Tournament Things to Know

2015 Michigan Region 8
Science Olympiad
Things To Know
Things to do before Tournament
• Forms are due on 3/13/2015
o Team Roster – signed by principal
o Permission Slip/Waivers for each official & alternate member
o Turn to Thurston High School Media Center on March 13 4-6 pm
(if not done so)
• Sign Up as a Volunteer – We Need You!
o Each team asked to supply a minimum of 5 volunteers
o Various positions per your interest:
Tournament Information
Region 8 Tournament is on 3/14/2015
Coach Registration 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM at room 201
Opening Announcement (~8:30am)
Total Teams:
– 34 Div B teams (23 varsity & 11 JV)
– 18 Div C teams (15 varsity & 3 JV)
Note: Varsity teams are the primary team from each school;
some schools bring a 2nd team which are referred to as JV.
• Students must know their team name and team number
– Varsity Team: ex: B01, C10
– JV will have letter “A” after the number: ex: B02-A, C04-A
• Award Ceremony (~4:45 pm)
Parade of Schools (2 students with banner per school)
Event Schedule
• Refer to:
• Only the 15 ‘official’ team members may compete in
‘official’ events; alternate members may compete in trial
• There will be NO switching of times
• Varsity & JV teams from the same school MUST
compete at the same time for test events
• Events start at 8:45 AM and end at 2:35 PM
– 50 minute blocks with 10 minutes between sessions
Event Clarifications
• Check for rule clarifications
• Impound (8:00 - 8:45am)
DivB: Air Trajectory, Simple Machine, Wheeled Vehicles,
DivC: Air Trajectory, Compound Machines, Mission Possible,
It is About Time, Bungee, Protein Modeling, Scrambler
Team name & number should be on device;
May include other documentations with the device
• Experimental Design:
• Limited to Varsity Teams Only
• Trail Events:
America – Land and Parks: will run by stations, no oral presentation
Self Schedule
Wayne Monroe Science Olympiad Self Schedule
o Advance Sign up at Coaches Meeting on 2/26/2015
o ESUS ( ) Open on Thursday
3/5/2015 4:00 pm and close on Thursday 3/12/2015 10:00 pm
o Check with Becky [email protected] if you need team
login and password
Bus Parking
Rm. 201
Rm. 205
Eagle's Nest
(Food and Concessions)
Rm. A
Drama Office
(Volunteers check in)
Team Registration – Head Coach
• 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM at Headquarters (room 201)
• Head Coach to receive:
• Wrist Bands
– Up to 15 official team members & Head Coach
– If a replacement is required, head coach must report to HQ
with broken wrist band to receive a replacement
• Participation Medals and Certificates
• Last Minute Forms?
• No food is allowed in homerooms
• One adult remain in homeroom at all times
• Homerooms must be cleaned prior to departure
– Rooms should be cleaned and vacated by 3:30pm
– Take everything with you; the rooms will be locked by
– Remember we are guest – leave better than you
found it
• Excessive Garbage or Damage to room will
result in a fine
– when things go wrong
• Something is bound to go wrong, only worry about the BIG
• Event Supervisors are all volunteers and are doing their
best -- most are not experienced science olympiad veterans
• Head coach is the only authorized person to address
concerns -- not a parent or student
• Address as soon as possible
– In a kind, considerate manner
– avoid interrupting Supervisor during a test period
– **Make sure kids know if it is a device they must leave it with the
Event Supervisor
• Try to resolve with the Event Supervisor
• If unable to resolve come to Headquarters and speak with
an Arbitrator
Spectacular Events
• Div B – Air Trajectory, Bottle Rocket, Bridge Building,
Gliders, Robo-Cross, Wheeled Vehicle
• Div C – Air Trajectory, Bridge Building, Bungee, Wright
Stuff, Scrambler, Mission Possible
• Make sure students and parents understand the student
is the competitor; the parent is the spectator
• Only competitors may enter the competition area and
only during their scheduled time under direction of event
• Once the student enters the competition area they are to
receive no coaching
• Make sure kids know to thank event supervisors
• No Cell phones during any competition
– Failure to comply will result in expulsion from event
• No Laptops allowed during any B Division competition
• Make sure they know what they can bring to the event –
especially safety equip.
– They are required to bring goggles, aprons, etc; the event
supervisor does not supply.
• Check building devices to make sure they meet the rules