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It’s always cocktail hour! See here is a picture of my clock to prove
So on that note here are some ThermoFun Facebook Member
Recommendations on cocktail recipes!
Baileys Hazelnut Cocktail:
Baileys Irish Cream:
Barnamint Baileys Cocktail:
Bellini Peach:
Every Day Cookbook
Bev & Jo’s Margarita:
Blushing Buck:
Celebration Cocktail:
Every Day Cookbook (first edition spiral bound)
Champagne Cranberry Mojito:
Champagne Lychee Cocktail:
Fresh Fruit Daiquiri:
Frozen Illusion Cocktail:
Frozen Mojito:
Fruit Cocktail:
Gin Fizz Cocktail:
Iced Coffee Cocktail:
Kiwi Splice Cocktail:
Long Island Iced Tea:
Margarita Sorbet:
Every Day Cookbook – 2nd edition
Festive cookbook
Orange, Apple & Sherry Cocktail:
Peach Bellini:
Every Day Cookbook
Pina Colada:
Pina Colada:
Pina Colada:
Every Day Cookbook
Sea Breeze:
Sensational Sun City Citrus Cocktail:
Strawberry Champagne:
Devil of a Cookbook
Strawberry Daiquiri:
Every Day Cookbook
Strawberry Daiquiri:
Strawberry Daiquiri:
Strawberry Vodka:
Thermomix App.
Summer Cocktail:
Sunshine Smoothie:
Tropical/Midori Splice:
Every Day Cookbook
White Russian:
Wiki-Mojo Cocktail:
Other suggestions:
• Sorbet - add vodka
• Lime and mint sorbet with rum for a frozen mojito
• Blitz frozen pineapple & frozen coconut water cubes.... Add
fresh lime and mint, Bacardi or gin and a good splash of
champas and top with a fresh strawberry.
• 1 tin of pineapple including juice, I tray of ice and Bacardi.
• Chichis: ice, coconut cream, pineapple juice, vanilla vodka (or
vodka and vanilla essence).
• Lime mojito: crush ice, add a bottle of lime mojito premix and
fresh mint leaves and mix.
• Mango daiquiris
• Lemon and lime sorbet with mint and a slug of vodka for
• Strawberry sorbet with a slug of Cassis.
• Ice, soda water, whichever soda stream syrup you like &
alcohol. Eg: cola & Malibu.
• Watermelon sorbet (without egg white) and vodka
• Malibu, Bacardi, coconut cream, pineapple juice sorbet.
• Peach schnapps, ice and orange juice (daily juice works well) they are called a fluffy navel.
• Sorbet - peaches and mango vodka
• Pineapple juice frozen into ice Cubes, ice, Midori, Malibu and a
dash of a Thickened Cream or Coconut Cream! Make as you
would sorbet then add alcohol last.
• Vodka, ice and cranberry juice.
• Frozen lycees, ice and Malibu
• Ice, vodka, strawberries and strawberry liqueur.
• Kahlua, ice, and milk.
• Iced coffee: ice, milk, coffee and baileys Irish cream
• Strawberry slushies: raspberry vodka, strawberry liqueur,
fresh strawberries and ice.
• Freeze cartons of juice or freeze watermelon and blitz with
vodka, triple sec and bubbles.
• Champagne cocktail: 50 - 100gms sugar, juice from 2
oranges, juice from 1 lemon, 300gms of strawberries, 500gms
ice and one bottle of bubbles.
• Pineapple slushies: a large tin of pineapple, ice and vodka.
Roseberry Punch:
Strawberry Cooler:
Festive Flavours cookbook
Tropical Cider Cocktail:
Tropical Mocktail:
Every Day Cookbook (first edition – spiral bound)
Tropical Punch:
• Peach iced tea - Blitz about 8 peeled and destoned peaches,
add some caster sugar and cook on 90 for about 20 min
(basically follow a jam recipe but you want a syrup not jam!).
Then blitz again to make sure it's smooth. Boil about 2L water
and add 8-10 green tea bags (or black). Take off the heat and
let them steep for 15 minutes. Combine all in the Thermomix
and mix on speed 5 for 10 seconds. Strain the liquid into a jug
(just in case, peaches are sneaky sometimes!) and refrigerate
till completely cold. Serve over ice.
• Sunshine/tropical punch, ginger ale, lemonade & tin of mixed
fruit & plenty of ice!
• 500ml guava juice, 500ml golden circle pineapple and coconut
juice and 1 litre lemonade.
• Watermelon flesh with mango sorbet - top up with ginger ale.
• half pineapple juice, one quarter lemonade, one quarter dry
ginger ale. Very refreshing.
• Grape juice, orange juice and soda water.
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