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Anna Malongo of Chilolo, Dodoma is a 19 year old with a Form
Four leaver. Anna was a sesame farmer when she heard about
an opportunity to learn shoe manufacturing. It was then that
she entered the skin and hides value chain as a processor and
a shoe maker. Using goat and cow hide, Anna processes skin
and makes her own shoes from scratch in her small workshop
in Chilolo village. Anna has garnered a reputation for herself in
her community and at trade fairs for her quality leather shoes.
She is also applauded in her community for opening up a new
revenue stream for slaughter houses by buying and adding
value to the skins they had previously discarded.
Anthony Mhanda is a 28 year old graduate of the University
of Dar es Salaam. Upon completing his BA in Kiswahili,
Anthony returned to his home in Mpanda – Katavi,
determined to be a different kind of farmer. Anthony was
interested in a more profitable style of farming far removed
from the subsistence farming practices he grew up seeing.
He entered the agribusiness sector as a bee keeper who adds
value to his products by processing and packaging honey that
is then sold through his company Tongwa Golden Honey.
Using his entrepreneurship skills gained through his time at
the University of Dar es Salaam, Anthony has ventured into
fields of business consulting and agriculture sub-sectors such
as rice and fisheries.
Aron Idaffa is a 32 year old Standard Seven leaver from Ngage,
Kilimanjaro. Aaron is a horticulture farmer specializing in
onion and tomato crops. Aaron saw agriculture as an avenue
to improve his family’s lives. Through receiving training on
how to make farming profitable, Aaron has been successful.
He now owns a FUSO truck that transports supplies to his
village and crops to the market, he runs his own input supply
shop and has succeeded in building a modern house for his
Bertha Magembe, 34, is a secondary school teacher in
Mwanza Town who is involved in several agri-business
enterprises. Bertha was inspired to start selling fresh juice
after seeing unpurchased oranges being discarded in the
marketplace. She now owns her own industrial juicer and
sells fresh orange juice in Mwanza town centre. Bertha
is also a poultry farmer, who started with 5 chickens but
has now 1000. Bertha and her husband are enthusiastic
entrepreneurs who also own avocado trees and a moveable
oven for baking fresh bread.
Gaddafi Swalehe had completed his secondary education
when he was encouraged by his sister to enter into
aquaculture. The 22 year old started his business in his
hometown Geita Town, Geita with support from his
family and training on fisheries from Sokoine University of
Agriculture (SUA). Following the training he received on
different processes involved in harvesting and incubating fish
eggs and the technologies involved, Gaddafi’s business has
flourished. Aside from selling ready for consumption fish to
local businesses, Gadaffi supplies a number of other fishery
businesses and fishermen with fingerlings. Gadaffi is also an
advocate for aquaculture as a business enterprise.
Daniel Dunia of Manyara is a barley farmer with over
500 acres of land. The 28 year old marketing graduate
was inspired to get into agriculture whilst working at a
horticulture business. Daniel has enjoyed steady success
in agriculture by considering agriculture as a business
enterprise. His business interests have expanded into other
areas as a result of agriculture, including agricultural inputs
importation and peanut butter processing. Once employed
in agriculture, Daniel now employs a number of other young
people including an agriculture expert in his company.
Felista Chambogo, the 37 year old from Iringa, engages
herself in maize cultivation. Initially she had a low rate of
production per acre, producing up to 3 bags. However thanks
to training from One Acre Fund, there has been an increase
in productivity, currently she is producing between 6 to 8
bags per acre. For Felista, her success in agriculture has been
significant for her family, as she is now able to better provide
for her children’s needs and education.
Priscilla Tango of Njiro, Arusha is a 25 years old lawyer, who
decided to engage in agriculture in order to achieve her goal
of being self employed. After failing to acquire a loan from
microfinance and banking institutions, Priscilla received
financial support from a fried. With half an acre, she started
to involve herself in horticulture practices, laying down the
foundation of her company, Garden Fresh. Some of the crops
she grows include; lettuce, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and
cucumbers. Priscilla utilizes modern farming techniques such
as green-housing and drip irrigation technology which have
aided her in capturing a reliable market due to constant supply
of high quality products to the markets. With four full time
employees, her company is also a source of employment for
others. She has envisioned growth of her business by acquiring
more land and establishing a centre for selling vegetables at
wholesale and retail.
Machel Tarimo is an accountant who has always had an
entrepreneurial spirit. Even while employed Machel was an
avid farmer for several years when he noticed an opportunity
in the value addition of horticultural produce for export.
Machel (36) and his partners struggled to secure a loan for
their ambitious business plan, however through commitment
to their vision they invested their own funds to get started.
Now their company Home Veg is a successful exporter of
vegetables to several countries in Europe. The company prides
itself not only managing the GLOBALGAP accreditation, the
high standard of quality required for exported food stuff, but
for improving the productivity and securing a stable market of
the smallholder farmers that supply them.
Mansuet Mlacha is a 31 year old farmer and entrepreneur of
Same, Kilimanjaro. He is engaged in a variety of agricultural
activities including growing onions, tomatoes, maize and
rice. He also plants fruits such as water melon and sweet
melon. Mansuet started with 3 acres of onions and tomatoes,
the output was impressive and that led him to acquire more
acres and expand his production to other crops. Currently
Mansuet owns up to 13 acres of arable land in Same where
he uses a modern irrigation scheme. Profits from agriculture
have allowed him to invest in other businesses including
purchasing a milling machine and motorcycles. Mansuet has
mobilized other farmers in his community to be united when
selling their produce in order to guarantee better prices. He
is an inspiration figure in his community due to his success
in agriculture.
Mpoki Alinanuswe, 29, is a graduate from SUA with a Bachelor
degree of Science in Agriculture based in Mbeya. Mpoki started
growing maize on 2 acres of land he rented from the village
council. After a successful harvest, Mpoki decided to grow his
business through poultry farming and purchased 270 chickens.
Both chicken and maize productions have proven lucrative
for Mpoki who now has plans to expand his business. Mpoki
also gives back to the community by offering training on good
agriculture practices and advice on agriculture related issues.
Tertius Luanda is an engineer and a horticulture farmer from
Morogoro. Tertius decided to invest in agriculture after seeing
the potential in self-employment. The 28 year old started
with a 2 acre farm of watermelons that has now grown into
48 acre farm of watermelons, avocado and mango trees. This
impressive growth was due to using modern technologies
such as drip irrigation. Now Tertius has employed 23 part-time
and full time workers in his business.
Sufian Mvule is a 36 year old trained Primary School teacher
farming rice in Same, Kilimanjaro. Through his small scale
entrepreneurial activities, Sufian was able to raise enough
money for start his agri-business venture. Sufian uses modern
farming technologies such as irrigation scheme. His business
has expanded and he is now able to employ workers. Sufian
has also been able to purchase a milling machine and open a
grocery store as a result of his success in agriculture.
Stirmius Mtweve is a 29 year old with a BA in Mass
Communication from The School of Journalism and Mass
Communication at the University of Dar es Salaam. Stirmius
and his business partner are involved in maize and poultry
farming in Rukwa. Stirmius saw the opportunities available
in agriculture and made the brave decision to give selfemployment a try and starting his own business. In one year
his business has grown from 100 chickens and now has 1500.
This is due to using modern poultry farming techniques. For
Stirmius, this is just the beginning as he hopes to prove that
agriculture does indeed pay.
Wilens Lucas is a 35 year old farmer and entrepreneur from
the Iringa region. After suffering the loss of his father, Wilens
was determined to make a better live for his family. From
the land he inherited from his father, Wilens started farming
peas, onions and tomatoes. He received technical and
financial support from One Acre Fund which transformed the
horticulturist and entrepreneur’s business operations. Wilens
believes in planning during planting and selling his produce.
Agriculture has transformed Wilens’ life and allowed him to
support his siblings to achieve tertiary education.