Bulletin - Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Church Cleaning – March 16-22
Pauline and Richard Westman
Sacred Heart – $2654
St. James – $344
Pray for the sick and/or home bound
in our parish family. May they experience love and support of others, especially:
Rose Jacquot
Janet Server
Julie O’Malley
Johnalynn O’Malley
Alyssa Becker (leukemia)
Hydie Varner
Dennis & Pam Banister
Betty & Herb Corns
Harold Rosendahl
Mersé Riojas (F. Gauna’s uncle – cancer)
Juanita Treviño (F. Gauna’s aunt)
Fernand & Josephine Larranaga
Alfred Valesco (V. Larranaga’s uncle)
Mary Riley
Matthew Plourd (Parnow’s nephew)
Baby Charlie Wagner
Rudolfo “Rudy” Romero
Nicole Acosta (daughter of Ramona & Jim
Brown of St. James)
Lynn Swanson
Harold King (cancer)
Kathy Hassenmiller
Goldie Capik (cancer)
Dana Lovejoy
Liz Carlson
Emilly Clark (recovery)
Bill Clark (cancer)
Magdalena Cobian (multiple med issues)
…and those requesting anonymity.
Saturday, March 21:
Lector: Bill Valena
Eucharistic Ministers: Linda MacDonald & Kay Helton
Altar Servers: Nash Warnock & Carlos Hernandez
Fourth Sunday of Lent – March 15, 2015
Sunday, March 22:
Lector: Adele Mitchell
Eucharistic Ministers: D Jacquot & F Larranaga
Altar Servers: Jennifer Ruiz & Daniel Bratton
Mass Intentions
Tues., 3/17
Wed., 3/18
Thurs., 3/19
Fri., 3/20
Sat., 3/21
Sun., 3/22
Ramona Brown (D)
Ramona Brown (D)
Br. Eduardo Moran, LC
Anthony Gonzalez (birthday)
Maria Impink (D)
People of the Parish
St. James Mission Church
Bonner & Garfield Streets
Cedarville, CA 96104
Rectory in Alturas (530) 233-2119
Employment Opportunities
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Mass Sunday: 8:30AM
To find jobs throughout the Sacramento Diocese, please go online to www.diocesesacramento.org. Click on Employment on
the navigation bar at the top of the homepage.
507 East 4th Street
Alturas, CA 96101
Rectory (530) 233-2119
Weekly Readings
Rev. Father Bernardin Mugabo
Confessions: Saturday 3pm-4pm
God comes to us as an invitation to love…. “I
love you. Do you love me back? Come and follow me in the darkness. I want to know if you are
ready to go into the things that you do not see
yet, on faith alone…. I invite you to a relationship of love: your love of me, my love of you.”
“Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe.” (John 20:29) – Servant of God Catherine
de Hueck Doherty
Mon., 3/16
Tues., 3/17
Wed., 3/18
Mass: Saturday 4:30pm
Mass: Sunday 10:30am(rosary @ 10am)
Mass: Weekdays - Tues-Fri 5:15pm
Thurs., 3/19
Rosary: Daily at 4:30pm
Eucharistic Adoration:
Thursdays 6pm throughout the night
until Fridays 4:30pm, followed by…
Rosary - 4:30pm
Benediction - 5pm
Mass - 5:15pm
Fri., 3/20
Sat., 3/21
Sun., 3/22
Is 65:17-21; Jn 4:43-54
(St. Patrick) Ezk 47:1-9, 12; Jn 5:1-16
(St. Cyril of Jerusalem) Is 49:8-15; Jn
(St. Joseph) 2Sm 7:4-5a, 12-14a, 16;
Rm 4:13, 16-18, 22; Mt 1:16, 18-21,
Wis 2:1a, 12-22; Jn 7:1-2, 10, 25-30
Jer 11:18-20; Jn 7:40-53
5th Sun. of Lent – Jer 31:31-34; Heb
5:7-9; Jn 12:20-33
Diocesan events and notices are available online at:
SacredHeart-Alturas.org and
Special Collection for Catholic Relief Services -- Today, we take up The Catholic Relief
Services Collection. You are invited to give hope to Jesus in disguise. Give hope to the
community that has lost its livelihood to a crop disease. Give hope to the refugee child, separated from her mother. Give hope to the immigrant, trying to keep faith alive in a foreign
land. The Catholic Relief Services Collection helps to fund programs that give hope to
refugees, immigrants, and the impoverished, including victims of war, natural disaster, and drought. Through
humanitarian, economic, pastoral, and advocacy efforts, The Catholic Relief Services Collection gives hope.
Please be generous in today’s Collection. Please make your check payable to Sacred Heart Parish.
Mark Your Calendars: Ham-bone Bingo Coming Soon!!!
March 22 is the date of our annual Ham-bone Bingo. Proceeds from this fundraiser are used for the maintenance of
the church. Please come join the fun and win a ham for
As always we need lots of helpers and donations to make this
event a success. If you are willing to offer your time, talents
and/or treasure, please contact Rose & Dave Jacquot at 2333176.
Lenten Penance Service – April 1 at 6:00 pm – Sacred Heart Church
We are blessed again this year to have Father Ray Hopp assist Father Bernardin in hearing confessions. We will also have Father Hector Montoya from Burney who speaks fluent
English and Spanish.
Lenten Penance Service at Saint James is also on April 1. Time to be announced later.
Penance Service – April 1
Holy Thursday – April 2
Good Friday – April 3
Holy Saturday – April 4
Easter Sunday – April 5
Holy Week Schedule
Sacred Heart – 6 pm
St James – (Time to be announced)
Sacred Heart – 6 pm
St. James – 11 am Ecumenical Service
Sacred Heart – 3 pm preceded by Stations of the Cross at 2:30 pm
Sacred Heart – 8:30 pm
St. James – 8:30 am
Sacred Heart – 10:30 am
CULTURE OF DEATH: During the last Presbyteral Council on February 2, Bishop Jaime Soto spoke to us
about a huge concern he has regarding bringing euthanasia [also known as “mercy killing”] to California. Is it not
enough that the State allows murdering a baby in its mother’s womb in the name of a “woman’s right to abortion”?
Life is a free gift from God; nobody has the right to take it. Once you have taken a life, you cannot bring it back.
Supporters of euthanasia say they have the right to take their own lives in order to avoid suffering in sickness or
old age. They want to be in charge of end-of-life matters. The commandment Thou shall not kill refers to your own
life as well as the life of another human being. The scariest part of this is that you can’t even confess that sin. I
don’t like to take the place of Jesus to judge, but in this case Catholics believe that such a person would go to hell
for all eternity. We all agree on this: whether you are a believer or not, we know for sure that we were born one
day and that one day we will die. What’s the purpose of taking life that will end anyway?
Sadly, Oregon has already legalized euthanasia. Recently a young woman from California, who was suffering
with terminal cancer, traveled to Oregon so that she could legally end her own life. After she took a lethal dose of
some drug, the media portrayed this woman as a hero. We live in a society which does not fear God, venerates
sin, and even legalizes it!
Once a nation starts down the path of euthanasia, it begins the slide down a slippery slope of devaluing human
life. Abortion proponents challenge the beginning of life: is it at conception, or at three months, a year, or when
you bring a baby home from the hospital? Proponents of euthanasia may decide that a life is no longer valuable
when a person is aging, physically or mentally challenged, terminally ill, or for whatever reason they want.
Dear parishioners, if a doctor says you are going to die within a few weeks, months, or in a year, remember that it
is his opinion. We live by faith not by science. No one can predict the future. How many people hit the bottom and
suddenly bounce back? A parishioner at Presentation Parish was given six months to live because of her terminal
cancer. She went home, prayed, and was healed. Yes, we love science. It has lengthened our life expectancy; it
has produced medicines and cures for many horrible diseases. But science doesn’t have the last word--only God
Bishop Soto said that a bill to legalize euthanasia will soon be brought to the people for a vote. Those who support it are very persistent. You and I must resist this culture of death. Do not allow this nightmare to settle in our
state. Fight against it while there is still time. Discuss it with your friends; persuade proponents of euthanasia that
life is from God and must be respected from natural conception to natural death. Good doctors study for many
years to save lives, not destroy them.
Statistics have shown that white males are most likely to commit euthanasia. Very few Hispanics, blacks or
Asians accept this kind of death. The reason is that white males grow up making up their own decisions and want
to continue even when they are old. Euthanasia is a practice that will endanger your eternal salvation.
Check out the Special Offer on our
website. On the homepage, scroll down
to the Holy Week Schedule. Click on
the Special Offer to the right.
God bless you – Fr. Bernardin Mugabo