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Make sure that you register for ……
…… IFA General Members Meeting, Brussels, 31 March 2015
….. IFA National Anti-Fraud Congress & European Anti-Fraud Congress, Brussels, 5 June 2015
….. several other IFA-activities. More information in this March-issue.
To all IFA-Members
5 March 2015
Dear colleagues,
We hereby update you on developments regarding our institute. Previous Updates and other news items can be
found on our Blog.
1. Event & training agenda 1st semester 2015
2. General Members’ Meeting 2015
3. National Anti-Fraud Congress 2015
4. IFA Website
5. IFA Board of editors
6. IFA Training Committee
Event & training agenda 1st semester 2015
12 March 2015
IIA seminar
23 March 2015
Deferred Prosecution Agreements
Transparency International seminar
25 March 2015
Intern onderzoek binnen de onderneming
MD Seminars
31 March 2015
IFA General Members’ Meeting, with Academic Session
2 April 2015
Bankruptcy: update of legal procedures and related fraud issues
23 April 2015
Court experts under fire in civil affairs
28 April 2015
Security 2.1
05 June 2015
European Anti-Fraud Congress
General Members’ Meeting 2015
The General Members’ Meeting 2015 will take place in Brussels in the afternoon of Tuesday 31 March 2015.
Venue: Diamant Conference Center, Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels (in front of the VRT studios).
Statutory session
15:30 - 16:30
The agenda will comprise a.o. an overview of the 2014 activities, approval of the 2014
financial statements, overview of 2015 planned activities, and 2015 financial forecast.
Academic session
16:30 - 17:30
A business case for fraud auditing by Dr. Inez Verwey, Associate
Professor at Nyenrode University , further to her dissertation named
“Differences between (public) auditors and fraud auditors in their
ability to identify fraud risks and plan effective procedures to mitigate
fraud risks” (2014)
Networking cocktail
17:30 - 18:30
The sessions will be followed by a networking cocktail.
More information and registration via www.forensicaudit.be
National Anti-Fraud Congress 2015
The 3rd IFA National Anti-Fraud Congress will take place in Brussels on 5 June 2015 jointly with the European AntiFraud Congress (EIFA). Full-day program with several tracks followed by networking cocktail:
Central Hall
Language: E
With a.o. key-note speakers Messrs Giovanni Kessler (Director General OLAF) and
Bart Tommelein (State Secretary for the combat of Social Fraud, Privacy and North Sea)
Rooms 1 & 2
Language: E
Tracks Technology and Europe, with speakers from (a.o.): Airbus, Cert-EU, Euroclear,
Eurojust, European Court of Auditors, EY, Gloobal, Johnson & Johnson and OLAF.
Room 3
Languages: N/F
Track Bankruptcy and Fraud in Belgium, with following speakers Frank Philipsen (ISIBBI), Michel Claise (Juge d’instruction), Patrick Waeterinckx (advocaat), Johan
Lemmens (fiscalist IAB-IEC), Prof.dr. Ann Jorissen (Universiteit Antwerpen) and Ilse
Mertens (receiver). Moderator panel debate: Johan Vlogaert (EIB).
Entrance fees: *
Private sector
EIFA and IFA Members
Supporting Members **
Public sector
Incl. 21% VAT
Early bird
-/- 5%
-/- 50%
€ 599
€ 499
€ 539
€ 299
€ 569
€ 427
€ 512
€ 284
€ 299
€ 225
€ 270
* Entrance fee gives access to all tracks from both EAFC and NAFC.
** Members of supporting organizations: IBR-IRE, IAB-IEC, BIBF-IPCF, ACFE, IIA, ISACA, ECSA.
IFA Website
Our website has been updated and now takes into account the name changes, logo change and the changes in
the articles of association.
We invite you to give it a look and also take the opportunity to check whether your personal account is still OK. If
there are any questions just let us know: [email protected]
IFA Board of editors
Further to the Members’ Survey of November 2014 IFA will keep the members informed on fraud related matters
on a regular basis: legislation, jurisprudence, methodologies, techniques, tools, cases, etc. We will re-establish
this knowledge sharing service via the IFA-website.
We are looking for Members who are willing to join a Board of Editors that will supervise this knowledge sharing
process. Should you be interested or require further information please make yourself known at
[email protected]
Training Committee
Mrs. Lydia Ruelens has joined the IFA Training Committee that is now composed as follows:
 Tania Baete RFA
 Albert Bouwen RFA
 Hilde De Cremer RFA
 Frans Roest RFA
 Lydia Ruelens
 David Stout RFA.
Do you have any recommendations or other suggestions for IFA? Please let us know!
The Board of Directors
[email protected]
Our Sponsors
Golden sponsors:
BNP Paribas Fortis
PricewaterhouseCoopers Forensic Services
RSM Interaudit
Callens Pirenne Forensic & Dispute Services
KPMG Forensic
Should you have any questions on sponsoring or require further information please contact us at
[email protected]