Makena Beach & Golf Resort Summer Poke Contest 2014

DaJam 98.3 and
Makena Beach & Golf Resort Summer Poke Contest 2014
Official Contest Rules and Regulations
Official Description:
Summer is upon us and to celebrate the coming of the summer season DaJam 98.3 and Presents the 1st Annual Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s Summer Poke
Contest on Friday June 20, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Molokini Bar & Grille. No other food
represents Hawaiian local grindz or goes hand in hand with summer potluck gatherings, more
than poke. We invite to put your own perfected and esteemed poke recipes to the test and battle
other poke specialists to win the title for Best Poke Dish and a chance to win a gift certificate for
a weekend stay in one of Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s oceanfront Room and a gift certificate
for two to our famed Makena Sunday Brunch. Plus, the winning poke dish will be featured in our
line-up of fresh island pokes at our Friday Island Style Seafood Buffet for an entire year.
What is considered Poke?
The word itself means “to cut,” and cut it has been: In all the multitude of poke variations, the
components are chopped into bite-size pieces. Freshly caught local fish and seafood
like tako (octopus) and ahi tuna are chopped up to serve as a base. However, new variations
have included non-seafood items like tofu, seaweed and steak. The condiments and flavorings
often indicate the strong Japanese and Korean influence on Hawaiian food, with wasabi and
kimchi popping up on nearly every poke bar. Each poke brings together the same delicate
synthesis of cultures and natural resources that compose Hawaii, Hawaiians, and Hawaiian
Entry Rules:
- Entrants must be of 18 years of age to enter or must be accompanied/represented by a
designated parent or legal guardian.
- Hawaii residency is not required. Subject to applicable federal, state and local laws and
- Entrants must complete a registration form and submit it with their Poke recipe to the
Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s PR/Marketing team by 5:00 PM (HST) on June 16, 2014.
- All contestants are allowed one (1) free recipe/dish entry. Any additional subsequent
entries by an individual beyond the one free allotment is subject to a $5 fee for each
additional entry. Any needed payment must accompany each recipe entry. Checks must
be made out the Makena Beach & Golf Resort.
- Recipe submissions must be written in English and have exact measurements.
- No recipe changes are allowed once the recipe has been submitted.
- Illegible entries will be disqualified. The Makena Beach & Golf Resort and other
sponsors are not responsible for lost, illegible, incomplete, misaddressed, postage due or
otherwise misdirected entries or transactions that are lost due to computer or electronic
malfunction or other error.
Poke recipes must be submitted within the following contest categories: Traditional Poke
(base main ingredient is made with fresh island fish), Non Traditional (no-fish) Seafood
Poke (Main ingredient is non-fish seafood i.e. tako, shrimp or clams)
Entrants are encouraged to creatively use other fresh secondary ingredients like ogo or
other seaweed, seeds, herbs, spices, nuts, home-made marinades, tofu, fruits, vegetables
and seasonings in their recipes.
Contest entrants or a designated proxy (as indicated on the registration form during the
entry period) must bring 3 lbs of prepared Poke to the contest for judging and tasters for
buffet-goer tasting on Friday June 20, 2014 at 5:00 PM (HST) at the Molokini Bar &
Grille. Each contestant will have a small 3 ft. round table to distribute tasters to the
audience. The resort will provide small tasting cups and utensils for the audience tasting.
The resort will also provide a small common preparation area that will be space and table
top only (utensils or ingredients will not be provided) for any last minute preparations to
their poke and to prepare judging plates.
Due to space limitations, each contestant is allowed one assistant or supporter in the
contest area during the event. Additional families and friends of contestant are welcomed
to attend the event as buffet goers. The resort will provide contestant supporters with a
15% discount to the Friday Night Seafood Buffet during the contest period.
For judging contestants must prepare 6 portions for 5 contest judges and the event Master
of Ceremony. The resort will provide all contestants with 6 small 4 inch standard tasting
plates. However, contestants may bring and use their own plates to present their poke
dishes to the judges. Contestants are responsible for bringing any additional ingredients
or garnish items for the presentation of their poke dish to the judges.
Beach & Golf Resort and Pacific Media Group.
1. Contest Entry Period/Sponsor: The official judging of fully prepared poke dishes will
commence on 06:30 PM (HST) on Friday June 20, 2014 at the resort’s Molokini Bar & Grille.
The contest is sponsored by the Makena Beach & Golf Resort in partnership with Da Jam 98.3
2. Eligibility: Makena’s Summer Poke Contest is open to individuals who are considered a legal
adult in accordance to their provincial, county, state, or national laws or otherwise accompanied
and represented by a parent or legal guardian. Employees of the Makena Beach & Golf Resort,
its advertising and promotion agencies and anyone involved with the Contest, their immediate
family members and /or those living in the same household of each are not eligible to enter or
win. For the purpose of this contest, an immediate family member is defined as a spouse, partner,
mother, father, legal guardian, in-laws, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, children, and
3. How to enter: To enter the Makena Summer Poke Contest, entrants must submit an entry
form and their poke recipe by 5:00 PM (HST) by Monday June 16, 2014 to the Makena Beach &
Golf Resort’s Public Relations and Marketing Representative, Jovelyn Bonilla. The entry form
may be picked up at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort concierge desk and can be found online
on the resort website here:
The entry form and recipe may be submitted to the resort’s marketing team in person at the
Makena Beach & Golf Resort, via mail, email or fax to the designated addresses and numbers
specified below.
To submit your entry form and recipe via email follow the instruction which will include:
Fill out the electronic entry form and recipe form and attach to an email message
In the subject line please enter: Makena Summer Poke Contest
In body of email please include first name, last name, email address and phone number.
Submit the entry to the contest via email to [email protected]
To submit your entry form and recipe via mail follow the instruction which will include:
Fill out and print the electronic entry form and copy of the recipe in an envelope.
Seal and mail entry with required postage to:
Makena Marketing Team
Attn: Jovelyn Bonilla – Summer Dessert Contest
Makena Beach & Golf Resort
5400 Makena Alanui
Makena, Hawaii, 96753
United States of America
To submit your entry form and recipe via fax follow the instruction which will include:
Fill out the entry form
Fax the entry form and your recipe to the following number
Fax Number: (808) 879-8763
If including a cover sheet place Attn: Jovelyn Bonilla – Summer Dessert Contest
To be eligible for the Contest, all Entries must be received by 5:00 PM (HST) Monday, June 16,
2014. All contestants must prepare three (3) pounds (lbs) of their prepared poke dish on the day
of judging to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort Marketing team on Friday June 20, 2014 at 6:30
PM (HST) at the Molokini Bar & Grille.
All submitted Entries will not be returned or acknowledged. Proof of submission of an entry does
not constitute proof of receipt by the Makena Beach & Golf Resort Marketing Team. Only one
entry per person permitted during the Contest Entry Period. In the event of a dispute over the
identity of entrant or the rights to an Entry, the Entry will be disqualified. All Entries are subject
to verification. The sole determinant of the time for the purposes of a valid Entry in this Contest
will be the Makena Beach & Golf Resort's server machine(s), and the postage date indicated on
mail. Makena Beach & Golf Resort reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to
cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest.
4. Requirements for Entry:
Recipes and poke dishes for entry must:
Not contain any ingredients unlawful or suspicious substances and ingredients
Recipe submissions must be written in English and have exact measurements.
No recipe changes are allowed once the recipe has been submitted with the entry form.
Must be original recipes and/or must have sufficient deviance or significant alterations
from staple poke recipes.
Must be fully prepared by the entrant at the time of judging.
Contest Participants must:
Must appear in person at the contest judging and/or be represented by a predetermined
proxy at the time of judging.
Must be 18 years old or represented by an adult that is 18 years old.
Must consent to press releases and public notoriety as a result of the contest.
Waives ownership of the submitted recipe.
Waives rights to receive any monetary compensation from the resort, management and
The Makena Beach & Golf Resort reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, edit or
disqualify any Entry for any reason. Entrants agree that the Makena Beach & Golf Resort has no
obligation to post or publish recipes submitted and that all such postings or publication, if any,
will be in the sponsor’s sole discretion and that the posting or publication of any recipe has no
bearing on whether the Entry is a potential winner. In the event of any dispute or potential
dispute regarding the Entry or any entrant, Identifiable Person or third party or if Sponsor has
reasonable grounds for suspecting any breach or abuse of these Official Rules by any person
involved in an Entry, the Entry may be disqualified in the Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s sole
discretion. Entrants agree to be bound by the terms of these official rules.
5. Assignment of Rights to Recipes and Dish: By entering the contest, the entrant gives
permission (except where prohibited by law) to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort and its
licensees to use their names, recipe, photo, likeness for promotional purposes without further
compensation and agree that all rights, title and interest to their recipe, including the copyright
thereof, will be automatically transferred to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort.
6. Prize: One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded with the “Best Overall Poke Dish” will win a
certificate for a weekend (two night stay) in one of Makena’s Oceanfront Rooms and a certificate
for two people to attend the Makena Beach & Golf Resort’s famed Sunday Brunch. For US
residents: all federal, state, local taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. Prize is valid
for six months from Friday June 20, 2014. Certificate is subject to availability, black-out dates
and restrictions and not combinable with promotional offers. Certificates are non-transferable
and not redeemable for cash. Restrictions may apply, subject to taxes. Does not include travel
expenses. In addition, the winning recipe and poke dish will be feature on the Molokini Bar &
Grille’s Friday Island Buffet line up of fresh pokes for a whole year with the winner’s name.
Acceptance of the grand prize offered constitutes permission to use winner’s name, biographical
information, and/or likeness for the purpose of advertising and promotion without further
compensation. Three (3) finalist prizes will be awarded to the winners of each of the contest
category: Best Traditional Poke (Main ingredient is fresh island fish), Best Non-Fish Seafood
Poke (Main ingredient is non-fish seafood i.e. tako, shrimp or clams). The finalist prize includes
a certificate to the Makena Sunday Brunch/Friday Buffet for 4 people.
7. Selection of Winner: All submitted poke dish recipes will be reviewed for compliance with
the rules as stated herein. Then all entries will be judged by a panel of judges ("Judges") based
on the following criteria: (1) Taste, (2) Presentation, (3) Creativity use of Main ingredient (4) use
of local secondary ingredients (5) Ease of preparation; (6) Overall appeal “brand appropriateness
and suitability for trade and advertising purposes promote.” Entry with the highest scores will be
declared the winner. Judges decisions are final and absolute.
8. Notification of Winner: The winner will be announced upon completion of judging on Friday
June 20, 2014 at the contest judging location, the Molokini Bar & Grille. The winner must be
present at judging to win. The winner will also be announced on the resort’ Facebook Fan Page,
the resort’s Website and on
9. Privacy: By participating in the Contest, entrants hereby agree to the Makena Beach & Golf
Resort’s collection and usage of entrant’s personal information for promotional and research
purposes, which includes promotional e-mails from which entrants can opt-out of at anytime.
10. Inquiries: Inquiries in regard to the contest can be submitted to the Makena Beach & Golf
Resort Public Relations and Marketing Representative Jovelyn Bonilla at (808) 875-5818 or by
email at: [email protected]