info – flyer

ryou are cordia(fy invited to cefe6rate our siEver anniversary
)It the )Inchor 1?§staurant
pforitfa }Ivenue, Wernet, Ca{ifomia
:May 9, 2015
$35.00 ('lip inc{uded)
5: 00
PM (/)oors Open
f£or ~gistration
Caf{ Cliristine (951) 692-9592
6: 00
PM ([)inner
f£or Information
Ca[(1(jm6erfy (951) 306-7785
7:00 qxj\19vleeting
'Iic~t safes cCoseon 9vf.ay2, 2015. crTiisis a cfosea 6anquet for women wlio are jlJi mem6ers.
Seating is assigned on afirst paid 6asis. 'Ta6fes £if eight are availi161£. ero sit in a group, a{[
ticR.§tsmust 6e purcliasea togetlier. List a[( names, menu clioices and aaaresses on reverse side.
p.ncfosea is $
®1me ri6, 6a/{fapotato
total amount.
ana vegeta6fe
Cfiic/{fn witli teriyaRj ormusfiroom sauce, rice pilaf ana vegeta6fe
Sali1££,roffs, cfessert, coffee ana femonade are included:
~a/{f cliecRJ paya6fe to
<P.O.rBo:{1606, San Jacinto, CJ1 92581