American Chemistry Council Petroleum Additive Panel Will Host a

American Chemistry Council Petroleum Additive Panel Will Host a Webinar and
Conduct a Survey for the Lubricant Oil Additives Industry
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 from 3:00* PM to 4:00 PM Eastern
An overview of EPA/ERG’s Voluntary Information Request
and ACC PAP’s Effort to Provide Industry Data
Background Information
The American Chemistry Council’s Petroleum Additive Panel (PAP) welcomes your company to a webinar to
learn more about the effort to create an Emission Scenario Document (ESD) on Lube Oil Additives. EPA’s Office
of Pollution Prevention and Toxics is working with the OECD’s Task Force on Exposure Assessment to create the
ESD on Lube Oil Additives, and the PAP is collecting relevant industry data to inform the process.
Representatives from the EPA and its contractor Eastern Research Group (ERG) will attend the webinar to
present an overview of the ESD document development process.
Domestically, the ESD will be used for screening-level risk assessments of new and existing chemicals, especially
in the premanufacture notice (PMN) process. The EPA/ERG has given industry an opportunity to provide
relevant information to incorporate into the document; ACC PAP seeks your company’s input through the ACC
PAP survey.
The ACC PAP recognizes that providing EPA/ERG with current data and industry practices will help ensure that
chemicals in the LOA industry are accurately assessed. The ACC PAP developed a voluntary survey to collect and
supply industry information to the EPA/ERG. More details regarding the survey, which will be reviewed on the
webinar, can be found on the following page.
If you have any questions regarding this webinar please contact Colleen Stevens
([email protected] 202-249-6713).
Please forward this invite to any other interested parties.
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ACC Petroleum Additives Panel LOA Industry Webinar
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 3:00* – 4:00 pm
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LOA Survey
To provide relevant lube oil additive (LOA) industry information to EPA/ERG, the ACC Petroleum Additives Panel
(PAP) developed a survey to be administered to additive manufactures and finished lubricant processors.
In the survey, there is the option to include the responding company’s name and responder’s email address.
This information will only be used in the event that ACC staff has a clarifying question on your response. The
survey is designed to comply with FTC’s Antitrust Guidelines for Collaborations Among Competitors, Statement 6
of the Statements of Antitrust Enforcement Policy in Health Care, and ACC policy and procedures with respect to
antitrust law and management of confidential information. All individual company responses will remain
confidential. Company responses will be aggregated and blinded and will be submitted to the ERG as industry
The survey is administered in three sections as outlined below. Please complete each section by clicking on the
survey section. If your company’s responder wishes to reference a pdf version of the survey as it is completed
online, a link is included. Should your company have any questions on the survey please contact Colleen Stevens
at [email protected]
Please complete the survey no later than Friday, March 27, 2015.
LOA Survey- Throughput
It is recommended that your company’s Product Steward or Manufacturing Site Supervisor complete this
LOA Survey- Worker Exposure, Processing Best Practices, and Environmental Emissions
It is recommended that your company’s Product Steward or Occupational/Industrial Hygiene Supervisor
complete this section.
LOA Survey- Containers and Cleaning
It is recommended that your company’s Product Steward complete this section.