Decommission and Salvage Approval 20162-D03-2015

Decommission and Salvage
Approval 20162-D03-2015
Appendix 2 to Decision 20162-D01-2015
AltaLink Management Ltd.
Decommission and Salvage of the
Telecommunications Tower at the
Beamer 233S Substation
March 4, 2015
Proceeding 20162
Application 20162-A001
AltaLink Management Ltd., pursuant to Approval U2014-423,1 has approval to discontinue
operation and to salvage the telecommunications tower at the Beamer 233S substation. The
completion date for the decommission and salvage was stipulated to be on or before March 15, 2015.
AltaLink Management Ltd., by Application 20162-A001, registered on February 13, 2015,
applied to the Alberta Utilities Commission for approval to extend the completion date of the
decommission and salvage.
The Commission, pursuant to Section 21 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act, approved the
application in Decision 20162-D01-2015,2 and granted to AltaLink Management Ltd. an
approval to decommission and salvage the telecommunications tower, subject to the provisions
of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act and the Alberta Utilities Commission Act, any regulations
made under the acts, any orders made under the acts, the Commission rules made pursuant to the
Alberta Utilities Commission Act, and to the following terms and conditions:
1. AltaLink Management Ltd. shall notify the Commission within 30 days of completing the
salvage that it has been completed in accordance with the provisions of this approval.
2. Unless otherwise authorized by the Commission, the salvage shall be completed by
March 15, 2016.
Approval U2014-423 is rescinded.
Alberta Utilities Commission
(original signed by)
Wade Vienneau
Executive Director – Facilities
Alberta Utilities Commission
Decommission and Salvage Approval U2014-423, Proceeding 3388, Application 1610806, October 23, 2014.
Decision 20162-D01-2015: AltaLink Management Ltd. – Beamer 233S Substation Telecommunications
Upgrade Time Extension, Proceeding 20162, Application 20162-A001, March 4, 2015.
Approval 20162-D03-2015
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