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Background of the Study
Language is a medium of communication. It is an important thing in
human life, since without language, we cannot make interaction. By using
language someone could make statements, explainor report something and
keeping social relations among the other person.
Language is used for many purposes. It can information from one mind to
another in the world especially English language. Language, human,beings,
society, and culture cannot be separated one another. Without the present of
language human beings can do nothing. Therefore of course a habit will not
appear and so a society. A habit can be seen through the society, and the products
of the habit can be said as the culture of the society. So it can be understood
clearly the language will be used by a member of society and the habits of the
society‘s members are called the culture of the society. The habits or the culture
of the a society usually in herit by the generation of the society.
Owen (2006:1) says that language can be defined as a socially shared
combinations of those symbols. Language which is governed by the provisions in
question as above is a cultural and also grammar, language has a very close
relationship with grammar where language is a series of rules to learn grammar
rules governing for forming a sentence.
So to analyze the sentences in the drama, Old and Modern English is
needed to help us understand what makes sentences and paragraphs clear and
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interesting . Old and Modern English can be a part of literature discussions, when
we read the sentences used in stories as drama.
Old English is prior the beginnings of English, the inhabitants of Great
Britain spoke primarily Celtic languages. During the later part of the 5th century,
three tribes invade England from Western Germany and Denmark. These tribes
spoke a similar languge that, over says, develop into Old English.
Modern English began in the 15th century, the transition from Middle
Eglish to Modern English began. Much of the transition was due to the expansion
of the British Empire throughout the world and to the development of printing.
The printing press and increase in publishing of books drove the standardization
of the language. spelling grammar was formalized due to the publication of
various literary works and pamphlets.
The drama which will be discussed in this paper was written by Sophocles
(born c. 496 B.C.E. in Colonus near Athens, Greece.., died after 413) was one of
the three major authors of Greek tragedy. Of his 123 plays, only seven survive in
full. We are fortunate that one of these is Oedipus Rex (in Greek, Oidipous
tyrannos), written soon after 430 B.C., which the accient Greeks themselves
considered his best work. Oedipus rex is famous for its smooth and suspenseful
plotting, its cosmic ironies and the philosophical questions its raises about the
limits of man‘s power and ambitions.
The translation by Sir George Young (1837-1930), he called it Oedipus
Tyrannus is not only very accurate. But also preserves the feelings of the original
Greek to a great extent. The verse forms are reasonable English equivalents; the
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diction-lightly archaic in the blank verse dialogues, heightened and more
involuted in the stanzaic choruses admirably reflects the hieratic nature of
Sophocles‘ drama. He concerned with problems of the Greek text and its
interpretation have been omited. Several new, very brief footnotes have been
added, identifying some Greek and concepts for readers less familiar with
classical mythology and lore.
Finally, the research of this paper focuses on the Old and Modern English
in the drama written by Sophocles entitle Oedipus Rex. This is the background as
well as the reason why this paper focus on the analyzing the Old and Modern
The Problem of the Study
Referring to the explanation of the background of the analysis above,
problems that writer like to analyze of Old and Modern English used in the play
of Oedipus Rex Sophocles. The writer wants
To find out the words Old English
To find equal the words Old English to Modern English
The Scope of the Study
Based on the problem of study, writer will find out the words used in the
play of Oedipus Rex by Sopcholes.
The Purpose of the Study
The writer has chosen Sophocles drama Oedipus Rex as the subject of her
paper, because she wants to analyze the words used in the drama.
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Method of the Study
Research Method
The method used in this paper is a library research. The writer collects
some data to support the analysis, finding the related data to the research then
narrowing the collecting data of the library research to the related element which
are about the Old and Modern English. Besides that, the writer also uses internet
for search some imformation about Old and Modern English.
Data collecting Method
In process collecting of the data, the writer obtained the supporting data
from several books as the sources of the data, the primary source of the datawhich
is being discuss in this paper, is the drama written by sophocles entitle oedipus rex
sophocles published by Dover Publication, Inc, New York in 1991.This drama as
the primary source of the data that this paper used to obtain Old and Modern
English in the drama to analyze. The secondary data is drawn from others books
as the references which the books are the most concerned about the Old and
Modern English in the play work especially drama. And then, the third data is
based on internet with clearly website.
Several steps are applied in the data collecting procedure for this paper.
Firstly, the data acquisition from the drama is gathered by reading the drama. The
entire drama is read while identifying the Old and Modern English in the drama
based on the
person reprensented itself, then marked the Old and Modern
English. Secondly, the secondary data are gathered from several books that related
to the topic of this paper. The related books that concern to the subject matter
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being analyzed are used as the source of the idea to support the analysis of this
paper and also to give additional information and statement that can be drawn for
this paper the important information from these books are marked and underlined
so that it can be used to support the analysis of this paper, these books finally also
used as the references for this paper.
Data Analyzing Method
The data analyzing procedure is applied when all the primary data from
the drama is collected and selected, as the data from the drama is in a form of
written text, which concern about the words Old and Modern English used in the
drama that has been choosen to the most significant data, then the data will be be
interpreted and to be brought into this paper as the subject matter of the analysis,
that is the Old and Modern English from the drama. Next, the analysis will be
stated by explaining the Old and Modern English based on the definition and the
classification which reflected in Old and Modern English used in the play of
drama Oedipus Rex Sophocles.
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