Tesla giveaway - ASCRS ASOA Annual Symposium and Congress

Dear Exhibitors,
For the past few months, we at ASCRS•ASOA have been discussing ways to create greater interaction
between attendees & exhibitors. Although we offer many outlets to exhibitors for marketing their booth
and advertising, not every company is able to incur the expense associated with these options.
Many medical meetings are now using events and giveaways to drive traffic to the exhibit floor, and just
this week we received permission to conduct our own promotional event.
ASCRS•ASOA is very excited to announce that we will be giving away a 2015 Tesla Model S!
Rated Best Overall - top 10 cars by consumer reports (click link for brief review), the all-electric Tesla
will be parked in the foyer of Exhibit Hall D from April 17-21.
On Friday during set up, I and two of our Floor Managers (Gayle & Mandy) will distribute 45 Tesla Entry
Forms to each exhibiting company to hand out to qualified leads. The entry forms will be colored per
day so we suggest only giving out 15 per day. Attendees are only permitted one entry form per exhibit
booth, i.e. they should not take all 15 from you.
The entry forms will be branded with the ASCRS•ASOA logo so there is no confusion as to who is giving
away the vehicle. While the giveaway will be conducted by ASCRS•ASOA, we are asking our exhibitors
to assist us in handing out the forms. The forms will need to be completed by the attendee (name &
badge number), and the attendee will be responsible for dropping their ticket in the collection drum by the
Tesla, located in the lobby of Hall D. Attendees may also register for the giveaway by making a voluntary
contribution of $50 or more to the ASCRS Foundation during the meeting at the ASCRS•ASOA Gateway
booth #1307.
The winner will be drawn at 2:45pm on Monday, April 20th, in the ASCRS•ASOA Gateway booth #1307 in
the exhibit hall, and the winner must be present. We will send out a push notification on our mobile app
as well as a tweet and Facebook notice to remind attendees to be there if they’re entered in the giveaway. We’ll have a contract listing all terms and conditions that the winner will be required to sign.
Our intent in enlisting the exhibiting companies to hand out the forms is to create a buzz and excitement
in the exhibit hall and to increase engagement between exhibitors (sales reps) and attendees.
The Tesla giveaway will allow every exhibiting company no matter the size to have an equal opportunity
to be involved with the event and to interact with attendees. Your company can elect not to
participate. We will have a sign off sheet during set up when we come around to drop off the entry
forms. Please advise us of your intent to participate at that time.
Q: Who is approved to give an entry form to:
A: ALL attendees (even guests) except for Press are eligible to win the vehicle. (ASCRS Staff,
Vendors and Exhibitors are not eligible to participate)
Entry forms should be given out to those you consider a qualified lead. If an attendee comes to
your booth only to obtain a ticket, that should not count as a qualified lead.
In order to comply with medical industry laws, this giveaway is from ASCRS•ASOA ONLY and we are
simply asking the exhibitors to hand out the forms on our behalf.
We have reviewed this event with our Exhibitor Advisory Board and all are in agreement that this will not
be an issue with any compliance departments.
Please see below for a brief overview.
1.Drive attendee traffic and increase attendee engagement on the Exhibit Hall floor
1.Dr. Cionni to include information in his incoming president’s address during the opening general
2.Each participating exhibitor will be given 15 ASCRS entry forms per day (45 total for each exhibitor) to
distribute to meeting attendees. All exhibitors are encouraged to engage in meaningful interactions with
3.Approximate value of each entry form is $8.00.
4.Entry forms will be distributed to exhibitors on April 17th during set up. Exhibitors will need to sign off
on accepting or declining participation.
5.Drawing will be held in ASCRS•ASOAGateway booth #1307 at 2:45 pm on Monday, April 20.
Rules from Legal Review:
1.Only registered attendees with exhibit hall access are eligible to enter and win. Press, ASCRS ASOA
Staff, Vendor, Contractors and Exhibitors are not elgible.
2.Winner must 18 or older and be able to claim prize in person with ID at time of drawing.
3.Winner must agree to all applicable taxes related to prize winnings under US and California state law.
4.Winner must agree to be responsible for costs transporting the car.
5.Winner may elect to accept a cash prize of $30,000 instead of the car.
6.Winner agrees to participate in ASCRS marketing photos/videos, social media or printed promotions
related to the giveaway.
We are very excited about this opportunity and hope all exhibitors will elect to participate! Please feel free
to contact me with any questions.
Jamie Barbera, Exhibits Manager