DVS PTA - Derry Village School PTA

After School Enrichment Program 2015
DVS PTA is pleased to once again run our After School Enrichment Program. All classes are
available free of charge through the DVS PTA and are run by volunteers. We have attached
the class schedule along with the class descriptions. We attempt to give all children their first
and second choice classes. This year class registrations will be done online unless you do not
have access to the internet. If you do not, please ask for a copy of the paper registration form
from the front office. Please register for the classes by 3/11/15.
You can also find the link for the registration on the DVS PTA website (www.dvspta.com)
and on the DVS PTA Facebook Page (Derry Village School PTA).
Class times are 3-4:15 PM
4/6, 4/13, 4/20
4/7,4/14, 4/21
4/8, 4/15, 4/22
4/9, 4/16, 4/23
4/10, 4/17, 4/24
Grades K-5
Intro to Dance
Martial Arts
Grades K - 5
Floor Hockey
Grades 4 - 5
2 weeks only
Jr. Jazzercise
Grades K - 5
Springtime Crafts I
Grades 2-3
Doodler's Club
Grades 3-5
Grades K-3
Intro to Sewing
Grades 4 - 5
Springtime Crafts II
Grades K-1
Fun with Legos
Digital Photography
Grades 4-5
Grades K-5
Creative Writing
Grades K-2
Healthy Snacks
Grades 2-3
No Sew Blanket
Grades 1-5
Grades 3-5
Duct Tape Art
Grades 3-5
Grades 3-5
Clay Sculpting
Gr. K-5
Grades 3-5
Library Crafts
Grades K-3
Scrap booking
Grades 1-5
Musical Expression Gifts from the Spa
Gr. 3-5
Grades 4-5
Digital Photography
Grades K-3
Cheerleading! ~ Grades K – 5
Join the Derry Demons cheerleading coach to learn how to jump, chant and cheer! Children will
be broken into small groups based on grade level. Great class for kids who are interested in
learning more about the sport of cheering. Comfortable clothes and sneakers must be worn.
Spring Time Crafts ~ Grades K – 1 & Grades 2-3
A variety of materials will be used to create crafts inspired by spring. Students will be guided in
sculpting, painting, drawing and even planting as they plant flowers in their self-decorated pots.
Fun with LEGOS ~ Grades K - 2
Love Legos? In this course you will work in teams as well as independently to complete Lego
building challenges. Develop your team work and problem solving skills while having tons of fun!
Drawing with Coderre Studios ~ Grades 3-5
Class #1: Drawing Quadrupeds
Description: What's a quadruped? In this class, you'll find out - we're going to draw some.
Class #2: Get Super!
Description: What make Super Men and Super Women different than regular people? Is it their
clothes? Is it their names? What makes them so SUPER? We'll talk about supers, and DRAW
Supers! Super cool!
Class #3: Anime & Manga Day
Description: Everyone knows Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z are anime, and that anime is from
Japan. But did you know that anime has been shown in America for almost 50 years? We'll talk
about Osamu Tezuka, the "Father of Manga" and the "Godfather of Anime", who brought the first
Anime series to America (and the world) in 1966. We'll draw some of his characters and learn what
makes Anime & Manga so loved around the world.
No Sew Blankets
Come make a keepsake blanket.
Intro to Dance ~ Grades K-5
Steps of Grace dance studio of Derry will lead this class that will introduce students to the basics of
jazz. Beginning dancers and those who have never danced before are invited to attend. Please
wear loose comfortable clothing and socks.
Doodler's Club ~ Grades 3 – 5
Students will experience an opportunity to create their own Doodles based on a weekly shape. This
club is based on the Big Nate Series.
Digital Photography ~ Grades 4 - 5
Learn how to take great photos of landscape, still life and action shots in this class taught by a
professional photographer. Students will need to bring their own digital camera, ipod, Ipad, cell
phone, or DS that has a camera.
Digital Photography ~ Grades K-3
A big point of photography is learning how to focus, zoom and hold the camera. We will be
cropping and taking nature pictures as well as self portraits. They will learn lighting, expression and
background. Students will need to bring a digital camera, cell phone, Ipod, or Ipad.
Musical Expression ~ Grades 3-5
Children will play some musical games with some cool instruments, craft an activity with music,
and make a painting.... All tapping into how different music can make us feel.
Martial Arts ~ Grades K – 5
Tim Barchard’s Professional Marital Arts Studio of Derry will lead kids in drills and games. They will
have fun while learning basic Karate skills. No martial arts experience required, but comfortable
clothing and sneakers are a must!
Woodworking ~ Grades K – 3
The professionals at the Home Depot of Londonderry are offering this woodworking class.
Students will assemble a wooden project each week such as a flower planter, tool box and bird
feeder. These are wonderful projects to keep or give as gifts for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days.
Outdoor Exploration ~ Grades K – 5
Take a walk in the woods and learn about the plants and wildlife in our school’s backyard! Join the
skilled staff of Amoskeag Fishways and embark on a nature expedition of learning and games.
Come dressed to be outside.
Gifts from the Spa ~ Grades 4 – 5
Whether you share these “gifts” with your friends and family or keep them all to yourself, you will
have lots of fun creating pampering products from scratch! Projects include Sugar Scrubs with
Essential Oils, Flavored Lip Balms and Molded Crayon Soaps.
Intro to Sewing ~ Grades 4 – 5
DVS teacher, Mrs. Desena will teach the basics of sewing by hand and machine. By the
end of the session you’ll have made your own original pillow covering!
Floor Hockey with Ms. Dorazio ~ Grades 4 – 5
Join Ms. Dorazio for some full length floor hockey games. Review the basics of the sport and jump
into the action! Sneakers required for play. *Students are required to have health insurance to
play.* ******** April 9th and April 16th only*********
Library Crafts ~Grades K-3
Miss Courtney from the Derry Public Library will be instructing a crafting workshop, where each
week she’ll do some fun activities.
Creative Writing ~ K – 2
Children will decide how the story ends in this class! Each week a story will be read aloud and
students will write and/or illustrate an ending of their own creation. Great class for the child with a
vivid imagination!
Jr. Jazzercise ~ Grades K – 5
Manchester Jazzercise hosts this program to get kids active and learn the importance of exercise
and health. The program combines fun, easy-to-follow dance moves to popular music and fitness
games. Children should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers.
Healthy Snacks ~ Grades 2-3
Mrs. Zbieg will be teaching the kids how to prepare some healthy snacks.
Fun with Dominoes ~ Grades 3-5
Line them up, watch them fall. See how much fun you can have with dominoes.
Scrap booking ~ Grades 1-5
Students will make a page each week for their scrapbooks. Please have children bring 4-5
pictures each week for the following themes:
Week 1) Winter, Week 2) Pets, and Week 3) Friends