World with Acacia
Special, Saturday lunchtime events with food, entertainment and a quiz.
Places £3 per adult, £1.50 per child. Places need to be booked and paid for in
advance. See our website for event dates and details.
Fish and Chip Fridays
First Friday of each month. Enjoy oven-baked fish, chips, peas and salad.
Meet new friends and have a game of bingo afterwards. £2.50 per adult.
Places need to be booked and paid for in advance.
Zumba Gold (adults)
10.10am – 10.55am
Chair based Zumba
11.30am – 12.00pm
Dance Exercise
9.30am – 10.30am
9.30am – 10.30am
Tap Dance (adults)
10.30am – 11.30am
Around the World
Visit for details
Fish and Chip Fridays
First Friday of the
12.30pm – 2.30pm
Acacia Adventure Playground
Our fantastic adventure playground is open to 8-16 year olds!
Term time:
Tuesday to Friday, 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Saturdays, 12.30pm – 6.30pm
School holidays:
Monday, 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Tuesday to Friday, 12.30pm – 6.30pm
Job Club
If you have a child aged 0-5 years old and are thinking of returning to work,
changing jobs, unsure where to find training, volunteering and learning
opportunities or struggling to job-search effectively, our Job Club could help
Free drop-in for support and advice, including job searching and web access,
CVs and job application support, access to a National Careers Service
advisor, employment and training information and job interview guidance. No
booking necessary!
Job Club (crèche available)
9.00am – 12.00pm
Useful Information
Contact your local Jobcentre Plus branch; telephone: 0845 604 3719
Boundary House, 317-321 London Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4YF.
Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. has a section called ‘Finding a job’ which includes job search,
volunteering, apprenticeships and job offers. Simply search for ‘jobs’ at
Adult Courses
Merton parents can access a range of courses to develop their learning and
skills. See:
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Merton Home Tutoring Service provides sessions to help those just starting to
learn English. For full details contact: [email protected]
10.00am – 12.00pm Acacia
9.30am – 11.30pm
ESOL Reading and Writing
12.30pm – 2.30pm
English Conversation
10.00am – 11.30am Acacia
Knitting and English
10.00am – 11.30am Acacia
Stepping Stones English
South Mitcham Locality Contacts
Acacia Centre
Children’s Centre, Adventure Playground, Community Hub
230 Grove Road, Mitcham Eastfields CR4 1SD, 020 8274 5121
[email protected]
Ivy Gardens Children’s Centre
Ivy Gardens, Mitcham CR4 1BR, 020 8274 5840
Useful addresses:
Pollards Hill Library
South Lodge Avenue, Mitcham CR4 1LT
St Marks Family Centre
St Mark’s Road, Mitcham CR4 2LF
Pollards Hill Baptist Church
Wide Way, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 1BN