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 Members of the National Committee of CPPCC,
Welcome, and congratulations on being placed on one of the most exciting committees at
NUMUN XII. I am incredibly excited to be serving as the Chair of the Chinese People’s Political
Consultative Conference. My vice chairs, crisis staffers, moderator and I have worked tirelessly
since last October to guarantee an informative and fulfilling conference experience for you, and I
cannot wait to listen to your opinions on some of the most significant issues in China.
As you are probably aware, CPPCC’s role is somewhat analogous to an advisory legislative upper
house and functions as an institution for multiparty cooperation and political consultation.
Although this role is limited in China’s political structure in reality, we want to make use of its
diverse nature and see NUMUN as a platform to drive changes and make a difference. The
National Committee of CPPCC at NUMUN blends they style of a crisis committee with the
traditional Model UN framework, and we will have the unique opportunity to understand China’s
perspectives on worldwide issues including health care inequality, South China Sea Disputes and
air pollution.
CPPCC is a fast-paced committee requiring you to be prepared and react swiftly to the multitude
of crises in China, and the key to your research is to understand things from China’s perspective
and put China’s benefits above all. We encourage you to address some of your personal
ideologies in the conference as long as it fits your assigned position and background, but like all
political debates, it is also crucial to understand the possible consequences of doing so, especially
in a committee based in China.
Your position papers should provide me with an adept understanding of China’s position and
your beliefs for each topic. The Recommended Sources section in the Background Guides should
be a great place to start your research. If you are having any trouble with your research or any
general question, feel free to reach out to us at ​
[email protected]​
Good luck and have fun!
Yiyao ‘Annie’ Fu