Technical Documentation Update January to February 28th

Kayla Robinson [email protected]
Technical Documentation Update - January to February 28th
March 4, 2015 at 3:56 PM
[email protected]
Technical Documentation Update - January 12th to February 28th
To help you find new content that our documentation team creates, this email update walks you through our newest documentation and
videos. Here’s what the documentation teams have been up to:
New Cookbook Recipes
Want to learn more about using the FortiGate Cookbook website? Then check out the following website walkthrough at
See our featured IPsec VPN recipes below and then take a look at our new SysAdmin Note to learn about the importance of SSL inspection.
IPsec VPN with the native Mac OS client
Remote browsing using site-to-site IPsec VPN
*SysAdmin Note* Why you should use SSL inspection
FortiCloud FortiAP management without a key
Remotely accessing FortiRecorder through a FortiGate
Improving WiFi security with WPA-Enterprise authentication
Our Cookbook Expert category includes recipes for users with advanced knowledge about FortiGates and computer networking, such as
users who have the equivalent of Fortinet’s Network Security Expert (NSE) 4 level of training. Check out our new featured expert SLBC
*Expert* SLBC Setup with one FortiController
*Expert* SLBC Dual Mode setup with two FortiControllers
*Expert* SLBC Active-Passive setup with two FortiControllers and two chassis
*Expert* SLBC Active-Passive setup with two FortiControllers
New Videos
In addition to our Cookbook Website Walkthrough, some of our recent favorites include new FortiMail and FortiRecorder videos.
Cookbook Videos
Site-to-Site IPsec VPN 5.2 (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
Packet capture 5.2 (YouTube)
Protect a web server with IPS/DoS policy 5.2 (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
Web filtering quotas 5.2 (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
Basic FortiGate Installation (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
Latest Videos
FortiAnalyzer v5.0.10 Upgrade Guide (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
FortiMail Server Mode Deployment (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
FortiRecorder Central User Interface Overview (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
FortiRecorder Central: Live and Recorded Viewing (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO) Enhancements (YouTube | Fortinet Video Library)
What new or updated documents have been recently uploaded?
Check out the following product documentation for any changes:
FortiOS Handbook - Best Practices 5.2.2
FortiController Session-Aware Load Balancing (SLBC) Guide
FortiOS Compliance Handbook
FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Compliant Operation for FortiOS 5.0.10
FortiADC 4.2.0 Release Notes for E Series
FortiADC 700D QuickStart Guide
FortiADC D Series 4.2.1 Handbook (PDF)
FortiADC D Series 4.2.1 Handbook (HTML)
FortiADC D Series 4.2.1 Release Notes
FortiAuthenticator Agent for Microsoft Windows Administration Guide
FortiAuthenticator Agent for Microsoft IIS/OWA
FortiAuthenticator 3.3 Release Notes
FortiAuthenticator 3.3 What’s New Guide
FortiAnalyzer 5.0.10 Administration Guide
FortiAnalyzer 5.0.10 Release Notes
FortiAnalyzer 5.0.10 Upgrade Guide
FortiAnalyzer 5.0.10 CLI Reference
FortiBridge 4.0 Administration Guide
FortiBridge 4.0 CLI Reference
FortiBridge 4.0 Release Notes
FortiOS 5.0.11 Release Notes
FortiClient (Mac OS X) 5.0.10 Release Notes
FortiClient (Windows) 5.0.10 Release Notes
FortiClient (Mac OS X) 5.2.3 Release Notes
FortiClient (Windows) 5.2.3 Release Notes
FortiMail 4.3.9 GA Release Notes
FortiMail 5.0.8 GA Release Notes
FortiMail 5.2.3 Administration Guide
FortiMail 5.2.3 CLI Reference
FortiMail 5.2.3 Release Notes
FortiManager 5.0.10 Administration Guide
FortiManager 5.0.10 Release Notes
FortiManager 5.0.10 CLI Reference
FortiManager 5.0.10 Upgrade Guide
FortiSandbox 2.0.0 Release Notes
FortiSwitch 3.2.0 Standalone Mode Administration
FortiVoice Enterprise Phone System 4.0.0 Administration Guide
FortiVoice Enterprise Phone System 4.0.0 GA Release Notes
FortiVoice Enterprise Phone System 4.0.0 User Guide
FortiWeb 5.3 Patch 4 CLI Reference (HTML)
FortiWeb 5.3 Patch 4 CLI Reference (PDF)
FortiPresence Analytics Configuration Guide
FortiPresence Insight Web App Manual
FortiPresence Guide to onboard a customer
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