A. The Original El Charro Style Beef Taco

Natural Sterling Beef OR Grilled Chicken Breast
with choice of fries or rice & beans
Original Charro Burger! 9.95
Our Lunch Menu is Available Monday thru Friday 11am-3pm
Featuring arroz & frijoles refritos or Charros OR small salad
A. The Original El Charro Style Beef Taco GF
Seasoned ground beef patty prepared original style in a crisp shell,
with salsa basico, peas, radish & Queso Casero
One 5.95 or Two 7.25
Grilled onion, chipotle ranch &
locally crafted queso menonita
Charro Más Bueno Burger 10.95
Add Applewood bacon, avocado & roasted
poblano green chiles to The Charro Burger
Eating raw or undercooked proteins, including eggs,
fish & beef can lead to food borne illness
B. Soft Taco
Your choice of a single taco on corn or flour tortilla or low carb lettuce wrap
Grilled Fish, Cerveza Fish, Carnitas, Grilled Chicken 6.75
Steak or Birria 7.75
GFGrilled Tacos with Corn Tortilla or Lettuce are gluten free
C. Una Enchilada GF
Choose your recipe & your sauce:
Queso (white or yellow), Carnitas, Pollo El Charro or Mushroom [v]
Red, green, sour cream or non-fat yogurt sauce  6.75 each
D. Burritos de la Casa*
Your choice of delicious lunch size burrito recipes:
Pollo El Charro or Cantina Ground Beef 7.95 each
Charro Birria, Carne Colorado or Carnitas Verde 8.95 each
*¡Más Sabor! Add any style below to your lunch burro or chimichanga
Enchilada Style
Queso Melt
Lunch size salad recipes & small tortilla soup
Chef Carlotta’s Grilled Chicken Salad GF 8.95
Serrano citrus vinaigrette, dried cranberry,
fruits, seasoned pepitas & Queso Casero
Charro Caesar Crispette 8.95/10.95
Grilled Chicken or Blackened Salmon
Fresh romaine, Cilantro-Caesar dressing &
Queso Cotija on top of a tortilla crispette
Tacostada Salads
Chopped greens, frijoles & tostada shell
Cantina Ground Beef
Elegante Style
E. Dos Tacos Supremas GF
One each of Carne Colorado and Charro Birria with sour cream 7.95
Grilled Chicken
Dressings: House Vinaigrette, Caesar,
Charro Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Fat Free Serrano Citrus
F. Mole con Pollo GF
Chef Carlotta’s homemade mole recipe over grilled chicken breast with
arroz blanco y frijoles Charros. Served with tortillas 7.95
Two of Tucson’s favorites! One corn tamal & a Sonoran flat enchilada 7.25
Our $5 daily lunch deals will make this one busy
corner! Choice of Rice Bowl or Tostada.
Note: regularly priced at $6.95 ea.
H. El Charro Carne Seca Recipes
Rice Bowl GF Charro beans, arroz blanco, pico de
G. Two for Tucson
(vegetarian) GF
Your choice of Carne Seca Recipe: Lunch-Size Platter or Burrito* 10.95
I. Stuffed Carnitas Verde Chalupa GF
Fresh Corn Masa layered with frijoles and topped with house made
Carnitas Verde & greens. Served with rustic corn & sour cream 7.95
Charro and your choice of recipe below
Tostada Fresh greens, frijoles, cheese and
your choice of recipe below on a crisp corn shell
$5 Deal Days:
Monday: Grilled Chicken
Tuesday: Birria
Wednesday: Carnitas Verde
Thursday: Carne Colorado
Friday: Vegetarian/Calabacitas
Add a small cup of tortilla soup to any lunch item for just 2 dollars!
Want more El Charro? Please ask for our cocktail & dessert menus!
Full regular menu also available
we only cook with non-transfat oils and source natural ingredients and HACCP certified produce whenever possible
note: eating raw or undercooked proteins can cause certain food borne illnesses, especially with persons
who have sensitive diets. please monitor your orders and let us know how we can help.
GF = items designed for gluten sensitive diets. please also note that while we work hard to satisfy all dietary related requests,
we are not a facility without known allergens. our gluten free recipes are produced with our best practices,
but we cannot guarantee cross contamination outside of our controls. thank you, eat happy.
All Cinco Del Dia Recipes are Gluten Free