March 1, 2015 - Catholic High School

Wednesday, March 4 – Morning Faculty Meeting.
Classes begin at 8:45 a.m.
Monday, March 9 – Faculty and Staff Retreat. No
school for students. Offices Closed.
Friday, March 13 – Pep Rally for Challenge. Students
dismissed at 2:47 p.m.
Thursday, March 19 – Schoolwide liturgy at 9:47
a.m. Dismissal at 2:47 p.m.
Monday, March 23 – Sophomore and Junior Retreat.
Senior job shadowing day. No school for 8th and 9th
INFLUENCE: Catholic High strives each day to help our
students make good decisions. We uphold consistent
discipline by holding students accountable when we are
made aware of their mistakes. All too often, we find
that parents hinder our efforts by allowing their sons to
attend functions or events without proper adult
supervision or by allowing them to attend functions
where it is very difficult for our student to make good
As the Easter break gets closer and dances and other
spring-time opportunities occur, please monitor your
son’s activities. Suggestions to help your son make
good decisions include:
Insist on adult chaperones that will not
place your son in a situation where
alcohol, drugs, and other substances
are made available to them. One would
think that common sense would
prevent more parents from engaging in
such behavior, but it happens all too
Monitor your son’s cellphone and
computer. Nine times out of ten,
everything you need to know about
your son’s activity is on his cell phone
and/or computer.
Give your son a reason to say no to
irresponsible behavior. Get in front of
it. Have clear and specific rules at home
with clear consequences. Father Andre
Coindre, the founder of the Brothers of
the Sacred Heart stated: “It is better to
prevent transgressions than to correct
Catholic High will do its part by continuing to have high
standards and expectations and by holding students
accountable. We are not changing. While Catholic High
is not trying to tell parents how to raise their sons, we
do need parents to recommit to their partnership with
CHS by having those same expectations at home. To do
otherwise sends a confusing message to our students
and often results in bad decisions. It is my hope and
prayer that every one of our students has a successful
conclusion to the school year. Please help us help your
son in that endeavor.
WASHINGTON, D. C.: Rising Juniors and seniors
interested in the annual trip to Washington, D.C. during
the 2015 Thanksgiving holidays can find details on
Edline by looking in the "My Activities" section of the
Edline home page. The first parent and student
informational meeting is Monday, March 23, at 6:30
p.m. in the SJA Activity Center. If you have any
questions, please contact Tracy Ducote at
[email protected] or Drew Losavio
[email protected] This is a great trip and I
encourage you to consider this opportunity for your son
to see our nation's capital.
For the last 18 years, Greg Sollie was the CHS faculty
moderator of the D.C. trip. There have been a number
of financial contributions made by generous donors in
memory of Mr. Sollie to help students who may have
financial difficulty in participating in this trip. For
information about possible financial assistance for the
Washington D.C. trip please contact Gene Tullier at
[email protected]
SCHEDULING 2015 - 2016: Scheduling for the 20152016 school year began at the end of January when
students requested courses online. During the week of
March 9 course requests will be available in AP Web
Direct. We consider course selection to be a serious
decision by students and parents so we ask all students
and parents to review their course selections and
discuss whether there are any changes you would like
to make. Changes to course requests must be returned
to the assistant principals’ office by Thursday, March
19. Instructions about making changes can be found on
the course selection sheet. Final deadlines for course
selection will take place in April and will be considered a
commitment on the part of students. You may contact
your son’s guidance counselor or Tom Eldringhoff if you
need further information.
END OF THE THIRD QUARTER: The third quarter of
our school year will end on Friday, March 13. Your son's
third-quarter grades will be based on a combination of
daily work, projects, tests and quizzes given during the
quarter. Report cards will be available through AP Web
Direct by Friday, March 20.
PAYMENT SCHEDULE: A copy of this schedule is
enclosed with this newsletter.
ASSISTANCE [From Gerald Tullier]: Applications for
financial assistance for the 2015-2016 school year must
be submitted by Friday, April 17, 2015. Note that
applications must be submitted by all persons who are
requesting financial assistance, both those applying for
the first time and those who received financial
assistance during the 2014-2015 school year and are reapplying for financial assistance for the coming school
Applications for assistance are to be submitted on-line
through FACTS. A link to the FACTS web page can be
found in the “Financial Assistance” section of the CHS
web page. You will need to create a FACTS account and
log-in, and then complete the application online.
In keeping with the educational tradition of the
Brothers of the Sacred Heart, no student is refused
admission or asked to leave Catholic High School solely
because of his family’s inability to pay tuition.
Financial assistance is available for students whose
families are unable to pay the full cost of tuition.
Any parent who does not have access to a computer or
who needs help completing the online application can
get assistance by contacting Mrs. Pinney Johnson by
phone at (225) 383-0397 ext. #104, or by e-mail at
[email protected]
outlines a number of procedures we ask parents to
observe so that we minimize disruptions to our school
day. It is critical that parents read and understand the
policies in order for students and parents to have a
positive experience while at Catholic High. Please
review the list below and assist us by adhering to them.
• Absences: Any time your son will be absent, please
call school before 8 a.m. to verify that absence.
• Early Dismissals: Requests for leaving school early
should be infrequent and should never occur on a
Friday or the last day of school before a break.
Written requests for early dismissals, including for
doctor’s appointments, should be brought to the
assistant principal’s office before school. At the
designated departure time, the student must sign
out in the assistant principal’s office before leaving
• Illness: If your son becomes ill during the school
day, he should report to the office. A school official
will contact a parent at that time.
• Messages: We do not have a system for getting
messages to individual students so please do not
call school to leave messages for your son unless it
is an emergency. If you must contact your son, we
will call him to the main office at the end of the
school day over the P.A. system. We cannot
guarantee, however, that your son will report to our
• Forgotten Items: If your son has forgotten his
lunch, report, project, homework, books, sports
uniform, etc., please do not bring it to school.
Faculty and staff members have been instructed not
to accept such items. The best way for your son to
learn responsibility for himself is to deal with the
consequences of making a mistake.
BEING GOOD NEIGHBORS: It is a constant challenge
to CHS to be a good neighbor to the residents in our
neighborhood. We ask for your help in that regard. If
you pick up your son from school in the afternoon,
please wait until after 3 p.m. to pick him up. Delaying
your arrival allows much of the traffic leaving school to
clear the neighborhood and it also avoids a long line of
cars stretching down Claycut towards Acadian Thruway.
We would sincerely appreciate any help you can give us
in minimizing traffic congestion especially at the end of
the school day.
CHS/SJA CHALLENGE: The annual competition
between Catholic High and SJA will take place on Friday,
March 13 at 4 p.m. Challenge will be streamed live
through While we do not
have the space capacity for parents to attend, I
encourage you to watch this event as it happens. Go
In conjunction with Challenge, both Catholic High and
SJA are having a food drive the week of
March 2-6. Each school can earn two points before
Challenge even begins by meeting the quota of
donating 30 pounds of food per student. Please remind
your son to bring in canned food items in support of the
Baton Rouge Food Bank and to help the Bears on the
road to Challenge victory.
GRANDPARENTS DAY: Grandparents and great
grandparents of all CHS students are invited to the
Grandparents Day celebration on Sunday, March 15,
2015, from 2-4 p.m. in the CHS gymnasium. This is the
first time Grandparents Day will be celebrated on a
Sunday. All students whose grandparents are attending
will be invited to attend the celebration and sit with
their grandparents in the gym. Grandparents are also
invited if their grandson(s) cannot attend. Immediately
following the assembly, students and their
grandparents can tour the campus. The CHS
Photography Club will take pictures in the Courtyard.
Dress for students will be regular school day dress. The
CHS Mothers’ Club will host a reception in the Union
following the program in the gym. Information
regarding general parking, handicapped parking and
drop off sites is included in the invitation.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(REGISTRATION FEE for new students $550.00)
Tuition includes the individual use of a school-issued notebook computer.
$10,320 ($10,420 for new students)
TUITION PAYMENT OPTIONS (All tuition and registration is interest free, payable in advance on-line
through FACTS. In March 2015, parents will be invited to schedule a tuition payment plan through
FACTS. The following are payment options:
#1 Annual Payment—due on July 1, 2015
 $10,320.00 for returning underclassmen (includes re-registration fee for 2015-2016)
 $10,320.00 for seniors (includes graduation and retreat fees)
#2 Semi-Annual Payments—due on July 1, 2015 and December 1, 2015
 $5,160.00 for returning underclassmen (includes re-registration fee for 2015-2016)
 $5,160.00 for seniors (includes graduation and retreat fees)
#3 Monthly Installment Payments through FACTS—see below for details.
Note: All tuition payments will be made on-line through FACTS. There is no FACTS charge
for annual payments. However, FACTS will charge a $43 annual fee for the Monthly
Installment Plan and a $10 annual fee for the Semi-Annual Installment Plan.
12 Month Payment—includes
re-registration or senior fees
June 2015
July 2015
August 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
December 2015
January 2016
February 2016
March 2016
April 2016
May 2016
March 2015
2015 Mother-Son Breakfast
The 29th Annual Mother-Son Breakfast was held on Sunday, February 2, 2015 at the
Crowne Plaza Hotel. Over 1000 guests enjoyed the tradition of spending precious time
together over breakfast. A special thanks to Coach Pete Boudreaux, Catholic High School
Legend, for his wonderful words of wisdom, his witness to his faith and the time spent with
our young men of CHS. This special morning would not have been possible without the
hard work and dedication of our Chair, Susan Mathews , Assistant Chair Jenny Ridge and
their fabulous Committee Chairs and members. It was truly a remarkable CHS community
Save the date
CHS Grandparents Day will be celebrated on Sunday, March 15, 2015. The Grandparents
Day Committee chair Tricia Poché along with assistant chair Alicia Perilloux are working
with their dynamic committee to make this a day to remember.
ALL tickets, sold or unsold, must be turned into the CHS office.
This year’s Car Raffle offers the winner a choice of a 2015 Camry LE or a 3 year/36,000 mile
lease on a 2015 Lexus RX350 or ES350 generously provided by Price LeBlanc Toyota
Lexus…$10 donation/ticket. Also receive a coupon for one free package of Price LeBlanc
Dah’lin Sausage on the back of each ticket. Winner need not be present. Tickets were sent
home with your son in November. If you need additional tickets, please contact the CHS Front
Office at 383-0397.
A special thank you to all assisting with our weekend ticket sales
at area merchants and churches.
We couldn’t do it without you!
CHS AUCTION –Bear FêtE news!
Come and join us for the 2015 Catholic High School Auction
Bear Fête
Presented by the Mothers' Club
March 28, 2015 7p.m. to 11 p.m.
Louisiana Capitol Park Museum in downtown Baton Rouge
$50 per person
Dressy Casual
Open Bar & Heavy Hors d’oeurves
Master of Ceremonies: Kent Gonsoulin, Cajun Comedian
Auctioneer: Murray Conque
Music: The Eddie Smith Band
Auction items can be found by visiting the Bear Fête page on the CHS website. CHS
Bear Fête Online Auction and bidding on wonderful items will begin Monday, March
17th and end Thursday, March 26th at 5:00 p.m. Our CHS Bear Fête Auction will be
held Saturday, March 28, 2015. If you are not able to attend Bear Fête, and/or you
want to get in on the Bear Fête bidding early, please go to and have Bear Fête fun!
Bear Fête tickets can be purchased online at the CHS website at and are $50 person. Tickets can also be
purchased by emailing [email protected]
For more information on CHS’ Bear Fête, contact Bear Fête Chair,
Karla Sayer Wilburn at [email protected] or (225) 939-8256.
Champagne Raffle
CHAMPAGNE RAFFLE drawing for a two piece set necklace and matching bracelet. 18ct.
yellow gold and sterling silver chain with a blue topaz bullet shaped pendant charm and
matching bracelet with 2 bullet shaped charms of blue topaz and citrine. Generously donated by
Jules Madere. Tickets are available at the Mother/Son Breakfast, Grandparents Day and the
night of the Auction. Winner need not be present
Proceeds from Bear Fête
Benefit the students of Catholic High School.
Support of Bear Fête is encouraged by the entire CHS
family. As in years past, a certain amount of the funds
raised will be allocated to the operating budget of the
school. The remainder of the proceeds will go to the
purchasing of a new bus…..
Standing Committees
Our Mothers’ Club Standing Committees continue monthly duties that are so
important. Thanks to Joan Chastain and Sissy Stephens and their many
volunteers, cooks, and donors for hosting those wonderful Faculty Appreciation
The fund for catholic High school
496 Gifts and pledges = $310,035.90
Gifts to page 30
have been made at the following levels:
$1 - $499 ······ 284
$500 - $999 ······· 88
$1,000 - $2,499 ······ 103
$2,500 - $2,999 ······· 10
$3,000 or more ······· 11
Participation by class
Goal: 100 %
Class of 2015 - 36.7%
Class of 2016 - 39.5%
Class of 2017 - 39.9%
Class of 2018 - 49.8%
Class of 2019 - 52.9%
2014-15 Gap - $2,150
The difference in tuition you pay and the actual cost to educate your son
Embrace The Mission”
Make your commitment now - payments may be made through June 30, 2015
Your gifts will support:
 Continued educational excellence
 Dedicated and passionate faculty and staff
 Strong spiritual and educational reputation
Contact the CHS Office of Advancement for further information
Jamie Segar ‘90, Director of Advancement  (225)389-0978  [email protected]
Kate Brady, Associate Director of Advancement  [email protected]
Make a gift, do your PART
to reach the goal of 100% PARTicipation.
CHS is thankful for the generosity of parents, alumni and friends listed below
whose generous investments support the mission of Catholic High School.
Please join with these 496 families and matching gift donors to
“Embrace The Mission”
of CHS through your gift to PAGE 30.
Jill and Chris Abadie ’78
Kate and Robert Abbott
Tracie and Daniel Aguillard
Stacie and Paul Aguillard
Albemarle Corporation
Patti and Haven Aldrich
Kelly and Lathan Alexander
Juliet and Justin Alford ’89
Charlene and Eric Amos
Melanie and Nolan Anderson
Charlotte and Scott Andrews
Katie and John Andrishok
Robin and Angelo Annaloro
The success of
depends on
Brandi and Jason Anseman
Kim and Alton Ardoin
Karen and Trey Argrave ’86
Michele and Harold Ashy
Judi and Richard Atkins
Aimee and Chad Aultman
Jennifer and Joseph Avants
Cindy and Ricky Averette ’82
Axiall Corporation
Kathy and Dan Balhoff ’81
Bank of America
Connie Bannister
Allison and Jeff Barbin ’88
Kellie and Bob Barton
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Cherie and Jeffrey Baudier
Dawn and Bryan Beale
Katherine and Richard Beaugh
Melissa and Jeff Bell
Mary and Terence Belou
Denise Bennett
Brandi and Jeff Bergeron
Ann and Tommy Bernard
Laurie and Jim Berrigan
Diane and Denis Bertrand
Katherine and Ritchie Bertrand
Lisa and Rusty Bianca
Erin and Joey Bielkiewicz
America and David Bienvenu
Yvonne and Michael Bienvenu
Bernie and Rudy Blanchard
Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Louisiana
Katie and Greg Bodin
Lori and Keith Boeneke
Tammy and Pat Bogan ’78
Vicki and Matthew Scott Bollich
Shawn and Stephen Bone
Cindy and Stanley Bonis
Allyson and Everett Bonner
Suzanne and Martin Bordelon
J'eannell and David Boudreaux
Lisa and Rex Boudreaux
Brad Bourg
Gaye Bourgeois
Diane and James Bourgeois
Sunny and Troy Bourgeois
Alice and Daniel Bowers
Laura and Chad Brackin
Ledie and Wayles Bradley
Jill and Scott Brady
Janet and Todd Branch
Sydney and Shaun Braud
Tim Breaux
JoAnn and David Brian
Donna and Frank Brian ’82
Walter Bringaze
Angela and Rusty Brooks
Margaret and Steve
Brooksher ’70
Sherry and Rob Brouillette
Patricia and Louis Broussard
Roger Broussard
Heather Brown
Allison and Waylon Brown
Kay and Val Browning
Joli and Thomas Bryan ’87
Pamela and Walter Bueche
Lisa and Bill Burke
Linda and Tom Burnett
Cherie and Matt Burns
Melissa and Robert Burns
Roxanne and Russell Butler
Jodie and Brian Caillouet
Larry Cain
Pat and Sonny Calandro ’58
Missy and Cam Cameron
Sharon and Darren Campbell
Gretchen and Channon Campesi
Phyllis and Samuel Cancienne
Korie and Randy Cangelosi ’87
Frances and Stephen Capps
Shangrila Carey
Murphy and David Carley
Mary and Scott Carmouche
Amy and David Carmouche
Reneè and Chris Caruso
Anne and Steve Carville ’76
Tina and Mike Cashio
Carol and Thomas Cassisa
John Caulfield
Helen and Jeffery Cavana
Debbi and Joe Cazedessus
April and Jay Chaisson
Nicole and Joel Charlson
Nanci and Troy Charpentier
Joan and Sonny Chastain ’82
Christen Elizabeth
Clement Foundation
Lisa Chustz
Jamie and Michael Chustz
Giselle and Andre Clouatre ’81
Allison and Maurice Coleman ’82
Kim and Anthony Collier
Heather and Doug Collis
Anita and John Colter ’80
Lisa and Aaron Comeaux
Janet and John Connolly
Lauren and Tim Cooper
Lacey and Bernie Corripio ’82
Mary Ann and Simon Coupel
Patricia and D. Porter Craig
Rebecca and Michael Crawford
Susan and Robert Creel
Shalane and Chris Crick ’82
Julie and Chris Crifasi
Janene and John Crosby
Denise and Scott Culotta
Kelly and Trey D'Armond ’86
Lisa and Roger Daggett
Amy Dalton
Lisa and Wayne Davenport
Kerry and Rick David ’85
Paula and Haggai Davis
Jeanne and Michael Dawson
Kevin Deaton
Nancy and James deGraauw
Monica and David Denham
Lana and Ross DeNicola ’83
Patricia and Mike DePaul
Toni and Scott Deranger
Tonya and Mark DeSoto
Gifts to PAGE 30
are dedicated to
current school
Missy and Bill DeVillier
Dan Dial ’85
Sharon and Michael DiLeo
Stacy and Rob Dille ’87
Trinh and Cuong Dinh
Nadine and Christopher Donner
Michelle and Matt Doran ’83
Deborah Doucet
Janet and Larry Doucet
Christe and Blake Ducote
Dana and Dwayne Dugas
Josie and Keith Duke
Susan and Charles Dupuis
Tina Durham
Catherine and John Durnin
Michelle Eaglin
Mary and Christopher Eddy
Jennifer and Eric Edmonson
Marci and Paul Esch
Mary and Will Evans
Lauren and Donald Fairbanks
Laura and Frank Favaloro
Monica and Frank Fazio
Kelly and Chris Fields
Deborah and John Fisher
Lisa and Gary Focht
Cheryl and Barry Fontaine
Kim and Kynan Fontenot
Lisa and Milam Ford
Allison and Norman Ford
Eloise Foster
Ann and Michael Francioni
Melinda and Billy Francioni
Monette and Charles Freeburgh
Wendi and Stephen French
Susan and Andre Fruge
Gifts to PAGE 30
have ranged from
$1 to
more than $5,000.
Debra and Mark Gallegos
Christina and Drew Gaudet
Anne Marie and Steve Gaudin ’83
Laura and John Gaupp
Jennifer and Corey Gauthier
Cindy and Billy Gauthier ’82
Laura and Chris Gautreaux
Dale George
Laura and George Getz
Jodi and Todd Gianfala
Kim and Terry Gin
Laurie and Scott Ginn
Judy and Michael Giorlando
Lana and Patrick Goldsmith
Karen Grant
William Grant
Carol Green
Robin and Michael Green
Evelyn and Bryan Greenwood
Jodi and George Griffon ’86
Rachel and Jeffrey Gruner
Julie and Blair Guerin
Stacey and John Guilbeau
David Gunn
Dione and Shane Haag
Jill and Philip Hackney ’88
Monica and William Hadlock
Aliena and Robert Hanks
Nita and Chris Hannie ’77
Nancy and Ed Hardin ’86
Gina Harkrider
Jennifer and Tim Harris
Denise and Albert Hart
Stacy and Cliff Hebert
Karen and Keith Hebert
Terri and Timothy Heitman
Karen and Donald Heltz
Alexander Helwig
Denise Henderson
Nancy Herin
Anna and Stewart Hingle
Linda and Jon Hirsch
Karen and Derrik Holden
Celeste and Bryan Hollis
Lysle Holmes
Tyra and Jacques Honoré ’85
Ronnie Hooks
Mary Claire Hotard
Maranda and Jason Howell
Julie and Michael Hubbell
Ashley and Mark Hunt
Susan Hunt
Beth and Charles Hurst
Laurene and Cory Hutchinson
Caprice and Richard Ieyoub
Madeline and Tom Isacks
Michelle and David Ivey
Claudia and Ted Jack
Michelle and Claude Jackson
Lori and Edward James
Juli and David Jenkins
B.J. and Andrew Johnson
Jodie and Girvus Johnson
Amy and Ryan Johnson ’91
Charlotte Johnston
Marlene and Scott Johnston
Nancy and Scott Jolly ’83
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Catherine and Nebe Kadair ’62
Stacey and Danny Keaton ’86
Tracey and Patrick Kelleher ’83
Suzanne and Jack Kellerman
Rebecca and Eric Kelley
Tim Kellner
Constance and Pat Kennedy ’81
Phyllis and Phil Kerr
Suzie and Kyle Kershaw
Sherry and Kevin Kimball
Jan and Rodney King
Alecia and Greg Kleinpeter
Becky and Gary Krouse
Niomi and Douglas Krzystowczyk
Jeany and Doug LaBar
Kelly and Scott Lachney
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Allison and Craig Sceroler
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Lynn and John Thompson
Edith and Lyman Thornton
Dane and Ronald Torres
Corey and Shaun Toups
Tanya Toussant
Molly and Adam Town
Anna and Jeffery Trammell
Natalie and Shane Treigle
Kelleé and Graham Tujague ’81
Renée and Patrick Tullier ’75
Brad Tuminello ’81
Mari and Vince Tumminello
Vicki and Russell Turner
Aimee and Tony Turner
Susan and Thomas Van Biersel
Beth and Jim Veazey ’86
Janet and Jimmy Vidrine
Christina and Stephen Viso
Allison and Stephen Vuljoin
Consider a gift
that is appropriate
for your family.
Rochelle and Andy Waggenspack ’92
Joni and Warren Waggenspack ’76
Jill and Kevin Waguespack
Deanna and Jason Wall ’85
Tammy and Toby Wallis
Sandra and James Wand
Wendy and Robert Ward
Lisa and William Weathers
Nora and Wendell Welch
Hope and Steve Werner ’87
Letreta and Leslie Wilbert ’73
Sharon and Paul Wilkins
Katherine and Horace Wilkinson
Lisa and Will Wilkinson ’89
Tom Wills
Beth and Jim Wilson
Laurel Wilson
Susan and David Wingerter
Mary Anne and Robert Wolf
Nicole and Jeffrey Worley
Rhonda and Keith Wyckoff
Connie and Randy Young
Cheryl and William Zimmermann
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“Embrace The Mission”
The mission of Catholic High School
is to teach gospel values
in an environment of academic excellence
according to Catholic tradition
in the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart the Sacred Heart.