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Created Date: 05 March 2015
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OK OK City
Akola city is middle level town.
Seems like not much places to visit
and no places for couples. Also
costs of the things was not very
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About Akola
Akola lies in the Vidharba region of Maharashtra and is situated approximately 600 km away
from the state capital, Mumbai. Spread across an area of 54 square km, it is known as the
‘cotton city’ of India. Akola produces the most amount of cotton in the country. Apart from
cotton, Akola is also known for its oil, pulses and textile mills.
Akola, together with Berar, was part of the magnificent kingdom of Vidarbha. The region, until
the 14th century, saw the rule of many dynasties, viz. the Mauryans, the Chalukyas, the
Satvahana, the Rashtrakuta and the Yadava dynasty. In the late 14th century, the region came
under Muslim Rule with the coming of Alauddin Khilji. It remained under the rule of the Bahmani
Sultanate until the late 15th century.
It was in the 1670s that the region came under the Maratha rule, under the guidance of
Chatrapathi Shivaji. The Maratha regime was at its prime during that time. The region saw many
wars during the British Rule, and Akola along with Berar was finally ceded to the Nizam of
Hyderabad after the Marathas lost to the British.
After India’s independence the states and provinces were shuffled and Akola became a part of
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the newly formed state of Maharashtra. The city has various forts which stand testimony to its
vibrant history which include the Narnala Fort, the Akot Fort and the Akola Fort.
Apart from being an industrial hub, Akola also holds religious significance. A large number of
devotees make a pilgrimage to Raj Rajeshwar Temple here, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Some other significant temples of the city include the Birla Mandir, Jain Temple, Shreenath
Dutta Mandir and Swami Samarth Temple.
Akola also holds a cultural significance. It has played host to the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan
twice which is a significant conference on Marathi Literature.
With the Melghat Hills lying to its north and the Purna River flowing through it, the city at an
elevation of 925 ft above sea level has a tropical climate. The temperature hovers at about 2832° Celsius throughout the year, with high levels of humidity.
The city is well connected by all means of transport - road, rail as well as air. Akola has a
domestic airport as well as multiple railway stations which connect it to different cities of India.
Famous for/as: Heritage
1643 M
Top attractions in Akola recommended by HolidayIQ.com travellers
Akola Fort
Entry: Free
Ranked: 1 Of 5
Ratings: 4.75/7 (1 Reviews)
"This fort is good for heritage purpose as well as the sight seeing is so good and attractive to
capture in camera or mobile. The main attraction is in evening when the sun is on the way to
set. Then the rush is for the couples who came their to..." - Nitin Pethkar, New Delhi, 2
months ago
Narnala Fort
Entry: Free
Ranked: 2 Of 5
Narnala Wildlife Sanctuary
Entry: Free
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Ranked: 3 Of 5
Balapur Fort
Entry: Free
Ranked: 4 Of 5
Raj Rajeshwar Temple
Place Of Worship
Entry: Free
Ranked: 5 Of 5
Popular hotels in Akola recommended by HolidayIQ.com travellers
Jasnagra Hotel
Rs. 1,700 - 2,800
Ranked: 1 Of 25
Ratings: 3.73/7 (6 Reviews)
Address: Near Rly. St., Gaddam Plot
Phone: 9823176105
Website: Www.jasnagra.in
"The overall experience in the hotel was good as there was no difficulty in
reaching the place as it was near to railway station. The staffs in the hotel were
professional, very helpful and friendly. They were quick to attend on time. The
looks of..." - Kheraj Kiri, Ahmedabad, Oct 6, 2014
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Regency Hotel
Rs. 600 - 1,200
Ranked: 2 Of 25
Ratings: 5.65/7 (5 Reviews)
Address: Opp: Shastri Stadium
Station Road,Tower Chowk
Phone: 0724-2436607
"Its a very good hotel at this cost. Very good ambience and location. Rooms are
neat and clean. And also good for family stay. Service is good. Most important
within budget (around Rs 660 - 2013 cost) Food in the restraunt is also good
just..." - Rahul Mahale, Noida, Jul 18, 2013
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Center Plaza Hotel
Rs. Upto 1,900
Ranked: 3 Of 25
Ratings: 4.89/7 (2 Reviews)
Address: 31-9 & 31-10
Convent Kedia Plot
Phone: 0724-2455874
"Hotel is conveniently located near to the bus stop and enclosed to the temples.
No difficulty in reaching the hotel as well as the interior and exterior appearance
of the hotel is tremendous. The staffs at the hotel were professional and
friendly..." - Sugatanand Ingle, , Oct 11, 2014
Read 2 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ.com
Hotel Rising Sun
Rs. 500 - 800
Ranked: 4 Of 25
Ratings: 4.43/7 (4 Reviews)
Phone: 724-2432931
"I stayed here for 2 days and everything was smooth.. The service is at best..
Staff ppl are humble and helpful.. Lift is little annoying though.. You have open 2
doors for the lift and when you try to close the lift door, it bangs.. Food is..." Prasad Patunkar, Aurangabad, 3 months ago
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Greenland Cottages Hotel
Rs. 1,200 - 2,300
Ranked: 5 Of 25
Ratings: 3.69/7 (3 Reviews)
Address: Vidya Nagar
Behind Radhakrishna Theater
Phone: 0724-2459981
Website: Www.greenlandcottages.com
"City of Akola represents an integration of business,agriculture and
education.even though you will find its not a tourist spot but people come here
from distance to visit the Shegaon garden and temple. Im the heart of akola,the
greenland cottage..." - Vakasdanish Shaik, Bangalore, 1 month ago
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Skylark Hotel
Page 4/6
Rs. 500 - 700
Ranked: 6 Of 25
Ratings: 4.65/7 (3 Reviews)
Address: Near LIC Office
Tawal Road
Phone: 0724-2437544
"Since my family and i like hoteling we tried The SKYLARK and we were pleased
by the comfortable atmosphere created in there Food was very tasty and the
room service is also fast and polite the receptionist was very good We
celebrated my..." - Prateek Nerkar, Akola, 1 month ago
Read 3 hotel reviews on HolidayIQ.com
Hotel Tushar Executive
Rs. 1,100 - 1,300
Ranked: 7 Of 25
Ratings: 3.72/7 (2 Reviews)
Phone: 724-2400811
"according to my overall experience hotel rooms are neat and clean..and
service also okk...but regarding cooperation they really bad...and if anyone goes
in their restaurant they have to give some order all the time for seating
purpose..akola is..." - Abhijeet , , Jan 20, 2014
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Green Vallies Resort
Rs. Upto 1,000
Ranked: 8 Of 25
Ratings: 5.38/7 (1 Reviews)
Address: Chikhaldara
Amaravati District
Phone: 07220-230218
Website: Www.greenvallies.com
"Not satisfactory. I will not refer anyone to go to this hotel. They cahrge much
more as compared to the service and Room infrastructure." - Manishakar
Mishra, Mumbai, Oct 17, 2012
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Hotel Welcome Inn
Rs. Upto 1,500
Ranked: 9 Of 25
Phone: 724-2411755
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"Great scenery & The location is pleasantness of hotel was very
good................................................................. Food quality was good and service
provided..." - Mahesh khanna , Afzalpura, Oct 21, 2014
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10 Venus
Rs. 500 - 700
Ranked: 10 Of 25
Ratings: 5/7 (1 Reviews)
Phone: 724-2421711
"Hmmm....Finally we are back with from the Mumbai Trip...We Enjoyed a
lot...Room was not too big but a couple can stay and it was clean and beautiful
White Room, as it was at Colaba from where u can visit all the main spots to
visit ...Cost of the..." - Ashish Soni, , Nov 4, 2013
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