Rohde & Schwarz implements unique 2 GHz analysis bandwidth in

Rohde & Schwarz implements unique 2 GHz analysis
bandwidth in R&S FSW high-end signal analyzer
Developers need large bandwidths to analyze wideband signals like those of the new
IEEE 802.11ad WLAN standard, 5G next generation mobile communications signals,
and radar chirp signals. The R&S FSW is the first signal and spectrum analyzer
offering 2 GHz analysis bandwidth in a user-friendly, commercial solution.
Munich, March 6, 2015 — Rohde & Schwarz is expanding the analysis bandwidth of its
R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyzer to 2 GHz by introducing the new
R&S FSW-B2000 hardware option. This test solution enables R&D users to demodulate
extremely wideband signals and analyze them in detail. There is no other instrument on the
market that combines such a large analysis bandwidth with a frequency range up to
67 GHz, and it opens up numerous applications. For example, users can measure the EVM
values of communications signals or the chirp rate on chirped radar systems.
To analyze a signal with such a large bandwidth, the R&S FSW downconverts it to an
intermediate frequency, which is then wideband digitized by an R&S RTO oscilloscope.
The R&S FSW equalizes this digital signal and adjusts the sampling rate. The entire signal
path including the oscilloscope is calibrated. Users control the easy-to-operate setup via
the analyzer, which also displays measurement results. R&S FSW measurement
applications such as vector signal analysis or pulse and transient measurements make it
possible to analyze the signal in detail. No other test solution on the market currently
enables both spectrum and modulation measurements in the frequency range up to
67 GHz with such a large bandwidth.
The performance features offered by the R&S FSW make the instrument ideal for
developers of devices and components complying with IEEE 802.11ad, the latest WLAN
standard, enabling the transmission of high data rates over short distances. IEEE 802.11ad
signals have a symbol rate of 1.76 Gsample/s in single carrier mode and require 2 GHz of
analysis bandwidth for demodulation.
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The R&S FSW-B2000 option for the R&S FSW26 to R&S FSW67 high-end signal and
spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges up to 26.5 / 43.5 / 50 / 67 GHz is now available
from Rohde & Schwarz.
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