District Good News Report for March

Clintonville High School
February 2015 Good News Report
Presented by: Lance Bagstad, High School Principal
High School Vision Statement
Clintonville High School will prepare students to be contributing members of our global society by creating an
innovative learning community, featuring actively involved students, caring staff and high quality facilities.
18-21 Year Old Program
The students have started their volunteer work experiences to transfer the skills they are learning in isolation in the
classroom to the real world. Every Thursday for 2 hours, the students rotate between Shopko, Cobblestone Inn, and the
public library. The goal of these volunteer work experiences is to get exposure for the students to show off their abilities
to the employers and store customers vs. being stereotyped by their disabilities. Currently, the students are volunteering
at these work sites but our main goal is for one or all of them to eventually be hired on by the company after showing off
their skills of being a dependable worker. While at their work sites, they have a job coach with them (either a
paraprofessional or classroom teacher) who are there to ensure their safety and to assist them in learning the new skills.
Some of the jobs they perform are: organizing clothing by size on the racks, organizing shoes by size, cleaning hotel
rooms, dusting shelves/ putting books away, etc. The students even designed and ordered work shirts to wear to their job
sites from now on and are very excited about this great learning opportunity.
ACT+Writing and ACT WorkKeys
All of the juniors completed the ACT+Writing and the ACT WorkKeys testing on March 3rd and March 4th. We had only
the juniors at school on March 3rd for the ACT+Writing. All reports from testing proctors were positive and they felt that
our students took the testing very seriously. Some also reported that allowing the juniors to leave after testing was a nice
incentive for them. The ACT+Writing is an intensive 4 ½ hours of testing and allowing the juniors to have the afternoon off
was a nice “thank you” for their hard work and effort on the exams.
75 questions
45 minutes
Measures standard written English and
rhetorical skills.
Measures mathematical skills students
Mathematics 60 questions
60 minutes
have typically acquired in courses taken
up to the beginning of grade 12.
40 questions
35 minutes
Measures reading comprehension.
Measures the interpretation, analysis,
40 questions
35 minutes
evaluation, reasoning, and problemsolving skills required in the natural
Measures writing skills emphasized in
Writing Test
1 prompt
30 minutes
high school English classes and in entrylevel college composition courses.
Source: http://www.actstudent.org/testprep/descriptions/?_ga=1.130692236.24318198.1421759295
We had all of the juniors take the ACT WorkKeys together in the commons on March 4th. All of the junior homeroom
advisors assisted with proctoring that exam. This exam helps students understand their career readiness.
Overview of ACT WorkKeys
ACT WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system that helps employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a highperformance workforce. This series of tests measures foundational and soft skills and offers specialized assessments to
target institutional needs.
Successful completion of ACT WorkKeys assessments in Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for
Information can lead to earning ACT's National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT NCRC), a portable credential earned
by more than 2.3 million people across the United States.
Source: http://www.act.org/products/workforce-act-workkeys/
Student Scheduling
The scheduling process for students has been completed and we are now working on determining which courses will be
offered next year. We will be looking over the student requests in the next couple of weeks and we will be working on the
master schedule. This process will take a little time to work through, but we hope to have a pretty good idea of what this
will look like within the next couple of weeks.
Rotary Students of the Month
The Clintonville Rotary continues to honor Students of the Week from Clintonville High School. These students are
selected for academic achievements, but also for other activities in which they are involved in the school and community.
The students honored over the last month were Danielle Kiefer, Dakota Sears, and Allison Johnson. Congratulations to
these fine students.
Appleton Post-Crescent Scholars of the Week
We had two students honored by the Post-Crescent for their Scholar of the Week. Christine Betz and Jarren Vanman
were honored. The information below appeared in the Post-Crescent on February 8, 2015.
Jarren Vanman
Jarren, son of Richard and Judy Vanman, has set himself apart with his academic success and involvement in school and
the community. Jarren has been an outstanding and very involved student in his four years at Clintonville High School.
Jarren is Valedictorian of his class of 105 students. He maintains this grade point while being involved in the school and
the community. Jarren has been involved in Soccer, Track, Math League, National Honor Society, Ski Club, Forensics,
School Play, Pit Orchestra, Honors Reading, Running Club, Band, and Pep Band during his high school years. Outside of
school, Jarren is involved with his church, plays indoor soccer, 4-H, is a Rec Soccer Referee, and volunteers at Ruby’s
Pantry. Jarren is still undecided between UW-Stevens Point, UW-Platteville and UW-Madison for a possible major in
mathematics, engineering or science.
Christine (Chrissy) Betz
Christine, daughter of Eric and Beth Betz, has been a very dedicated and involved student throughout her high school
career. Chrissy is the Salutatorian for the Class of 2015. Chrissy has been active in her four years at Clintonville High
School participating in Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Math League. She has been very active in the community
through volunteer work at Ruby’s Pantry, a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army, and active participation in her church youth
group. Chrissy will be attending UW-La Crosse for her bachelor’s degree in sports medicine or psychology and, upon
earning her degree, will be applying to the Physician Assistant Program.
February Good News
Clintonville Middle School
From Mr. Zoellick, Ms. Miller, Ms. Bramschreiber, and Ms. Flannery
Northern Lakes Field Trip
Our 5th Graders just returned from their annual Northern Lakes Field Trip. The trip went very well and the kids
had a great time. More info in the next Good News Report!!
From Ms. Flannery and Mrs. Arrowood
Student Council: SnowBall Dance and Flower Sale
In February, CMS Student Council organized a flower sale of carnations. Many students and staff bought
flowers to support the group. Students also danced the night away at the SnowBall on February 13th. There
were concessions available through the school store and a photographer to help capture the memories for the
students. Students were able to use their Trucker Tickets for admission and for concessions at the dance! This
was a great event and we are excited for future school events like this. Student council will be using profits
from the flower sale and admissions at the dance to pay for future events such as a Spring Fling and a
Summer Bash.
From Kristin Brock (not just middle school related but please share)
ESL/Bilingual Program Family Literacy
The ESL/Bilingual Program is holding Family Literacy classes in Bear Creek for Spanish-speaking families in
the community. For eight weeks, adults can come and learn English for free while their children participate in
activities such as board games, crafts, movies, and iPads. Students can also get help with homework during
this time, and a meal is provided for families at the end of class. We are currently in our fifth week of class,
and we have about ten adults and fifteen children who attend regularly. Classes are held at St. Mary’s Parish
Center on Thursday evenings.
From Mr. Petermann and Mr. Muthig
Hoops for Heart
Clintonville Middle School (CMS) conducted a “Hoops for Heart” Event for the
American Heart Association on Friday, January 30, 2015. The middle school
students raised over $2400!
Starting in January right after the holiday break, the Physical Education
Department of CMS began the Hoops for Heart campaign. Under the direction
of Physical Education teachers Dean Muthig and Bob Petermann, the students
were taught basketball skills and the importance of a healthy heart/lifestyle to
promote healthy living and good health. Students obtained pledges and
donations either by word of mouth or through online webpage donations to raise
money for the American Heart Association. Funds raised are used for heart
healthy awareness, research, and health care.
The motivation for students to raise money, besides doing something good for others and helping the 36,000
children born each year with heart problems, was a students vs. the faculty basketball game. In order to play
in the game, students had to secure donations. Using an all-school assembly recognizing student
achievement and positive attitudes and behaviors, students were treated to a basketball game against “willing”
staff members. Students from each grade level, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, played in the game. It was a
resounding success and something that will be attempted again next year.
Leading donation getters for each grade were as follows: 5th Grade – Carolyn Sasse ($150); 6th Grade –
Emilee Acevedo ($200); 7th Grade – Gavin Muthig ($285); and 8th Grade - Allyssa Ritchie ($50).
From Mrs. Heyer and Ms. Long
Solo and Ensemble
Our 7th and 8th Grade students just performed at Solo and Ensemble, we’ll have results in our next Good
News Report!!
From Mr. Petermann and Mr. Muthig
Archery Unit
Over the past two weeks students at the middle
school were exposed to their second year of our
National Archery in the Schools Program. 400+
students learned about the various types of archery
and how to safely participate in the sport and have fun
doing it! Students were taught proper form and
enjoyed several days of shooting. This unit seems to
have very high interest here at the Middle School.
The amount of students that were really excited about
the unit was off the charts. Mr. Muthig had students
actually upset that they missed a day of shooting
because they were absent from school on one of their
shooting days! More than any other unit that is taught
in PE, Archery is one of the activities where students
of all ability levels can feel like they’ve been
successful! Thank you for granting our students the
opportunity to experience this sport!
From Mrs. Rose
Mrs. Rose's CMS art students are working hard to create and collect a body of work for the upcoming
Clintonville Public School District Art Faire on May 14th. The Art Faire will include art work from the high
school, middle school, and elementary school students. So far every student who has completed their rotation
of art at the middle school has selected and submitted a work of art. Included are some photos of a few 8th
graders' paintings for a project called My Starry Night where students studied the work and technique of
Vincent Van Gogh and re created their own version of his painting The Starry Night.
From Mr. Rose
The 7th and 8th grade girls STEM day at UWSP was a tremendous success! A total of 42 girls registered for
the event, which was awesome! The event was capped at 500 students, and Clintonville Middle School was
one of the largest groups represented from schools across the state. The optional field trip provided students
with experiences that were fun and educational on STEM related topics. Students constructed roller coasters,
worked with polymers to make bouncy balls, did chromatography work in a t-shirt design, designed model
airplanes, and made an electric motor, among many other things. The girls listened to keynote speakers in
how there is a need for girls to continue in science and related fields, and not to give up on yourself, and
instead to overcome stereotypes, persevere and accomplish great things. Mr. Rose and Mr. Taylor are very
pleased by our students behavior and punctuality, and it was a great experience. Thank you students!
Facebook and Family Engagement
Prior to November 7, the Middle School Facebook page had a mere 44 “Likes” and the only post on the page
was a negative post about the culture of the school. After the re-boot on November 7th, we have seen our
page “Likes” jump to 169 (as of today), but more importantly, parents and the community are beginning to
engage with us. The feedback we have received is resoundingly positive-parents tell us they love getting to
follow the AWESOME their kids experience every day at Clintonville Middle School.
Mobile Newsletter
We shared this with you last meeting, be we have also launched a mobile newsletter, which has been
incredibly successful in it’s first two months. Our January newsletter, released in December has had 298 views,
with more added weekly, and last month’s newsletter has already had 213 views in less than a month. The
average time spent on the page is three minutes, which means people are doing more than simply scrolling
down the page. Most of the content I’m sharing with you today, has already appeared on Facebook and in last
month’s newsletter.
Middle School Mobile App
And...Finally...the CMS Trucker Pride mobile app is now available for download on the Google Play and Apple
Stores! This app will allow students, parents, teachers, and the community to get the latest news and stay
connected to the AWESOME we get to experience every day at CMS. Stay tuned for more details...we may
even have a big release party in the works.
Rexford / Longfellow Elementary School
Good News Report!
March, 2015
#TruckerPride ☺
We are still in the process of making our school look more like an elementary school. When walking through the
halls you will notice:
• 4th grade: WI information
3rd grade: Planets in the Solar System
2nd grade: Working on the 4 seasons and measurements
1st grade: Positive quotes
Both Gyms: Alphabet (caps & smalls) and Directions (N,S,E,W)
Art & Music: Working on their updates!
Nurse & OT / PT: Working on their updates
Stairwell by Grade 3: Math pictures and vocabulary
It is AWESOME to see all of the neat ideas that teachers are coming up with!
Staff and students celebrated the 100th day of school with many fun math activities! Fun was had by all…especially
when they saw the 100 YEARS pictures…thanks, Katlin (Jarvis) Dilge for knowing that “there is an app for that!”
We are collecting for Jump Rope for Heart – Be looking for pictures next time for the activity on Tuesday, March
KidStage is well underway! Kayla Lautenschlager is running this weekly group after school of students who would
like to be our next generation of Hollywood Stars!! We have 21 students enrolled, in Kindergarten through 4th
grade. We are preparing a series of small skits & short jokes that will be performed in front of friends and family
on March 24th. We are hoping to continue with this program with another session in the future! We also have 3
great volunteers who are helping us out: Tarah, MaKayla, & Meadow!
The week of March 2 is devoted to celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Teachers and students have been decorating
their doors for a contest, and there have been dress up days each week. Monday was a birthday party at the
Clintonville Public Library at 6:30. Tuesday: Crazy Sock Day, Wednesday: Hat Day, Thursday: Dress as your
favorite book character, and Friday: PJ Day!
Grade 4 took their annual field trip to Navarino Slopes. Claire Kasson, 4th grade student told me this: Students
went snowshoeing and learned a lot about the outdoors. They got to see two porcupines and where where they
were hiding, and they learned about the bogs. They visited an old bog that was out of water, and a new bog that
was dry right now, but will be full of water in the summer. After the nature education was done, students ended
their day by sledding down the slopes in inner tubes.
Good News...Dellwood Early Learning Center
● The Circus has come to Dellwood. The students in Mrs. Heilman’s class performed their acts
at Kindred Hearts and Green Tree Health Care Center on March 3 and at Dellwood on March
5. Mr. Young’s class will perform…
● Early Registration occurred March 6th.
Waiting to Perform!
3 Elephants
Good News...Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Department (TLC)
Inservice and Staff Development Updates:
● Department scope and sequence work is continuing as Department Chairs, Administrators and
Teachers are discussing where in the curriculum we are not addressing the standards, what
are we duplicating in grade levels and determining where curricular needs are.
● March 13th: By building in the morning then activity with staff on the technology scope and
sequence for students
● The after school offerings are going over well. Not only are survey results positive, but staff
have been using the technology and strategies presented. We are looking forward to
expanding our offerings next year.
Assessment Update:
● ACT (Gr. 11) went extremely well. Make up day is March 17.
● Good news: From the sounds of it, our TOMS rosters (Badger Exam uploaded student data
system) from DPI were not as messed up as other districts! Kudos to Carol Erickson for
keeping things up to date.
● Badger Exam Window (Gr. 3-8): March 30-May 22
● ACT Aspire Window (Gr. 9,10): April 27-May 21
Climate Update:
● Attendance has not risen to the levels of semester one due mainly to illness recently. A letter
has gone home to parents and announcements at every building underscore the importance of
being in school and trying your best every day.