Adopt-A-Grandparent In Ukraine

Adopt-A-Grandparent In Ukraine
Here’s your chance to make a difference for a needy senior citizen in Ukraine who is
struggling to survive. Adopt-A-Grandparent today!
For only $20.00 a month or $240 per year, you can ensure that a senior citizen has fresh
food and sufficient heat for an entire month!
The United Ukrainian
American Relief Committee
(UUARC) has initiated a
Program entitled “Adopt-AGrandparent" - it offers
financial assistance to the
weak, ill, and poverty-stricken
senior citizens who are often a
forgotten and neglected part
of the Ukrainian population.
The UUARC receives lists from local churches, clinics and other social service
organizations in Ukraine of elderly people who desperately need help to supplement their
inadequate pensions, which are so meager, that most live well below the poverty level.
Once their living situations are confirmed by UUARC directors in Ukraine, they are
assigned a sponsor in the United States.
Among the needy are retired scientists, artists
and teachers, former dissidents who have
returned from the gulags of Siberia to empty
homes and decimated families, as well as
invalids and individuals that the government
has deemed ineligible for pensions.
By adopting a grandparent for just $20.00 a month ($240.00 per year or $0.66 per day),
you can double the monthly income of these struggling people and greatly improve their
lives. Upon request, the UUARC can provide sponsors with the name and address of the
person, or couple that they are sponsoring, so that they can maintain contact with them.
Don’t these seniors, who have endured war, famine and Soviet occupation deserve to live
their golden years with dignity? Make a difference for a senior in Ukraine today! Adopt a
Please make checks (donations are tax-deductible) payable to “UUARC” and send to:
1206 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
For more information please call (215) 728-1630 or email [email protected]