Kamado Cookers Australia Easy Cooking Recipe Selection Indian Naan Bread

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Indian Naan Bread
Cooking temp guide - on the lid dial thermometer 250c
Cooking time – 3-4 minutes
Skill level – Simple!
Prep time – 50 minutes
Wow factor – High!
KCA Indian Naan Bread
500g plain unbleached white flour
7g dried yeast (1 sachet)
½ tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
1 egg beaten
185ml yoghurt
250ml milk (room temp)
*1 tsp carroway seeds
*1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tbs ghee or melted butter, chopped coriander or garlic to garnish.
In a large bowl mix the dry ingredients, together and form a well in the centre of
the mix.
**these spices are optional, you can them during the dough stage and mix in, or
sprinkle on the flat rolled dough prior to grilling.. or replace them with garlic and
herbs…its all optional, you could make your own varieties.
Slowly mix in wet ingredients and form a sticky dough. Mix dough well gradually
adding some flour from time to time to make it easier to work, knead well for 510 minutes.
Once dough is made cover in bowl and let it proof (place in warm area until it is
at least double in size) approximately 40 minutes.
At this point you should have already been pre heating your Kamado, and the
pizza/bread stone for at least 10 minutes at 240c.
After the dough has doubled in size, knock back and knead for a couple of
minutes, cut the dough into small balls.
Roll each piece into a flat oval / rectangle approx 3-4mm thick and approximately
20cm long. Hold and move the flat naan bread on using the rolling pin.
Traditionally the Naan bread would be cooked on the side walls of the Tandoor
oven, instead we will cook ours horizontally on the baking stone, which is a lot
easier to manage! The stone is made out of the same materials as the cooker
which also the same materials as a tandoor oven so its just as authentic.
Place the flat naan dough directly onto the baking stone. If you don’t want a
‘puffy’ or air pocket type naan bread , prick the flat dough a few times with a
Moisten the bread with fine water spray before placing on the stone.
Grill/bake for approximately 2-3 minutes then flip[ over and finish the other side
in a little less cooking time. Remove.
You can brush the warm bread with some ghee (clarified butter) or light veg oil,
sprinkle with fresh coriander, garic or a dust of you favourite spice blend.
Serve warm with your favourite curry, tandoori or a Raita style dip(cucumber,
yoghurt and mint).
Can be kept for a day or two.