DAY 1 Wednesday, March 25 BEFORE THE BELL

DAY 1 Wednesday, March 25
7:00 am
Conference Registration Desk Opens
7:45 am
BEFORE THE BELL: Dallas Innovator Breakfast at the Addison
Sponsored by Speakeasy
Come to the Addison Treehouse, powered by the Dallas Entreprenuer Center, just a few minutes
from BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL, for a chance to meet some of the area’s best national-local
startups. We’ll enjoy a Dallas breakfast, a tour and a great exchange of information and ideas. RSVP
to [email protected]
10:00 am
Welcome to BIA/Kelsey’s NATIONAL
BIA/Kelsey CEO Tom Buono and Conference Co-Chairmen Peter Krasilovsky and Gregg Stewart welcome attendees
to BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL with data and insights supporting the new generation of locally targeted national marketing.
Tom Buono
Peter Krasilovsky
Gregg Stewart
3rd Act Marketing
10:30 am
The Hot Trends Driving Locally Targeted National Marketing
National marketers and franchisees are recommitting to local targeting, and are using multiple tools and channels to
reach local consumers. What are the most important digital and mobile tools and channels, and what transformative
trends are emerging? We’ll provide strategic insights on sales strategies, location marketing, promotions and social
Mike Boland
Rick Ducey
Stacey Sedbrook
11:00 am
Opening Keynote: Brendon Kraham , Director of Global Mobile Sales and Product
Strategy, Google
Google has emerged as a key online and mobile marketing partner for brands and services around
the world. It has also taken a leading role in helping “localize” brands and services with search and
display. What trends are driving this environment, and what is likely to change over the next several
years? Brendon Kraham is a leader in developing Google’s national-local strategy, and will provide
a roadmap for BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL attendees.
11:30 am
Agency-Client Summit: Leveraging Local
The adoption of local targeting tools and services by national agencies is rapidly accelerating. But will agencies remain
front-and-center for national-local? Do their traditional, commission-based revenue models make sense in a
performance-based age? We’ll discuss when and how agencies are most impactful for their clients locally; where they
need help; and how agencies will likely evolve in local.
Andrew Beckman
Rob Crigler
Ormando Gomez
Rod Ulrich
Location3 Media
Rooms to Go
All My Sons Moving & Storage
The Richards Group
12:15 pm
Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall – Open to all registered attendees.
BIA/Kelsey Client Lunch Briefing – RSVP to [email protected] for our client-only lunch, which will feature
exclusive research insights and special guest speaker Mitch Golub, Internet visionary and former president of
1:30 pm
Afternoon Keynote: Jon Czaja, Director, Small Business (North America),
With key accounts across the national spectrum, and over one million SMB advertisers, Facebook is
a major force in local targeting. Where does it go from here, and how will it impact the national
ecosystem? Facebook’s Jon Czaja – a longtime industry leader with Bonobos, Walmart, eBay and
General Mills – will share insights into the social leader’s perspectives on national, and next steps.
2:00 pm
National Accounts: Key Verticals
With vertical marketing, there are many commonalities, but there are also unique elements among every vertical. We’ll
talk with vertical leaders about the key factors that drive their success, and where they see industry trends taking their
segments and companies/accounts.
Keith Dailey
David Moody
Mike Murphy
Mike Walker
UniGroup (United Van Lines)
Service Experts
Brooks Brothers
2:40 pm
Localizing Franchises: The State of the Art
Franchisees are the absolute front line of the national-local revolution. What is the best way to drive new customers to
them, and to engage customers? We’ll hear from some of the top industry visionaries during this session.
Mark Belanger
Elnora Cunningham
El Pollo Loco
U-Haul International
3:00 pm
The Smart Numbers on Franchises
How do franchise customers use digital? Which categories are trending highest? Who does best within each category?
During this session, Sales Development Services CEO C. Lee Smith will share insights from the company’s new
AudienceSCAN study.
C. Lee Smith
Sales Development Services (AdMall)
3:15 pm
Networking Break
3:45 pm
Keynote: Ryan Davis, VP, Local Platform, The Weather Co.
Weather is a global brand that is specifically built on location. No one knows this better than The
Weather Co., which uses hyperlocal weather data to drive new insight and creative new ways to
help brands generate more sales based on weather patterns. Local vet Ryan Davis has been a key
player in developing the National Local platform for Weather, and will provide details of what
4:05 pm
Media SuperForum: Winning (and Serving) National Accounts
Local media companies have traditionally served auto, travel and entertainment verticals, and in the digital age, see them
as a major growth opportunity. Where are they today, and what strategies are industry leaders embracing? We will talk to
leaders in the newspaper and broadcast space about their successes and best practices with national-local efforts.
Steve Lanzano
Grant Moise
Ethan Selzer
Pam Taylor
The Dallas Morning News
The Washington Post
Meredith Corp.
5:00 pm
NATIONAL Demos and Drinks
During this unique, fast-paced demos session, BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL sponsors will showcase top local marketing
trends and features that impact brands, franchises and multi-location outlets. Attendees will see features ranging from
location-based targeting to mobile search. Grab a local microbrew and be wowed.
Macy English
Gary Ritkes
Networking Session for Women Attendees
Women attendees of BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL are invited to wind down Day 1 with some quality networking time
that’s all their own. During this session you will hear from Angela Giovine and Tina Paparone, founders of Happenings
Media, a network of 23 local lifestyle outlets serving communities from Pennsylvania to Minnesota to California.
Angela and Tina will share their story and discuss how they utilize native advertising to successfully connect brands
within their local communities and their revenue success. This special event is a great warm-up to the Best-of-Dallas
Cocktail Networking Reception that immediately follows.
Angela Giovine
Tina Paparone
Happenings Media
Happenings Media
5:45 pm Best-of-Dallas Reception
DAY 2 Thursday, March 26
8:30 am
Featured Interview: Mitch Golub, Internet Visionary and Former President,
Founding President Mitch Golub has had tremendous success integrating national brands
and local marketing, working primarily with car makers and local dealers. Seen by one and all as an
Internet marketing visionary, Golub makes his debut at BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL as an independent
thought leader, following the sale of to Gannett.
8:45 am
Keynote: Aaron Goldman, Author and CMO, Kenshoo
Bestselling author Aaron Goldman (“Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from
Google”) keeps a relentless focus on how search, social and mobile media impact national brands
and services. Currently CMO at Kenshoo, Goldman is a veteran digital marketing and sales leader
who has seen and done it all. Come ready to hear keen insights on what’s important and why, with
more-than-a-little irreverence.
9:15 am
Keynote: Karen Traversi Kovaleski, President & CEO, Geary LSF
Agencies are playing a critical role in driving their brand clients to “localize” their marketing. What
are some of the challenges? And where is the most success being found? Geary LSF CEO Karen
Kovaleski has been a key figure in the national-local movement, working with brands such as
Bumble Bee, WD-40, Brooks Brothers and Ashley Furniture. She’ll share key insights during this
keynote presentation.
9:35 am
The New Platforms for Location Marketing and Services
The rise of mobile and social media has fostered the rise of new, comprehensive platforms for local brands and
franchises that are proving critical to customer acquisition and loyalty. We’ll hear from top platform providers and
several of their best customers during this illuminating session.
Brendan Morrissey
Manish Patel
Christian Ward
Todd Webber
10:30 am
Networking Break
11:00 am
Selling National Accounts for Local Targeting
National accounts seem out of reach for many local channels. What are the best ways to reach into them, and sell
services? What are they especially looking for from local channels? We’ll discuss best practices for selling – and
satisfying – national accounts during this critical session.
Travis Arthur
Rick Hanna
Corey O'Donnell
Michael Vivio
Cox Target Media
11:45 am
Taking National Players Local (Via Data)
National advertisers are finding that they can drive better performance by moving from nation-wide audience segments
to audiences that are customized to the dozens or hundreds of local markets that they serve. CEO Frost Prioleau
addresses the opportunities and challenges of localizing audiences for national advertisers.
Frost Prioleau
12:00 pm
Networking Lunch
1:15 pm
Maximizing Local Engagement via Social Media
For national brands and services, the emergence of social media has proven to be a godsend, as it allows them to
effectively reach into local markets and engage with local customers. We’ll hear from some of the top practitioners
during this cutting-edge session.
Afif Khoury
Mike Orren
Rob Reed
Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling
ServiceMaster/American Home Shield
2:00 pm
Case Studies: Maximizing Brands Locally with Search
National brands and retailers have gotten a major boost by relying on search engine marketing. But winning in search
has become more complicated with the addition of mobile, social and video. We’ll talk with search expert Bernadette
Coleman and several leading brands about how they have successfully implemented national-local search strategies.
Bernadette Coleman
Advice Interactive Group
Ziad Dalal
Jonathan Kaufman
Tracy Mueller
Nestle TollHouse Cafe by Chip
DentalOne Partners
Susan G. Komen Foundation
– Crest Foods, Inc.
2:30 pm
Networking Break
3:00 pm
Keynote: Dave Walker, Chairman, BizHive
What are the people/organizational challenges and “truths” of taking a national brand to the local
level? No one knows better than Dave Walker, who has localized efforts at key brands throughout
his career, spending $20 billion-plus on local media for the likes of Carmax, Musicland and Toys R
Us. He’ll share his insights into national efficiency/local effectiveness, acquisition inflation and
other key subjects.
3:30 pm
Local Search: Working with National Brands
Local search, as the successor channel to directories, has embraced a wide range of features and capabilities in their work
with national brands. The most successful strategies are a complex hybrid. YP search expert Melissa Burkhardt and
DAC head Norm Hagerty lead this session.
Melissa Burghardt
Norm Hagerty
DAC Group
4:00 pm
SuperForum: Programmatic Ad Buying Goes National-to-Local
Advertising isn’t always sold by CPM or other curated methods because it is seen as inefficient. Marketing automation
has led to programmatic sales. This is especially true for national-to-local channels. During this SuperForum, led by
BIA/Kelsey Managing Director Rick Ducey, we’ll dive into one of the biggest revolutions we’ve seen in advertising.
Segment 1: Programmatic Media: The New Automation of Media and Its Impact on Local Markets
Lorne Brown
David Carberry
David Oliveira
Segment 2: Unlocking Programmatic's Potential
Sandy Lohr
John McIntyre
Matt Prohaska
Advance Digital
Prohaska Consulting
Segment 3: Future State: What Is Local in a Programmatic World?
Jason Dailey
Randa Minkarah
David Staas
Transform Inc.
5:15 pm
Best-of-Dallas Reception
7:00 pm
DAY 2 AFTER HOURS: Country Casino
Co-Hosted by Local Site Submit and Moon Valley Software
Immediately following the Best-of-Dallas Networking Reception at the
end of Day 2, head upstairs to the San Antonio Ballroom (level 4), to try
your luck at the Country Casino, co-hosted by Local Site Submit and
Moon Valley Software. Enjoy a taste of the Texas nightlife with Ransom
Rhodes performing while you play Texas Hold'em, Craps, Roulette and
Blackjack. Make sure you pack your cowboy boots and hat for this Texasstyle, toe-tapping fun.
DAY 3 Friday, March 27
8:30 am
GOLOCAL Awards: Demonstrations and Competition
BIA/Kelsey celebrates the best of the best in local marketing programs of national brands with the GOLOCAL Awards.
Independently judged by 7 industry experts, we’ll go deep with our 10 finalists in three key areas:
Sales/ Revenue
Strategic use of digital marketing
9:15 am
Keynote: Daniel Eckert, Managing Director, Emerging Technologies,
The emergence of mobile (and geolocation) has energized the efforts of national brands and stores
to localize. How should brands, stores and their digital channels work to maximize their mobile
opportunities? What unforeseen opportunities will arise? PricewaterhouseCoopers expert Dan
Eckert shares his insights with BIA/Kelsey mobile leader Mike Boland.
9:45 am
Location-Targeted Advertising: What’s Working?
Location-targeted mobile advertising has given rise to several strategies such as geofencing, calls to action and offline
attribution. These have become critical areas of development for brands and multi-location businesses, which compete
for customers on a hyperlocal level—where conversions actually happen. We’ll hear from industry leaders about what
works, and how to extend location strategies into the national advertising mix.
Dan Hight
Ari Kaufman
Hilary Maitland
10:15 am
Networking Break
10:30 am
Featured Interview: Kristin Wnuk, Director, Local Sales-Eastern Region, Hulu
Hulu sits on top of the omnichannel, on-demand world. It has been increasingly focusing on
building out its local capabilities, using a combination of digital and traditional TV teams to increase
its local billing by 325 percent from 2011 to 2013. Kristin Wnuk, a local TV vet, is set to share key
insights with BIA/Kelsey NATIONAL.
10:45 am
Search Leaders: Gaining an Edge at the Local Level
National brands are using a wide range of leading edge search techniques and tools to be found locally. What works
best? How can your brand really stand out? BIA/Kelsey search expert Abid Chaudhry talks to several SEO/SEM leaders
to gain their insights and best practices. We’ll zero in on key segments.
Bernadette Coleman
Sherry Thomas-Zon
Dema Zlotin
Advice Interactive Group
Retail Expert
11:30 am
Chairman’s Session: The State of National Advertising, Local Targeting
Industry leaders have been assessing the value of local targeting. How important is it really? What are the best channels
to pursue? Where is it going? We’ll get the lowdown on what’s worth doing—and what to skip. And lots and lots of
conference takeaways.
Warren Kay
Robyn Rose
Gregg Stewart
Digital Media Adviser and Board Member
Marketplace Consulting Group, LLC
3rd Act Marketing