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ACHILLEA - Yarrow (Sun)
m.’Moonshine’-18", light yellow flowers with gray foliage,
blooms most of the summer.
hubrectii- 4'. thread-leaf foliage with pale blue star
flowers in June-July, golden fall foliage.
tabernaemontana ‘Blue Ice’- Dark blue buds with 5 or more weeks of
color in late spring. Turns brilliant yellow in fall. 12-15".
‘Pomegranate’- Rich, velvety red flowers on compact plant. 29"
m. ‘Sunny Seduction’- Bright yellow
ANENOME -Wind flower (S, PS)
m. ‘Terra Cotta’- Bright peach flowers slowly turn to a rich terra
h. ‘Sept. Charm’-pink flowers on 3' stems.
cotta color, June-Sept. , 30-36"
sylvestris- 18" white flowers in spring and again in fall.
tomentosa ‘Robustissima’-3', pink, hardier, early fall. Zone 3
ACONITUM- Monkshood (PS)
x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’- 3-4', white flowers in Sept.
arendsii-Large violet-blue flowers and glossy green foliage.
ANTHEMIS ‘Susanna Mitchell’- Creamy white daisies with yellow
ACTAEA– (Bugbane) Shade
centers. Long bloom time. 20-24" Deer resistant.
racemosa ‘Black Negligee’-Purple-black foliage, white flower
spikes in late summer. 4'
AQUILEGIA -Columbine (S, PS)
r. ‘Brunette’- similar to ‘Black Negligee’
‘Yellow Queen’-Bright yellow, fragrant flowers
ramosa ‘Hillside Black Beauty’-Darkest of all, with white flower
v. ‘Blue Barlow’- blue flowers
spikes. 4-7'
simples ‘Carbonella’-White spikes above almost black foliage. 3' ARALIA’Sun King’ (Golden Spikenard) (PS, SH)- Bright yellow folige in part
shade. Will suck er into a 4' clump. Tiny white flowers followed by red
AGASTACHE- Anise Hyssop (Sun)
fruit. Deer resistant 4-6'
‘Black Adder’-Vivid blue flowers form mid-summer to
forst on a compact plant. 2-3'
x Blue Fortune’-Deep blue flower spikes from July-Sept.
Fragrant foliage, 2-3'
‘Tango’-Fiery orange flowers above gray-green foliage. 12-14"
AJUGA -Buglewseed (S, PS, SH)
Black Scallop’-Glossy, almost black, scalloped leaves.
Violet-blue flowers in spring.
‘Catlin’s Giant’-Big, bold, bronze leaves with dark blue
‘Chocolate Chip’- rich chocolate colored leaves with
deep violet-blue flowers in spring.
ALCHEMILLA -Lady’s Mantle’ (S, PS)
erythropoda- 6-8", late spring, chartreuse leaves
on small, green leaves.
mollis ‘Auslese’- 18-20", greenish-yellow sprays
of flowers in late spring.
ARTEMESIA- Wormwood (Sun)
schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’- 8-10", compact, mounded plant with fernlike , silvery foliage.
ARUNCUS- Goatsbeard (S, PS)
aethusifolius- Dwarf version with fine, glossy, fern-like foliage and
creamy white flowers . 10-12"
diocus- 5', white astilbe-like plumes in June-July.
sinensis ‘Child of Two Worlds’-Blooms a few weeks later than dioicus
with creamy white flowers,. 4'
ASARUM- Ginger (SH)
canadense- 6" velvety , heart-shaped leaves carpet woodland gardens.
Native. Tolerates drought.
europaeum -3-4" groundcover, shiny evergreen round leaves all year.
ASCLEPIAS - Butterfly Flower (Sun)
incarnata- 5' stalks with pink blooms in July.
tuberosa -2', brilliant orange flowers, July-Aug.
Good in dried arrangements.
ALLIUM ‘Millennium’- (Sun)- Rosy-pink globes in summer.
senescens ‘Glaucum’- Compact with curly foliage and pink
flowers in
t. ‘Summer Beauty’- (Sun)-Clear pink flowers in July and Aug.
AMSONIA-Blue milkweed, (S, PS)
laevis ‘Bluebird’- Big single violet-blue flowers with gold centers, clean
foliage ;fall blooming
ASTILBE- Plume Flower (S, PS)
arendsii ‘Diamond’-Mid-season white, diamond-shaped blooms
a. ‘White Gloria’-Short, dense white plumes,June-July, 36"
Bridal Veil’- white flowers, 12-18"
chinensis ‘Pumila’- 10-15", lavender-pink, JulyAug. Good ground cover
Delft Lace’- Deep salmon-pink buds open to soft apricot-pink
blooms .Flowers mid season . 12-15"
summer. 18-24"
‘Red Elf’- Dwarf with large, rich red flowers , 12"
v. ‘Red Satin’-Ruby-red petals with a gold eye. 15-18"
v. Route 66'-Compact plant with red-streaked flowers turning fully red in
fall. 24"
v..’Zagreb.-Golden yellow flowers on rupright stems.beginning in June
. c. ‘Visions’- Fragrant, raspberry red upright
CROCOSMIA-Monbretia (Sun)
plumes in July-Aug..Compact-15". Drought resistant.
‘Lucifer’-Flame red flowers on arching stems with sword-like foliage.
c. ‘Vision in Pink’- Late, 18-20", thick plumes with bronze-green
Good cut flower.
foliage. Sun and drought tolerant.
c. ‘Vision in Red’-Mid-late, 15-18'”, Deep red plume open
DELPHINIUM - Larkspur (Sun)
purplish red, more sun and drought tolerant.
Butterfly Blue-Deep blue flowers and fern-like foliage. Compact.
c. ‘Vision in White’
elatum-New Millenium Hybrids 6' in various colors
‘Fanal’- 24", blood red with bronze foliage, JuneJuly.
‘Dasante Blue’-Vibrant blue flowers with purple highlights and whie bees.
Grows 1.5-2'
s.’Key West’- Lavender-carmine red plumes above bronze
DENDRANTHEMA -Chrysanthemum (Sun)
‘Montgomery’-Bright red plumes in June, 24"
‘Sheffield’- 3', salmon pink in Oct., very hardy.
s. ‘Sprite’- 12", shell pink flowers.
t.’Superba’-3' with lavender-pink flowers in late summer..
‘Younique White’-Early- mid season, ivory flowers that are
g. ‘Firewitch- deep blue foliage with single, magenta flowers in early
Compact and full. 1.5-2'
summer. 2006 Perennial Plant of the Year.
‘Frosty Fire’-Bright red flowers,
ASTRANTIA (Masterwort) PS
‘Raspberry Surprise’-Raspberry colored flowers with a burg;undy
‘Roma’- Rose-red umbrels on an upright plant growing 1-1/12'
Likes medium to wet, rich soil.
‘Rosebud’-Salmon-pink flowers all season.
BAPTISIA -False Indigo (S, PS)
DICENTRA -Bleeding Heart (S, PS)
australis-3-4', upright plant, gray-green stems and blue- green
‘King of Hearts’ - Dwarf, long blooming rosy pink
leaves; indigo-blue flowers mid-late spring followed
flowers on gray-green foliage.
by black seed pods.
spectabalis- old-fashioned bleeding heart - pink flowers
‘Carolina Moonlight’- Long-blooming pale yellow spikes
in early summer. 3'
s. ‘Alba’- white flowers.
‘Purple Smoke’-Charcoal stems and gray-green foliage with
s.’Valentine’- bright red flowers
smoky violet blooms. 4'
DIGITALIS -Foxglove (S, PS)
BELAMCANDA Blackberry Lily (Sun)
grandiflora(ambigua)- 3-4' yellow stalks. True perenn
‘Hello Yellow’- sowdlike foliage with yellow flowers in
‘Polkadot Pippa’-Apricot-pink spikes with creamy yellow interior.
summer followed by black seed pods.
24-36" New
‘Polkadot Princess’- Rich, pink with a creamy yellow interior.
BRUNNERA - Siberian Bugloss (S, PS, SH)
m. ‘Jack Frost’- Large heart-shaped leaves outlined with green
ECHINACEA-Coneflower (Sun)
veins, blue flowers. 18" wide clump, grows easily and quickly.
p. ‘Pica Bella’- Dark pink flowers with unique pointed petals.36'
p. ‘Pow Wow White’-Compact foliage and white flowers with yellow
cone. 22"
nepeta ssp. nepeta- Airy plumes with small flowers
p. ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’-Deep rose berry with a rose cone. 22"
over mint scented foliage, June-Oct. Prefers dry.
. ‘Rubinstern’- Large flat-topped deep purple-pink flowers.
p. ‘White Swan’- White flowers with coppery cone.
CAMPANULA -Bell Flower (sun, PS)
pocharskyana ‘Blue Waterfall’- Low growing spreader with
EPIMEDIM-Barrenwort (PS,SH)
deep blue bells with white center. Nice in a cont
grandiflorum ‘Bandit’-Creamy white flowers, small leaves edged in dark
burgundy-purple. 6"
CERASTIUM - Snow in Summer- (Sun
g. ‘Yellow Princess’- Lete blooming yellow
- Bright white flowers over silvery foliage, May-June
‘Lilafee’-Amethyst purple flowers, 8-12"
‘Pierre’s Purple’- Stunning, large purple flowers.
CERATASTIGMA - Plumbago, Leadwort (S, PS)
versicolor ‘Sulphureum’- 8-10" sulphur yellow flowers.
plumbaginoides- !0" , deep, cobalt flowers July-frost.
youngianum ‘Niveum’- Profuse white blooms.
x/ warleyense- Yellow with orange sepals
CHELONE - Turtle Head(S, PS)
y. ‘Roseum’-Pink flowering form.
lyonii ‘Hot Lips’- 30", deep pink, Aug.-Sept. Likes moistur
CONVALLARIA-Lily-of-the-Valley(PS,SH)-Fragrant white bells in spring. ERYNGIUM-Sea Holly (Su n)
‘Big Blue’- Irridescent blue flowers with blue stems and
COREOPSIS-Tickseed (Sun)
silver leaves. 24-30"
‘Enchanted Eve’-Scarlet and gold, dwarf, 9-12"
Full Moon’- Canary yellow from July until frost. 24-30"
EUPATORIUM- Joe Pye Weed (S, PS)
‘Mayo Clinic Flower of Hope’ (Electric Avenue)- Similar to
dubium ‘Baby Joe’-Cabernet-colored fragrant flowers in late summer. 30"
‘Moonbeam’ but larger. 15-18"
m. ‘Gateway’- Huge lavender flowers on 5' stems,
v.‘Moonbeam’- Pale yellow blooms over finely cut foliage all
EUPHORBIA- Spurge (Sun)
martinii ‘Ascot’s Rainbow’-Green and yellow variegated foliage.
Variegated yellow bracts with deep red centers. 1.5-2'
p. ‘Bonfire’- Deep purple, red, and orange leaves with
yellow flowers in spring. 18"
FILIPENDULA-Meadowsweet (S. PS)
rubra ‘Venista Magnifica’- 4-5' stems with feathery astilbe-like
pink plumes, July- Aug.
blooms. 26".
‘Red Apache- Tall, late-blooming dark red.
‘Red Magic’- 36", medium red with yellow throat.
‘Siloam Ury Winniford’- 26", creamy blooms with
wide black-purple eye. Heavily budded.
‘Stella d’Oro’ - Golden yellow dwarf. 1-2', blooms
all summer.
HEUCHERA -Coral Bells (S, PS)
americana ‘Dale’s Strain’- Very drought tolerant with silver-blue marbled
GAILLARDIA - Blanket Flower (Sun)
foliage and white flowers in spring. 18" new
‘Arizona Red’ Compact with burgundy blooms. New
`Blackout’-Darkest of the villosa hybrids.
‘Arizona Sun’- 4-5" red and yellow flowers over compact foliage.
‘Bronze Wave’- Native withcreamy flowers in fall. Can take more shade
than other heucheras.
Caramel’- Glowing apricot new growth fading to soft amber by summer.
GALIUM -Sweet Woodruff (PS,SH)
White flowers with salmon-red foliage in fall.
odoratum- excellent ground cover for shady, moist, - Le
slightly acidic areas. Tiny white flowers, May-June.
macrorhiza ‘Autumn Bride’ - Fuzzy, chartreuse to lime green, nearly
GERANIUM - Cranesbill (S, PS)
evergreen foliage with flowers from Sept. to frost. Tolerant of dry shade ;
‘Azure Rush’- Sport of ‘Rozanne’ with light blue flowers and
happiest in med. to bright shade
lower growing habit
‘Obsidian’- Blackest heuchera yet, white flowers.
macrorrhizum ‘Bevan’s Variety’-Deep magenta flowers.
m. Ingwersen’s Variety’ -Light pink flowers with darker sepals
‘Plum Pudding’- purple plum color with silver veining.
and stems. Great fall color!
‘Rozanne’-Very long blooming, large deep blue flowers
HIBISCUS - Rose Mallow (S, PS)
June-Oct . with reddish fall foliage. 20". 2008 Perennial of the
x ‘Blue River’- Large pure white flowers up to 10" in
late summer.4-5'
x cantabrigiense ‘Biokova’-Wonderful groundcover featuring
white flowers with light pink veins and stamens. Excellent red to
HOSTA - Plaintain Lily (S, PS, SH)
orange fall color. 6-8"
‘Blue Angel’- Largest blue with heavily textured
x. Max Frei’- Deep magenta-pink flowers all summer.
leaves, white flowers. 4'
GEUM (Avens) S, PS
‘Flames of Passion’- Bright, orange-red flowers on a compact
plant. 10-12" Deer Resistant.
‘Totally Tangerine’-Soft orange flowers with a hint of yellow .
Long bloom time . 1-2'
HELENIUM - Helen’s Flower (Sun)
‘Fuego’-Orange with rings of yellowCompact 18-20" New
‘Short and Sassy’- Dwarf with multi-colred blooms of orange and
yellow with chocolate center.
HELIANTHUS - Perennial Sunflower (Sun)
x. ‘Lemon Queen’-Intense light yellow single blooms
4-6'. Great butterfly plant!
HELIOPSIS - False Sunflower (S, PS)
helianthoides ‘Summer Sun’- yellow 2" flowers, July- Sept. , 3-4'
HELLEBORUS -Hellebore (S, PS)
‘Brandywine’- David Culp hybrids-mix of colors and flower
Grape Galaxy’-3 ½" f;pwers scattered wotj dark purple flecks.
‘Red Racer’- 3 ½" wide burgundy flowers. Very floriforous.
‘’Sunshine Ruffles 3"’-golden yellow double flowers edged in
‘Cherry Cheeks’- Rose-pink blend with green-yellow
throat. Long bloomer.
‘Halls’ Pink’- Low growing light pink, 20"
‘Happy Returns’- 18", clear lemon-yellow blooms
from May to frost.
‘Hyperion’- 36", lemon yellow , fragrant.
‘Joan Senior’- Best of the near whites with 6"
‘Devil’s Advocate’-Huge sport of ‘Blue Angel’ with blue-green
leavesand green edges which turn apple green. 36" H x 48" W
‘First Frost’ Intense blue-green color. Emerges witha gold margin which c changes
to pure white. Leaves hold up well until the first frost..
‘Fragrant Bouquet’ - Apple green with yellow margins fading to white;
fragrant white flowers.
‘Francee’- Medium. Dark green heart-shaped leaves
with narrow white edges. Variegation holds up well
in full sun.
‘Frances Williams’- Very large. Blue-green round
puckered leaves with wide gold border, off-white blooms.
`Gold Standard’- Med.-large. Light green leaves with
a green border in spring. As season progresses, light green turns to creamy
yellow; lavender flowers. Morningsun brings out gold color.
‘Guacamole’- Large, chartreuse green leaves with dark
green edges, lavender flowers, 24". Fast grower.
‘Halcyon’- Medium. Spear-shaped blue-green leaves,
lavender flowers. Slug resistant.
‘June’- Blue-gray margins with bright cream center ringed by splashed of
lime-green. Lilac flowers. 16-20".
‘Love Pat’- Huge heart shaped blue leaves.
‘Patriot’- Heart-shaped dark green foliage with wide pure white margin.
Plantaginea- Fragrant white bells in Aug., green leaves,
‘Rainbow’s End’-Small (11") with shiny, variegated foliage.
Bright yellow leaves with dark green margins.
Rainforest Sunrise’-Small with thick flourescent gold leaves
surrounded by a dark green edge. 2013 Hosta of the Year.
‘Royal Standard’- Med.large. Rich green leaves with
fragrant white flowers in Aug. Good for cutting.
‘Stained Glass’-Sport of ‘Guacamole’ . Brilliant gold leaves with wide,
dark green margins. Fragrant, lavender flowers. Good sun tolerance.
‘Sum and Substance.’- Very large. Huge chartreuse
, light lavender flowers.
T-Rex-Huge clumps of blue-green foliage leaves measuring 18" long and
14" wide. Near white flowers.
ventricosa ‘Aureo-marginata’- Large wavy green
leaves with irregular margin of yellow to white; violet
HIBISCUS (Rose Mallow( (S, PS)
‘Blue River II’- Extremely long blooming huge white flowers
‘Midnight Marvel’- Deep purple foliage (in full sun) with deep
scarlet blooms. 4'x4' New
IBERIS -Candytuft (Sun)
cristata-Blue-violet flowers in spring. Great for naturalizing.
ensata (Japanese)e. ‘Picotee Wonder’- Blue-purple with white center. 28-36"
e. ‘Variegata’-Blue flowers, blades edged with white.
germanica ‘Batik’-deep bluish-purple with white splatters.
g. ‘Hello Darkness’- almost black
g. ‘Immortality Soft white
g. ‘Savannah Sunset’- Intense orange
s. ‘Caesar’s Brother’- 42", rich , deep blue flowers
s. Illini Charm’- 4" blooms of light wine and lilac
set off by a white blaze; . 24-28".
s.‘Ruffled Velvet’- 28", ruffled velvet purple, June.
s. White Swirl’- 30" ruffled white, slight hint of yellow throat.
versicolor- 3' Blue flag iris. Native. Needs wet.
palmata- 3', palm shaped leaves with large yellow
pendant flowers in Sept. Prefers acid soil.
LILIUM ‘Casablanca’- White, fragrant Oriental lilya
LIRIOPE - Lily Turf (S,PS,SH)
muscari ‘Big Blue’- 8-10" , broad leaves with violet
flowers late in season.
‘Variegata’- Variegated grass-like leaves, lavender blooms.
LOBELIA -Cardinal Flower (S, PS)
cardinalis-Brilliant red spikes in July & Aug. Needs moisture.
nummularia ‘Aurea’-flat growing yellow
groundcover requiring shade. Prefers shade
MEEHANIA cordata- (Meehan’s Mint)- Native groundcover with trailing stems and
blue flowers in spring ; Moist to average soil. 6-10". Deer resistant
MERTENSIA-Virginia Bluebells(Ps, Sh)
virginica- Bells open pink then turn blue , 2'.Goes
dormant in summer.
MONARDA -Bee Balm (S, PS))
‘Grand Parade’-Compact, with lavender-purple flowers. 1'
‘Jacob Kline’- Most mildew resistant red. June-July.
‘Marshall’s Delight’- Clear pink blooms, mildew resistant.
‘Raspberry Wine’-Buds resembling raspberries open
to wine red flowers , midsummer. 3-4. Mildew resistant.
‘Purple Rooster’-Royal purple N
NEPETA- Catmint, Catnip (S, PS)
‘Early Bird’-Starts blooming in late April with lavender-blue flowers.
Compact 10-12"
macedonia-many tiny, dark purple to dark red scabiosa
f. ‘Junior Walker’-Non-reseeding, low growing with lavender-blue
like flowers, July to frost.
flowers 18" New
f. ‘Walker’s Low’- Gray-green foliage with blue flowers from April to
LAMIASTRUM- False Lamium (PS,SH)
October. 18"
galeobdolon ‘Herman’s Pride’- dapples of silver on
‘Joanna Reed’- Dark violet flowers with full and well-branched habit.
green foliage , yellow flowers, late spring, 8'
LAMIUM maculatum - Dead Nettles (PS, SH)
PAONIA -Peony (Sun)
‘Beacon Silver’- Pink flowers over silver and green leaves. New
Mixed Colors
‘Orchid Frost’- Orchid-pink flowers, shimmering silvery centers
.Tree peony- Mixed colors.
and scalloped blue -green margins.
‘Purple Dragon’ -Unusually large, deep purple snapdragon-type PAPAVER- Oriental Poppy (Sun)
flowers over bright silvery foliage.
Allegro’ -red
‘White Nancy’- beautiful white flowering form.
‘Beauty of Livermere’Prince of Orange’
LAVANDIN-Lavender (Sun)
‘Princess Victoria Louise’
x intermedia ‘Dilly Dilly’-Large, extremely fragrant, violet blue
flowers above compact, 12" balls of spotless silver-gray foliage.
PARDANCANDA -Candy Lily (Sun)
x. int. ‘Phenomenal’-Silvery foliaga and deep purple flowers.
Dazzler Series- Dwarf strain of orchid iris with large flowers , mixed
Phenomenal winter hardiness and ressssistance to root and foliar
colors. 15-18"
PENSTEMON- Beard Tongue (S, PS)
‘Dark Towers’-Burgundy foliage with deep pink flower spikes.
‘Red Riding Hood’- Drought tolerant with red turular flowers.
‘Becky’- Long-lived, large single white, June-July, 36-42"
Hummingbirds love it!
LIATRIS - Gayfeather (S,PS)
s. ‘Floristan White’- White flowers, 3-4'
s. ‘Kobold’- 2' dwarf, purple.
PEROVSKIA -Russian Sage (Sun)
a. ‘Little Spires’-Deep violet flowers July-Sept., 25" tall.
‘Filigran’- 3-4', upright, long bloom, tremendous filagree foliage.
‘Longin’- Narrow and more upright.
LIGULARIA- Senecio (S, PS)
d. ‘Britt Marie Crawford’-Large, glossy, chocolate-maroon
leaves with dark purple underside. Large orange-yellow flowers in
amplexicaulis ‘Firetail’- 4', crimson-scarlet spikes,
late summer. 3-4'
June-Sept.,large dark green leaves. 15-18"
d. ‘Othello’- Large purple leaves and orange flowers,
polymorpha-Huge white plumes , July-Sept. 4-6'
stenocephala ‘The Rocket’- 3-4' spires of bright yellow , midlate summer.
p. ‘David’- very fragrant white flowers, highly
n. ‘Caradonna’- Violet - purple flowers with glowing
mildew resistant. 42.”
purple stems. Great with geraniums and purple heucheras.
p. ‘Delta Snow’-Short to med. ht., white flowers with purple eyes
‘Marcus’-Dwarf, purple
and clean foliage.
n. ‘May Night’- 12-14" deep purple spikes, Junep.’Purple Rain’-Fragrant purple flowers. Very mildew resistant.
July , again in Sept.
p. ‘Robert Poore’- 4-5' plant with clean foliage.Medium to dark SEDUM -Live Forever , Stonecrop (Sun)
pink fragrant blooms summer into fall.
‘Autumn Fire’-Improved ‘Autumn Joy’
s. ‘Fran’s Purple’- masses of purple flowers in spring .
white border around each leaf.
s. ‘Home Fires’- pink
cauticolum ‘Lidakense’-Blue foliage turns to reddish bronze in fall. Rose
s. ‘Sherwood Purple’-Clear purple , 6-10"
pink flowers in Aug-Sept.
subulata - white, pink and blue
‘John Creech’-2" tall with pink flowers in June. Great
ground cover.
PHYSOSTEGIA- Obedient Plant (S,PS)
kamtschaticum- green scalloped leaves with orangevirginiana ‘Miss Manners’- Well behaved, non spreading habit
yellow flowers in June, 4-5"
White flowers, June-Sept.18-24"
‘Matrona’- Gray-green edged in pink with large pink
v. ‘Variegata’- brightly variegated foliage with lilacflowers in Aug. 18-24"
pink flowers, late summer.
repestre ‘Angelina’- Golden yellow, needle-like foliage with yellow
flowers. 3-5"
PLATYCODON- Balloon Flower (S, PS)
sieboldii- flaring stems of gray-blue leaves, blooms
‘Astra Double Blue-Dwarf balloon flower with double periwinkle
in Oct.
blue flowers.
s. ‘Fuldaglut’- Bright bronze-red foliage all season.
‘Early Sentimental Blue’-6-8" dwarf form.
Rose -red flowers in summer.
g.’ Fuji Blue’- 20", deep blue.
‘Sun Sparkler Dazzleberry’- Rspberry colored flowers in late summer. 6g, ‘Fuji White’- 20-28" Pure white.
8" New
‘Vera Jamison’- 12-15" purple tinged foliage with
POLEMONIUM -Jacob’s Ladder (S, PS)
pink flowers, late summer.
reptans ‘Stairway to Heaven’- Stunning cream and green
variegated foliage with intense blue flowers in May-June. 12"
SEMPERVIVUM- Hens and Chicks (Sun)
POLYGONATUM- Solomon’s Seal (PS,SH
Specialty Blend -Rich mix of sempervivums and
falcatum ‘Variegatum’- White edged leaves, creamy
white flowers.
STACHYS -Lamb’s Ear (Sun)
‘Helene von Stein’- Large, wooly serrated silver
longifolia ‘Majeste’- Solid silver-gray foliage; blue
pink flowers. Very heat tolerant.
‘Raspberry Splash’- Raspberry-pink flowers and dark green,
STOKESIA- Stoke’s Aster (Sun)
silver-spotted foliage.
l. ‘Peachie’s Pick’-Clear blue flowers with compact habit and incredible
‘Silver Bouquet’-Coral pink flowers fade to violet over silver
flowering. 1-2'
leaves with
A touch of green spotting. 8"
TEUCRIUM- Germander (S, PS)
canadensis- low bush with pink flowers in late spring,
PULSATILLA (Pasque flower)Sun, PS)
glossy foliage. Good for mini-hedge or knot garden.
v. Rubra- Spring bloom with deep wine-red flowers and attractive
seed pods. 8-10"
THALICTRUM- Meadow Rue (S, PS)
lucidum-Fern-like foliage with fluffy, fragrant, creamy yellow flowers in
RODGERSIA -Rodger’s Flower (PS, SH)
midsummer. 24-48"
aesculifolia- 4', ivoary to pinkish spikes above bronze
rochebrunianum ‘Lavender Mist’- 6-8" lavender
sprays, late summer.
‘Cherry Blush’-Bright pink flowers above bronze to deep purple
TIARELLA -Foamflower (PS, SH)
cordifolia ‘Delaware’-Deep purple markings and dark red stems with deep
pink blooms.
RUDBECKIA - Coneflower (Sun)
c. Susquehanna’-Dark purple, almost black veining and pure white blooms
fulgida ‘Goldsturm’-Black-eyed Susan blooms all summer.
f. var. fulgida- Smaller and finer than ‘Goldsturm’&
longer flowering. July-Oct.
TRADESCANTIA- Spiderwort (S, PS)
maxima-Huge, powder blue leaves with large, deep gold
coneflowers in June-July Perfers moist soils. 6-7' NEW
x ‘Sweet Kate’- Clear yellow foliage and dark purple
nitida ‘Herbstonne’- (‘Autumn Sun) Golden yellow flowers on
stems, mid-late summer
SALVIA - Meadow Sage (Sun)
azurea-Azure blue flowers on gray-green foliage. Blooms late
summer into fall. 3-5'
‘Eveline’-Tall spikes of light pink with dark Calyces. Very tidy
nemorosa ‘Blue Hill’- Compact, true blue flowers
that bloom all summer.
‘Samurai’-Green leaves tieh creamy gold edges and small, lily-lie flowers
with dark purple spotting and yellow throats.
VERNONIA-Ironweed (Sun)
lettermanii ‘Iron Butterfly’-Native with masses of deep-violet purple
flowers from late summer-fall. 30-36"
VERONICA -Speedwell (S,PS)
longifolia ‘Eveline’-Unique rred-violet spikes from June to
August. 15-18"
VERONICASTRUM- Culver’s Physic (Sun)
v. ‘Lavender Towers’-Elegant pale purple spires. 4-5'
WALDSTEINIA -Barren Strawberry (S, PS)
ternata - Strawberry-like leaves, yellow flowers in
good groundcover.
YUCCA -Adam’s Needle (Sun)
‘Golden Sword’-Rich yellow leaves with green margins.
ADIATUM- Maiden Hair (PS,SH)
pedatum 24-30", graceful horseshoe fronds
p. ‘Imbricatum’- shorter version
x’Branford Rambler’-Some of the variegation of the
painted fern with drought tolerance of the lady fern. A
nice groundcover. 2' tall and 3' wide.
x. ‘Ghost’- Stunning silver-white fronds aging to
felix- femina -Fine, lacey fronds, likes moisture.
f.f. Frizellae-Tatting fern has long narrow fronds with scalloped
f.f. ‘Lady-in-Red’- Lady fern with sultry red stems.
.f. ‘Victoriae’- Spectacular fern with fronds up to 3'
nipponicum‘Pictum’-Japanese painted fern. Silver,
red, and green fronds. 8-20"
bonariensis- Bright lavender blue flowers on upright wands. Tender, but self
seeds. 3-4'
AKEBIA-Chocolate Vine -Twining vine with wine-red fragrant
Numerous varietie
anomala petiolaris- vigorous grower; white
blossoms in June. Tolerates heavy shade.
LONICERA x heckrotti ‘Gold Flame’- fragrant coral-pink
buds with yellow centers all summer; bluish-green
SCHIZOPHRAGMA -False Hydrangea Vine (PS)
‘Moonlight’-Pewter blue leaves with grren and pink veining. Big white
flowers in July.
‘Roseum’- Soft pink sepals from June-July.
macrostachya ‘Blue Moon’-- Lavender blue , fragrant flowers in late
April. Reblooms throughout summer. 15-25'
CALAMAGROSTIS - Feather Reed Grass (Sun)
arundinacea var. brachytricha- Performs well in shade as well as sun.
Pink feathery plumes in fall. 3-4'
x. acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’- 4-5', upright habit, showy feather plumes,
CAREX -Sedge (S, PS
DENNSTAEDTIA punctiilobula- Hay scented fern has delicate green fronds
appalachica- goof grass substitute for dry shade
that smell like freshly mown hay when crushed. In fall fronds turn
divulsa-Forms a green clump that is tolerant of sun or shade, wet or dry
coppery orange. Good groundcover. 15-24"
m.’ ‘Ice Dance’- Semi-evergreen grass-like
erythrosora ‘Brilliance’- Young fronds are bright orange and
foliage edged pure white
tend to hold their color longer through the season.
m. ‘Silver Sceptre’-Narrow leaves with white edges. Fairly sun and salt
struthiopteris- 3-5' erect fronds, vase shaped.
CHASMANATHIUM- Northern Sea Oats (Sun)
latifolium- 3' tall with showy, drooping, bambooOSMUNDA (PS,SH)
like foliage. Nice in floral arrangements.
cinnamomea- Best in wet areas, but adaptable.
regalis- Royal Fern. 2-5' graceful fronds form
DESCHAMPSIA -Tufted Hair Grass (Sun)
massive clumps.
Cool season clumping evergreen grassnwith dark green foliage airy,
delicate flowers. Likes moisture. 1POLYSTICHUM- (PS, SH)
acrostichoides - Christmas fern. Evergreen frond
EQUISETUM hyemale- Horsetail (Sun)
Likes moist soil around a pond edge. Dark green, jointed
spreads quickly. Foliage good for flower arrangements.
decursive-pinnata-Japanese Beech fern. Clump
forming with tidy habit. 1-2'
FESTUCA -Fescue (Sun)
ovina glauca ‘Elijah Blue’- Compact with silvery blue foliage.
praecox ‘Albus’- Emerald green mats with white
flowers, May-June.
p. ‘Pink Chintz’- Long blooming salmon-pink flowers in
p. ‘Purple Carpet’- Flat, fine foliage, flame flowers.
macra ‘All Gold’ -Gleaming, metallic gold;
more upright and spiky than the type.
macra ‘Aureola’- 2' variegated bright gold and white. A bright spot in the
shade garden!
‘Royal Burgundy’- Rich burgundy foliage, compact.
‘Rosy Glow’- upright, rosy red foliage
giganteus -Giant Silver Grass. 8-12' plumes, silvery
spikes Oct.-Jan.
sinensis ‘Adagio’- 4', thin silver foliage, pink
inflorescence turning white.
‘Dixieland’- Dwarf variegated grows 2-3'
s. ‘Gracillimus’- Maiden Grass. 5-8' , slender blades
with silver plumes. Stays nice all winter.
“Little Kitten’-Petite Maiden grass, 15". Deep bronze in late
s. “Little Zebra’- Vivid yellow banding on a 3-4' planat with
attractive reddishh plumes. Unlikely to flop or reseed.
s. ‘Morning Light’- Variegated Maiden Grass.
Subtle narrow variegation, creamy plumes, late.
s.‘Sarabande’- 4-5' with fine textured silvery foliage.
s. ‘Silverfeil’- Variegated Japanese Silver Grass.
5-7' variegated blades.
‘Zebrinus’- Zebra Grass. 4-6' , green and yellow
alternating stripes.
MOLINIA- Purple Moor Grass (Sun)
caerula ssp. arundinacea ‘Skyracer’- 7-8' yellow-gold seed
heads in early fall over shorter clumps of gray-green foliage.
PANICUM -Switch Grass (Sun)
v. ‘Cloud Nine’-Airy seed heads over a vase shaped plant with
blue gray foliage. 8'
v. ‘Heavy Metal’- 3-4', upright metallic blue,
bright yellow fall color.
v. ‘Northwind’- Green-tan inflorescence, blue-green foliage. 6'
‘v ‘Ruby Ribbons’- Metallic blue foliage with red overtones in
summer, turning redder as fall approaches.
v.Shenandoah’-Bright red foliage appears in June with red
flowers in summer. 3'
PENNISETUM - Fountain Grass. (Sun)
a. ‘Cassian’- Good fall color, 30-36"
a. ‘Hameln’- 2-3' tufts, enormous tassles.
a. ‘Little Bunny’- 1', great for the rock garden.
a. ‘Piglet’-Shorter than ‘Hameln’ with fine textured blades and
fluffy, tan flower hears. 18"
o. ‘Karley Rose’- Deep green blades wtih smokey rose- purple
flowers from late May to frost. 3'
SCHIZACHRIUM -Little Blue Stem - (Sun)
scopariium ‘Blaze’-2-3', upright with bright red fall color.
s. ‘The Blues’- native warm season grass
for poor, dry soils. 3' . In fall, deep burgundy-red
mixes with the blue color.
s. MinnBlueA (Blue Heaven)- Taller, more upright form with
dark blue to burgundy foliage during summer, turning purple,
violet, then red in fall. 4'
‘Standing Ovation’-Sturdy upright habit with fiery red fall color.
SPOROBOLIS heterolepsis- Prairie Dropseed (Sun)
2-3' Clumping grass with delicate open panicles. Turns orange in
the fall and creamy white in winter. thrives in sunny, dry
Aesculus parvifolia (Bottlebrush buckeye
Azalea‘Gibralter’- dediduous, orange flowers
Berberis (Barberry)
‘Bonanza Gold’-Compact yellow
Concorde’- Dwarf ball with velvety, deep purple foliage.
‘Crimson Pygmy’-Dwarf red leaf
Buddleia-(Butterfly Bush)
Numerous varieties
Buxus ‘Green Velvet’ -Compact boxwood, 3'
Buxus ‘Winter Gem’- Looser habit, 5'.
Callicarpa D. ‘Issai’- Beautyberry
Pinkish blooms followed by metallis purple berries.
Sun, Part shade.
Caryopteris (Bluebeard, Blue mist spiraea)
‘Dark Knight’- deep blue flowers, Aug;
‘Petit Bleu’ -Tight compact growth with deep
blue flowers and dark green, glossy foliage.
Chaenomeles- Quince
‘Cameo’- Compact, coral flowers
‘Scarlet Storm’-Lipstick red flowers in sparing , 4-5'
Chamaecyparis‘Gold Thread’- Dwarf cypress with bright gold foliage.
Clethra alnifolia- Summersweet’
‘Hummingbird’-Compact with white flowers. 4'
Clethra a. ‘Ruby Spice’- pink, non-fad
' Cornus x ‘Aurora’- white flowers
‘Cotinus c. Royal Purple’-Smokebush with maroon foliage.
Cotoneaster apiculata
Deutzia g. ‘Nikko’-White flowers on low growing plant; \
beautiful fall color
Euonymous alatus Compacta- Dwarf Burning Bush.
Forsythia x intermedia ‘Lynwood Gold’
‘Blue Shadow’- 5-6' with honey scented white flowers and striking
blue foliage.
major- native, -6'
Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold’s Promise’-Yellow flowering
arborescens ‘Incrediball’- Improved ‘Annabelle’ with massive flowers
and strong stems.
m. ‘Endless Summer’- Mop-head that blooms on old and new growth all
summer. Pink blooms in alkaline soil, blue in acid. 3-5'
m. ‘Twist ‘n Shout’- lace cap
paniculata ‘BoBo’-Petite plant with huge flowers. 30-36"
p. ‘Bombshell’-2-3' , late blooming
p. ‘Little Lime’- shorter version of ‘Limelight’ 3-4'
p. ‘Limelight’- Lime-green flowers in mid-late summer.
p. ‘Pinky Winky’- Strong stems with pink flowers.
p. ‘Quick Fire’- Early June blooming pink.
p.‘Tardiva’-white turning pink, late summer
quercifolia ‘Pee Wee’- Dwarf Oak leaf , white flowers,beautiful fall color.
q. ‘Snow Queen
Tree Hydrangeas- ‘Limelight’, ‘Quickfire’, ‘Tardiva’
Hypericum k. ‘Sunburst’-Bright yellow flowers all summer. 2-3'
x Sunny Boulevard’
Itea virginica- Sweetspire
‘Henry’s Garnet’-White fragrant flowers in June; gorgeous scarlet fall
color. 3-4'
‘Little Henry’- Same attributes but 2-3'
Juniper ‘Daub’s Frosted’–Spreading, green with gold tips. Deer resistant..
squamata ‘Blue Star’-Rich blue rounded mound.
Kerria japonica- ‘Golden Guinea’ yellow single flowers in May and
sproadically throughout the summer.
Microbiota decussata (Russian cypress)
Juniper-like ground cover for shade.
Philadelphus x ‘Snowbelle’-Compact, doublee white mock orange
Physocarpus (Nine Bark)
Coppertina’- Light-pink flowers, copper-colored foliage, red fall color. 8'
‘Summerwine’-burgundy foliage, white flowers. 5-6'
Picea abies nidiform- Bird’s Nest Spruce
‘Dorothy Wyckoff’ - pink flowers
‘Mt. Fire’- White flowers, red new growth
Pinus mugo-Mugho pine
Potentila- ‘ Dakota Sun Spot- yellow
‘Happy Face’-yellow
‘Happy Face White’
‘PJM’-Early, lavender pink
Salix ‘Hakuro Nishiki’-Dappled Willow
Variegated foliage. Shear to retain.
Spiraea ‘Alpina’- dwarf, pink.12"
‘Double Play’-Blue-green foliage emerges purple-red. Pink flowers. 2'
‘Gold Mound’- Bright yellow foliage
‘Little Princess’-pink flowers in summer.2'
‘Magic Carpet’- keeps gold foliage
through the summer. 18"
‘Neon Flash’- Vivid red flowers, purple -green new
x ‘Renaissance’- Bridal Veil has cascading habit.
Stephanandra incisa ‘Crispa’- Woody ground cover, likes shade
‘B;oomerang’- Reblooming , compact with dark lilac flowers.
meyeri ‘Palibin’- Dwarf 4-5' , fragrant, single ,lilac blooms.
patula ‘Miss Kim’- 6-7', fragrant, lilac
.reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’- Tree lilac with creamy white flowers. 20-25'.
v. ‘Krasavitsa Moskwy- Beauty of Moscow, pale pink.
v. ‘Senation’-Single purple florets with pure white
border. 8-10'
v. ‘Yankee Doodle’-Dark purple, single flowers. 8'
x. hyacintha ‘Pocahontas’-Deep maroon buds open to single violet flowers.
burkwoodii-Glossy foliage and fragrant white flowers.
plicatum tomentosum ‘Mariessi-8-10', horizontal branching, white
p.t. ‘Shasta’- Similar to ‘Mariessi’ but 6'
p. t.’Summer Snowflake-‘Continuous bloom with red fruit in fall. 5-6'
Vitex (Chaste Tree)-Large shrub with showy blue spikes in summer.
‘Wine and Roses’- Dark burgundy foliage and deep rosy-pink flowers.
‘Blushing Knockout’- Light pink sport of ‘Knockout’
‘Double Knockout- pink or red
‘The Fairy’- Compact, double-pink
‘New Dawn’- Soft pink climber
‘William Baffin’- Zone 3, deep pink climber.
Carpet Roses- assorted colors
Vaccinium (Blueberry)
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