Friday, 6 March 2015

Preliminary Program
Please note the program is subject to change
Friday, 6 March 2015
Welcome & Opening Plenary
0830-0835 Welcome to Country
0835-0845 Opening of the Conference
0845-0945 Keynote 1 The Normal newborn and why breastmilk is not just food, Dr Jenny Thomas
Research Round Up 1
0945-1005 More than Breastfeeding: the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Australia – Twenty Years On, Marjorie Atchan
1005-1025 Breastfeeding problems and maternal psychological wellbeing: Evidence from an Australian prospective study, Lisa Amir
1025-1045 Cumulative risks and the cessation of exclusive breastfeeding; Australian cross-sectional survey, Jennifer Ayton
Morning Tea
Plenary Session 2
1115-1200 Keynote 2 Breast, bottle and childhood obesity, Nancy Mohrbacher
Concurrent Session A1
Recognising allergy issues in breastfed babies ,
1200-1245 Robyn Noble
Concurrent Session A2
Concurrent Session A3
Concurrent Session A4
Milk banks vs milk sharing, Kerri
Women’s experiences of
breastfeeding support: Results
from the Supporting breastfeeding
In Local Communities, Rhian
What’s in the can? Breastmilk
substitutes and their use, Ros Escott
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4
The use of supplemental line feeding
in breastfeeding: short term usage to
maximise breastfeeding outcomes,
Katie James
Afternoon Tea
Larger Breasted Women and
Breastfeeding, Decalie Brown
Simplifying Breastfeeding - the first
36 hours, Nancy Mohrbacher
Concurrent Session A5
Concurrent Session A6
Concurrent Session A7
Concurrent Session A8
Milk matters: more than women are ever told,
Maureen Minchin
A neurobiological model for cry-fuss
problems in the first 3-4 months of
life, Pamela Douglas
Weight faltering in infancy - Failure
to thrive in three breastfed infants,
Carole Dobrich
Lip tie- a breastfeeding challenge in
its own right, Ruth O'Donovan
Breast and nipple pain associated with
breastfeeding: A simple tool to capture the
complexity of influences and determinants of
1400-1530 pain, Lisa Amir
Plenary Session 3
1645-1730 Keynote 3 Breastfeeding & epigenetics, Dr Jenny Thomas
Welcome Reception & Icecream Social
Special screening: Microbirth the movie
Saturday March 7, 2015
Plenary Session 4
0830 - 0930 Keynote 4 Family centre care in a Swedish NICU, Prof Uwe Ewald
Keynote 5 Breastfeeding communication: does relationship matter? Elaine Burns
Morning Tea
Concurrent Session B1
Concurrent Session B2
Concurrent Session B3
Improving breastfeeding outcomes for women
with diabetes in pregnancy, Carmel Kelly
Milk banking is a food business,
Kerri McEgan
Exploring breast pump use amongst mothers
of healthy term infants in Melbourne: the
Mothers and Infants Lactation Cohort (MILC)
study, Lisa Amir
Feeding in NICU - it's time to be more accurate,
Anita Moorhead
Milk siblingship - implications for
human milk banking, Virginia
Exclusively breastfeeding triplets case studies,
Meg Nagle
Lunch and Posters
Plenary Session 5
Keynote 6 Understanding Breastfeeding Behaviours, Nancy Mohrbacher
Afternoon Tea
Plenary Session 6
Keynote 7 What mothers say: Untangling research on first time mothers of premature babies, Lauren Porter
Keynote 8 Promoting breastfeeding of pre-term infants in a Swedish NICU, Prof Uwe Ewald
Gala Dinner
Concurrent Session B4
Case study- improving
pre-term infant's growth
rate by harnessing
breastmilk composition,
Christina Galloway
Nurturing potential future
IBCLCs-are we eating our
young before they hatch?
Carole Dobrich
Sunday, 8 March 2015
Plenary Session 7
08:30 - 0930 Keynote 9 Treatment of lip and tongue ties for optimal breastfeeding – what are the potential implications in future life? Marjan Jones
Research Round Up 2
Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative: an evaluation of a quality certificate within the maternity care context, Kathleen Biessmans
ABA research: the EMBER project, Susan Tawia
Men support breastfeeding more than women in NZ, Narges Alianmoghaddam
Morning Tea
Plenary Session 8
1100 - 1145
Keynote 10 Is breastfeeding economical, and for whom? Julie Smith
Short Presentations
Factors associated with delayed onset of lactation in BFH, Anita Moorhead
Softening our language, Cynthia Peterson
Plenary Session 9
1345 - 1430
Keynote 11 The Intersection of Community and Technology: Using Social Media to Connect Your Practice to Your Families, Dr Jenny Thomas
1430- 1500
Conference Closing & Awards