Award Winning
by Pastry Chef
Ashley Tardugno
*Please allow at least 24 hours notice
on all gluten free desserts
Pies: $28
Oreo Mousse, Chocolate Cream, Key Lime,
Coconut Cream, Banana Cream
Cheesecake: 8” $24  10” $36
Assorted flavors available upon request
Bread Pudding: $20
Mounds Layer Cake:
Vanilla sponge cake, coconut pastry cream &
chocolate ganache
Twix Cake:
Four layers of caramel-coated shortbread
sandwiched between chocolate ganache,
pastry cream and sponge cake
Milky Way Layer Cake:
Chocolate cake layered with homemade
caramel and nougat
“Enough for you and all your friends!”
Triple chocolate Mousse Torte:
8” $26  10” $40
Fudge brownie base sits beneath dark &
white chocolate mousse
2013: Featured in Taste of Seacoast
2011: NH Magazine Featured Pastry Chef
Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Raspberry,
Strawberry-Rhubarb(Seasonal Only), or Cherry
2010: “Outstanding Banana Cream Pie”
Phantom Gourmet
Pumpkin, Lemon, Coconut, Key Lime
or Sweet Potato
2009: Golden Whisk Award:
Excellence in Baking & Pastry
2008: Best in Show:
Vermont Chocolate Show
2006: $10,000 recipe contest winner
Cinnamon Crepes with Almond
Butter Cream
580 US Highway Bypass 1
Portsmouth, NH 03381
Cake Pricing:
8” $24  10” $36  12” $44
Personal “baby” cakes:
Cheesecake Pricing:
8” $24  10” $36
Cupcake Pricing (minimum of 6)
Mini $1.00  Medium $2.50  Large $4
Boston Cream Layer Cake:
White cake layered with chocolate ganache
and our famous vanilla bean pastry cream
Pumpkin Layer Cake:
Moist pumpkin cake with cream cheese
frosting and graham cracker crumbs
Grasshopper Cake:
Chocolate cake with creme de menthe
mousse filling. Finished with chocolate
ganache drizzle and Andes mint candies
Pistachio Layer Cake:
Pistachio cake with pistachio-studded cream
filling. Frosted in vanilla whipped cream
Cookie Dough Cake:
Brown sugar cake with vanilla cream
filling and cookie dough chunks. Frosted
with chocolate butter cream
German Chocolate, Pecan, Rolo,
Grasshopper, Tollhouse Cookie, Oreo
Mousse, Chocolate Satin or Peanutbutter Cup
Banana, Coconut, Chocolate, Strawberry
or Butterscotch
Lemon, Butterscotch, Chocolate or Orange
Chunky Monkey Cake:
Coffee Chocolate Chip Cake:
Oreo Mousse Cake:
PB Tuxedo Cake:
Banana cake, chocolate mousse filling and
candied walnuts
Chocolate cake, Oreo-studded mousse and
chocolate glaze
Carrot Cake:
Moist carrot cake with cream cheese
frosting. Nuts added upon request
Kahlua soaked sponge cake sits between
chocolate chip & coffee frosting
Alternating layers of chocolate cake and
vanilla cake hold fillings of chocolate
pudding & chocolate chip-studded peanut
butter frosting
Triple Chocolate Cake:
Red Velvet Cake:
Chocolate cake layered with chocolate
mousse and chocolate ganache. Finished
with chocolate cookie crumbs
Black & White Cake:
Lemon Drop Cake:
Classic red-hued cake with cream
cheese frosting
Vanilla sponge cake brushed with hazelnut
liquor. Finished with chocolate mousse
Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake:
White chocolate mousse & raspberry puree
between layers of moist white cake
Malibu Cream Cake:
Sponge cake soaked in Malibu rum with
coconut pastry cream, pureed pineapple
& whipped cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake:
Vanilla whipped cream frosting & chocolate
chip cookie cake. The ultimate milk &
cookie treat!
White cake soaked in lemon syrup, layered
with vanilla whipped cream frosting and
lemon curd