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Those who are blessed,
are called to be a blessing!
In Touch
8th March 2015
Thanksgiving Sunday
Thanksgiving Sunday
First time?
Welcome! Make yourself at home.
Our 2020 vision sums up a Bible principle:
“Those who are blessed are called to be a
blessing!” And from time to time it is right to
take stock of how our blessings actually
become blessings. Today we are praying for
God to guide us individually and as a church
through our praying and giving, how God
wants that responsibility to be worked out.
Need anything? Ask one of our welcome
team who’d love to help.
Today we launch our 2020 vision tree—
where we can go on celebrating God’s
blessings for the future. And also we will be
receiving our pledges for God’s work for the
future, and seeking his wisdom over the
structural challenges we have identified as
we commit our resources to it. So please
pray passionately, pledge purposefully,
participate joyfully in the purpose of God for
our church. Practically, please complete
your pledge form and return it today, and
join in all the other Thanksgiving activities.
Stay for a chat! There are refreshments
after the main services, served at the back
Giving? There’s no collection during
services. Please place any gifts in the box
near the main door. Standing order and giftaid forms are available.
Young children? Use our sound-proofed
Tower Room if they get restless, or join in
Sunday clubs at Upper Room
Deaf? An induction loop is available.
Mobiles? Please turn OFF, unless on call
Bring and Share lunch TODAY. It
starts at 12.30pm in UR. Bring a main
course to feed you, your family and some
extra. (Sweets & drinks will be provided)
Prayer? There is prayer support after 9.30
& 6.30 services, and during communion, at
the front of the church by the Cheadle Cross.
Lent lunches!
PCC “Trustcott Report” - Q & A
Check it out!
All the local churches
meet for a simple
mid-week lunch of
soup each week in
Lent. This Wednesday is hosted by St
James’, Gatley. Everyone is welcome!
Do you still have questions about how the PCC responds to
the report written for us by John Trustcott? If so, why not
drop in to our ‘Q&A' session TODAY, Sunday 8th
March, in the UR between 3.30pm-4.30pm. We’d
welcome your feedback, and enjoy having a coffee (or some
other suitable beverage) with you. If you can it helps to send
questions in advance to Jon Drayton via the A-Z pockets in
the tower room or at [email protected]
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Becoming a blessing
One of the sad side-effects of our
increasingly complex and individualistic
culture is that many people lose a sense of
their true significance in the world. We
have bought the myth that most of us have
no real influence on things, and our lives
make very little difference in the world.
Rob Munro
Thanksgiving is the way God’s people are
helped to resist that lie, and realise the
significance of who we are! How? Two
ways: We are repeatedly called by God to
relate to him in Thanksgiving, to recognise
that by faith the living God our Creator is
actively involved in our lives and the lives
of our church family. As Paul put it: Praise
be to the God and Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the
heavenly realms with every spiritual
blessing in Christ. (Eph 1:3) Through
Jesus, our lives have been given every
eternal blessing—everything that outlasts
this earth, is ours through Jesus, and
everything on earth is given to help us
prepare for that blessing. That means we
need to share more with each other, and
more publicly, what we see God at work
doing. Our 2020 Vision Tree, launched
today, is going to be a way of declaring
where we are seeing God working, and
celebrating our gratitude to Him.
The second way that Thanksgiving helps
us see our true significance, is in the way
our being blessed practically becomes a
blessing. The commitment of our lives to
God’s service involves all that we are,
including our finances; and today we are
giving every person the chance to use the
blessings they have, particularly their
finances, to be a
blessing to others—
our giving through
the church family
is not only a
command of God,
but also the chief
means of enabling
his blessing of us to
become a blessing
in the lives of
others. So pray,
pledge and
participate today as
we seek God to
confirm his will for
us and equip us to
better serve Him.
Yours in Christ, Rob
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In Touch
Prayer for Israel
will meet on Monday 9 of March at Yolanda's home.
Parish Office
Sheila usually takes Thursday as her day off, but this week she
won’t be in work on Wednesday 11th March and will be in work
on Thursday 12th.
Thank you
A BIG thank you to Sheila Holt for repairing the Bell Tower
Curtain. A number of people commented last week how lovely it
was to be free of the draft from the Bell Tower which we suffer
from when the curtain isn’t hanging! So many thanks –a great
Lost and found
Some money was found on the bookstall table on Monday. If you
think you lost some (or perhaps meant to put it in to the bookstall box but forgot) please contact the office. Otherwise it will
be put in to the church collection.
Lynn and Simba
Please pray for Lynn this month as she starts
intensive training with Simba. Please remember Simba is a working dog, so it’s important
we don’t pet him or talk to him when we see
him in church, Café One, or out and about.
TBN- UK Freeview Channel 65
Have you discovered the new Christian channel on Freeview TV?
To tune in go to Freeview and select 65. It is an amazing mix of
programmes with worship services, testimony, drama and Christian videos. Not all the music and preaching styles will suit everyone at St Mary’s, but there is a good mix, so persevere.
The vision of TBN is to put into every home in the UK a challenging and relevant Biblical Message. Good for us but also for
our friends and family who we are seeking to witness to about
the Lord Jesus.
Mike Lowe
NET / Young Adults Confirmation
A reminder to those teenagers and young adults thinking about
Confirmation that preparation sessions will be held as follows:
Sundays on 8th, 22nd and 29th March from
4:45-6pm in classroom 2nd floor of UR.
See Eddie if you are interested or just turn up.
Festival Choir
We will meet to rehearse for two of our Easter Services at
7.30pm on 16th, 23rd and 30th March - new members are most
welcome, too. Both services are at 11.15am on Good Friday, 3rd
April and Easter Sunday, 5th April. Please come to rehearsals
even if you can only attend one of the services because of family
Human Resources
Do you have HR skills and
expertise? We would welcome
someone with HR skills and
expertise to provide short term
advise to the Truscott implementation group.
The group is drafting the necessary documentation to advertise
for the post of Operations Director and would welcome some
specialist advise and guidance.
Please contact Anthony Holmes if you can help on 01614289435
Abersoch Beach Mission
1st – 15th August 2015
Interesting in serving God in the Summer
for one or two weeks? Perhaps you’re interested in joining the Abersoch Beach
Mission team? This is an exciting opportunity to share the love of God in a variety
of unique ways. We’re looking for new
team who would like to work with children, young people and
their families. We’re also looking for people to help with catering. If you’re interested in finding out more, please speak to
Eddie or Hannah Scrase-Field
Are you part of our
Church Family?
The Church's “Electoral Roll” is the C
of E official membership list, but we
use it to pray for every person on it,
and keep in touch—so we need it to be
up to date.
This year's revision of it is taking place from now until 26th
March. If you wish to have your name added, complete one of
the forms on the table at the back of church and return it to the
church office, a member of clergy or put it the box in church.
If your name is already on the Roll you need take no
action. If you're not sure if you are currently on the list, please
phone Sheila in the parish office (428 8050) to check.
ReNu Furniture Upcycling
Barnabus Manchester, are launching an exciting, sustainable
social enterprise called Re-Nu, up-cycling furniture from donations. Their aim is to provide an opportunity for people to learn
practical skills including sanding, polishing and painting renovating old furniture, transforming them into beautiful and creative pieces for sale to the public. Money gained will be invested
back into the project so that in time, they can create a long term
sustainable social enterprise with opportunities not just for
training but also for employment.
They are starting small with a group of 3 interested people for
one session a week in a donated warehouse space with the aim to
increase this to 3-5 days a week. They are looking for a volunteer
mentor who loves DIY and has experience in working with wood
or renovating furniture. Would you be interested in passing on
your skills and experience and teaching a small group of people?
Furniture Donations
Could you donate small items of furniture (as a guide small
enough for one person to carry alone): tables, bedside cabinets,
small cabinets or drawer sets, bookshelves and similar.
Anyone interested contact: 0161 237 3223 or
[email protected]
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House of Bishops’ Pastoral Letter
on the 2015 General Election
The House of Bishops of the Church of England have written a
pastoral letter to the people and parishes of the C of E, urging
Christians to consider the question: “how can we build the kind
of society which many people say they want but which is not yet
being expressed in the vision of any of the parties?” The letter
also encourages church members to engage in the political process ahead of the General Election and to put aside self-interest
and vote for ‘the common good’
The Pastoral letter can be read here:
A guide to the pastoral letter and its contents can be found here:
We have a couple of events coming up at St Mary’s
which will help us engage in politics and ensure we
are informed for when we vote in May.
Sunday 15 March 6.30pm Open to Question
service will be a CARE General Election Forum, hosted by
Gareth Davies. It will be an interactive environment addressing
the biblical foundations for politics, and Christian thinking on
key issues.
General Election Hustings
Tuesday 21st April 7pm in church with the local Cheadle
Candidates from Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats
in attendance.
The Upper Room Trust
A report has recently been produced for the PCC, setting out the
relationships between the PCC, the Upper Room Trustees and
the Company that holds the lease to the Supermarket and the
way in which the extension and the initial redevelopment of the
Upper Room was funded. If other members of the congregation
wish to read this report, please see Phil Wells (485 6798).
Cost: £10 (£5 concessions). Please book through the website.
Prisoner of the Month
During March please pray for:
Tandin Wamgyal
Remember in prayer Tandin Wamgyal 38years old and an upcoming church leader from Bhutan. He is married with two young
children and has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for being a
Please pray his appeal for a reduction in sentence may be upheld
and courage and strength for him and his family.
Young People and Families Worker
St Catherine's, Tranmere are seeking to appoint a young people
and families worker. If anyone is interested in finding out about
this post Penny can provide more details.
The Christian Institute
"Protecting Gospel Freedom"
Are holding another series of roadshows the nearest one will be
at St Mary's Church Balderstone Rochdale OL11 2HB at
7.30pm on Tuesday March 10th - All are welcome.
Covenant Christian School
Open Day Saturday 14 March 11am-3pm
The Hawthorns, 48 Heaton Moor Road, Stockport, SK4 4NX
A learning community where Christian families learn together,
work together and pray together.
Hajnalka Zambo writes this endorsement: “I would like to recommend this school to you as I have found it to be a very caring
and loving Christian environment which provides small class
groups, giving pupils special attention and personal teaching”
For further information visit: www.covenant-christian-school.co.uk
Go Exhibition
"What is Mission" Weekend
14th & 15th March at Christ Church Chadderton - OL9 7QB
A weekend focusing on Mission both at home and abroad - some
interesting seminars on the Saturday afternoon for anyone who
wants to consider Mission and the need for it in today's culture see http://www.christchurchchadderton.co.uk/?page_id=523
for more details
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In Touch
For our
partners in
The "All at Sea"
Holiday Bible
Club giving thanks
for the bookings
already received but
also the need for
more helpers to join
the team.
For Church
Simea Meldrum:
Has just returned
from a mission trip
to the interior of
Brazil - pray for the
ongoing impact on
the people she
shared the gospel
For the
Ray & Linda Collier Please pray for
ongoing treatment
Anthony and Sarah
Cyril Faulkner
Holmes and the
cancer treatment
wider family after
Alan Harper
ongoing Care
the recent death of
Lilian Lund
Anthony's father.
at home
Please also pray for
Hazel Muckells
the family of Denise
in long-term care
Kathleen Pearson Ramalogan-Kadir,
home after hospital
husband Isaac,
Mary Robertson
children Chloe &
in interim care
Mark, who died on
Andrew Smith
ongoing care
Christine Thompson
ongoing care
Mike Vine
in hospital
Dean and Paula
Finnie: Their
church in South
Africa "The
Gathering" have just
leased new premises
in a great location pray that many will
be attracted and
welcomed into the
fellowship to learn
about Jesus.
For prayer
555 Prayer—every
Sunday 5.55pm in
Church Tower room
Doreen Brindle
Saturday Prayer—
at home
weekly 9am in Church
Stephen Davies
at home
Main Church
Sean McCausland
Prayer—1st Wed 8pm
in nursing care
Israel Prayer— 2nd
Edna Needham
at home
Monday’s 2pm
Aileen Tompkins
Prison Prayer— 1st
at home
Barbara Wilkinson Monday’s 8pm
at home
church—2nd Sunday
Missionary — 2nd
Tuesday 8pm
CHHS Prayer — as
For the
Student of the
Week: Andy Hogg
studying Mechanical
Engineering at
Ephesians 1:15-23
(p610) Psalm 107:1-16
(p1173) Ephesians 1:15-23
Holy Communion (Eddie Scrase-Field)
Communion Service (Eddie Scrase-Field)
Morning Prayer (Eddie Scrase-Field)
Bring and Share Lunch in Upper Room
Truscott Report Q & A in Upper Room
Prayer for Persecuted Church
NET/Young Adult Confirmation Class
Prayer meeting in church
Evening Service (Rob Munro)
9th March
9.00am Staff prayers/meeting in UR
4.30pm Primary Saints in UR
6.00pm Juice Puppets in UR
10th March
2.00pm Tuesday at Two meet in UR
3.45pm Dynamos KS1 meet in UR
8.00pm Missionary Prayer Meeting
11th March
12th March
13th March
10.00am Mustard Seed meets in UR
12noon Lent Lunch at St James’, Gatley
8.00pm Lent Courses continue this week
9.30am Bible Study/Bright Start crèche meet
10.30am Third Age Keep Fit - Sports Hall UR
Noah’s Ark pre-school in church
1.00pm No Limits Friendship Group in UR
7.45pm The Forge meets in the UR
14th March
9.00am Prayer Meeting in Tower Room
15th March
8.00am Holy Communion (Rob Munro)
9.30am Nine-thirty Service (Rob Munro)
Fourth Sunday of
Includes Thanksgiving for Ronnie Ellison
11.15am Communion Service (Rob Munro)
5.55pm Prayer meeting in church
6.30pm Open to Question (Gareth Davies)
CARE General Election Forum
What’s Coming Up!
Sunday 8th March
Wednesday 11th March
8th—10th April
Monday 11th May
Sunday 24th May
Rob Munro
428-3440 [email protected]
Associate Minister Eddie Scrase-Field 915 9849 [email protected]
Assistant Minister(3rd age) Mike Lowe 01625 525718 [email protected]
Associate Minister (St.Cuths) Mike
Newman 428-5212 [email protected]
Curate: (Due to start July 2015) Simon Donohoe
Church Office (Penny or Sheila) ,
The Upper Room, 11 Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, SK8 1DW
Today’s Bible Readings
9.30am Service
Thanksgiving Day
Evening Confirmation Service
Collect for Third Sunday of Lent
Psalm 107:1-16
Ephesians 1:15-23
John 2:13-22
8th March
Send urgent requests Thanksgiving Sunday
to [email protected] Including Bring and Share Lunch
or ring the Church
Lent Lunch at St James’
Office on 428 8050
Holiday Bible Club in Upper Room
to be forwarded in
Keeping in Touch lunch meeting
Almighty God, whose most dear Son went not up to joy but first
he suffered pain, and entered not into glory before he was
crucified: mercifully grant that we, walking in the way of the
cross, may find it none other than the way of life and peace;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns
with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for
ever. Amen
What’s Happening!
(p1173) Deuteronomy 18:9-22
Phone: 0161 428 8050 Fax: 0203 479 5591 ”name”@cheadle.org.uk
[email protected] or
[email protected] / [email protected]