one world week - University of Sussex

One World Week Launch Event!
Jubilee Café
Teas of the World’ display and free samples
Jubilee Atrium
Bollywood Dance Class
Sports Centre
Dr Stefano Jossa (Royal Holloway University of London): ‘National Identity and Italian Literature’ talk
Jubilee 144
‘Discover Kazakhstan’ show
Falmer Bar, Room 76
The Debates: EU and the World - One World Week Special
Fulton B
One World Spinning Class - Europe
8.45am Sports Centre
Johan Schot (SPRU): ‘Rethinking Society for the 21st Century’
Jubilee G30
10.30- International Smörgåsbord
12.30pm Meeting House
12-3pm Working Internationally Panel
16 - 21 MAR
Media and Performance
Fun and Competition
Information and display
2-4pm Telecollaboration: Sussex/Provence
Jubilee 144
*Please note that this event will take place in French
2-4pm ‘Feet on the Ground: case studies for working in Africa’ talk followed by Q&A, Chowen Lecture Theatre BSMS
Library Square
BSL/Deaf Culture: ‘Sign Language World’ 5.30pm Fulton 203
2-5pm ‘Arabesque’ - a screening of Lebanese film ‘Where do we go now’ with introduction and post-film discussion by Dr Feras Alkabani
Silverstone 309
3.30- Author José Luis de Juan: ‘Writing from 4.30pm (no) where? A Spanish-islander experience across words and worlds’
Fulton A
4-6pm Politics Society: ‘France After Charlie: a New Crisis for Republican Politics?’
Fulton 214
6-8pm Geography Society Pub Quiz
Falmer Bar, Room 76
6pm- University of Sussex Stargazing Live 2015,
9.30pm Jubilee G30 6pm-7.30pm and 8pm-9:30pm
6.45- One World Week Language Café
9.30pm Dine Central *Please note that this is a ticketed event
Jubilee G30
1-2pm Tai Chi
Meeting Room 1 in Falmer House
10am- ‘Democracy and Participation in Latin 1pm
America’ conference Registration 2-3pm Qi Gong
and morning session Meeting Room 1 in Falmer House
Fulton A. This session includes the Key Note Panel
2-4pm Family ‘One World Week Stay and Play’
12-1pm Dr Allam Ahmed (SPRU): ‘Knowledge is Family Room, Norwich House
the key for achieving sustainable
3-4pm Presentation from Japanese HR Company, development and changing the world: ideas DISCO
for the youth’ talk
CEC seminar room, Library
Jubilee Large Lecture Theatre
3-5pm Cross Cultural Food Cooking 12-3pm ‘Broadening your Horizons’ international Demonstration (with free samples to try!)
work and volunteering fair
Jubilee Atrium
Jubilee G30
TED Society: ‘Inequality and Global Justice’ 12-4pm One World Week Street Food and Sport 6.30pm Jubilee G30
Library Square
5-7pm Mandarin Consultants presentation
CEC seminar room, Library
1-2pm Studying Internationally
Jubilee 144 *Please note that this talk is open to first year 5-7pm Sussex Foodies Society: ‘Food: Where are students only
we now? Where are we going?’ discussion Fulton 103
1-3pm ‘The Water-Filter Challenge’
Jubilee Atrium
5.30pm- St Patrick’s Day Party
Falmer Bar
1-2pm Fem Soc: ‘Women around the World’ Jubilee G31
6-9pm ‘Boko Haram in Nigeria: A vicious cycle of poverty and terrorism?’
2-7pm ‘Democracy and Participation in Latin Fulton A Lecture Theatre
America’ conference
Various locations
6-8pm International Society Food Party
Meeting House
4.30- Sussex Asia Centre - ‘Afghanistan after 7pm
2014’ a Panel Discussion
6-8pm Astro ATP – Football drop in World Cup
Fulton A
Astro ATP at Falmer Sports Complex 5-7pm Richard Tol (BMEc): ‘Climate Change’ talk, 6.10- One World Spinning Class - Asia
Jubilee G30/cafe & atrium space
Sports Centre
6-8pm International Relations Society: ‘Greenhouse and IR Society present: Britain in a Post-Growth WEDNESDAY 18
One World Spinning Class Australia
Arts A103
8.45am Sports Centre
7-8pm One World Spinning Class - South America 11am - German Language Society: ‘Germany: 1989 Sports Centre
12pm and Beyond’
7-9pm Nigerian Society: ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ film Fulton 104
Fulton B
12.05- One World Spinning Class - North America
12.50pmSports Centre
1.05- Zumba Class
8.30- Solar Eclipse, Library Square, 1.50pm Sports Centre
10.30am Library Square, peaking with 80% coverage 2-3pm Dr John Phillips, London Metropolitan at 9.30am. *Please note that this event is very weather University: ‘Marquis de Sade: ‘What
is Sadism?’ talk
Fulton A
dependent, so will only happen if conditions are suitable on the day
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10am- ‘Democracy and Participation in Latin 1pm
America’ conference
Various locations
12.05- One World Spinning Class - Africa,
12.50pmSports Centre
1-4pm ‘A Glimpse of Taiwan’ exhibition and free bubble tea
Fulton entrance area
African Dance Workshop
2.30pm Sports Centre
1-2pm The BaFa BaFa Game
Meeting House
2-5pm Inter-Society Football Tournament GROUP STAGES
Astro ATP
‘Democracy and Participation in Latin 6.30pm America’ conference,
Various locations. This session includes Key Note Panel
3-5pm Caroline Lucas MP: ‘Trade in a Globalised World’ talk
Jubilee Large Lecture Theatre
4.30- ‘Democracy in Mexico Past, Present and 6.30pmFuture’
Jubilee 144
6.30- Ceremonial Aztec Dance by ‘Atlachinolli 8pm
Dance Group’
Jubilee Atrium
7-10pm Sussex Live
Venue TBC
10am- ‘Democracy and Participation in Latin 1pm
America’ conference
Various locations
Inter-Society Football Tournament - 2.30pmFINALS
Astro ATP
3-6pm 3v3 Nations Basketball Tournament
Sport Centre Hall 1
Throughout the WEEK
Persian New Year table setting display Iranian Society
Falmer House Reception
Voice of students project display Sussex Sport
Sports Centre
Language Tasters SCLS
Various locations TBC
‘Phrases from Home’ map display Development
and Alumni Relations
Jubilee Atrium
‘A glimpse of Taiwan’ display and bubble tea
Taiwanese Society
Fulton atrium/social space
‘Student Stories’ exhibition International Student
Jubilee Atrium
Photo competition ‘We Are International’ with
#OneWorldSussex International Student Support
Food van with a cuisine from a different continent
each day of OWW Sussex Food
Various locations
6th - 22nd
.. ...
Talks and Debates
Sport and leisure