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#4 Club Centre Court
Edwardsville, IL 62025
Lettuce Wraps
Mon-Thur 11 am - 9 pm
Fri -Sat 11 am - 10 pm
Sun 11 am - 8 pm
Seared chicken, red onions, bell peppers and Thai basil in a Panang
curry sauce.
Edamame Hummus Dip
Mongolian Styled Spinach
French Viet Coconut Shrimp Beignets
Refreshingly unique blend of lime, cilantro, lemon with hints of onion and
garlic come together to make a great dip.
Tossed spinach with a splash of Mongolian Sauce. Add a side of
chicken or shrimp ($1.98) for a light lunch.
A delightful surprise. A deep fried savory dough with diced shrimp,
garlic, and a bit of Thai chilies. Served with three dipping sauces.
6 per serving.
Crab Rangoon
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Fresh Spring Rolls
Unlike any other! Real lump crab meat, bell peppers, scallions and ginger,
served with our house made soy mustard sauce. Hand-rolled in-house.
Boiled, salted green soy beans. Kids love them!
Chicken, Asian mushrooms, Vermicelli noodles and mint, wrapped in a
crispy spring roll with Thai sweet chili sauce.
Shrimp, rice noodles, mint, Thai basil, cilantro and vegetables, wrapped in
rice paper served with Nuoc Cham (a spicy Vietnamese dipping sauce).
Add poached chicken, crispy shrimp or tofu
to any salad for $1.98
Sriracha Salad $6.98
Asian Chop Salad
Cucumber Salad $3.98
Dynomite Shrimp Salad
Side Salad $3.98
Thai Romaine Wraps
Iceberg, Romaine, Spinach mix, red onions, red bell pepper and cherry
tomatoes tossed in a fiery sriracha ranch garnished with roasted peanuts.
Iceberg, Romaine and Spinach mix, with tomatoes, red onions, bell
peppers, jicama, bean sprouts and mandarin oranges tossed in a candied
ginger vinaigrette. Garnished with sesame seeds, shredded tofu and crispy
Diced cucumbers, red onions, and carrots marinated in a rice wine
vinegar and then tossed in candied ginger vinaigrette.
One word: crazy good. shrimp battered & spun in our signature dynomite
sauce that’s rich, smooth, and slightly hot blended with fresh greens,
carrots, tomatoes and onions.
House lettuce mix with tomatoes, red onions and carrots
Interesting blend of cilantro & mint combined with carrots, iceberg lettuce,
spinach, and shrimp on a bed of romaine, all topped with a unique Mango
Sriracha dressing with hints of ginger.
Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu
Tempura Green Beans
Lo Mein
Wok Tossed Green Beans
Pad Thai
Wang Gang Wings
Drunken Noodle
Cantonese Mushroom
Sesame Noodles
Flash fried with Panko bread crumbs and served with our sriracha dipping
sauce. A crowd favorite.
Green beans stir fried with shallots, ginger and chiles. Add an order of
chicken for a quick lunch ($1.98).
Six boneless chicken wings fried crispy and tossed in your choice of our
house made sauces:
• Asian BBQ Sweet BBQ sauce with a kick of heat to finish.
• Spicy Orange Glaze Spicy, sweet citrus glaze made with fresh OJ
and sriracha.
Wang Gang Laksa
A delicious, gourmet blend you’d expect from a soup made from scratch.
Subtle textures of basil, cilantro & mint explode with rice noodles, chicken,
lemon and toasted chili pods. Great with a squeeze of lime.
Basil Spice Soup
Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass broth with choice of white or brown rice,
chiles and Thai basil. Comes with your choice of shrimp or chicken.
Light and refreshing.
Thai Spicy Chicken
Traditional “Tom Kha Kai” soup. Chicken and mushrooms in a coconut milk
base with the essence of lemongrass, Galanga (a thai ginger) and Thai
Chiles. Add an order of rice for a great meal!
Roasted Red Pepper
Delicious fire roasted red pepper soup infused with Thai Basil.
Egg noodles tossed with carrots, bean sprouts, onions and shitake
mushrooms in a savory soy sauce.
America’s favorite Thai dish! Rice noodles, egg, scallions, bean sprouts
and tofu seared in a Thai sweet & sour with ground peanuts. Give it a
squeeze of lime to finish it off!
Our version of “Pad Kee Mau” and our #1 seller!
Egg noodles, bell peppers, red onions, egg, bamboo shoots and carrots
in a sweet and spicy shrimp sauce. Finished with Thai basil.
Wide rice noodles seared with mushrooms and scallions in a sweet
soy sauce.
Egg noodles with bean sprouts, carrots and scallions in our toasted
sesame soy sauce.
Fried Rices
Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu
Switch to our delicious brown rice for an additional $.98
Thai Basil
Little Wang $6.98 Big Wang $9.98
Little Wang $4.98 Big Wang $7.98
Little Wang $5.98 Big Wang $8.98
Dry style fried rice with egg, garlic, thai chiles, carrots, bell peppers, red
onions and Thai basil.
Best value. Stir fried rice with egg, carrots, bean sprouts and scallions in
house soy sauce.
Eggs, shallots, green beans and pineapple, finished with a mild curry sauce.
Drunken Fried Rice
Addicting. The same great flavor as the noodle dish, but in brown rice!
Try it today & you’ll see what we mean.
Fried Rice Lunch Combos
Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu
(With choice of brown or white rice)
With your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable or tofu
Pineapple Punk Thai Taco
Thai Naco Taco
A simple, robust taco of tender meat and fresh onions carmelized in our
signature Thai brown savory sauce.. It’s your go to taco from now on!
Pair one style of fried rice in Column A with one item from Column B.
Includes your choice of fountain drink or tea. The best deal.
Sweet & Sour
Mongolian Stir Fry
Column A
Traditional fried rice
Pineapple fried rice
Thai basil fried rice
Bangkok Boom
Big chunks of pineapple combine with meat and delicious bell peppers,
tossed in our secret addiction brown sauce.
Our version of the classic staple. Bell peppers, onions
and pineapple in our special house sweet & sour.
By popular demand, we offer this dish. Flavors best with beef – a meal
and a treat in one. Pairs great with 312 Beer!
A Wang Gang signature original item. A complex spicy sweet dark sauce with
hand breaded tempura chicken or shrimp, white & green onions, chili pods,
and boom – there’s the dish (beef not avail).
Moo Goo Gai Pan
General Wang
The true Chinese classic. A medley of carrots, button mushrooms,
water chestnuts, broccoli and our white sauce with a hint of sweetness.
Clearly our interpretation of General Tso’s. Broccoli,
carrots and bean sprouts in a spicy yet sweet brown sauce.
Kung Pao
Honey Orange $9.98
Mang Tay Stir Fry
Stir-fried with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, scallions
and roasted peanuts in a spicy soy sauce with toasted chiles.
Sweet orange ginger sauce tossed with green beans
and served with a side of mandarin oranges.
Available 11:00 am to 4:00 pm daily
Want it to go? add .98
Steamed Fresh Vegetables
Garlic Noodles
Egg Noodles in House Soy Sauce, a Kid’s Favorite! Rice Noodles in Pad Thai Sauce
Add Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Tofu
Pepsi Products, Iced Tea or Hot Teas
Ask about our delicious Far-Eastern Signature Cocktails
#88 Polynesian Pineapple Pieces
Broccoli O’Day $8.98
Sesame Stir Fry
Thai Spiced Peanut
Wok tossed broccoli and onions in a thick, savory ginger soy sauce.
Broccoli and bell peppers with your choice of protein stir fried in our
sesame soy sauce. Garnished with wasabi sesame seeds.
Our scratch made Thai coconut peanut sauce served with bell peppers,
red onions, carrots and thai basil. Fresh thai chiles gives this dish some
heat that complements the sweet coconut well.
Wang Gang Curry: Green
or Red
Authentic Thai curry scratch made with fresh kaffir lime, thai herbs and
toasted spices. Stir fried with red onions, carrots, bell peppers and eggplant.
Try the green for great curry flavor or the red if you’re one that never
think it’s spicy enough!
Indicates Spice Level
No MSG Added • Zero Trans Fats
Reduce the amount of oil used in preparing your
dish, simply ask for it to be prepared
“Heart Healthy”.
Domestic Beer • Imported Beer • Cold Sake • Wines
Chocolate Spring Rolls
Robust asparagus makes this dish. Flavored with a bit of chili paste &
garlic, its asparagus like you’ve never had it before. Any of our signature
mixed drinks goes great with this artfully prepared entree.
Classic black pepper dish. Ours is stir fried with bell peppers, onions and
mushrooms in a light, three pepper soy sauce.
Column B
One crab rangoon
One Vietnamese spring roll
Two boneless wings:
Asian BBQ or Spicy Orange Glaze
Cup of soup (Laksa not incl.)
Side salad
With a choice of either caramel or raspberry sauce.
Crispy pineapple pieces dusted with cinnamon sugar.
A bit of the south pacific in every bite!
Choose between Almond, Turtle, White Chocolate Raspberry,
Keylime, Coffee House Mocha or Red Velvet
Also ask about our flavor of the month.
Cheesecake Bites
Three delicious generous bites of cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate.
Ask your server about our selections.
Wang Gang
#4 Club Centre Court
Edwardsville, IL 62025
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