Parish Magazine March 2015

Rector: Canon Geraldine Pond The Vicarage, 61 Bellevue Road,
DE6 1AT Tel 343129 [email protected]
Parish Office:
St Oswald’s Church Hall, School Lane, DE6 1AN
Parish Secretary:
Clare Lewcock 343052
[email protected]
Associate Priest:
The Revd Carollyn McDonald, 664132
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Retired Clergy:
Prebendary Derek Tinsley 346226 [email protected]
Canon Edmund Urquhart 346454 [email protected]
Kevin Stone 346244 [email protected]
Dorothy Tinsley 346226 [email protected]
Mike Warner 346504 [email protected]
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Churchwardens: Paul Elliott, 343059 [email protected]
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PCC Secretary Michael Halls 372064 [email protected]
Minutes Sec
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Michael Hyde, 342851 [email protected]
Director of Music Michael Halls, 372064 [email protected]
Child Protection Lindsay Walker 343194/07971802671 [email protected]
Edward Bear
Rutha Titterton, 342904 [email protected]
(0-5 yrs.)
Electoral Roll
Martin Forrest, 324694 [email protected]
Hall Bookings: Joan Hudson, 342316 [email protected]
Mothers’ Union: Nancy Bell, 347915 [email protected]
Walking Group Paul and Gill Elliot, 343059, [email protected]
Kath Brown, 343201, Jackie Burns 370782
Book Shop:
Linda and Ron Torr, 343405 [email protected]
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St Mary and St Barlok, Norbury and Roston
For the churches and Communities of
March 2015
Sunday Services
Please check inside magazine for any special Service/change of time.
Holy Trinity Church, Clifton
St Oswald’s, Ashbourne
Holy Communion
Open House Morning Worship (1st Sundays)
Holy Communion (except 1st Sundays)
Evening Prayer or Choral Evensong
St John’s, Ashbourne
Holy Communion or Matins
Holy Trinity, Clifton
Holy Communion or Morning Prayer
Family Service (3rd Sunday)
Evening Prayer (as announced)
St Mary’s, Mappleton
Holy Communion or Matins
St Mary & St Barlok, Norbury
Holy Communion or Morning Prayer
St Peter’s, Snelston
Holy Communion or Morning Prayer
Midweek Services
St Oswald’s:
8.30 a.m. on Wednesdays: Holy Communion
10am on Thursdays in St Oswald’s Church Hall: Edward Bear (0s-5s)
5pm on 3rd Saturdays: Informal Service based on worship at Iona
Roston Hall:
10.30 a.m. on 1st Thursdays: Holy Communion
For Christenings, Weddings or Funerals please contact the Vicar
(343129) or the Parish Office (343052).
Jan Radford 300012 [email protected]
Tina Harbinson 343749 [email protected]
Brian Bradley 300049 [email protected]
PCC Secretary:
Jackie Nicholson, [email protected]
Magazine Co-ordinator:
Tina Harbinson 343749 [email protected]
Hall Bookings:
Di Griffiths 07528 182452
Stuart Smith 07182 350228
St John’s Church, Ashbourne
Ray Wason
Secretary to the Trustees&
Booking Secretary
Monica Cope 342728
Sunday School:
Beverley Oakley 342001
St Mary’s Church, Mappleton
Barbara Sims 350821
Andrew Walker-Okeover 350274 [email protected]
Secretary to the PCC, Electoral Roll Officer and Magazine co-ordinator:
Joan Duckmanton 350395 [email protected]
Enid Kent 345942
St Mary and St Barlok, Norbury and Roston
David Coxon 324361 [email protected]
PCC Secretary:
Magazine Co-ordinator
Mark Wordley 01889 590701
Anne Clowes 324225
Isabelle Harrison 324460, [email protected]
St Peter’s Church, Snelston
Richard Ward 324484 [email protected]
Charles Stanton 346120 [email protected]
PCC Secretary:
Vaughan Collins 324124,[email protected]
Magazine Co-ordinator
James Hollingsworth 300162
[email protected]
Electoral Roll Officer:
Tammy Shirley, 345817.
Agricultural Chaplain/Diocesan Rural Officer - Graham Hinds 01332 602124
or 07833 638562 [email protected]
Ashbourne Churches Together (ACT) Chair: Elizabeth Hurfurt 342859
ACT Secretary Clare Lewcock [email protected] 343052
ACE Youth Worker Trust
[email protected]
From the Vicarage
Lent is a time for reflection and preparation. Perhaps reflection gives space
for creative thought and deeper insight about our relationships and
behaviour both with our families, friends and neighbours and with God. I
have been reflecting on these words of Jesus in the light of a training day I
attended recently.
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because He has anointed me to preach
the gospel to the poor; he has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to
proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at
liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the
Luke 4:18-19
The training day was on modern day slavery and human trafficking. I
found some of the situations described very disturbing. People in this
country, even in this county, held in situations and circumstances where
they were unable to make any decisions for themselves, held in places
where others had control of their lives - their finances, time, their passports
and identity, where relationships were monitored and restricted and others
imprisoned physically or through emotional abusive manipulation. People
trafficked for organ transplants where drugs and alcohol and sexual abuse
are dominant themes; young girls groomed for sexual abuse. One could
hardly imagine that this all happens so close to home. The challenge to us
all is to be aware of some of the situations that we may come across in our
own communities and to work together with voluntary agencies and the
police. We can assist the police by sharing small pieces of information,
which on their own seem insignificant, but when put together form a clear
picture of the criminal activity that is taking place. As Christians we can
pray and practically there may be ways of helping to find places of safety
for our brothers and sisters who lives are damaged by these events.
I invite you all to come to Evening Prayer on 22nd March in St Oswalds @
6.30pm when Bishop Alastair will be with us to preach and lead a
discussion on these issues.
Lent is time for reflection on our own lives too … there may be things that
hold us in patterns of behaviour or attitudes that need adjusting to free us to
become more Christ like. … Maybe we might reflect about the things that
hold us captive in our own lives.
I pray that we may use this Lent as time to reflect on our own, in groups
and invite you to come and join in one of the lent courses on offer as well
as to put aside a little more time for personal prayer and Bible study.
Lent courses 2015.
The Diocesan Lent course can be found on the Derby Diocesan Website
uses material based on Mansfield Park.
The Parish Lent course is jointly with the Methodists and follows the
Pilgrim Course – the Beatitudes. (see the pew news/lent course leaflet for
On another note I have been invited to take a sabbatical this year; I will
have been ordained for eighteen years and feel very blessed to have this
opportunity to take some time to think more deeply, reflect and pray and
study a bit too, as well as resting. I will be away through August/
September/ October and more details about arrangements will follow in
due course. I am already grateful to Bishop Alastair for making this
possible and Carollyn and others who will hold the fort and endeavour to
make sure “it’s business as usual” although I know that you will all support
her and the team and be gracious when things may take a little longer to
With every blessing
A View from the Hill
Last week I walked up North Leys and got a view from the other side of
Ashbourne, looking over to Belle Vue Road, over that hill to the distant
hills of Derbyshire. It is good to change our perspective from time to time.
One way I like to do that is when I am thinking about or reading Jesus’
parables or the record of something Jesus did. I find myself usually
slotting into one of the characters. Then it is interesting to cross over into
the view of a different character – how might they interpret this story? The
parables and stories about relationship are most interesting for this. Jesus is
visiting his good friends Mary and Martha, and Lazarus. One of the sisters
is hard at work preparing the meal for the unexpected guest. One is sitting
next to Jesus listening to him; teaching or just telling stories of the recent
journeys and happenings of Jesus and his disciples. In this record it is
Martha who speaks, and asks Jesus to tell her sister to help. Mary is not
recorded as saying anything. I wonder what she is thinking, how she feels,
and I hope she is humble and kind to her sister after Jesus tells Martha that
Mary’s choice is the better one – to listen to Jesus while he is there.
I wonder what the other disciples did and said when Andrew came up with
the boy and his picnic with which Jesus fed the 5000? I imagine it was all
‘off stage’. The story of the Prodigal Son has often been analysed in this
way, and that makes a good study in a small group. Many people can
identify with each of the characters – hopefully the patient and forgiving
father, and the humble returning wayward son, and what about the jealous
son? I can certainly recall many jealousies between my brother and me,
and we have often talked about that since, with both our parents now dead.
Lent is a time for such reflection, and there are many ways of engaging
with that, but it is a good start to choose some Scripture. Praying for the
Holy Spirit to reveal new insights and to show us what is relevant in our
own lives now is a foundation for study, on your own, or in a small group.
Meanwhile, I hope that I will always be open to new perspectives that
might be a blessing to me in my life here in Ashbourne in 2015. I pray you
find the same help and hope leading up to Easter.
St Mary and St Barlok, Norbury and Roston
Mothering Sunday
Family Service
March 15th @ 11am
Service taken by Caroline Hemming of Derby
Children participation and to hand out posies
Please join us for this very special day
Natural Choice Therapy of Ashbourne
How to take care of your own health
Steve, partner of the centre and shop, will give a talk and demonstration of
wellbeing with guidance to alternative medicine and holistic therapies.
Samples and hands-on massage to demonstrate.
Saturday March 14th @ 7.30pm
In Mary Clowes Village Hall, Norbury
Fair-trade Raffle
Light Refreshments
Entrance £4 adults Children Free
Contact Christine on 01335 324 4361 for more info
Jubilee Group
It was once again nice to see so many people taking part in our Twixmas
Walk & Brunch. Again it was a glorious day, if a little cold, but only to be
expected for December. Many thanks to all who helped in the kitchen,
cooking so much bacon and sausages!
The Community Lunches have been very well attended and are
continuing with the help of the new Head, Rebecca Chapman and of course
the staff in the school kitchen. The next lunch will be on Wednesday 4th
Feb. at 12 noon and you are very welcome to join us. If you need
collecting please ring Anne on 01889 590285. The roast dinner, pudding
and cup of tea only costs £2.80, the company and chat are free!
Things are stirring for next year’s (sorry, this year’s) Garden Show on
Saturday 28th August. If anybody has any thoughts on ways they would like
to see it improved, please contact Joy (01335 324 288) or Sarah (01889
591 497). We will send out schedules and more information later
We have now collected enough money for the Village Poster Board so that
should be installed soon. The Jubilee Group is here to help the village, so if
you feel there is something we can do to improve life in the community,
then please get in touch.
Norbury School Spring Sprint
Wednesday 25th March
Fri 13th March ‘Mums’ to lunch. Mothering Sunday Service in Village
Hall 1.45pm followed by ‘stay at school’ afternoon for ‘Mums’
Fri 27th March School Easter Service at Church 2pm
Norbury Coffee Club invites you to share a cuppa every Friday, 10.00am
till 11.30am at Norbury Village Hall. Term time only
£1 per adult. Children FREE!
Each and every member of the community welcome.
Why not stay for your lunch too! £2.80 per adult and £1.95 per child
Norbury and Roston WI
Tuesday 3rd March
Mary Clowes Hall
Vicky Scotcher
All Welcome
Your House in Pottery
M & Co (Ashbourne)
Wednesday 15th April 2015
Mary Clowes Hall
£5.00 inc a glass of Fizz
Cake stall and raffle
Tickets from Heather Jones 01335 324 529
St John's Church, Ashbourne
Services March1st - Matins,
8th and 22nd HC all at 9.15a.m.
For Services on the 15th and 29th see the Pew News.
Morning has Broken, Like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken, like the
first bird .......... one of my favourites from School Assembly days!! My
inspiration, if that is what it can be called, comes whilst walking Tessa, my
dog, over the fields and along the Tissington Trail. This morning (in early
February) was one of those days, beautiful bright sunshine and although a
nip in the air, the excitement of Spring just around the corner. I loved my
days and the climate of Africa but nothing can compare with the seasons of
England and particularly the Spring, the birds are singing and new life is
ready to burst all around. We are so fortunate, with the horrors of the
world today, to be living in such a beautiful part of the country.
With the excitement of the Spring we look forward to the work being
completed in the Church Tower. This has been 'on hold' for some time but
now all is in order for the work to recommence. Soon we hope to see the
clock giving the time to all who pass by.
After the workmen have departed it will be good to have some volunteers
with brushes and dusters to help to 'spring clean' all ready for Easter. The
Church grounds will be 'tidied' and made to look welcoming and the doors
will be opened to greet the visitors to the town.
Our congregation has kept constant during the winter months, despite the
usual cold weather ailments. There is always a happy atmosphere and
chatter and the pleasure of coffee and biscuits on the first Sunday of the
month. Christine comes along to play the organ and the Sunday School
join in with the final part of the Service. A warm welcome awaits you.
See you there 9.15a.m. St John's Church, Buxton Road.
Monica Cope
Holy Trinity Church, Clifton
We had a wonderful turn out for our February meeting, but unfortunately,
as our president was welcoming everyone, we were all very disappointed
to learn that what should have been a big celebratory evening was marred
by the fact that Phyl Kirkman, who has been or Secretary for 40 years, was
unable to attend our surprise celebration because of a very bad cold. The
cake had already been arranged so we enjoyed that in her absence and one
of the members was able to take a slice of cake and her present, the next
The meeting started in the usual way and we were all very pleased to learn
that a new Group Conveynor had been appointed. Loise Wilson had agreed
to take over from Barbara Palmer.
Our ‘reading group’ is well on the way and all those interested will be
meeting for the first time this month
£16.91 had been raised for Pennies for Friendship so this will be taken to
the Spring Council Meeting.
The social news was read out and outings were highlighted for every
month up to July. The next being a trip to the theatre to see “Wizard of Oz”
performed by the Central Operatic Society in Derby.
The speaker for the evening was Steve Parker from Natural Choice.
He began by giving us a history of the shop. They opened in 1987 and
from very humble beginnings with his brother they now own the building
outright and have 6 members of staff.
Time and time again they get wonderful feedback from their customers
regarding the healing properties of all the various herbs and spices they can
Steve gave a very indepth explanation on all the health remedies available
and gave advice regarding medical problems experienced by all of us at
one time or another. A list of therapists working in the building was given
out, and we were a invited to visit the shop if ever we feel in need off
One of the companies providing potions and lotions supplied by Natural
Choice was Weleda in Ilkeston. They have a garden which is open to the
public so we hope to follow up Steve’s talk with a guided tour by the Head
Helen Watson gave a vote of thanks and everyone applauded a very
enjoyable speaker.
The “celebration” cake and other biscuits were then enjoyed during
The Speaker for next month will be Dr. Jackie Nicholson on Women and
All are welcome and we meet every second Wednesday of the month in
Clifton-Smith Hall at 7.15 pm. For details please contact Jackie Hackett
(President) on 01335 344459 or Phyl Kirkman (Secretary) on 01335
Lent Lunches
Thursday 26th February, 2015 - Jackie Nicholson Tel. 01335 342514
Wednesday 4th March,2015 - Helen Watson Tel. 01335 34619
Wednesday 11th March 2015 - Jan Radford Tel. 01335 300012
Tuesday 17th March 2015 – Tina Harbinson 01335 343749
Please contact all the above if you would like to attend.
Contact Tina Harbinson on 01335 343749 or Jan Radford on 01335
St Mary's Church, Mappleton
March 1st - H.C., 8th Matins
15th Mothering Sunday H.C.
22nd Matins.
All services to be held at 9.15 a.m. (any changes will be
announced in Church)
29th March(Palm Sunday) - 6.30 p.m. Group Evening Service
at St. Mary's.
Mappleton Village Social Club
Annual General Meeting to be held on 17th or 18th March - Date to be
confirmed (contact Michael Snaith on 350754) - at 7.30 p.m. in the
Mappleton Parish Council
Next meeting to be held on Thursday 12th March at the Pavilion at 7.30
There will be two vacancies on the Parish Council to be appointed at the
Election on 7th May. Please contact Fiona Raistrick on
[email protected] for further information.
Choral Music at St Oswald's
Sunday 1st March
The Third Sunday of Lent
10.30 Open House Service
6.30 Lord for thy tender mercies’ sake/Tye
Greater Love/Ireland
Sunday 8th
The Third Sunday of Lent
10.30 When Israel was in Egypt’s land
I got a robe
Choral Evensong
Canticles-Purcell in G min; Responses-Ayleward
Teach me O Lord/Attwood
Ave verum corpus/Byrd
Sunday 15th
Mothering Sunday
10.30 For the beauty of the earth/Rutter
6.30 Ave Maria/Lindley
O Saviour of the world/Goss
Sunday 22nd
Passion Sunday
10.30 My song is love unknown/Archer
6.30 Make me a clean heart, O God/Ley
Ave verum corpus/Mozart
Sunday 29th
Palm Sunday
10.30 Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
6.30 Evensong will be at St Mary’s church, Mappleton
Palm Sunday Antiphon/Morgan
God so loved the world/Stainer
Thursday 2nd April
Maundy Thursday
Tantum Ergo/Durufle
Friday 3rd
Good Friday
7.30 Lift High The Cross
Music, readings and prayers for Good Friday
Sunday 5th
10.30 Jesus is risen, Alleluia/Tanzanian melody arr J.Bell
Since by man came death/Handel
Choral Evensong
Canticles-Stanford in C; Responses- Ayleward
This joyful Eastertide
Achieved is the glorious work/Haydn
Thank you
Michael Halls
Director of Music
One World Group
You are warmly invited to the launch of an exciting new
Live music, wine & nibbles, with guest speakers the Bishop of Derby,the
Rt Revd Alastair Redfern and Joel Payne, of Christian Aid
7.30pm Friday 13th March 2015 at Ashbourne Town Hall
The ACT One World Group is supporting the Christian Aid Burkina Faso
Project by raising £5,000 over the next two years to help Christian Aid
improve resilience and food security for poor communities in Northern
Burkina Faso.
The European Union will match funding this project 1:5, so that our £5,000
will become a staggering £30,000 to support some of the poorest
communities in Burkina Faso.
Focusing on the poorest and most vulnerable in 45 villages, the project’s
ambitions are rooted in the needs of the community. Christian Aid’s
partners are local men and women who understand first-hand the
experiences, uncertainties and challenges that families face in Burkina
Over the years, the ACT One World Group has raised around £50,000 for
Christian Aid.
Nestling in the small hamlet of Norbury above the river Dove and on the
border of Derbyshire and Staffordshire, is Norbury church and its manor.
The church was built in 1295, by the Fitzherbert Family with additions in
the 14th and 15th century. Two other churches had been on this site, a
wooden structure, and a Saxon Church
The church displays a splendid wealth of medieval artwork and
architecture, the crowning glory being its much revered, eight complete,
rare grisaille stained glass windows, dated 1306. The windows have
recently undergone major cleaning and damp management by Holywell
Glass of Wells at a cost of £220,000 mostly funded by English Heritage.
Two Chellaston Alabaster Tombs are noted to be among the finest in the
land, with superb detail of the Fitzherbert Family.
The Great East Window has been likened to “a lantern in stone”, the
window taking up most of the east wall. Its glass made up of various pieces
from other parts of the church.
The Chancel houses all the above, being the earliest part of the church, and
is unusually large to the rest of the church, with the nave being narrower
and ceiling lower than the chancel.
Saint Barlok is rather an elusive figure from Ireland, the name brought
back by John Fitzherbert, who was Governor there for 3 years in 1174.
The Fitzherbert family held the seat of Norbury from1125 until 1881, even
through the reformation they retained their Roman Catholic position in the
church. The Estate was bought by the Clowes family .
We have, in conjunction with National Trust, who now owns The Old
Norbury Manor, History Information Boards in the church. This gives a
detailed history of the site.
Ashbourne Animal Welfare
March Madness Open Day
Sunday 15th March 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
The Ark, Wyaston Rd, Ashbourne
Spring into action and visit The Ark!
Visit the cattery & kennels
Homemade lunches & teas,
Gifts, books, bric a brac
Free admission
Tel 01335 300494 for more info
Women's World Day of Prayer is an international , inter church
organisation which enables us to hear the voices of women from a different
part of the world each year expressing their hopes and concerns and
bringing them before the rest of the world in prayer.
On Friday 6th March an estimated 3 million people, in over 170
countries, will gather to observe the day of prayer, using an order of service
written by the Christian women from The Bahamas. In the British Isles
alone over 5,000 services will be held. The day will begin when the sun
rises over the Island of Samoa and continues until it sets off the coast of
American Samoa some 35 hours later.
In Ashbourne there are 2 services to choose from.
At 2 pm at St. John the Baptist Church , Mayfield,
led by Rev Carollyn McDonald
and also
At 7.30pm at Ashbourne Methodist Church
also led by Carollyn.
For any furthur information contact Nancy Bell 346915
or see the WEDP website:
We are expecting visitors from Patna in June. The aim of the visit is for our
visitors to experience Church life in the Ashbourne area by joining in with
the normal activities of the Churches as well as some special ones. There
will be a United Service of Thanksgiving in St. Oswald’s Church at 6.30
pm on Sunday, 14 June, preceded by a Faith Tea in St. Oswald’s Church
Hall. This service will mark the beginning of the visit which will last for 2
weeks. We hope that our visitors will have opportunities to spend time with
many people from our Churches.
We do need your help!!
1. Please pray that our visitors obtain visas. It will be especially
difficult as all the visitors are clergy from the Church of North
2. We need hosts to provide bed and breakfast with an occasional
other meal. The plan is for each visitor to spend time with a family
in a village and a week in Ashbourne. So we shall need 8 hosts.
3. We need people who are willing to provide transport from time to
time during the visit.
4. We need people to provide meals.
5. We need to know about your church activities in the period 14 – 28
We hope that the visit will be a time when we can exchange ideas,
encourage each other and worship and pray together.
The people organising the visit are
Jane Methuen – St. Michael and All Angels’ Church Kniveton
Anna and Martyn Davis – Christ Church, Hulland
Sheena Bryden – St. John the Baptist Church, Mayfield
Deidre O’Ryan – All Saints’ Catholic Church, Ashbourne
Arthur Watts – Ashbourne Methodist Church
Clare Sales – Ashbourne Methodist Church
John and Elizabeth Hurfurt – Ashbourne Methodist Church
Any of the group will be willing to talk to you about the visit.
6 Jan St Johns Ethel Annie Coxon aged 104
13 Jan St Oswalds George William Fowler aged 89
15 Jan
Markeaton, Dr Gordon Timothy Tim Ashmore aged 75
15 Jan St Oswalds Paul Herbert Marshall Griffiths aged 84
21 Jan St Oswald's Molly Glossop aged 87
23 Jan St Oswald's Margaret Botham aged 84
27 Jan St Oswald's John Francis Blackwell aged 91
15th March - Mothering Sunday Services
St Oswald's 10.30am
St Johns 11am
Clifton 4pm
Snelston 9.30am
Norbury 11am
Mappleton 9.15am
16th -20th March Experience Easter in St Oswald's
21st March Ashbourne Singers Mayor's Charity Concert in St Oswald's
29th March Palm Sunday Service St Oswald's 10.30am
2nd April Maundy Thursday St Oswald's 7.30pm washing of the feet
3rd April Good Friday 12noon Walk of Witness start at Sainsbury's
Good Friday Hour at the Cross 2pm St Oswald's
Good Friday Cross of Christ 7.30pm St Oswald's
5th April Easter Day Services
Lent Course 2015 Beatitudes
Lent is a time leading up to Holy Week and Easter when Christians
traditionally make time for study, prayer and fellowship. To provide
resources for that in 2015, Ashbourne Churches Together offers a series of
frugal lunches and reflections.
In addition we invite you to join a group for a course
over the five weeks starting from Wednesday 25th
February. ”Pilgrim: a Course for the Christian
Journey” is focusing on the Beatitudes, and is
available at three different times every week.
Wednesday lunch
25th Feb
4th March
11th March
18th March
25th March
All Saints
St Oswald’s
Methodist Century
St Oswald’s (URC)
Course leader
1.45 – 3.00 pm
St Oswald’s
St Oswald’s
St Oswald’s
Thursday mornings Lent Course 10.00 – 11.30am
at 1 Hambleton Close, Ashbourne DE6 1NG
Thursday evening
7.30 – 9.00 pm
26th Feb
5th March
12th March
19th march
26th March
Century Hall
Course leader
St Oswald’s
St Oswald’s
St Oswald’s
A new Editor
As some readers will already know, Karen and I will be moving to live
again in France and so I have to relinquish the post of Magazine Editor.
I am very pleased to say that Susan Damesin, who has only recently come
to live in Ashbourne has agreed to take over from me. We will be working
together over the next two issues but then she will have the reins. So please
ensure you include Susan on any future e-mails you send for the magazine
Her e-mail is [email protected]
I have very much enjoyed the task and wish Susan all the best in her new
David Marshall