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Holy Family Catholic School, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, models the virtues of love of
God, neighbor, and respect for all. The school, supported by the entire community, cultivates a
passion about and provides the foundation for academic and life-long learning in a safe, nurturing,
and challenging environment.
March 10, 2015
786 26 1/2 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81506
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Principal’s Corner
Dear Parents,
What an amazing weekend at the gala. Thank you to the
gala committee, the countless volunteers, the parents who
helped make the auction projects and the middle school
servers. You all did an amazing job making it a special
evening where we honored Father Mike. He was
pleasantly surprised by the amazing video tribute. It was
a wonderful evening with our families and friends!
This week will be busy with the Spring Band Concert
tonight at 7:00 pm in the gym. The honors assembly will
be in the gym on Thursday after morning prayer and the
Living Stations of the Cross will also be in the gym at 2:00
on Friday. This production of the Stations is beautiful.
Please join us in for this poignant and inspiring depiction
of what our Lord went through because of His love for us.
The Stations of the Cross are a tradition that can be
traced back to the fourth century. I read an article on
FOCUS blog where Pope Francis gave 8 reasons on why
we should pray the Stations of the Cross.
3/10 - 7pm Spring Band
Report cards go home
3/12 - 8:15 am Honor’s
3/13 - 2pm Living Stations
of the Cross
Casual for Charity
3/17 - Wear Green for
3/18 - 6th & 7th Grade
3/19 - 8 am Mass at St.
3/20 - 8th Grade Retreat
3/23 - 4/3 - Spring Break
4/6 - No School
Easter Monday
Issue 28
They Allow Us to Place Our Trust in Him - “The
Cross of Christ contains all the love of God; there we find
his immeasurable mercy. This is a love in which we can
place all our trust, in which we can believe…. let us
entrust ourselves to Jesus, let us give ourselves over
to him, because he never disappoints anyone! Only in
Christ crucified and risen can we find salvation and
redemption.” —Address, World Youth Day, Way of the
Cross, July 26, 2013
They Put Us into the Story - “And you, who do
you want to be? Like Pilate? Like Simon? Like Mary?
Jesus is looking at you now and is asking you: do you
want to help me carry the Cross? Brothers and sisters,
with all the strength of your youth, how will you respond to
him?” —Address, World Youth Day, Way of the Cross,
July 26, 2013
They Remind Us That Jesus Suffers with Us The Cross of Christ bears the suffering and the sin of
mankind, including our own. Jesus accepts all this with
open arms, bearing on his shoulders our crosses and
saying to us: ‘Have courage! You do not carry your
cross alone! I carry it with you. I have overcome death
and I have come to give you hope, to give you life’ (cf. Jn
3:16).” —Address, World Youth Day, Way of the Cross,
July 26, 2013
They Compel Us to Action - “But the Cross of
Christ invites us also to allow ourselves to be smitten by
his love, teaching us always to look upon others with
mercy and tenderness, especially those who suffer,
who are in need of help, who need a word or a concrete
action.” —Address, World Youth Day, Way of the Cross,
July 26, 2013
They Helps Us Make a Decision for or Against
Christ - “[The Cross] reveals a judgment, namely that
God, in judging us, loves us. Let us remember this: God
judges us by loving us. If I embrace his love then I am
saved, if I refuse it, then I am condemned, not by him,
but my own self, because God never condemns, he only
loves and saves.” —Address, Good Friday, March 29,
They Reveal God’s Response to Evil in the
World - “The Cross is the word through which God has
responded to evil in the world. Sometimes it may seem
as though God does not react to evil, as if he is
silent. And yet, God has spoken, he has replied, and
his answer is the Cross of Christ: a word which is love,
mercy, forgiveness.” – Address, Good Friday, March 29,
They Give Us the Certainty of God’s Love for
Us - “What has the Cross given to those who have gazed
upon it and to those who have touched it? What has the
Cross left in each one of us? You see, it gives us a
treasure that no one else can give: the certainty of
the faithful love which God has for us.” – Address,
World Youth Day, Way of the Cross, July 26, 2013
They Guide Us from the Cross to the
Resurrection - “O, Our Jesus, guide us from the Cross
to the resurrection and teach us that evil shall not have
the last word, but love, mercy and forgiveness. O Christ,
help us to exclaim again: ‘Yesterday I was crucified with
Christ; today I am glorified with Him. Yesterday I died
with Him, today I live with Him. Yesterday I was
buried with Him, today I am raised with Him’”.” –
Address, Good Friday, April 18, 2014
Parish Requirements to Receive Subsidy
Please keep in your prayers:
Sacred Heart
Attention Holy Family School Parents-Catholic
Families may qualify for tuition assistance if the
following is verifiable:
Be a registered parishioner at Sacred Heart
Catholic Church for at least 6 months before
school registration or have been a previous
active member of a catholic church for 6-12
Documentation is required from
previous church.
Make recordable financial contributions by
check or cash ($1/day or $365/year).
Deemed by Fr. Mike as supportive to the
parish, attend mass regularly, and contribute
your time and talent to the parish and school
The Parish Subsidy Applications are available in the
parish office. The due date for returning the
completed application is April 15, 2015.
Sara deBever ~ Aunt of Megan Formicola
The Seabert Family ~ Family of Kathy Pike
Msgr. Dan Huber ~ Brother –in-law of Gwen Huber
Sadie Harper ~ Cousin of Akelia Whitney
Nuala Whitcomb ~ Kindergarten Teacher
Morgan Rister ~ HFCS Student
Jiwen Yang ~ Grandfather of Zachary Smith
Roman Longo ~ HFCS Student
Brent Metzler ~ Son of Diane Metzler
Sally White ~ Mother of Yolanda Pacheco, Middle School Teacher
Marilyn Veselack ~ Wife of Mr. Ron Veselack, Band/Orchestra Teacher
Kathy Pike ~ Computer Teacher
Healing of Juliana Bennett ~ Grandmother of Logan, Conner & Gavin Walsh
Healing of Jane Trujillo ~ Grandmother of Phillip & Lanaiya Burchim
Healing of Tavinn Wagner ~ Cousin of Kendyll & Nate Wilkinson
2015 - 2016
St. Joseph
Please note these
calendar changes:
Contracts for the
2015 - 2016 school
year are due by
Friday, March 20th
for grades K - 8.
Honor’s Assembly will be on Thursday, March
12th after morning prayer
The 6th Grade retreat will be on Wednesday,
March 18th
The Living Stations of the Cross will be on
Friday, March 13th at 2:00 pm
Mrs. Segrest and
Mrs. Hurt’s 5th
Grade class
invite you to the
musical play:
The Messiah Lutheran Track Meet will be as
 Wednesday, April 22: 5 - 8 grades
 Friday, April 24: 2 - 4 grades
The Elephant’s
IHM & St. Ann’s
Way to go HFCS students! We
have collected $16,493.73 for St.
Jude. There are still
40 students that
On Friday, March
20th at 2:15pm in
the gym.
have not brought in
their donations!
You may qualify to receive subsidy towards your
tuition for grades K-8 if you meet the following
† You must be a registered member of St.
† Have at least $365 of recorded contributions
for the previous calendar year
† Contribute time and talent in the parish
† Attend Mass regularly with your student(s)
You may pick up a Parish Subsidy Application in
the parish office. Please return the completed
application by Tuesday, March 31st. Applications
received after this date are subject to a reduction in
You may qualify to receive subsidy towards your tuition
for grades K-8 if you meet the following requirements:
 You must be a registered member of IHM or St.
 Have at least $365 of recorded contributions for the
previous calendar year
 Contribute time and talent in the parish
 Attend Mass regularly with your student(s)
You may pick up a Parish Subsidy Application in the
parish office. Please return the completed application
only by Wednesday, April 15th. Applications received
after this date are subject to a reduction in subsidy.
Wed. 3/11
Thu. 3/12
Fri. 3/13
Mon. 3/16
Tues. 3/17
Pigs in a Blanket
Macaroni &
Taco Salad
Chicken Alfredo
Orange Slices
Spaghetti with
Meat Sauce
Pinto Beans
Baked Beans
Garlic Bread
Green Beans
Apple Crisp
Strawberries &
Carrots w/Dip
Primary: Cooper Wehling
Donna Farrington
Mrs. Farrington is kind and
compassionate and loves her
students. She is a great role model
and works hard to ensure that all of
her students receive the very best
education. She not only teaches
them about caring for others but
she models it every day in the
Her Catholic faith is
immense and she lives her faith in
everything that she does. She is a
wonderful example of courage and
a positive attitude. Her calm and
graceful approach to teaching is
evident in her students and her
She has a great
command of her class through love
and kindness. Her demeanor is
unmistakable because it is marked
with her purposeful mission of
helping students succeed!
“A little bit of country and a little bit of rock-and-roll” encompass this young
man. Cooper Wehling is kind-hearted and true to his cowboy roots. He loves
talking about rodeo, hunting and the outdoors. In the classroom he is
attentive, creative and a positive role model for all of our students. It is easy to
see he is a young man of integrity and tries his best in all he does. Outside of
the classroom is where the “rock-and-roll” comes into play. Cooper gives his
best in all things…including friendly competition on the playground! There is no slowing him down
when he is ready to rock! Cooper is the genuine article of courage to be true to himself, always
showing compassion towards others and a true blessing to our school and learning community.
Intermediate: Miranda Deeths
It’s with great pleasure that Intermediate announces that this month’s Student of the Month is 3 rd
grader, Miranda Deeths. Miranda possesses the characteristics that exemplify what a Catholic
School student should be. She is thoughtful, caring, and kind to her fellow students. In class,
Miranda is always respectful to adults and teachers, and is extremely hard-working. Away from
class, she is fun, energetic, and full of energy. Not only does she excel in the classroom, she has
a real love for gymnastics in which she is a state champion. It’s with great pride that Intermediate
selects her as our Student of the Month.
Middle School: Bella Findley
The middle school staff would like to nominate Bella Findley for March 2015 student of the month.
We honor Bella for being such a well-rounded individual with so many wonderful qualities. Bella
has a pleasant personality full of smiles and humility, which makes it easy to talk with her and be
around her. She is honest and a hard worker. She is kind in actions and in heart. Bella is
considerate of others and their feelings. She is studious and always strives to gain knowledge and
share her own. She consistently participates in class and is respectful of her teachers. She is
always willing to help or teach others while holding them responsible for their own work. Continue
to always be you, Bella!
Don’t forget to
record your
volunteer hours!
Go to Scroll to the
very bottom and
Come join us
for Bingo!
Thursday, March
19th in the
Room at HFCS.
Doors open at
6pm, game
begins at 6:30pm.
There will be
snacks and
After a magical weekend, all of us
members of the G Team a.k.a.
the Gala Team, would like to
thank everyone who attended,
volunteered, gave donations, bought
raffle tickets and prayed for a successful
event! I personally would like to thank everyone
who attended and helped at the event. I couldn’t have
done it without everyone. The night of the event, watching
everyone see what we put together as a team was one of
the most magical times that I have had at Holy Family.
Stay tuned to the newsletter. We will let you know how
much we have raised for the school and we look forward
to the 2016 Gala. And, if you missed this year, you
definitely don’t want to miss next year. Why, because
we’re already planning it!
Tonja Kueper –Rinaldo and The Gala Team!
Please mark your calendars
for our next Grand Valley
LifeTeen gathering. Saturday,
April 18th at St. Joseph’s
beginning with the 4:30 mass
followed by dinner and
conclude at 7:30 pm. We look
forward to a great evening!
The next Scrip order
date is Wednesday,
March 18th