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One of the joys of summer is to find
new and fun ways to entertain outdoors.
Offering a unique summer beverage that
refreshes and is easy to make adds to the
fun. Sangria fits the bill and can add to
your rep for hosting great parties.
Sangria was created in Spain several
hundred years ago. The word "sangria" is
derived from the Spanish word for blood, as
the original recipes were a blend of red wine
and fruit juice, which created a blood-red
color. Sangria was first introduced to the
U.S. at the 1964 New York World's Fair at
the Spanish World Pavilion. Today, Sangria
is made with either red wine (Sangria Rojo)
or white wine (Sangria Blanco).
At local merchants, you will find several
pre-made Sangrias. There is a relationship
between the alcohol levels and the taste of
these bottled choices. If the alcohol level is
below 10 percent, the Sangria will have more
of a fruity flavor. If the alcohol level is above
10 percent, the flavor of the wine will be more
pronounced. While these bottled Sangrias
offer convenience, making your own Sangria
is easy and will produce a superior drink.
The beauty of Sangria is that the wine
base can vary greatly-it
may be what you
already have open or readily available.
You can use a blend of several wines,
although keep to either all-white or all-red
combine red and white.
Have fun creating your own Sangria, adding
a splash of this and a splash of that, until
you have a flavor combination that you like.
Recipe Tips for a Superior Sangria
An inexpensive wine (less than $10)
works just fine. Ask your wine merchant
for suggestions from Spain (Tempranillo,
Grenache), Argentina (Malbec), France
(Beaujolais, Gamay), Italy (Dolcetto,
Lambrusco), and Australia (Shiraz).
Ask your wine merchant for wines that
were stainless steel fermented (no oak
barrel aging, as that creates a tannic
wine that does not work well).
Add a fruit juice, fruit nectar, or simple
syrup (sugar water) to sweeten your base.
Use fruits that compliment the wine.
White wines are naturally more acidic
and citrusy, so use citrus fruits like
oranges, limes and lemons. Red wines
pair well with stone fruits, such as
cherries, apples and pears.
Adding spirits is an option. Some
recipes call for a small amount of Grand
Mamier, Brandy, Triple Sec, or Rum.
Prepare your Sangria (wine, spirits, fruit
punch, and fruit) the day before your
party. Sitting in the refrigerator overnight
allows the flavors to blend.
If your recipe includes a sparkling
beverage (carbonated soft drinks,
Cava Spanish sparklers, -etc.), add
just before serving to keep the fizz.
Add ice cubes just before serving.
A fun touch on a hot summer day is
to add frozen pieces of fruit into your
Sangria just before serving. Simply slice
the fruit the day before, place on a cookie
sheet and put in your freezer. You can
also freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays.
Garnish the glass with a slice of fruit
before serving to your guests (use apple
slices for red-wine-based Sangria and an
orange, lime, or lemon slice in the whitewine-based Sangrias) and enjoy!
Classic Spanish Sangria
Serves 12
This original recipe calls for a hearty
amount of rum-either white or spiced. You
can use almost any fruit in your Sangria.
Have fun creating your signature blend!
2 oranges, sliced
2 fresh pears, diced
2 apples, diced
1 14-oz. can dark, pitted cherries-tart
3 cups rum, spiced or white (option:
start with half and add to taste)
1 cup sugar
2 bottles red wine (Tempranillo,
Red Zinfandel, or Shiraz)
2 cups orange juice
2 cans club soda or 7-Up (optional)
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In a large glass pitcher or container,
mix the rum, wine, and orange juice. Add
sugar and stir until dissolved. Next, add the
fruit and refrigerate for at least two hours;
preferably overnight. Serve over ice and
gamish glass with half-slice of fruit. For a
lighter, sparkling version, top off your Sangria
with club soda or 7-Up just before serving.
July 2010