Haystack executive summary

Haystack is a platform for efficiently selling digital services, such
as websites, local directories, online advertising and SEO.
Sales. Inbound Marketing. Business Intelligence.
What is Haystack?
Haystack is a platform for efficiently selling digital services,
such as websites, local directories, online advertising and
Selling these services at scale can be a real challenge. Reps
must invest time manually researching their prospects, or
combine a mixture of tools to understand them properly.
Haystack automates all your research into a single optimised platform, that you can choose to integrate directly into
your CRM. Haystack creates high quality, branded reports,
presentations and proposals to help your team pitch more
clients, more effectively.
But that’s just the start. Haystack can help you generate
leads with a unique inbound marketing solution, and augment your existing contact lists with sophisticated business
Why Haystack?
There’s never been more information available on the
Internet about your sales prospects. Haystack empowers
your sales team to take full advantage of it.
In a minute or less, your reps can research a
new prospect and generate high quality reports, presentations and proposals about their
digital presence.
They save time and are better prepared. That
means your reps can engage with more prospects in less time, and do a better job of converting each one.
Running on the cloud, Haystack requires nothing to install and runs on almost any device
with an internet connection, including mobile
A sales team can be trained online and brought
onboard within days.
Haystack helps you manage and track your
For example, if you email a prospect, you can
be notified when they read your proposal. If you
use a CRM system like Salesforce, Haystack
can integrate directly into it.
We’ve designed Haystack to offer a consumer-grade user experience with enterprise-grade architecture.
This means software that’s so easy to use you
don’t need a manual. Where guidance is required (say, to explain a particular technical issue
with a business) we explain it inside the tool, at
that particular point, in plain-spoken language.
Empower your sales team
Discovering prospects
Discover new prospects by name, sector or location. Simply type what you’re looking for – say
“florists in San Francisco” – and let Haystack do
the hard work for you. You can import your own
leads or use Haystack to discover new ones.
Assessing a project
Haystack analyses and summarises the key
aspects of this business into a single summary
screen, automating hours of research. Learn
about their social and local presence, their
website’s popularity, their advertising and much
more from a single, customisable screen.
Profiling a prospect
Haystack researches key information about the
business itself, including the company’s contact
details, size, age, locations, online mentions
(e.g. press releases) and more*.
* Information available varies for different countries
and businesses. US and UK examples shown.
Comparing businesses
Compare businesses side-by-side, establishing
a prospect’s strengths and weaknesses against
their competitors. Demonstrating that a company’s rivals are engaged in advertising, or have
better SEO, can be all it takes to close a sale.
Haystack can even help you identify who their
competitors are.
Presentation mode strips away the unnecessary
and sensitive details from the screen, ideal for
delivering webinars or face-to-face meetings.
You can add your own branding if you wish.
Sharing with prospects
Export and share any of your reports as PDF
documents with a few clicks. Apply your own
branding, and customise your email templates.
Haystack can even notify you when a prospect
opens your email.
Integrate into your business
Haystack can optionally fully integrate with
Salesforce and other CRM systems. For example, your Salesforce leads can be automatically
tested in Haystack, with the results being fed
back into Salesforce.
Our API driven architecture permits other integrations on request.
Create proposals
Create and edit proposals directly within one
Optionally teach Haystack to create proposals
automatically for your prospects, based on your
custom product set and rules. For example:
websites without a Facebook page are offered a
standard Facebook package.
Inbound marketing
Attract and engage more business
Haystack features an optional inbound marketing tool, which
you can embed within your website, allowing members of the
public to test their own businesses.
Example of a public facing inbound marketing tool (nibbler.silktide.com)
This public facing tool is branded and white labelled to match
your organisation. The tests that we run can be customised –
for example, to focus on SEO, or social media, or the speed
of a website.Specific data fields and calls to action can be
integrated into your process: for example, you might ask for
an email address before running a report, or recommend
specific services you offer around the report.
You can also integrate the tool with your own email or advertising campaigns.Any reports run through the public facing
tool become part of the same shared data you have inside
Haystack. So it’s possible to mine this data, and integrate it
directly into your CRM process if you wish. For example: a
prospect who runs a report can be automatically added to
your Salesforce as a new lead.
Haystack is fully white labeled, API driven, and fully customisable for you. We can develop custom tests and integrations
on request.Pricing for Haystack’s inbound marketing solution
starts at $1,000 / month. Please contact us for details.
Business intelligence
Get smart about your prospect’s potential
Haystack provides a platform for expanding your sales and
marketing data. We help identify insights into tens of millions
of businesses every year.
Mine your own data
Any businesses you test in Haystack can be
data mined via our built-in interface, making it
easy to gain insights and generate campaigns
on demand. For example: find all of your prospects with less than 1,100 Facebook followers.
You can even automate this process, updating
your own lists as new businesses are added.
For example, you can create automated lists of
business based on geographic territory, or by
AdWords spend. You could export these lists
into marketing campaigns, or allocate lists to
specific reps for them to call.
Searching for businesses with under 1,100 Facebook likes
Expand your own data
Haystack can help you learn more about your own customers and prospects. If you provide a list
of contact details, or web addresses, we can help you fill in the gaps (e.g. identify phone numbers
from web addresses), categorise your listings (e.g. split by geography) and provide rich statistics on
each of them (e.g. AdWords spend, Facebook likes, local directories used).
Haystack has specially tuned processes for large scale analysis of millions of contacts. We have
worked with individual customers who test over 5 million businesses in a single month.
$100 / month
$1,000 / month
Unlimited users
Unlimited users
100 reports per month
2,000 reports per month
$1 per extra report
$0.30 per extra report
All of Professional plus:
Business & competitor reports
Advanced brandig
Prpopsal editor
Inbound marketing tool
Enterprise support
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