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The Beacon
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado 80113
Volume 29, Issue 3
Lent and Holy Week Worship
+Join us for worship each Wednesday in Lent at noon and 6:30 p.m.+
(A soup lunch in Fellowship hall follows the noon worship;
soup and pizza are available prior to the evening service from 5:00 - 6:15 p.m.)
+Palm Sunday, March 29: 7:30, 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.+
+Maundy Thursday, April 2: noon & 7:00 p.m.+
(Holy Communion & Foot Washing at both services; 1st Communion at 7:00 p.m.)
+Good Friday, April 3: noon & 7:00 p.m.+
+Easter Vigil, Saturday, April 4: 6:30 p.m.+
(at Epiphany Lutheran Church, 790 S. Corona St., Denver)
+Easter Sunday, April 5: 6:00, 7:30, 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.+
Bethany Member Clergy Meet
church is being
born. It may not
be the church we expect or
want…God’s promises always
arrive with surprises in them. The
form of the new world and the
new church is not in our hands.
What is in our hands is the chance
to respond to God’s call. We put
our skills and our wills to the task
of discerning the opportunity
points, the places and times for
change effort, and to add our gifts
to God’s church in this time of
change. How God uses our gifts
we cannot predict. (Loren Mead -
to start asking new questions. Better answers to the same old questions about the church will not get
us through the tumultuous times in
which we live. This is a time for
out-of-the-box thinking. Old questions keep us in the box. New
questions invite us to move outside.
Mark Your Calendars - Palm Sunday, March 29
Bethany Youth Pancake Brunch
(See details on page 3)
...and beyond
the best of our
past. A new
In an article written for the February 2nd issue of the Alban Weekly,
Jeffrey D. Jones writes: It’s time
The meeting provided a time to update the group on the interim ministry being accomplished at Bethany
during these in-between times. Surely Bethany is blessed to have in the congregation the shared experience
and leadership gifts of each of these pastors.
Help support the youth summer mission trips!
Moving into
God’s Future…
The Once and Future Church).
On Monday, February 9, fourteen clergy who are Bethany
members or current interim
pastors at Bethany met for
worship, followed by conversation and a delicious lunch
prepared by our own Chris
Charron. Those in attendance
were (front row):
John Thorstensen, Bob Vogel,
Ben Bartell, Laurie Jeddeloh,
Kevin Cho; (back row): Russ
Britton, Jan Erickson-Pearson,
Debra Engquist, Paul Svingen,
Carl Hansen, Ann Brock,
Dave Brock, Arnie Voigt and
Pastoral Intern Stefanie FauthLemke.
7:30 a.m.-Noon in the Fellowship Hall
March/April 2015
Bonfils Blood Drive
Great Hall
8:00 a.m. - Noon
See page 6 for details on how
you can sign up.
In her book The Great Emergence,
Phyllis Tickle talks about the need
for today’s church to have a rummage sale so we can rid ourselves
of all those practices, beliefs and
ways of being and doing church
that are no longer effective and
rather get in the way of being the
church we are called to be for this
new and too chaotic world. “Many
centuries old questions in the
church need to be put in that rummage sale” Jones writes, “and
they need to be replaced with new
questions that lead us into new
ways of being, and doing – ways
that are attuned to the time in
which we live.”
And so I ask, can we, in faith, in
these particular transition times,
ask anything less than the most
culturally-sensitive, historically-
(Continued on page 7)
Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Avenue
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
Bethany Lutheran Church
The Beacon
Jason’s Journal
An Open House Invitation
Even though I have been here a couple of months, I
still feel like the new guy on campus. I have enjoyed
getting to know many of you in this short time, but I
still feel like there are many names and faces that I
am still trying to put together. I also know that you
might have plenty of questions for me…like who is
this Jason guy? Where did he come from? Why is he in youth ministry?
What are his hopes and dreams for Bethany? I get it, it’s probably time
to push past the small talk and get to know one another.
So that’s why I would like to invite you to several meet-and-greet
opportunities through the month of March, so that we all might get
better acquainted. A few gracious families have agreed to host these
events and I am really hoping that you can attend and that we might
spend an evening together. Please find a date and location that works
for you and join us!
Sunday March 1st 5:30pm-7:30pm at Oss Family Residence
Sunday March 8th 5:30pm-7:30pm at Mortinsen Family Residence
Sunday March 15th 5:30pm-7:30pm at Wiggans Family Residence
Please RSVP to Janice Lyon by email at [email protected] or
by phone at 303-639-4345.
I am looking forward to our time together!
~Jason, Faith Formation Minister of Youth - Middle & High School
First Communion Faith Milestone
For students in 3rd grade or older
Two part instruction:
Part 1 Sunday, March 1, 2-5:30 p.m.
Part 2 Sunday, March 8, 9-11:00 a.m.
Participation in the Lord’s Supper is an important
Faith Milestone. Instruction in the sacrament ensures
that young people have a basic understanding and
appreciation of the gifts God gives through Holy
Communion. First Communion instruction is a family event. Parents are expected to attend the instruction with their child for an opportunity to share this
significant faith experience. At Bethany Lutheran Church, it is our
practice to celebrate this milestone in the 3rd grade. If your child is
older but has not yet taken their first communion, they are welcome to
participate. Registration forms can be found at the Welcome Center in
the Narthex. Please contact Janice in the church office at 303-758-2820
or [email protected] if you have additional questions or to
register. Celebration of First Communion is at the Maundy Thursday
worship service at 7:00 p.m. on April 2nd.
Look for the Bethany Café!
The Bethany Café coffee cart, run by the youth of
our congregation, helps offset the cost of mission
trips and supports the youth scholarship account.
You’ll find it outside the Great Hall on Sunday
mornings. Stop by and enjoy a cup of joe and share
in fellowship with your church family and friends.
Thank you for your support of Bethany Youth
Please join us for…
Journey to the Cross Story Walk
Sunday, March 8, 9 - 10:30 a.m.
Journey to the Cross is our annual dramatic telling of the Passion
Week story, in which groups of children (and adults) move through six
stations to hear parts of the story. Through scenery, props, lighting,
music and costumes, Journey to the Cross creates a sense of being in a
different time and place that allows the Passion story to come alive.
Each storyteller presents a brief, firsthand account of a person who encountered Jesus, demonstrating what that person may have been thinking and feeling as a witness of his life, death and resurrection.
The story walk takes about 30 minutes. Groups begin at 10 minute
intervals, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding at 10:30 a.m.
Don’t Forget to Sign Up!
Intern Stefanie is offering a three week course talking
about StrengthsFinder®. Sign up ASAP to reserve
your place and to get the book!
We’ll review Clifton’s StrengthsFinder®, take the
assessment to learn our unique top 5 strengths and
process how this assessment can inform our work together as the Body
of Christ!
The class will cost $15, which purchases a book and an access code to
take the assessment. Once it is completed, you will know your top 5
strength themes. Your book will help you learn a bit about those top
five themes you possess. During the class we will talk more about all
the strengths and how they fit together – and how we can use them to
better equip ourselves as the body of Christ.
Classes will be held at the 10:30 a.m. Adult Forum on April 26, May 3
and 10. You are encouraged to attend all three sessions, as they will
each have a unique topic to discuss. However, if you can’t make all
three sessions, feel free to take the assessment and attend when you
can. If you are unable to make any sessions, Intern Stefanie would be
happy to go over the material with you any time.
Please contact Stefanie at [email protected] to reserve your
book/place in class. Payment must be received no later than April 13 to
reserve your spot!
Save the Date for Be The Blessing!
Bethany’s day of service takes place on
Sunday, May 31 this year. Service sites
are currently being lined up. If there is a
service organization you have loved
working with in the past but it wasn’t part
of Be the Blessing last year, please let us
know about it! Feel free to share that
suggestion with Sarah Hulslander at [email protected]
Watch for more information in the coming weeks!
Bethany Staff Members Attend ELCA Youth
Ministry Network Extravaganza in Detroit
Day Camp - Save the Date!
June 22-26
In partnership with Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp,
start looking forward to an awesome week of faith
formation as we look at Fruits of the Spirit. We will need lots of
volunteer faith formers of all ages to shepherd our youngest disciples
through the lessons, games, crafts, music, fun and fellowship. Look for
more details and registration information soon. Contact Gayle in the
church office with any questions or to volunteer, 303-758-2820 or
[email protected]
From left to right: Jason Davis, Amy Janssen,
Stefanie Fauth-Lemke, ELCA Bishop Rev.
Elizabeth A. Eaton, Pastor Russ Britton and Tory
The annual conference, held from Jan.
28 - Feb. 2, drew over
1000 adults who work
with youth in ELCA
churches across the
country both professionally and as volunteers. It was a much
anticipated opportunity for learning, renewal, collaboration and
networking for those
who work in youth
The Beacon
Pastorous Thoughts
Confirmation Corner
As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not
fail you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous… do
not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is
with you wherever you go. Joshua 1: 5b, 6a, 9b
The Cheshire Cat in the 1951 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland
exchanges this dialogue with Alice:
Alice: I was just wondering if you could help me find my way.
Cheshire Cat: Well that depends on where you want to get to.
Alice: Oh, it really doesn't matter, as long as...
Cheshire Cat: Then it really doesn't matter which way you go.
March 2015
Lenten Mentoring continues until Wednesday,
March 25th.
No Confirmation April 1st: please attend church
with your family during Holy Week!
April 8th we will have time to reconnect with our
small groups as we begin learning more about
the Lord’s Prayer.
As people of God, it does matter which way we go and the manner in
which we head there. Scripture itself is full of exhortation to live and
dwell in God’s will. The “Cheshire challenge” then is, do you know
where you intend to go and how you intend to grow? Furthermore, how
ardent is your conviction around that? Conviction is inspired from
somewhere. So where does your conviction come from? Is it in your
own understanding or competence? Or is it rooted in the trust that God
is at work in your life and the lives of others? Yes, I will hear many say,
it is not entirely that simple but I fear many of us capitulate too easily to
resignation. In truth, for all of us our circle of concern is much larger
than our circle of influence. But our voice is a sacred gift given by God
to voice our concerns, always taking into account the dignity and right
of another to do so as well.
So I point you to the verse from Joshua above. Where God accompanies
us, we as individual believers may not always agree or understand with
what the Lord unfolds before us. Where we are blessed may God guard
our hearts and minds that gratitude may unfurl. Where we find spirits of
frustration may we find dignified manners, not obstinate, to express
what is upon our hearts. May God uphold and uplift us that we may indeed be strong and courageous as we find our way in pursuit of God’s
faithful future for Bethany Lutheran.
Pastor Russ
Please join us for Sunday School every Sunday starting at 9:00 a.m.
downstairs in the youth area. Throughout Lent we will be opening
our morning with some acoustic music in the Soul Schopp.
***Reminder: There is no Sunday School on Palm Sunday, March 29th
and Easter Sunday, April 5th.
We invite you to worship with your family!***
On Sunday, March 15th we will be doing a day of Visioning! Please
join the Faith Formation Team during the Connect! Sunday School
hour at 9:00 a.m. to share what you hope the future of Bethany will
be! There will be various activities to help you dream up what our
future might look like.
Youth Palm Sunday Pancake Brunch
March 29, 7:30 a.m.-noon
All profits go to support the youth on their summer mission trips.
We will be serving from
7:30 a.m.– Noon
Tickets are:
$10.00 for adults; $5.00 for kids
Menu includes eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, fruit, juice, coffee.
What is the Transition Team Doing?
into Mission/Vision, Congregational Self Study, and Staffing Focus groups, wants to update you
on our progress.
many hours over two weeks surveying and talking with 25 current
and 4 former staff of Bethany.
Each interview was 30 minutes
The Mission/Vision group thanks long, with 2-3 of their group listening to a staff member and keepyou for filling out your survey,
ing everything confidential.
either on Sunday, January 25,
ould Bethany become “The
They’ve had good feedback that
Wednesday the 28th, or via mail.
Church of the Dancing
We received 600+ surveys and are has given context to Bethany’s
Saints”? The answer is “no.” That now inputting your answers for
programs and ministries.
vision has already been taken by
analysis. Also, thanks go to about Our next step, by the end of FebruSt. Gregory’s of Nyssa, an Episco- 200 of you who came to our town ary, is to complete our study of
pal church in a working class
hall meetings or wrote comments Bethany members’ input and in
neighborhood of San Francisco.
on our Narthex board. We are
March we will be writing our final
My husband, Morris, and I visited gratified by the large response and report to the Council and congrethe church while on vacation reare beginning to see the heart de- gation. This report will give Bethcently, but we had no idea they
any’s call committee our undersires of Bethany members.
would have 100 saints throughout
standing of who we are as a faith
The Self Study group has talked
history, painted in dancing poswith groups and individuals work- community at Bethany and where
tures around the upper walls of
the Spirit is leading us.
their sanctuary. We were there be- ing in a wide variety of ministries
cause we had read of their commu- at Bethany. Their report is that we So, if it were up to me, I’d have a
have wonderful ministries but peo- lot more dancing of the saints at
nity food distribution every Friple are not aware of their existence Bethany, but I can hear most of
day, done from and around their
you saying, “But we are children
altar. (Google them and watch the and integration with other programs
of the Lutheran Pietists and have
video of truckloads of food being
led them to conclude that the Min- never done dancing in church!”
handed out among their neighistry Council groups – Worship
Give thanks that Bethany’s future
bors.) What we learned was how
and Celebration, Teaching and
is not up to me; it’s up to the Spirit
one church has a vision of who
of Jesus Christ to guide each of us
they are and what their mission is
and Service and Witness – are key individually and as members of
to their fellow San Franciscans.
to how Bethany can gather various His body at Bethany. And let’s
Vision and mission are also what programs together to work in sync
continue to trust that Spirit.
you and I, as Bethany members,
with the overall mission of the
Respectfully submitted,
are discerning as we prepare to
Gretchen Hack
call a lead pastor. To that end, the
Bethany Transition Team, divided
2016 Luther Germany Tour
Initial Interest Session
Sunday, March 22, 10:30 a.m.
Room 210
The exciting possibility of putting
together a Germany trip began
when Pastor Russ had to forego
the opportunity this past January
to attend a Reformation themed
tour in order to complete his studies to be eligible for call. Assuredly, the right decision was made
and he delights in his service of
Bethany! In a few conversations
where the possibility of a Bethany
Germany Luther Sites Tour was
proposed it was well received!
The current itinerary being considered includes Wittenberg, Leipzig, Eisenach, Erfurt, Worms,
Augsburg, Mainz and Munich
with other possibilities too. The
ten years prior to 2017 have an
intentional German tourism focus
on the Reformation so why not
2017 itself? The answer would be
that the experience would be the
same but at a lesser cost. So, if
you are interested, please feel free
to attend the interest session or at
least send an email to Pastor Russ
if you have questions. The timeline as understood at present
would likely be deposits this summer 2015 for a June 2016 trip.
Let’s go tread where Martin Luther trod!
The Beacon
feet of mere mortals. Because of
that, I always thought that if you're
going to become something approaching what defines a 'good'
As we continue
Christian, one should start with
our Lenten journey and head into that deep humility that comes with
servanthood.” I wholeheartedly
Holy Week this
agree. Humility and Servanthood;
month, I hope
they define Christianity. Jesus bemany of you have grabbed the
Lenten Devotional (based on J.S. came glorified through His sufferBach’s St. John Passion) which has ing and humility.
been available since Ash Wednes- In the modern society where selfday.
promotion and advocacy are
strongly encouraged and selfAn agnostic friend once told me,
“ my days as a much more seri- entitlement is commonly accepted,
ous Christian than I am today, the we easily forget about the core values of true Christianity. I heard a
most powerful image of Jesus
came for me in that fateful evening theologian say PR is about 90%
when he washed the feet of the dis- being what you say you are and
ciples. God incarnate washing the 10% modestly talking about it.
Let us focus on Jesus Christ, not on
ourselves. His name alone must be
lifted and praised through all of our
endeavors. I, as a musician, strive
to achieve that goal in my music
making process.
My beloved Chancel Choir has
been working so diligently and
faithfully since last August, and we
will be worshipping through J.S.
Bach’s masterpiece on Palm Sunday, March 29th at 4:00 p.m. Join
us and experience God’s abundant
grace and mercy expressed through
His only Son who came, suffered
and was crucified to save us.
Peace to all,
March 1 Choir Off
March 8, 10:30 a.m. Meinem Jesum lass ich nicht, Max Reger
March 15, 10:30 a.m. Christus factus est, Bruckner
Give Me Jesus, Larry Fleming SATB
9:00 a.m. (Bach Lecture; James)
March 22, 9:00 a.m. Amazing Grace, Parker/Shaw SATB
March 28, 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. St. John Passion Rehearsal
March 29, Palm Sunday, 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. Ride on, King Jesus, Larry Fleming
4:00 p.m. St. John Passion
Project Sanctuary
Project Sanctuary is
a non-profit organization that provides
six-day therapeutic
retreats for military
families at no cost
to them. Retreat activities include recreation along
with education on marriage and
financial skills by trained facilitators. It is an opportunity for families to reconnect. This organization relies heavily on volunteers in
order to serve those who have
served our country. Operation
One Nation (OON), Bethany’s
military ministry team, supports
Project Sanctuary. Several of the
members of OON have volunteered there as well.
Larry and Vicky Daub have been
part of 27 of these retreats. They
began in January 2012 as kitchen
volunteers. They are now responsible for teaching Healthy Marriage at many of the retreats. The
Daubs can attest that being part of
a Project Sanctuary retreat is a
rewarding experience that will not
soon be forgotten.
Bev VanKirk, her daughter-in-law
and granddaughters volunteered at
a retreat last year. The girls want
to go back again. They report the
most amazing thing about these
retreats is the number of wonderful people you meet. The families
who attend have a wonderful time
and open up to each other.
Project Sanctuary hosts retreats in
Colorado every month this year. If
My daughter and I volunteered at you are looking for a volunteer
opportunity that will assist famia retreat a couple of years ago.
lies, please consider giving your
The experience was one of the
most rewarding volunteer oppor- time to this group. You can voluntunities we’ve ever had. The trans- teer for the entire retreat, a weekend, or a day. Ninety percent of
formation of families who apthose military families who have
peared uncomfortable with each
attended a retreat are still together.
other into families laughing toVisit for
gether, not only among themmore information, Contact Janet
selves, but with the entire group
was heartwarming and affirming. Mortinsen at 303-300-3317 or
We will never forget our time at a [email protected] with
Make It and Take It Snacks
March is National Nutrition Month. The emphasis this year
is to “make it and take it”. The Health & Wellness Cabinet
will be hosting a table in the Narthex on Sunday, March 22
to offer healthy snack samples and ideas. Just as you may
pack a lunch, if you take time to prepare snacks ahead of
time it is easier to make better choices. It doesn’t have to
take a lot of time or be complicated and it can even save
money. Please stop by the table for some treats and ideas.
Healthy Singles
ethany is hosting a “Healthy
Singles Workshop” on Saturday, March 28 from 9:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
This workshop is geared for those
18 years and older who are single
and/or engaged to help prepare
and improve relationships. Vicky
and Larry Daub, hosts of previous
healthy marriage workshops, will
be the facilitators.
The seminar is supported by federal funds from the Colorado
Healthy Marriage Project. As
such, there is no fee for the seminar, lunch is provided and childcare will be available (also at no
We hope you will come to learn
about secrets of creating healthy
relationships. Sign up at or call 720488-8888. For further questions,
please contact Janet Mortinsen at
[email protected] or call
As noted in last month’s article,
both the Congregation Council and
Ministry Council have identified six
focus areas for 2015, as shown on
the graphic to the right.
For this month, we explore the focus area labeled Service & Outreach. Over the past several years
Bethany has intentionally increased
her emphasis in areas of justice and
social awareness. Clearly, Be the
Blessing Sunday represents our
congregation’s commitment to
serving the wider community – not
just through donations, but in following the ELCA’s theme of God’s
Work – Our Hands. This year plans
are well underway for Be the Blessing Sunday on May 31. Even as the
Bethany Fund – Bethany’s sole operating budget – is facing significant shortfalls this year due to falling contributions, our congregation
responds with enthusiasm to calls
for diapers for DenUM, food supplies and money for Metro CareRing, and backpacks for needy
school children, among other worthy causes. We are a congregation
blessed to be a blessing to others.
The time is ripe for a new approach.
Within the Ministry Council, the
representatives for Service & Witness – Justin March and David
Nesslage for 2015 – have oversight
for all of Bethany’s outreach ministries. This year, the hope is to bring
all of these ministries together with
the formation of a Service & Outreach Ministry Team, allowing for
better coordination among our justice and social outreach ministry
efforts. Imagine in each month of
the year when one or two particular
ministries can be held up for special
attention; when educational programs can be made available to encourage a greater understanding of
the need; when volunteer timeslots
While our outreach ministries have can be advertised, coordinated, and
grown, our ability to coordinate and filled; when matching grants can be
organize the disparate calls for sup- created to encourage increased givport has not kept pace. Peruse the ing. All of this is possible.
worship bulletin on any given Sunday morning or Wednesday evening Over the past two months, converand you will often take note of sev- sations have already begun with
eral ministry opportunities. Some- Bethany’s key benevolence ministries – the Benevolence Ministry
times it can be daunting to determine which of these important min- Team, Global Missions Ministry
istries is worthy of our time and
(Continued on page 7)
treasure – and why.
The Beacon
to check for the development of a
new skin cancer. The best time to
do this exam is after a shower or
bath. Check your skin in a room
by James M. Swinehart, M.D.
with plenty of light. Use a fullSkin cancer is the
length mirror and a hand-held mirmost common type
ror. It is best to begin by learning
of cancer in the
where your birthmarks, moles, and
United States. Ulother marks are and their usual look
traviolet rays from
and feel. Check for anything new:
the sun are the main
a new mole (that looks different
cause of skin canfrom your other moles), a new red
cer. UV damage
Dr. Swinehart
or darker color flaky patch that may
can also cause wrinbe a little raised, a new fleshkles or blotches on the skin. The
colored firm bump, a change in the
good news? Skin cancer can be
size, shape, color, or feel of a mole,
a sore that does not heal.
What is skin cancer?
Check yourself from head to toe.
There are three major types of skin
Look at your face, neck, ears, and
cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squascalp. You may want to use a comb
mous cell carcinoma, malignant
or a blow dryer to move your hair
melanoma. Basal cell carcinomas
so that you can see better. You also
and squamous cell carcinomas are
may want to have a relative or
the two most common kinds of skin
friend check through your hair. It
cancer. They are both also called
may be hard to check your scalp by
non-melanoma skin cancer. The
yourself. Look at the front and back
most dangerous kind of skin cancer
of your body in the mirror. Then,
is called melanoma.
raise your arms and look at your
Skin cancer can almost always be left and right sides. Bend your elcured when it is found and treated bows. Look carefully at your finearly. That is why it is a good idea gernail, palms, forearms (including
to check your skin regularly for
the undersides) and upper arms.
new growths (like moles or lumps) Examine the back, front, and sides
or changes in old growths. Tell
of your legs. Also look around your
your doctor or nurse right away if genital area and between your butyou find a change.
tocks. Sit and closely examine your
feet, including your toenails, your
What causes skin cancer?
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is soles, and the spaces between your
the main cause of skin cancer. UV toes.
Skin Cancer Can Be
radiation can also come from tanning booths or sunlamps. It takes
decades to develop; most skin cancers are from sunlight exposure
during childhood.
By checking your skin regularly,
you will learn what is normal for
you. It may be helpful to record the
dates of your skin exams and to
write notes about the way your skin
looks. If you doctor has taken phoAnyone can get skin cancer. The
risk is highest for people with white tos of your skin, you can compare
or light-colored skin with freckles, your skin to the photos to help
check for changes. If you find anyblond or red hair, blue or green
eyes. You are at higher risk for the thing unusual, see your doctor.
most dangerous form of skin cancer MOHS surgery (named after pio(melanoma) if you have unusual
neering Dermatologist Fred Mohs
moles, a large number of moles
from Wisconsin) is the current
(more than 50), or a family history standard of card for treatment of
of melanoma.
skin cancer by a dermatologist.
Why do I need to protect my skin With this technique, frozen sections
are used to trace the cancer out mifrom the sun?
croscopically, layer by layer, until
Protecting your skin from the sun
today, may help prevent skin can- clear margins are obtained. With
the MOHS technique, a cure rate of
cer later in life. Most skin cancer
appears after age 50, but skin dam- 97% to 98% can often be obtained.
The frozen tissue is cut with a large
age from the sun can start during
machine called a cryostat. MOHS
surgery, as well as the subsequent
Staying out of the sun and using
repair, is performed as an outpasun screen may also help prevent
tient procedure under local anesthewrinkles, blotches or spots on your sia. It is possible to do it all in one
skin and other damage caused by
the sun. You can take steps today to
Those occupations that work in the
protect your skin. Use sunscreen
with an SPF of 15 or higher, espe- sun all day, such as farmers, should
watch their skin and make an apcially after 10:00 a.m. and before
pointment if they want it looked at.
3:00 p.m., or cover up with long
sleeves and a hat. Check your skin For more information, please conregularly for changes.
tact me at (303)744-1202 or 950
East Harvard Avenue or visit with
How to check your skin.
Your doctor or nurse may suggest me on Sunday morning at Bethany.
that you do a regular skin self-exam
Operation One Nation Volunteer of the Year 2014
Ronald Swanson
When you work with a volunteer group you never
know what you’re going to get in terms of a response. Will the person attend meetings? Will the
person contribute to ideas and work set forth by
the group in order for it to accomplish goals and
objectives? Does the person see relevance to those
meetings and the ministry set forth in them to stay
the course and offer up their time, talents and even
treasure? With all those questions the response,
when it comes to Ronald Swanson’s actions, both
in words and deeds, is a resounding “Yes”!
Ronald is the Operation One Nation Volunteer of the Year for 2014.
The Operation One Nation Team selects that volunteer by secret ballot
because so many of the group is deserving of recognition for individual
contributions toward its mission and ministry. This year the secret ballots were not even cast. One of our Team nominated Ronald and everyone agreed that he stood out as the person to be named Volunteer of
the Year for 2014.
So, what makes Ronald such a valuable member of the Team? First,
he is faithful! He never misses a meeting unless health or work demands draw him away. Ronald sees the practical aspects of performing our ministry and he knows where he fits in to be “at the ready” to
do his part. Moreover, Ronald is not ashamed to remind us all of his
source of strength and value system when it comes to his health and the
health and well-being of our veterans, military members and their families. He gives all glory to God for his recovery from health trials and
he demonstrates that same faith in what Operation One Nation is trying
to do to relieve the pain and pangs of war that threaten the health and
welfare of so many brave warriors. Ronald is compelled to be in solidarity with those who serve to do whatever he is able to make their
road easier and their burdens lighter.
Ronald enjoys working behind the scenes, yet, when it comes to doing
important work that takes time, energy and talent, he is always available to help. His contributions to advancing the Operation One Nation
cause at Rocky Mountain Synod Assemblies is but one example. His
recent work with the Pikes Peak Support Group of over 40 helping
agencies up and down the Front Range corridor is another. His lead in
managing details for our Veterans’ Appreciation Dinner last November
is but another example where Ronald’s light shined before us all. His
advocacy of Healing Touch at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Greeley took the whole Team aback with his eloquent witness and heartfelt
belief about what a Healing Touch ministry at Bethany and other
ELCA churches might do to bring relief to others, just as he experienced relief from a Healing Touch therapy session at Bethany.
Ronald extends his volunteer time to so many other aspects in the life
of Bethany congregation. He has been a sacristan for over 22 years.
He has been a lector for many years. He minds the Bethany Welcome
Desk. He has been a Boy Scout leader for decades. He is an active
member of the Men of Bethany group and has participated in many Bible Study groups, retreat opportunities and other gatherings where hospitality is offered. He is usually in the middle, always offering a hand.
All of these activities and more come from his upbringing in Rockford,
IL, at the hands and guidance of his parents. It comes from an evergrowing and abiding faith in God and it comes from his individual contributions to the defense of our nation over more than 21 years of honorable service to country -- as a Security Service noncommissioned officer and as a Chaplain’s Assistant. He experienced first-hand why deployments to posts overseas are necessary and what cooperation among
peace-loving nations can do to further the common goal of peace on
So, when you see Ronald in action around Bethany, thank him for all
he has done to add to the richness of our hospitality, healing and overall worship experience. Thank him for the volunteer example he has set
and for the belief system he shares such that we all can find that same
abiding faith he has in our Creator.
Ronald has found his place in our church community and in our world.
Much of that place and space involves his personal desire to bring faith,
hope and joy to others. We view his contributions to Operation One
Nation to be noteworthy and as a Team, we are delighted to recognize
Ronald Swanson as our Volunteer of the Year.
Congratulations and thank you, Ronald, for all you do!
The Beacon
Our Dynamic Connection
ll of us, as individuals, live a
more fulfilling life
through the connections we make on a
daily basis. Our relationships with other
people prosper through the
various groups we belong to,
committees we join, social
contacts we have and activities
we engage in.
The Festival of Faith and the Arts
I have been involved
with the Bethany Foundation, Stewardship
Ministry, ushering and
have taught Adult Faith
Formation classes with
my wife Deborah. She
is currently a Stephen Minister,
has taught Sunday School and is
a member of Lois Circle. Our
involvement with these activities
has been very meaningful to us.
The more connected we feel at
church, the more we benefit as
members. Say "hello", meet
someone new, join a ministry
team or make a visitor feel welConnecting with others is a great
come. Let's "shake it up" and venway for members of Bethany to
ture out of our comfort zone to
energize our church and inspire
connect with people - the
us to be a vibrant congregation.
Church. As a vibrant congrega"Connect with Each Other''
tion, we are more likely to finanwhether you are an usher, circle
cially support our church with
member, choir member, teacher
our gifts. A fabulous Pastoral
or volunteer. YOU have an opCandidate won't be able to turn
portunity to connect. Bethany
Bethany down!
offers congregational members
unlimited associations. We "just Scott Scholbe
Stewardship Ministry Team
need to do it"!
These relationships provide each
of us with opportunities for personal growth and foster a satisfying sense of belonging.
Bonfils Blood Drive at Bethany
See the full schedule of Festival events online at
Friday, March 6 & Saturday, March 7, 7:30 p.m.
Colorado Choir, Kelly Parmenter, Conductor; “Bach,
Brahms and Beyond”. Among the works presented will
be Bach's motet The Spirit Also Helpeth Us, Brahms'
motet Oh Savior Throw the Heavens Wide and some
lighter literature. For ticket information, visit or or call 303-892-5922.
Friday, March 13 & Saturday, March 14, 7:30 p.m. Cherry Creek
Chorale, Brian Patrick Leatherman, Director; “Exploring the American
Songbook: Standards & Spirituals”. Along with special guests, the University of Denver’s Lamont Jazz Orchestra, a new concert series is inaugurated
highlighting the most influential and enduringly popular American songs
and spirituals of the 20th century. For ticket information call 303-789-5920
or visit
Sunday, March 15, 7:30 p.m. Kantorei presents “Echoes: Chant and
Beyond”. For centuries, chant has been a central compositional style used
for meditation and spiritual gatherings. Kantorei explores this age‐old art
form performing early renditions of solo line melodies as well as newer
compositions that are chant‐based or chant‐infused. Visit
or call 303-316-0356 for ticket information.
Friday, March 20, 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 22, 4:00 p.m.
Colorado Chorale presents “Liebeslieder Waltzes”. This Brahms work is the
centerpiece of a love-themed concert. Visit or
call 800-414-2251 for ticket information.
Saturday, March 21, 11:30 a.m. Denver Lyric Opera Guild presents
“Competition Finals”, featuring the finest young opera singers in the finals
of national auditions. Free event.
Saturday, March 21, 7:30 p.m. Festival of Faith and the Arts American
Premiere Performance, Forrest Guittar, Conductor; “St. John Passion” –
Bob Chilcott. Free event; attendees are asked to help support Metro
CareRing by bringing non-perishable food and/or monetary donations.
Palm Sunday, March 29
A Palm Sunday blood drive has become a tradition at
Bethany and once again this year, Bonfils will be conducting a blood drive from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon in
the Great Hall.
Monday, March 23, 7:00 p.m. The Smoky Hill High School Choirs present their “Masterworks Concert”. Call 720-886-5300 for tickets.
If you would like to schedule an appointment, please
contact the Bonfils Appointment Center at 303-363-2300 or go to, select “Make an Appointment” and use site code
0377. There will also be a sign up sheet available at the Welcome
Center on March 15 and 22.
If you have questions, please contact Janet Mortinsen at 303-300-3317
or [email protected]
Remember each donation has the potential of saving the lives of 3
Colorado patients!
Thursday, March 26, 7:00 p.m. The Grandview High School Choirs present their spring concert “In Concert”.
Sunday, March 29, 4:00 p.m. The Bethany Chancel Choir presents J.S.
Bach’s masterpiece, “St. John Passion” with soloists and chamber orchestra.
When Bach first presented the St. John Passion to his church in Leipzig,
Germany in 1724 he distributed the text of the work to his congregation
with the request that they pray over it and prepare for the passion of Christ
that would be presented during Easter week. We are also providing a devotional booklet so you can meditate on the text and use it to pray throughout
this season just as Bach and his congregation did. Copies are available at
the Welcome Desk in the Narthex. Free event.
Bob Chilcott
Saturday, March 21, 7:30 p.m.
The Lutheran Chorale, St. Andrews Lutheran Church Choir,
with guest choristers from Colorado Symphony Chorus, Canto Deo Chamber Choir, Colorado Chorale and
Cherry Creek Chorale with soloists and chamber ensemble.
Forrest Guittar, Director, The Festival of Faith and the Arts, Conductor
Various composers have written works entitled ST. JOHN PASSION, denoting a passion (the story of Christ’s last days), based upon the Gospel of
John. Now comes this unique composition by former King’s Singer, Bob Chilcott.
The passion narrative according to the Gospel of John is a Good Friday tradition. As John Harbison wrote: “The Gospel of John, apparently the last
of the four to be written (after 70 A.D.) is very different from the three synoptic gospels. It presents a transcendent, mystical, philosophical Jesus,
aware of the Old Testament prophecies and of his fate as a sojourner who came from above and will soon return there. According to John, Jesus
warns his followers that their eventual persecution will mirror his, and that it will come from their own: “they shall put you out of the synagogues:
yea, the time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.” Chilcott’s rendition is unique, in that he chooses nonscriptural texts to include, and these texts are personal engagements with the story and sacrifice of Christ. As one reviewer noted, “The music in
this work is at all times direct and engages the listener’s attention”.
This presentation is also unique: to engage the people of Bethany and the community and is offered freely – with one request: please help support
those in need in our community through non-perishable food and monetary donations for Metro CareRing.
Please join us for this special event. Even if you can’t attend, please consider donating non-perishable food and/or monetary donations in the
baskets outside the music area and via the Bethany Kiosk.
The Beacon
Good Coffee for a Good Cause
Bethany’s Global Mission Ministry Team partners
with Lutheran World Relief and Equal Exchange to
support Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate. Find us
in the Narthex on March 1 and April 12 with a variety
of coffees, teas and chocolates for sale. Your support
helps provide sustainability and eco friendly practices for our brothers
and sisters in Central and South America, Africa and Asia.
Gift Cards on Sale
BECC Board members will have gift cards
available in the Narthex on March 1 & 15 and
April 19 (we will not have them available on
Easter Sunday, April 5). Your purchase helps
to support our own Bethany Early Childhood
Center! You receive the dollar value of the
gift card and BECC receives 5%.
Thanks for your support!
(Moving into God’s Future continued from page 1)
informed, socially aware, and theologically authentic and futuresensitive questions than our Lutheran Confessions demand? No,
we cannot…. not if we would be
true to our faith and the core values that this faith (Luther) reflects.
As St. Paul proclaimed, we “live
and move and have our being” in
Him whose holy name our baptism
has blessed into and upon us….
forever. Our daily reality must reflect our core values if we are to be
counted among the truly faithful.
Thus, the very substance of the 41
ministry statements to which more
than 600 Bethany members responded faithfully in our congregational self-study conducted as
worshipful work on January 25th.
“How do we send them out?”
With roles and responsibilities of
pastors changing, many wonder
“What should the pastor do?”
Might it be more important to ask,
“What is our shared ministry?”
When we at Bethany now focus on
strategic planning, we are inclined
to ask, “What is our vision and
how do we implement it?” I am
delighted to report that the latest
discussions on Bethany’s Mission/
Vision Study Team are determined
to look forward with some form of
the question, “What’s God up to
and how do we get on board?” As
we and other congregations in this
changing church respond to financial challenges, we are inclined to
ask some form of, “How do we
survive?” Might we instead ask
“How do we serve?” How do we
acknowledge and honor our members’ total giving that occurs in
their ministry in daily life? How
do we recognize and honor the value the blessing of each person’s
unique gifts for ministry and the
freedom they have to use those
gifts as their faith guides them?
It is true. Many of the old questions were valid at one time. Some
yet have a place in the new church
that is being born. But if there are
also new questions that are offered
to form our approach to ministry in
these times, then they will be those
that lead us to new insights and
new learning. New insights fail to When we and other congregations
get put into practice because they think about God’s mission that has
conflict with deeply held internal a church, our first response is likeimages of how the world works,
ly some version of, “How do we
images that limit us to familiar
help people?” A better question
ways of thinking and acting. That might be, “How do we make the
is why the discipline of managing
mental models – surfacing, testing,
and improving our internal pictures of how the world works –
promises to be a major breakthrough for building learning
(congregations) organizations.
(Peter Senge - The Fifth Discipline). Welcoming God’s future at
reign of God more present in this
time and place?”
While there are no right answers,
these questions can be applied to
Bethany. Like other congregations with their own unique issues, we too need to live with
these questions. It is only in living
the questions that new ways of doBethany presumes that we embrace new learning, new questions, ing and being the Church of Jesus
new insights. Let’s do it together! Christ do emerge. We can be part
Here’s a menu for our pre-seating of what Phyllis Tickle, founding
editor of the Religion Department
of “Publishers Weekly” calls The
Over the years in many congrega- Great Emergence. So dear friends,
tions, and yet even more so in
Why Not Emerge Together at
these days of declining church
membership, the question has
been, “How do we bring them in?” Pr. Paul N. Svingen
Wouldn’t it be better for us to ask, Interim Senior Pastor
You wipe runny noses and take care of everyone…
So who’s taking care of you?
Join us at MOPS!
Just for moms of children from birth through kindergarten.
We meet at Bethany on the first and third Wednesdays of the
month, September through May.
For more information contact Stephanie Davy at 303-324-5120 or
[email protected]
MOMSNext at Bethany!
MOMSNext is a group for mothers of
school-age kids, created by MOPS (Mothers
of Preschoolers) which has a 40-year history
of ministering to moms. As mothers enter
the school years, new challenges and issues arise, but the need for community and hope remains. Join us on the second Wednesday of each
month in the Bethany Library from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for a speaker
and lively discussion. Bring a brown bag lunch. Every fourth Thursday
we will meet in a different location in the evening for a mom's night out
of fun and fellowship. For more information contact Courtney Henry at
[email protected]
XYZ (Xtra Years of Zip)
Are you looking for a fun way to meet new friends and connect with
old ones? We are an informal group that meets each Tuesday in the
Fellowship Hall for socializing, fun and food. Come by any time after
9:30 a.m. for coffee and snacks, to play games or to visit with other
folks. At 11:30 a.m. we have a brief worship service followed by a hot
lunch (suggested donation is $5). Here is our menu for the month of
February. We would love to have you join us!
3/3: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, dessert
3/10: Lasagna, Italian sausage, salad, garlic bread, dessert
3/17: Pork roast, applesauce, mashed potatoes, salad, dessert
3/24: Pork stir-fry, rice, assorted peppers, rolls, dessert
3/31: Easter ham, scalloped potatoes, salad rolls, dessert
Young at Heart
Want to meet new friends or catch up with old
ones? Join us on the second Friday of each month
from September - June. We start around 11:00 a.m.
in the Fellowship Hall to socialize before enjoying a
delicious lunch, sometimes catered, sometimes potluck, followed by a
program. On March 13, we will enjoy the talents of the Heritage Irish
Dancers. Lunch will be a potluck so please bring a dish to share.
Please join us - all are welcome!
(President’s Perspective continued from page 4)
Team, and the Bethany Foundation. These conversations have focused
on ways in which we might work cooperatively in our disbursement of
benevolence dollars. The Benevolence Ministry Team and the Global
Missions Ministry Team receive dollars set aside from the Bethany
Fund (as a percentage of incoming contributions) for giving – both locally and internationally. While the Bethany Foundation is a separate
endowment fund, there remain opportunities for collaboration in funding certain ministry goals. The next step is to invite many other voices
interested in justice and social ministry action to join the conversation.
The planning for this next step is underway, which will lead to the creation of a comprehensive, unified Service & Outreach Ministry Team
at Bethany. As this year’s ELCA theme rightfully proclaims – We are
Church: Better Together.
Glenn Truglio
Congregation Council President
The Beacon
Health and Wellness
“I know your works; you are
neither cold nor hot. I wish that
you were either cold or hot.”
Revelation 3:15
If we were to take a vote, I think
that a top ten pick for the question, “What has helped make your
marriage work?” would be individual climate control devices in
our vehicles. A close second
would be dual controls on the
electric blanket. My precious wife
and I have such different reactions
to whatever the environment is
dishing out in terms of cold that
one of us would be consistently
unhappy if we had to reach a consensus on where to set the temperature. You might think of cold, as
I sometimes do, as something we
must just endure until warm
weather returns.
We all experience cold differently. Our bodies are constructed
with many differences in blood
flow, capillary efficiency, amount
of insulating fat, and other physical factors. Researchers have determined that our perception of
cold varies by age, gender, and
location on the body. Our perception of cold also varies by our
emotional state, level of fatigue,
and even by whether we are hungry or not.
Tomaz Krpic, a student of sociology, wrote in the journal Performance Research that the nerves
that perceive cold are closer to the
surface of our body than the receptors that allow us to perceive
heat. In one sense, it allows our
bodies to give us early warnings if
we might be in danger from heat
loss. But, he says, perception of
cold also allows us to experience
our body more intensely, “… the
feeling of cold is one of the basic
God’s Garden
Zunga, Zimbabwe, Africa
Zimbabwe is one
of the poorest
countries in the
world with a population of almost
13 million, of
which one million are orphans.
This is the highest percentage of
orphans in the world.
We are privileged to know people
like Davison and Yana Zhou who
are committed Zimbabweans with
a passion for orphans in their
country. They are partnered with
Vision Trust in feeding, educating,
loving and disciplining thousands
of children. Their ministry began
as God’s Garden under a tree in
the village of Zunga and now ministers to thousands every week.
and essential human sensations,
giving an individual a sense of
relationship with or being at one
with his or her body.” Krpic concludes that this perception of cold
also allows us to feel very alive
and in connection with the world.
Nordic cultures, particularly the
Finnish, have elevated the use of
the cold within which they live a
good portion of the year to a fine
art – they bake their bodies in a
heated sauna and then emerge to
indulge in a cold water plunge,
cold shower, or just exposure to
the cold air. The word invigorating is often used to describe the
resulting sensation, a word than
means “to give life and energy.”
Universally, places that feature
rituals of heating our bodies and
then exposing them to cold are
considered centers of healing, and
in many cases are held to be sacred. In fact, there is an old Finnish phrase, "Saunassa ollaan kuin
kirkossa,” which roughly translates to, “One should behave in
the sauna as in church.”
cold is still not my idea of a good
time. I spend the winter doing my
best to stay warm, and a nice roaring fire in the fireplace is awfully
comforting. And I am mindful that
there are those in our city who are
cold not by choice but because of
their circumstances, so I am grateful to God for the warm blessings
I have. But to learn that we are
equipped for cold and that cold
can even have positive aspects
reminds me again that God’s creation is not one sided, no matter
how ready I may be for winter to
end. To paraphrase Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International, it is better to appreciate the
occasional invigoration than to
curse the cold.
– Peace and Health, Jack Lindsey
If you have ideas to share with us
or are interested in the work of the
Health and Wellness Cabinet at
Bethany, contact Janet Mortinsen:
[email protected]
Having said all of this, I have to
admit that sitting around in the
Bethany partners with South Suburban Christian Church and Oasis
Church in long-term support of
this mission. Our partnership
helped with a well last year in
nearby Chasia, one of several areas ministered to by Davison and
Yana. Chasia is a community of
approximately 30 small villages in
extreme poverty. These people do
not have access to medical aid and
there is no form of transportation
to travel the difficult distance to
get minimal care. The local people realize the need and have started to build a medical/learning center with Vision Trust.
Paul Svingen
Interim Senior Pastor
Russ Britton
Associate Pastor of Teaching and Learning
Debra Engquist
Interim Associate Pastor
Stefanie Fauth-Lemke
Pastoral Intern
Administrative Staff
Joel Halvorson
Director of Finance & Administration
Shelley Hook
Accounting Supervisor
Lil Filegar
Accounting Assistant
Sarah Hulslander
Executive Assistant/Hospitality/Missional Minister
Rhonda Merritt
Office Manager/Communications
Janice Lyon
Program Assistant
Gayle Newell
Office Assistant
Amy Janssen
Office Assistant
Janet Mortinsen
Director of Health & Wellness
Laura Romig
AV Coordinator
Brenda Greenwald
Website Editor
Mike Johnson
Technology Supervisor
Art Brien
Building Supervisor
Tom Maes, Josh Patillo, Rhonda Myers
Stacie Schubert
Wedding Consultant
Kathy Shearer
Senior Center Coordinator
Chris Charron
Kitchen Supervisor
Programmatic Staff
Natalie Dailey
Faith Formation Minister of Children’s Education
Jason Davis
Faith Formation Minister of Youth - Middle & High School
Tory Plucheck
Faith Formation Minister of Youth - Confirmation
Music Staff
Rick Seaton
Director of Music and Organist
As we have discussed in other columns, God has given us many
very basic tools for health, and
something as simple as cold can
sometimes help heal us. Cold can
slow blood flow to an injury,
thereby reducing pain and swelling. Cold therapy can also reduce
inflammation, relieve muscle
spasms, and diminish pain.
Although there are many documented health benefits to heat and
cold therapy, there are health conditions that preclude using them,
including heart disease, diabetes,
seizure disorders, and other conditions. Please consult a physician if
you are not sure if heat and cold
therapies are for you.
Staff & Leadership
James Kim
Chancel Choir Director
Pat Guittar
Children’s Music Director
Jeffrey Harms
Handbell Choir Director
Alex Rodasti
Cherub Choir Director
Mission Statement:
The Bethany Lutheran Health
and Wellness Cabinet works
to share God’s grace and love
in Jesus Christ with all people
by promoting health, wholeness and healing of body,
mind and spirit.
donated. Our partnership is focused on providing funds for assessment of clinic needs and the
costs of shipping the container.
Other churches in the area have
joined us, and together we can
make this project successful.
There is no
completion date
for the building
in Chasia but
work is in progress. Please
pray for this
undertaking, the
workers, the people this clinic will
serve and God’s will and timing of
our involvement. Pray that God
Project Cure, the largest donator
of medical supplies in the world, shows you how you can become a
will send to Zimbabwe a shipping part of this exciting mission. Concontainer of free medical supplies tact Jack Ganzar at 303-981-3986
for the cost of shipping. The con- or [email protected] for more
tents of the container are valued at information.
$400,000-$500,000 and all were
Paula Wills
WOW Coordinator
Forrest Guittar, Jr.
Festival of Faith and the Arts Director
Zach Rodasti
Youth Praise Band Director
Kathy Eggleston
Minister of Music Emerita
Congregation Council
Glenn Truglio (President)
Marie Friedemann (President Elect)
Koren Holden (Immediate Past President)
Gwen Grace (Vice President)
Dan Cable (Treasurer)
Peg Kirchner (Secretary)
Ministry Council
Gwen Galyath, Diane Herrmann (Community & Care)
Judi Burchfield, Laura Weber-Meyers (Teaching & Learning)
Justin March, Dave Nesslage (Witness & Service)
Garth Englund III, Kara Heilman (Worship & Celebration)
Isabella Dempsey (Youth & Youth Ministries)
Bethany Early Childhood Center
Carrie Lapham
BECC Director
Bethany Early Childhood Center Board
Joyce Beabout
Janet Pote
Jill Schladetzky
Michelle Stone Kraus
Natalie Talley
Betty Ziemann
Bethany Foundation
Don Abram
Ron Gusé
David Laverty
Paula Nelson-Marten
Beth Nixon
Wes Pomeroy
Barbara Seaton
Susan Squyer
Tia Whitaker
Securing Bethany’s Future
The mission of the Foundation of Bethany Lutheran
Church is to provide a permanent financial resource
for the future enrichment of our congregation. Through this
mission, we are challenged to provide additional stewardship
opportunities for members, friends of Bethany and our greater
community for the purpose of God’s work. For more information, direct your inquiries to the church.
The Beacon
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