`Breastfeed baby if you can` to reduce risk of SIDS

MARCH 2015
Guidelines for new parents to reduce risk of SIDS
On June 26th SIDS and Kids are holding their annual Red Nose Day fundraising event, helping to raise money for
crucial research into stillbirth and Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy.
Each year more than 3,500 families still experience the unexpected death of a baby or child from a range of causes
including fatal sleeping accidents, drowning, motor vehicle accidents, sudden onset illness, stillbirth and SIDS.
This Red Nose Day SIDS and Kids would like to reiterate to 300,000 new parents the ‘Sleep Safe, My Baby’ guidelines
to reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected infant death.
“When you’re a new parent, there’s often information overload and trying to process everything whilst feeling
exhausted can be daunting. We believe it is important for parents to be provided with clear information to help
guide the infant care practices they use,” says SIDS and Kids Australia CEO Associate Professor Leanne Raven.
SIDS and Kids have put Safe Sleeping guidelines for parents which are straight forward and easy to understand.
Six ways to sleep baby safely and reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected death in infancy:
Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side
Sleep baby with head and face uncovered
Keep baby smoke free before birth and after
Provide a safe sleeping environment night and day
Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping place in the same room as an adult care-giver
for the first six to twelve months
6. Breastfeed baby
Providing a safe sleeping environment night and day is often an area which causes confusion to new parents, with
many products still available which are not recommended. SIDS and Kids guidelines are:
Safe Sleeping environment night and day
Choose a safe cot which meets Australian Standard AS2172
Ensure a safe mattress which is firm, clean, flat and right size for cot
Tuck blankets in firmly or use a safe baby sleeping bag
Do not use a pillow, cot bumper, lamb’s wool, soft toy or doona in the cot day or
MARCH 2015
SIDS and Kids is an Australian community-based organisation dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children
during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and to supporting bereaved families www.sidsandkids.org
Red Nose Day is one of Australia’s iconic campaigns taking place this year on June 26th. Please visit
www.rednoseday.com.au for further information.
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Alison Feely at SPARK Communications
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About SIDS and Kids
SIDS and Kids provides vital safe sleeping education to expectant mothers, their families and healthcare professionals all
around Australia. It also provides crucial bereavement support to those affected by the death of a baby or child, and
receives 10,000 calls for support and education every year.
Since SIDS and Kids’ inception, over $16 million has been devoted into researching stillbirth, neonatal death, Sudden
Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and other causes that contribute to the 3,500 unexpected infant deaths that devastate
Australian families each year.