Name • First Name: Nazar • Father`s Name : Abdulameer • Grand

Father's Name : Abdulameer
Grand Father's Name: Hamzah
First Name: Nazar
Surname (Family): AL-jebur
Mother's Name: Waheeba Mohsin Rahi
Personal Data
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 25-09-1972
Place of Birth : Karbala Province – Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi
Mutual Status : Married her full name is Nedema Fahdil Saeed
Child: Three
Passport No.: A1122917 , Date of issue: 15/09/2010 Date of expire : 12/09/2018
Office Address: Assistant Professor in College of Biotechnology/ University of Al -Qadisiya/
Diwaniya Province/ Iraq/ P.O Box: 88
Mobile: 00964 7801316227
E-mail: [email protected]
Home Address : Al Taliea District/ Babylon Province/ Iraq
1999 (B.Sc.): Bachelor of Science in Biology: Biology Department/ College of Science/
University of Babylon/ Babylon Province/ Iraq
2005 (M.Sc.): Master of Science in Biotechnology: Biotechnology Department/ College of
Science/ Baghdad University/ Baghdad Province/ Iraq.
2010 (PhD.): Doctor of Philosophy in Enzymology: Biology Department/ College of Science /
University of Baghdad/ Baghdad Province/ Iraq.
Teaching of Semesters
Molecular Biology semester for forth year stage students that contain: Chemistry of DNA, Anatomy
of genes, Replication of DNA, Human genome, Transcription, Translation, Proteins and Genetic
Microbial Genetics semester for forth year stage students that contain: Regulati on of gene
expression, Mutations, Recombination, Transformation, Transfection, Viral genome, Transduction.
Medicinal plants semester for third year stage students that contain phytochemistry and
secondary metabolites.
Researches of graduating for forth year stage students that contain enzymology and bioseperation.
Biotechnology for M.Sc. student that contain: Genetic engineering, protein, enzymology and
Computer Skills
Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point. Scientific Software: Arc View GIS, and Surfer 8.0
Language Proficiency:
Arabic: mother tongue
English: well
Experience Certificates
Qualification in Educational Preparation: Issued from Al-Qadisiya University (2010).
Qualification Certificate in Internet: Issued from Baghdad University (2010).
Qualification Certificate in Technology of Teaching: Issued from / Al -Qadisiya University (2010).
Qualification Certificate in Computers: Issued from/ Al-Qadisiya University (2002).
Qualification Certificate in English Language Issued from Collage of Education/Babylon University
Qualification Certificate in ISO Issued from Al-Qadisiya University (2011).
Hamzah, N.A., (2012): Main properties of Urease Partially Purified from Seeds of Syrian Mesquite
(Prosopis farcta). Published in Journal of Babylon University, Vol. (20) No. (7).
Hamzah, N.A. and Jabor, M.A. (2012). Effect of Some Inhibitors on Protease Extracted from
Caper(Capparis spinosa L.) Published in Journal of Kerbala University, Vol. (10) No. (2).
Diyer,K. F. and Hamzah, N.A. (2012). Epidemiological, Immunological and Physiological Study of
Viral Hepatitis Type B,C and E viruses in Babylon Province. Published in Journal AL-Qadisiyah for Pure
Pcience, Vol (17) No. (4).
Hamzah, N.A. (2013) Study of Pysicochemical and Kinetics Features of Peroxidase Isolated from
hoary cress (Cardaria draba L.). Published in the Biology Journal of Kufa Unversity.Vol (5) No. (1).
Hamzah, N.A. and Sahib, M.M. (2014) Partial Purification of Metallorprotease from Acacia
farnesiana. Published in the Biology Journal of Kufa Unversity.