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March 2015 | ISSUE VI
without itself undergoing any
per manent chemical change.
Break The Cycle BY BRIDGET DIX
The Break The Cycle event
was Saturday, February 28.
DYC students came to Bike or
Bar to ride for mental health
awareness. The Purpose of
Break The Cycle was to honor the
life of Curtis Caine, a DaVinci
and DYC student, who was
passionate about starting a
discussion about mental illness
and the silent stigma that
comes with it. All proceeds
will be donated, in Curtis’s
name, to the Mental Health
Association of Erie County. This
is an organization that works
every day to break the stigma
surrounding mental illness
and provides support, comfort
and direction to individuals
and families living with mental
illness. This organization also
organizes suicide prevention
initiatives across WNY.
We want to thank everyone
who rode a bike and donated.
We are truly grateful and
were so glad to see members
of the DYC community who
participated. Thank You for
your time and support.
The day started out with DYC students, faculty and staff
arriving at Bike or Bar, signing in and choosing a bike.
Before the workout began we were all given green and
gold bracelets, the colors representative of mental health
awareness. Elena Ferrer, a DYC student greeted the
participants with the following speech:
“I just want to say thank you,
thank you, thank you for making
the time to come together and
raise money for the Erie County
Mental Health Association and
more importantly taking the
time to honor the life of Curtis
Caine, a DaVinci and D’Youville
student, who took his own life last
As some of you know before
Curtis Caine’s passing he was
planning to give a speech
revolving around mental health
and mental illness. We are never
going to know what that speech
would have said but what we do
know is that a conversation about
mental health, suicide, and the
stigma that comes with mental
illness and it’s treatment, needs
to start happening. Not only on
DaVinci and D’Youville’s campus
but everywhere.
Because why as a society are we
still remaining so silent about
the fact that suicide is the second
leading cause of death for young
adults. Why do we not talk about
how 1 in 4 college students have
a diagnosable mental health
disorder and yet over half of them
are silently suffering and not
receiving the help that they need?
By remaining silent we are
willfully avoiding an important
issue and creating this vicious
cycle of stigma. Silence always
leads to a cycle of inaction,
discrimination, and fear. This
cycle of stigma caused by silence
prevents people from getting the
help they need.
But we can break this
cycle. By being able
to talk about mental
health, suicide,
and treatment
we are not only
that these things
are real but we
are providing an
avenue for people
who are suffering
every day to
begin to recognize
that there is change
and that there is
hope and they don’t
have to overcome
this alone.
I know it’s
uncomfortable to go
up and ask someone
How are you feeling?
Are you depressed?
Are you suicidal?
Do you need help
or support? I
know all that is
uncomfortable but
you know what else
is uncomfortable?
Riding on these little
pointy seats and
sweating profusely
in front of your
colleagues. But
yet we are all here
So I believe all of you have the
ability to break this cycle of
silence and stigma and I am
challenging you to do just that.
But with all that being said please
do not misinterpret this message
and actual break bikorbar cycles.
Bikorbar and our instructor today
Jeana were very gracious for
donating their space and time
On behalf
of Black
Union &
Woman Work
I’ve got the children to tend
The clothes to mend
The floor to mop
The food to shop
Then the chicken to fry
The baby to dry
I got company to feed
The garden to weed
I’ve got shirts to press
The tots to dress
The can to be cut
I gotta clean up this hut
Then see about the sick
And the cotton to pick.
Shine on me, sunshine
Rain on me, rain
Fall softly, dewdrops
And cool my brow again.
Storm, blow me from here
With your fiercest wind
Let me float across the sky
‘Til I can rest again.
Fall gently, snowflakes
Cover me with white
Cold icy kisses and
Let me rest tonight.
Sun, rain, curving sky
Mountain, oceans, leaf and stone
Star shine, moon glow
You’re all that I can call my own.
-Maya Angelou
Selected National Days for March
Many dietetics students and faculty
know that March is “National
Nutrition Month”, and help the rest
of us remember that fact by hosting
the Annual Food Fest. As I talk with
fellow students, I like to bring up the
topic of the National Day, and many
are intrigued by the topic chosen by the
site I subscribe to: nationaldaycalendar.
Here are some of the “National Days” of
March that I caught my eye and would
like to highlight.
March 2: Old Day Stuff
We have all heard the saying, “same
old, same old”; well, this is the day
to do things differently. There are
several different ways that you can
change up your day. Take a moment to
recognize the things that you do each
day, then think of other ways that you
can do things that will change up those
March 10: Napping Day
March 1: Peanut Lover’s Day
Peanut butter is a staple in most
American homes and is definitely
not limited to the sandwich. It is an
excellent source of protein and healthy
fat that comes in creamy, chunky or
natural and can be combined with
many snacks including crackers, apples,
celery, carrots, bananas, and many
National Napping Day is celebrated
annually the day following the return
of daylight savings time. A needed
nap can make you feel better and also
improve your mood, and what student
would not like a few extra minutes of
sleep (especially after midterms are
March 14: Pi Day
This is the most epic of the century
since this Pi Day is in the year 2015.
(Pi=3.1415926). Watch for Pi Daythemed activities from the MNS
Department & Club during Blah Buster
Day, since Pi Day falls on a Saturday
when most students (and faculty) are
not on campus.
March 27: National Joe Day
Get Smart
Instead of
Going Mad
This March!
March 17: Everyone is Irish Day
On St. Patrick’s Day, there are parades
around the country. And everyone
can raise their glass of Guiness, do
a jig and celebrate Irish tradition of
enjoying good company. You also get
the opportunity to wear as many shades
of green at the same time as you can
March 19: Certified Nurses Day
Registered Dietitians are not the only
ones to have a day dedicated to them
during March: Certified Nurses also
celebrate their profession during
March. Everyday lives are affected
because of the care of certified nurses.
They are very dedicated to helping
others, working extremely long and
hard hours.
Enjoy a cup of “joe” with all of your
friends named Joe, Jo, Joey, Joseph,
Josephine, Johanna, Joann, Jodie, or
any variant of the name Joe. There
are a few ways to celebrate the name
“Joe” on this day: Honor all people
with the name “Joe” or everyone
changes their name to “Joe” for the
Although if you were to look at this
site, you would notice that there are
mostly National Days dedicated to
food; there are a few days that are
dedicated to interesting moments
in history or popular culture.
Each day has either a history as to
why it is now a National Day or
history of the product in American
culture. Having a heads-up of what
National Day is scheduled is a good
conversation starter or just a quick
topic to have a laugh with friends
between studying. The site has an
option to buy a wall calendar that
includes all the National Days that
they highlight, or the free option
of subscribing to their mailing list,
where they will send the National
Days that are celebrated to you in
an email the day before they are
March Madness is quickly
approaching, but there's a better
bet you can make with your money,
stocks. And with the help of the
fee free investing website LOYAL3
investing is easier than ever. provides its users
with the ability to invest in the
companies they love, such as Apple,
Pepsi, or Twitter. The best part is all
investments made are fee free!
The website manages to cut out
trading fees through sponsors and
by bundling trades. LOYAL3 even
offers certain initial public offerings
(IPOs) such as GoPro when it first
went public.
With that being said the trades
do not occur in real time. There
is usually a 2 to 4 day lag period
before trades are made. My advice
is to avoid short term trading.
Long term investments are the best
option plus companies often offer
dividends making it worth while to
hold onto your stocks. While its a
great idea to save money it's an even
better idea to use that money you're
saving to make MORE money.
So whether you are a serious
investor or want to invest for fun
I would check out
Investments can be made as low
as $10. A much safer bet than
attempting to fill out a perfect
“Getting Noticed with Purple Briefcase”
Graduation. The promise of no more
exams, clinical rotations, and allnighters brings a sense of relief. I’m
excited to be going out into the real
world. Until I realize that living in the
real world means getting a job. Not just
any job; but a job that I can turn into
a career. Suddenly graduation doesn’t
seem so exciting.
If you’re feeling a bit like me, don’t
worry. The Career Services Center is
equipped to help you with everything
related to your job search through their
new platform, Purple Briefcase. Purple
Briefcase is an online platform that can
provide you with the tools you need
to make a resume, find a job, ace your
interview, and start a career.
Purple Briefcase has a host of amazing
tools for you to use. The first thing you
do is set up a profile that contains all
your contact information, information
about your work-related experience,
your interests, and your achievements.
Already have a profile from Linked In?
It’s easy to import the content you’ve
already written! You can also upload
up to five resumes with your profile.
Employers can view your profile and
use it to contact you directly. Purple
Briefcase allows you to choose what
information employers can see. You
can also use your profile to track your
follow-up activities with different
employers. Did you: Finish the
application? Get an interview? Send a
thank you note? Get the job?
But you don’t have to wait for
employers to contact you. There is
a search engine that allows you to
simultaneously search,
a popular online job board, and the
job postings submitted directly to
D’Youville through the Career Services
Center. Interested in an internship or
volunteer opportunity? You can search
for those too!
Maybe you’ve already found a job
you want and have scheduled an
interview. Now what? Purple Briefcase
has countless resources to help you
ace your interview, from videos about
what to wear and how to answer tough
questions to software that allows you
to perform a mock interview through
your webcam. Can’t find an answer to
your question? There are numerous
career chat forums that allow you to ask
your questions and get feedback from
professionals all over the country.
Purple Briefcase is available to you as
a student of D’Youville. It is free for
you to use for the rest of your career;
even once you graduate. It can be
accessed online or through their free
smartphone app! All you need to do is
set up your account.
Now you have no excuse to be afraid
of graduation. Get out there and start
your career!
Purple Briefcase Quick Guide
Free to current students and alumni
- Set up an account as a new student
and choose D’Youville in the school
search. You’ll set up a password and
next time, login in as a returning
Search for:
Jobs: access both and
opportunities sent directly to our
office by employers
Create your own profile
• Upload resumes and cover letters
• List experience, interests, awards
etc. in Linked In style format
• Track your follow-up activities
• Employers can look at you, but
you choose what they can see
My Path feature: what types of
careers might be worth exploring?
• Research
• Companies, job outlooks, salary
• Video Channels: informational
videos, 30 seconds -8 minutes
long on wide range of job search
related topics
• Career Chat Forums : get
answers to your questions from
people all over the country
• Smartphone App: free; access
to forums, job search, video
content, purple briefcase
For additional information, contact
DYC Career Services: 829-7688
Take 10 and Destress
How many of you have trouble falling
asleep? I know I do! When exam time
rolls around the corner I seem to think
of nothing but that. Not to mention, the
10 billion chores I have to run before
the end of my week. Sure, it’s normal
to feel stressed around these times, but
is it normal to experience stress and
anxiety more often than that?
Research from the American
Psychological Association - http://www. has found that
some people may experience chronic
stress (constant stress that persists
over an extended period of time and
impacts our psychological and physical
well-being), with sleep disturbance as
one of the most common symptoms.
Studies have found that an average
7 out of 10 adults in the US have
difficulty sleeping (Stress and Anxiety
Disorders Association of America
(ADDA) -
Women are more likely to experience
stress-induced sleep problems than
men and often feel not well-rested
after sleep, they also tend to have more
trouble sleeping and more difficulty
staying asleep at night. The results are
not surprising given the nature of our
lifestyle today – with better and faster
technology we are now expected to get
more things done in less the amount of
So, we can’t really change our fastpaced environment, but we can
change the way we deal with stress and
anxiety. One of which is changing our
perspective…but you know you can
only do so much with that, right? If
you’re not happy with the way stress is
affecting your life, why not take matters
into your own hands and do it with
some creativity?
I know what you’re thinking. You feel
bad taking time for yourself to “enjoy”
something you don’t think you deserve.
Stop right there! Let’s reframe that
perspective -- we need balance. Fun or
relaxation is a key part of that equation
to better quality of life and it’s a way for
us to nurture ourselves.
Here are a few unconventional and
some creative tips to get you started
(see my list of ideas below). Believe
me, if you plan 5-10 minutes each day
and you give that time for yourself to
do something you like, you will not
only feel happier, but more refreshed,
recharged and ready to take on the next
task you set out to do.
I personally try to do meditativerelaxation everyday for 10-15 minutes
and it makes a huge difference. If you’re
into this kind of thing, YouTube is a
great (FREE) resource with plenty of
guided meditative-relaxation tutorials
you can try. (I recommend this before
Try these other stress-reducing ideas:
Join an improv or drama club (laughing
is great medicine)
Sing in the shower (who cares, nobody
is watching!)
Take up art classes (e.g. fine arts,
pottery, dance, hip-hop, creative
Drink to your happiness (yes, beer and
that good stuff in moderate amounts!
We all know red is also good for your
heart health too! CHEERS TO THAT!)
Get your morning cuppa (caffeine from
coffee or tea in moderate amounts
have been shown to reduce stress
and improve alertness. But you knew
the last point already, I’m sure. Fine,
one more for the books – caffeine
may also help to reduce your risk for
Chamomile and lavender (These herbal
teas have been shown to help reduce
stress and calm you down. If you ever
feel like you need to shake off your
anxiety, this may do the trick).
Light therapy – SAD (aka. Seasonal
Affective Disorder is actually an
occurrence in some people who get
depression from seasonal changes.
Light therapy has been found to work
on some individuals. If you ever feel
under the weather, try getting out and
taking in some sunshine..and if you
can’t, find a specialist who can provide
you with the right light therapy.)
Google Calendar or Agenda – Trust
me, this helps. If you organized your
weeks you won’t feel too overwhelmed.
Calendars also allow you to space out
your activities so you don’t over-work
yourself. I know this is not THAT
creative, but you know I’m right on
Knowing your limits – Sometimes it’s
a matter of being able to say NO and
putting a limit to how much you should
do each day. You know yourself best
and if you feel that something is too
much, try to slow down and if you can,
stop. You’ll thank yourself after.
Dormet Foods
Here are some simple (and delicious) recipes you can cook
in the dorms. There are stove tops in each TV lounge and
an oven available to use in the laundry room. You should
already know about the microwave in your room, but
with just a few simple ingredients that you can pick up at
7/11, Tops or even take a 10-minute drive to Wegmans on
Amherst St., you can make some great dormet food.
12 oreos, crushed into smaller pieces
3 cups white chocolate, chopped (or white chocolate chips)
1 can (14 oz) condensed milk
1. Line an 8 x 8 baking pan with parchment paper. In
microwave safe bowl, combine chocolate and condensed milk.
Microwave for about 30 seconds and remove and stir until
chocolate is mostly melted. Microwave again for another
30 seconds and stir again. Chocolate should be completely
melted and smooth. If not, microwave slightly longer. Careful
not to overheat in microwave.
2. Spread half of the crushed oreos across bottom of pan. Pour
chocolate on top. Sprinkle remaining Oreos across surface,
spreading evenly. Press down on Oreo pieces on top so that
they go into the fudge and attempt to smoothe out top. Place
in fridge several hours to set. Cut with sharp knife into bitesized squares.
“They’re Adormable” ~ Meg Harmon
For the pandan layer:
3 cups whole milk powder
1 cup condensed milk
1 ½ tsp pandan extract
For the coconut layer:
1 ½ cups whole milk powder
½ cup condensed milk
¼ cup coconut (desiccated or fresh)
½ tsp cardamom powder
1 small pinch saffron
For the chocolate layer:
1 cup milk chocolate, chopped into small pieces
¼ cup butter
Oil to grease the tray
1. For the pandan layer combine the pandan extract with
the condensed milk. In a microwave-proof bowl, mix the
green condensed milk with the milk powder and microwave
for one minute at a time for four minutes. Remove from the
microwave in between these one minute intervals and stir.
2. Grease a 6X8 metal tray or thali with plenty of any
flavourless oil
3. Press the pandan layer into the metal tray with the back of
a spoon, making sure it’s even all over. Set aside and allow to
4. For the coconut layer combine the milk powder,
condensed milk and coconut in a microwave-proof dish.
Repeat the microwave process as in step one, but for three
minutes this time. Remember to stir at one minute intervals
so it doesn’t burn. Add the cardamom and saffron and
combine quickly.
5. Place the coconut mixture on top of the pandan layer and
press in tightly and evenly. Set aside and allow to cool.
6. Place the chocolate in a microwave-proof bowl and
microwave on high for 30 second bursts until it has melted.
Remove from the microwave and add the butter. Fold
the mixture with a spoon until silky. Don’t overwork the
7. Pour the chocolate over the cooled coconut layer and allow
to set at room temperature. When the fudge has set, cut it
into pieces with a sharp knife.
Bon Appetit @ DYC - DAC Kiosk
Sometimes when you’re suffering from
the mid-winter blahs and don’t want to
go out in the cold to get a nice lunch,
you need not look any further than
your own backyard. Those of us who
work in the DAC, not only get to live in
a shiny new building, but we also have
a great kiosk on the 2nd floor chocked
full of yummy food. The proprietor and
maître d is Kim Eckhart. Kim does a
phenomenal job of preparing a variety
of fresh, delicious and affordable food
The morning hours are usually filled
with the sweet scent of freshly baking
scones or cookies. Sadly anyone who is
trying to slim down after the holidays
is really put to the test in this building.
There is also a nice variety of bagels
for your dining pleasure. Fresh fruit
is offered whole or in a lovely fruit cup
which sells for $2.65.
As nice as the morning food is, it
really can’t hold a candle to the lunch
choices. When the smell of bacon
wafts into our office, we beat a path
upstairs to make sure we get one of
Kim’s turkey bacon wraps. This wrap
is my favorite. It is full of the name
sake turkey and bacon, but it also
has tomatoes, lettuce, provolone and
avocado mayo. Tres excellent! The
chicken salad and tuna wraps are also
great. She mixes a little ranch dressing
in with the mayo and it gives them
another level of deliciousness. Often
when I order a wrap it has more tortilla
and less filling. It is not the case with
Kim’s wraps. They are brimming with
fresh ingredients. Sandwiches on a
variety of breads and croissant are also
available. The sandwiches and wraps
are accompanied by your choice of
chips or a piece of fruit for $4.75. You
Can I use
Interlibrary Loan to
obtain textbooks?
The Montante Family Library strongly
discourages students from requesting
class textbooks through Interlibrary
Loan. In most cases, requests for
textbooks are not filled by other
libraries. If they are filled, the requests
usually take longer than 10 days to be
processed because multiple requests
must be placed before finding a library
willing to loan the item. Additionally,
it is rare for a student who receives
a textbook via Interlibrary Loan to
have the book for the entire semester.
Please speak with a librarian if you have
could easily $8 for a comparable lunch
at any of our surrounding restaurants.
The salads are lovely as well. There is a
Greek salad with the usual components,
olives, feta, pepperoncini and it comes
with pita points as well. There is also
mandarin chicken salad, and the ever
popular Taco Salad. The Taco Salad
has separate containers for the ground
beef, salsa and sour cream. It keeps
the lettuce from getting soggy. The
President’s salad is a combination of
mixed greens, blue cheese crumbles,
craisins, almonds and mandarin
oranges. All of these salads are a mere
Kim really has pride in her work and it
shows in the product that she puts out.
I was hesitant to do this review because
I was hoping to keep this little jewel our
own little secret here in DAC. I was
afraid that it would cause long lines and
I wouldn’t get my turkey bacon wrap
first. But I couldn’t keep this to myself
in all good conscience. I think when
someone goes the extra mile for us, it’s
the kind of news that has to be shared.
Thanks Kim!
AAUP Scholarship
Are you a full-time undergraduate or graduate student with
at least a 3.00 GPA? Do you need money for tuition? The
D’Youville Chapter of the American Association of University
Professors (AAUP) will award a $500 scholarship to one or
more accomplished DYC students this spring.
Interested students must submit an application. The
application requires submission of a current resume and
written essay which addresses one of the two core values of
the AAUP: academic freedom or shared governance.
Applications are available in the Connections lounge area,
Financial Aid office and at the library circulation desk. The
application deadline is March 13 and the scholarship is
awarded in April. The AAUP scholarship committee looks
forward to receiving your application.
If you have any questions you may email Dr. Margaret
McGeachy at [email protected]
The Catalsyt Blah Buster Days!
How the Contest Works:
1.Find a winning ticket in The Catalyst!
2.Find the ALL COLOR copy and win!
3.Take your winning ticket/catalyst to Lori
Stutzman in CC 119 to receive your prize!
Be a
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4.There is only one win per student!
5. Follow and TWEET the words that are
in this font elsewhere in The Catalyst to @
DYCSA4You and win a KINDLE FIRE!
6. There will be a lottery held including all
of the people who follow and TWEET the
magic words!
You are not
a winner.
12.7 million people are physically
abused, raped or stalked by
their partners in one year. That’s
approximately the population of New
York City and Los Angeles combined.
That’s 24 people every minute. Why
should you care? Because it’s someone
you know.
Across the nation there has been
an increase in efforts to educate
people on sexual assault; bystander
intervention and in particular how
college communities should and can
become more effective at handling
these issues. As you know the DYC
community is no exception to this
movement and one way of tackling
such a sensitive issue is to help you
become more aware of the facts
surrounding sexual assault; ways to
effectively and safely watch out for
one another and to let you know
where you may turn to in the event
you are a victim. So read on and
remember: “Together we can make a
6 Questions About Sexual Assault
You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask
What is sexual assault?
“Sexual assault” is any unwanted
sexual, physical, verbal, or visual act
that forces someone to have sexual
contact against his or her will. It’s
motivated by the need to control,
humiliate, and harm. Some examples
are: harassment, rape, incest, oral sex,
molestation, forcing someone to pose
for pictures, and unwanted touching.
Read more at the Joyful Heart
What is rape?
It’s a specific type of sexual assault. It
involves any forced, manipulated, or
coerced penetration of the vagina,
anus, or mouth by a penis or other
object. It is not a crime of passion.
It’s a crime of violence—often used
to scare or degrade the victim. It’s a
common misconception that sexual
assault and rape are perpetrated
by strangers. Most survivors know
their perpetrators. According to
Bureau of Justice statistics, 60 percent
of survivors are assaulted by an
intimate partner, relative, friend, or
acquaintance. This rate is even higher
for women who were assaulted or
raped in college. Read more at Safe
What is consent?
Consent is a clear “yes” to your
partner. It is not the absence of
a “no.” (Read about California’s
groundbreaking “Yes Means Yes” law.)
The “Yes Means Yes” law is being
looked at in many states around the
nation and was recently passed into
law within the state schools in New
York state.
Are we making any progress?
Yes, The Rape, Abuse and Incest
National Network estimates that the
rate of sexual assault has fallen by
more than 50 percent in recent years.
When does rape or sexual assault
typically occur?
Rape and sexual assault can happen
at any time. However: Most victims
of rape and sexual assault are females
younger than 24. Forty-two percent
have been raped before age 18. As for
guys, researchers estimate that 1 in 6
men experience unwanted or abusive
sexual contact before age 18.
Where can I get help?
In an emergency, call 911. For
counseling, call the National Sexual
Assault Hotline for free counseling,
24 hours a day: 1-800-HOPE. The
call is anonymous and confidential
unless you choose to share personally
identifying information.You’ll be
connected to your local rape crisis
center and an advocate may be able to
meet you at the hospital. Find detailed
survivor resources on their website.
The college strongly encourages
the prompt reporting of sexual
misconduct. The report may be made
by: A person covered by this policy
who believes they experienced sexual
misconduct; or a person who has
information that sexual misconduct
may have been committed by a person
covered by this policy.
Reports should be made to either
of the two Title IX Coordinators. To
report alleged sexual misconduct by
undergraduate or graduate students,
contact: Deborah Owens Title IX
Coordinator at (716) 829-8198 or via
email: [email protected]
To report alleged sexual misconduct
by faculty, administrative staff,
academic staff or third parties, contact:
Linda Moretti Title IX Coordinator
at (716) 829-7811 or via email:
[email protected] For the complete
College policy visit: http://www.dyc.
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views of D’Youville College,
the Student Association or The
Catalyst. Submissions become
the property of The Catalyst
and are subject to the editors’
approval. The Catalyst reserves
the right to edit, print or to
not print any submissions. All
submissions should be typed
and must include the author’s
name, which will be printed
unless special arrangements are
made. In new and upcoming
issues of The Catalyst, for
the first article or picture
submission that is run in the
paper, a customized Catalyst
T-shirt will be awarded when
The Catalyst reaches newsstands.
Each student may only receive
one T-shirt. Students submitting
any additional material will
receive a raffle ticket to be drawn
for a mystery prize at the end of
the academic year.