Arizona Pork Council Best Pulled Pork Sandwich MaryEllen Simmons, Superintendent Culinary Divisions-910

Arizona Pork Council
Best Pulled Pork Sandwich
Culinary Divisions-910
MaryEllen Simmons, Superintendent
Are you a BBQ master; can you turn any meat into a mouth watering dish?
Enter your best pork recipe and sauce and go for the title of Master of the
pulled pork sandwich. Take a chance to earn a blue ribbon from your very own
Arizona State Fair and even an awesome prize from Arizona’s Pork Council!
Who can enter?
All amateur grillers, 18 years and older. Anyone paid to produce baked foods, provide catering services or
instruct in any area in the culinary field are not eligible to enter.
How do I enter?
To enter please use the Culinary Arts Special Contest Entry Form. Print the entry form and make sure your
information is legible and accurate for Arizona State Fair publishing purposes.
Is there a fee?
$2.00 per entry. Entry fees are non-refundable.
Please make checks payable to: Arizona State Fair; mail to1862 W. McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85007 c/o Entry
Department. Cash, check or money order is accepted
Is there a limit?
Dishes should contain a minimum of 1lb. of meat.
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When is the contest?
Where do I deliver my entry?
Saturday, October 25 at 2:00 PM
Fry’s Culinary Stage located within the
Check-in Time 2:00 PM
Commercial Exhibit Building.
What do I submit?
Exhibitors may bring a crock pot to keep their entry warm until judging time and must be an original recipe.
All entries must be prepared fresh and must be an original recipe. Entries must be accompanied with the One
Day Contest Entry Form and the Recipe Form provided.
What is the judging procedure?
Judging will take place on the day of the contest. Judging will be based on:
50% on taste; 25% on originality; 25% on meat tenderness.
Provided by Arizona Pork Council: 1st Place - $100 gift card and Rosette; 2nd - 3rd Place - ASF Rosette.
What else do I need to know?
All recipes become the sole property of the Arizona State Fair and the Arizona Pork Council. The Arizona State
Fair and the Arizona Pork Council reserves the right to edit, adapt, copyright, publish and use any or all of the
recipes for any reason including publicity, promotion, or advertising with no compensation. Exhibitor hereby
authorizes the Fair to use exhibitor’s image and the image of his/her items entered in the Fair for purposes of
promoting and educating the public regarding the wide array and talent exhibited within the Fair’s Entries departments. Exhibitor is responsible for all copyrights and trademarks pertaining to the entries and agrees that
any reproductions used to educate and promote the Fair’s entries programs constitute “fair use” of copyright
Contact Information
If you have a change of address, phone number or email address, you are required to update this information
with the entry office so we can contact you regarding awards. Additional questions should be directed to
Culinary Superintendent, MaryEllen Simmons at (480)748-9108 or [email protected]
Competitive Entries’ Office Dates
July 1, 2014 - November 10, 2014
Office– 602-257-7142
Email: [email protected]
Registration Dates
Entry deadline September 25, 2014
Onsite entries are not permitted due to limitation of contestants and limited cooking
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